Sig P226 & P229 Enhanced Elite

Sig have introduced the new Enhanced Elite line of P226 and P229 pistols.

The “Enhanced Elite” models take the same features common to all Elite series pistols and combine them with the ergonomic one piece reduced reach grips used in our E2 pistols. Available in both P226 and the upgraded P229-1 (using the same slide configuration as the P229 E2), these pistols bring the advantages of the one piece modular grip to a wider audience.

* P226 or P229 chambered in .357SIG, .40S&W or 9mm
* P229 9mm magazine capacity is 15 rounds
* One piece reduced reach ergonomic grip with updated stippling pattern
* Beavertail frame with front strap checkering and accessory rail
* Slide features “Elite” engraving and front cocking serrations
* SRT Short Reset Trigger System
* SIGLITE Night Sights

MSRP for all models will be $1,200.

More information and photos at Sig Sauer Guns and Accessories shop.

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    $1200 for a 226 with some cosmetic changes? Man, that’s even more expensive then a HK. If you’ve got that kind of money to spend on a double stack 9mm, there are certainly cheaper and better options available.

  • New Hampshire State of Mind

    I don’t see major leaps forward or significant innovation with this pistol that could justify spending close to a thousand dollars when you have other gun makers truly improving their line up every generation like Glock, HK, and FN do. SiG manufactures great products don’t get me wrong, but their not a leader in firearms innovation anymore. I guess that’s what happens when a company gets sold to purely profit minded run of the mill German business men. Unlike the previews structure which was an engineering lead and focused company out of which every major product line currently for sale originated from, no comparison to the SiG of today, sadly.

  • 4Cammer

    1200.00. Really? Why?

  • Jason

    It is a little pricey buy aren’t all sigs. Plus remember that is MSRP pricing. The short reset trigger is sweet but not an additional 300+ bucks for it in my opinion.

    I have to say that the single action only, cocked and locked, x-five with similar “short reset trigger” is worth every penny. I shot one today and it’s like a 1911 had love child with a 226.

  • Frank

    Doesn’t the Sig Pro have a short reset trigger? That’s like a $400 gun.

  • Woodroez

    Options certainly aren’t a bad thing, but the SIG catalog is dense with slight variations on the same gun. With this Enhanced Elite model, they are up to 19 variations of the 226 currently in producation, judging by their website. That doesn’t even count the variations that can be had in mutiple calibers either.

    Personally, I look at the wall of products they offer and my head starts to spin, but they keep doing it so I guess they’re finding it profitable.

  • Mortimer

    Sadly Sig Sauer has a losing battle in that it has to compete against its own legendary status.

    Collectors pine for the original German made P226’s with folded carbon steel slides. But then how much of this is romantic nostalgia, and irrational collector’s behavior? The older German made P226 carbon steel slides rusted when the P226 and variants were adopted by various U.S. military units; most notably the U.S. Navy. Nor could the older slides endure higher calibers like the growing demand of the .40 S&W or the .357 Sig. As a result they had to go the drawing board and make their slides out of higher tolerance milled stainless. Did it make the feel of the P226 different? Of course. But the fact remains that Sig Sauer has responded to changing market demands and adapted their product.

    Also, perhaps there is a perception that German made products are better made than their U.S. counterparts? So much for American pride. Yes, I know all the internet fodder of U.S. made P226’s not having the best finishes but then I read about people having more problems with Glock Gen 4’s. Maybe it’s true but do we throw the baby out with the bath water?

    In addition, many other companies – STI, CZ, Para – also have many variants of their popular gun but are not the targets of criticism. Maybe that’s because they are not as high profile as Sig Sauer? Is carrying a plethora of the same pistol in a product line a good idea? Sure. It offers more selection to a very competitive market.

    As for other companies being innovative, that’s just a matter of opinion considering the majority of pistol designs out there still rely on John Browning’s one hundred year old design.

    If we’re talking “evolution”, one could argue that the H&K P30 is just a P2000 with a new grip and facelift.

    Speaking of H&K, one could argue how they can justify selling $1000+ polymer framed pistols when injected molded polymer costs way less to manufacture than an aluminum or steel frame. Yes, I have owned an H&K and know they are nice pistols but still…

    Similarly, Glock just added some cosmetic upgrades and a recoil damping spring to their Gen 4’s. Nice evolution, but hardly and innovation and yet people are rushing out to buy ’em.

    Sig Sauer also changed their grips (i.e. Enhanced Ergonomics) to appeal to a market segment that previous Sig Sauer management neglect people with small hands such as female LE’s, and government agency contracts.

    I’m not defending Sig Sauer’s marketing strategy but I DO think they are evolving their products, and don’t think they’re alone in how they market their products. Sadly they get more criticism than others.

  • dogman

    Got my 226e2 elite about six months ago and yeah you can pick em up for under 800.00. Gun is pretty tight and shoots like a dream. I have medium size hands and the grip is just about the same size and angle as my XD 40.

    If you get one check your mags real good for packing grease. Mine were full of it and I didnt notice until after I was carrying the gun for awhile.

  • wasif

    sig sauers are great pistols and most of the people are so critical of thier prices ,imagine in pakistan one has to pay 3 times maybe 4 times the original price ,so ths means a piece would cost around 3500 $ in pakistan ,bloody murder 🙁

  • I think Mortimer’s comment’s were excellent. The handgun definitely asks a premium, but they continue to sell. Value isn’t always in utility. That said, I like the heavier frame and slide and that costs more than you’re gonna find with a polymer frame.

    P226 SIG SAUER

  • Josh

    I see allot of talk about the price, the fact is that you can have this gun for about a grand even, and as far as the mods, it doesn’t just have the short reach grip, it has a beaver tail, and the SRT system and tritium sights. If any one here actually held and shot one, you’d be singing the praises, you pay for what you get, and if you haven’t at least found one of these to hold at a local shop, you don’t know what your talking about.

  • Dan Brown

    I will be purchasing one of these in the near future. No where near the MSRP. Remember that is a suggested retail price. I will be getting one for less than a grand. I looked at one yesterday 7/25/2012 held it spotted it worked the action. What a nice piece. I will get the 9MM version simply because I like that caliber and it is cheaper to shoot. If it works for the Navy Seal teams I am sure it will do the job for me.

  • AoA,
    Dear Sir
    I am very intrested in the purchasing of Sig Sauer P226 kindly tell me his price my e-mail

    with kind regards

    • Phil White

      sig, email sent—-

  • OKstatefan

    There is more than one way to skin this P226 Elite Enhance cat! I actually purchased a P226 in 22lr = 226BR-22-BAS for $550. Then I ordered a SRT kit for $50 and a 9mm Elite exchange kit for $300. I now have the EXACT gun as the P226 Enhanced Elite in 9mm with a 22lr conversion kit for $900. I love it and it will be one of those guns I never get rid of. Plus, I can shoot 22lr all day and not break the bank. I plan to order the .40cal Elite and also grab a .357sig barrel. That will give me 4 calibers one one frame. I like it.

  • tills

    I actually found a sig 226 chambered in .357sig used today for $530…held it, played with it, checked the slide and actions…it was in almost perfect condition.

  • Sig_Sauer

    I have a P226 Enhance 9 MM and it is one fine piece. I had my local gunsmith reduce the first trigger pull to 7 lbs, 5 lbs for the single action pull. In addition, I added a Crimson Trace Laser grip. It has become my EDC piece. My wife carries a SIG P239 9 MM and I added the STR system and Crimson Trace grips. If you add Crimson Trace grips, be very careful when removing the E2 grip. The de-cocker spring went flying across the room.