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  • SpudGun

    You’d have thought that Kel-Tec would have released this information via official channels rather then waiting for a blogger to annoy them.

    The information given for the delay is more then reasonable, so why wait until now to let people know that it is going to be October? Maybe it was to stop customers from cancelling their pre-orders perhaps?

  • Komrad

    I like how Kel-Tec is so informal in it’s release. Of course this might be a post in the forums.

    How they can get up to full production soon.

  • Sian

    There seems to be a shortage of Kel-Tec Everythings. (except Sub-2000, and SU-16s which I see everywhere)

  • It’s nice to know what’s going on with this pistol. I’m on a waiting list at my local gun shop. Hopefully I get a call in October telling me to come pick one up. I’d like to own one but am not willing to pay more than the MSRP like those currently being sold on gun auction sites.

  • I love everything Kel-Tec makes, too bad they’re virtually impossible to get up here without individually exporting one. Kel-Tec should get themselves a Canadian Distributor. So long as they don’t sign an exclusive deal with someone.

  • How refreshingly bullshit free that was. I guess your typical gun owner isn’t your typical consumer flake. If they need any help with that extensive testing, I am willing to make that sacrifice. 🙂

  • shankbone

    I thought I was not seeing this gun because Taurus had purchased Kel-Tech. It looks like I was wrong.

  • A little off topic, but is anyone seeing holsters being offered for this pistol yet? Have any companies announced they’ll be producing holsters for the PMR-30?

  • subase

    This is like pointing out the obvious. “Yeah, we’re incompetent”

    Quality control has always been Kel tecs biggest problem.

  • FFB Chick

    It looks like a Olympic Arms OA-93

    What’s the difference?

  • Bill Lester

    As much as I’m looking forward to the PMR-30, I’m getting more than a bit weary of Kel Tec’s penchant for releasing new designs too early. The way I see it, loyal but overly eager consumers are being used as test mules yet again. It happened with the P-32, PF-9 and RFB for sure, the P3AT and P-11 to a lesser degree. Once the production bugs were worked out each of these guns have proven a good choice in their respective niches. Is it too much to expect a gun to work whether it’s from the first year or xx year of production?

  • Brass blowing out? Isn’t that what Remington recalled their .17HMR semi-auto rifles for?

  • Chris Aiken

    I talked to the man at B&H Gunrack in Florida today & my PMR30 was shipped on Feb. 16th . It only took three weeks to get it if anyone is still looking for one. He says he is getting 40 a month from Kel Tec . The price was $415 & that included the dealer transfer & shipping . Used a friends FFL . You have to send a copy of FFL & a cashiers check or money order . Will not do credit cards . Be safe & keep on shooting .