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  • Rob

    Nice vid. Only thing I can say is to tuck that stock in more.

  • Andy

    Steve, delete the above and replace it with this. Thanks.

    Peter, slow leads to fast.

    Practice slow, accurate fire and build up speed over time.

  • peter

    thanks for bloging about

  • peter

    @andy i was just goofing around for speed

  • Al T.

    Agree with Andy. Get some training or competent coaching. Not much value in doing an awkward magazine dump from a stationary position. Good on him for posting the video and bonus points for wanting to serve!

  • d

    not bad, could work on his stance. LOT better than most people tho

  • peter

    i plan on getting some training soon from a local place

    • ^^^ peter is the guy in the video.

  • jdun1911

    The kid need better muzzle discipline. He needs to slow down and lean to control the muzzle better.

  • thomas

    luckly bastard im 14

  • thomas

    i tqke that back but hes still luckly

  • B

    area suppression is fun stuff but remeber you can never miss fast enough, only rounds on target count. Semper Fi

  • jdun1911


    If you want to go shooting ask your folks to take you to a gun club. Most gun clubs have a youth program. They provide firearms, ammo, targets, and training for free.

  • Peter

    You got it B ya I was just goofing around my freind who doesn’t shoot much was talking about call of duty and unrealistic stuff so I was just so So so I was just showing off to my my freind I do run drills and shoot slower

  • Peter

    Hey thanks guys for the critisim I really like that so I can correct my mistakes my dad does not train with tactical stuff so he can’t really critisize me thanks maybe I will post another video after hunting season

  • Josh

    uh at 14 not bad shooting fast and we never see target.
    not sure how safe you are but good overall esp for a junior high attendee.
    I shoot all my handguns that fast and hit at 15-20yds practice is key I am 215lbs and 27 though.
    I don’t see any problem with mags other than he is pretty rough on em but that is a combat reload.
    vid is kinda blurred but he may fumble one a little.
    I agree for most gotta slow down and hit so you can shoot faster later on.
    good job kid ak recoil is weird you will get used to it and give it a couple years 16-17 you will probably shoot 4-5 inch cmbt patterns :>

  • jacob kenworthy