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  • A bit gimicky – but something that is bound to upset the anti-computer game crowd. As you may be aware one of our (UK’s) government ministers has already called for a ban on the latest episode of Medal of Honor so sentiments about ‘ultra violence’ and ‘too much realism’ in games is pretty high here.

    Never mind that our government is quite happy to sponsor a REAL shooting war where people are REALLY killed and maimed. Go figure!

    Anyway – I have the ATI 5800, and all gimickery aside these are terrific graphics cards, and boy do you need them with horse-power hungry games like Bad Company 2!!!

  • Dom

    I cannot believe that any company would ever seriously consider it a good idea to employ retail packaging that wastes SO much money and material. Let alone start pushing it out the door.

  • Mountainbear

    Well, the main target for such cards are FPS players, since first person shooters have the highest gfx requirements (just take Crysis), so I guess it might make sense catering to them in such a way. “Look I have a plastic case that looks like a gun! Durrrrrr!” Then all the MW2 kids, who think they know about guns because they played MW2, can go “But I tested it with… the case!”

    Or maybe it’s a hint that such a card can be a lethal weapon? Given the size and weight, if you hit someone hard enough on the head…

    And yes, it’s one huge card. Wouldn’t fit into my tower anymore. I can squeeze in the 200er and large 400er series from nVidia, but that’s it.

  • Mountainbear

    BTW, the card goes for 1,000+ USD at You can get a real gun for that money. Or a real gun and a smaller, but not as overkill-strong, gfx card.

  • Redchrome

    Makes me want to buy one.
    But does it have Linux drivers?

  • SpudGun

    On the one hand, this falls into the whole ‘video games incite violence’ argument but on the other hand, the HD 5970 is a pretty pricey graphics card – I had to make do with a HD 5770 – so I can’t imagine it’s your typical 9 year old purchasing this type of hardware.

    If I have any complaint, then it’s for the environmental waste of creating such over elaborate packaging for a component that’s just going to sit inside a PC case.

  • JKEverett

    That’s a bit overboard for something you’re just going to snap into your computer and throw the packaging in the garbage…well, I guess you’d feel more compelled to throw it in the closet with this thing.

  • ericire12

    I think they are trying to go after gamers and especially those who play first person shooters.

  • david

    judging by the caliber (haha) of graphics card, the card itself is probably 6-8 inches long, which puts the bag at 21ish inches, which makes it the perfect size for a perhaps a glock 17 and additional mags?

  • El Duderino

    Considering that’s a $650 graphics card when a decent one costs about $120 (albeit lower powered) I’d say a little marketing fluff is fine.

    Computer gamers love guns, it’s just most never actually touch them. I like guns better than computers as they aren’t worth 1/10th the price you paid after 5 years. 🙂

  • El Duderino

    Whoops should have read the article, says it’s priced above $1000. They should sell, hmm, about 10 of these…

  • akpcorp

    its just another way to fleece COD fanboys out of more cash, nothing to really worry about.

  • Jusuchin (Military otaku)

    While it can say to gamers that this is the most extreme, high performance thing to rock their world when new First Person Shooters come out, the moment some idiot gets a hold of this and claim that Target/Wal-Mart/Bast Buy is selling ‘cheap’ weapons, there will be a shitstorm.

  • Jusuchin (Military otaku)

    *Best Buy

  • Mark L.

    Aiming the new card at first person shooter enthusiasts?

  • howajo

    and then you’re left with a stupid looking plastic gun to throw in the trash. If you’re going to make a collectors edition package, make sure it’s something people actually want to collect.

  • Zulu

    That’s…interesting. I’m guessing some new game coming out features a gun that looks like this?

  • Alan

    Well, better than Popsicles.

  • randomhero58

    @ David, the card is 12″ long.

  • jdun1911


    Yeah the Taliban are such outstanding human beings. They cut off women nose. Rape young girls and killed children that don’t obey their ideology. I have no trouble sleeping at night knowing full well that we’re killing these son of bitches left and right.

    Kids don’t be a dumbass liberal. Liberalism eat away the mind that God gave you.

  • fasty

    Are you kidding me wealthy technophiles love this kinda special marketing to there niche. Google “high end gaming systems” and look at case design model names etc. Everything thing has its place in a internet age. Remember we are able to have a forum like this because of those geeks!
    Video cards and performance pc’s are what are building your new models of firearms. 1. idea or problem 2. build in CAD or Pro E 3. send it to the computer that molds, cuts, machines the parts that make all the wonderful toys!!

  • Martin

    Actually, the current Newegg price is $1,199.99

    It’s a Black Edition card, which means you can fiddle with the power and clock settings and make it even faster/more powerful. Think of it as hand-loading for nerds.

    Many have said a cheaper card would be fine, but remember, the 5790 is a DUAL GPU card with 6 display port connectors, which means it’ll run 6 displays with no problems. That means you can spread your favorite game (not Crysis, nothing runs Crysis that big) over those 6 displays like one super-huge display.

    The actual gun lookin’ case is quite chintzy. Cards of this caliber usually come in a nice attache case. The FN2000 look doesn’t come off too well, but the shooter’s bag and boxes of accessories made to look like loaded mags is a nice touch.

  • Matt

    To everyone talking about a media shitstorm, give me a break. YOU CAN BUY ACTUAL GUNS AT WAL MART! I doubt anyone gonna give a crap about a rediculously expensive video card that comes packaged like this.

    Ten year olds can buy airsoft guns that look 1000% more convincing than that package. And actually shoot stuff.