Turkish Delights and .50 BMG

Last night I was Googling around for Turkish Delight recipes. Not only did I find a good recipe but I also discovered that .50 BMG brass makes for a nifty wax seal.

From Marcus Ranum’s Turkish Delight recipe (NSFW) …

This little box of turkish delight was filled with several layers, separated with sheets of parchment paper and powder. It was then wrapped and sealed with wax pressed with the butt end of a live .50 BMG SLAP round. Don’t put live rounds into 400 degree wax!I survived but you might not!

Steve Johnson

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  • Redchrome

    I never knew Marcus Ranum was into all those things. Cooking, photography, anarchism…

    I do want to know how he got ahold of a SLAP round (and where I can get one too).

    • I got the SLAP at a flea market back in the late 80s. It’s the kind of thing you collect and then never get around to getting rid of, y’know? πŸ˜‰

  • New Hampshire State of Mind

    Thanks for the Turkish delight recipe, all my previews attempts at making it didn’t quite produce a Turkish delight like product. I usually buy my Turkish delights at an ethnic Bosnian food store (any Bosnian, Greek, Lebanese, Turkish, or middle eastern store usually will have it in stock with at-least half a dozen different flavors) and for only a couple of dollars a box. Pretty nifty idea to press wax with a live .50 round. Makes for one radical redecoration of his ceiling/head if it ever goes off.

  • Bryan S

    Thats one distracting and possibly not work safe recipe!

    Thanks for the link:)

  • Royi

    Personally, whenever I needed to seal something with wax, I used a live .303 round..
    Of course, I wouldn’t recommend it, but I felt safe at the tought that there’s plenty of time between the cooling down and the hardening of the wax. (ie. wait a while before pressing down the round)

    I also didn’t shove the wax bloc in the flame of the candle but hold it next to it, will take a little longer before drops are formed.

  • Raymond

    I was wondering why a recipe would be marked NSFW…lol

  • Patrick M

    That recipe brings food pron to a whole new level