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  • Rusgunnut1

    Either you linked the wrong video or something, but the first weapon is a G3A3. Even if it is the LMG variant, it would surely be the HK21?

  • Rusgunnut1

    Just to clarify:



    I don’t know what I was thinking suggesting the HK21, but the first rifle is definetly not a MG3

  • iMick

    MG3 machine gun or G3 battle rifle?

    It’s amazing how much the firearms flex when fired!! It’s amazing any are reliable.

    • ah. I posted the wrong video. it is updated with the MG3 vid.

  • Dev

    Everything looks cooler in slo-mo

  • Jim

    Man the M16 really is a low recoil rifle.

  • Nanban Jim

    Isn’t it discouraged to fire bursts under 5 rounds on GPMGs like that?

    Very cool vids. I’d never noticed how cases get deflected like that before (M4 vid).

  • John C.

    Its amazing that the same design from 70 years ago is still in use. I mean, the MG3 is basically not much more than a MG42 chambered in 7.62 NATO, correct?

    • John, the MG1 was just the MG42 rechambered, the MG2 and 3 have improved internals. But yes, basically the same design.

  • In true newb fashion I was going to ask why there where no casings ejected from the MG3… then I actually did some research. 🙂

    They’re ejected downward, my boy, downward through the ejection chute!

    Love the MG3, thanks for the post!

  • Martin

    @ Nanban Jim

    Yes, such short bursts are pretty worthless. You’ll notice on the video how the weapon doesn’t have time to settle into a steady rhythm until after the 5th or so round. I always got the best results from 10-15 round bursts.

    That M-4 would certainly benefit from some aftermarket buffers. You’ll notice how the weapon ‘jumps’ when the bolt reaches the full back and full battery positions.

    Yes, the flexing and shaking is pretty amazing. Word of warning, don’t watch slo-motion AK videos. They’ll make you never want to pick one up again! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • JoseyWales

    A little off topic, but isn’t the MG42 is an “improved” version of the MG34… improved in the sense of being faster and cheaper to produce? At least that’s what a fellow at a WWII re-enactment told me. He said it used a lot of stamped parts versus the machined parts of the MG34.

    He had on display an MG34 and MG42 side-by-side, so it was quite easy to compare them. He had the the full kit… telescopic sights, tripods, spare barrels, armorers tools. Very impressive. I was quite jealous.

  • Nick

    Thank you Steve for posting the videos.

    In the video of M4 firing: the first 4 rounds are in semi auto. The second part with 5 rounds is in full auto. You can see the difference as the light of the background is changing.

    You can see some very interesting slow motion videos with HK G3A3 and HK11 under the same user name: AegeanHawk in YouTube.

    It is amazing what we can see with slow motion videos.

  • Marc

    @Nanban Jim
    Due to its high rate of fire MG3s are fired in 3-4 round bursts followed by re-aiming. That results in a nice group and is relatively shoulder friendly.


  • Mono

    The M4 looks more like a Colt M727 (fixed carrying handle) rather than an M4 (railed upper reciever).

    Other than that, looks cool… the MG3 is a bitch to carry in a two-man team.

  • Nick

    @ Mark

    At the tripod is extremely stable. Watch at the end of the following video when we are shooting at a motorcycle helmet from 300 meters.

  • Zach

    @Mono I noticed that as well, being a gun nerd that was actually the first thing I saw was the fixed carry handle