Ruger SR-556/6.8

Ruger AR-15, the SR-556, is now available chambered in 6.8mm SPC. The SR-556/6.8 has .850 heavy contour barrel with a 1:10 twist. It comes packaged with a 5 round and a 25 round magazine. The MSRP is $1995.00.

Steve Johnson

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  • Darrell

    For that kind of money they should put a nicer stock on it.

  • Trent

    Why a 25 round magazine? I thought the 6.8 SPC was the same size case as the 5.56/.223.

  • ericire12

    Now if they could just get that price point down to earth maybe I’ll think about getting one………. Until then, I will keep lusting after a STAG

  • ap

    Why? Because it was easy to do, I guess. Actually, this gun in 6.8 makes more sense than it does in 5.56. If you’re going to get all proprietary, might as well dork it into a weird caliber.

  • Brian

    Now we’re talkin’! All that’s left is for Magpul to make Pmags for it.

  • Griffin

    Amusing to have a model of rifle with 556 in the name be chambered in 6.8m SPC.

  • Frank

    I guess for people who didn’t think the regular 556 had enough extra recoil.

  • jaekelopterus

    I’d be FAR more likely to buy it in 7.62×39. Why is Ruger so dead-set on pimping such an expensive, marginal cartridge?

  • Trent

    I wonder why they’re using 25 round magazines. I thought the 6.8 SPC was the same size case as the 5.56.

  • jdun1911

    Heavy 1:10 barrel sure going to sell well. What where they thinking. It’s not like their 5.56 version was light. How much does it weight? 15lbs? The 1:10 is not the prefer twist in 6.8 guns. What a mess.

  • SoulTown


    Paying that much for a Ruger just seems… wrong. Especially when that money can get you a freakin’ KAC AR.

  • Burst

    2 25 round magazines, according to the website.

    Not likely to make a huge difference on a 2k+ rifle, but still.

  • Brian

    Exterior magazine dimensions can be the same. Cartridge dimensions are not, 6.8 being a larger cartridge. Ergo, less interior space.

  • michael

    marginal cartridge?????? have you done any research on the 6.8? if your interested in learning about it.

    This rifle is doomed to fail due to the barrel specs being saami 1 instead 2.

    lwrc, addax, pof is you want a piston 6.8.

  • JoseyWales

    MSRP is $1995, but I bet the real price you can buy one at will be significantly less. If I remember correctly, the MSRP of the 5.56/.223 version was also $1995, but I’ve seen them sell for between $1400 and $1500.

    The weight will be an issue though… the 5.56/.223 version is heavy compared to its peers at almost 8 lb. This 6.8 SPC version will surely weigh more.

  • R.A.W.

    Trent, the 6.8 SPC is the same overall length as the 5.56mm (2.26″), so it can fit in the same length of action, but the case is wider(.42″ vs .378″).

  • wizemanful

    I saw Ruger’s site is advertising it as a hunting rifle. Wonder how many hunters need quad rails and back up sights….

  • jaekelopterus

    Thanks for correcting me, I had misremembered the specs on the 6.8.

  • EzGoingKev

    Steve – Ruger sells a Mini in 6.8 SPC.

  • JD

    wizemanfulon 28 Aug 2010 at 1:27 am link comment
    “I saw Ruger’s site is advertising it as a hunting rifle. Wonder how many hunters need quad rails and back up sights”

    Who the hell are you to ask why a hunter would “need” rails & buis? Just because you wouldn’t hunt with that kind of rifle doesn’t mean thousands of others in this country don’t.
    It’s called the “Bill of Rights” not the “bill of needs”, remember that the next time you ask why someone would “need” this or that type of firearm.

    • For the record, hunters were using BUIS way before it became a tactical trend.

  • JD

    @ Steve
    That’s true, my Remington 700 25-06 has a scope and buis on it as does my DPMS 308T and they’re both awesome deer slaying machines.

  • LJK

    Actually a lot of the stuff which are nowadays viewed as “tactical” or something that belongs only on a battlefield have come from civilian hobbies. BUIS from hunting, like Steve mentioned. Optics for fast shooting and quick target acquisition (red dots and small magnification scopes) and their mounting systems (rails) came from sports like IPSC.

  • jdun1911


    That’s correct. A lot of stuff that the military adopted including training came from the civilian world.

    I like to know when Weaver rail was invented. The 1913 rails we are use too is an improvement of the design.

  • Tad

    6.8spc is a damm good round, and i was super excited to see them finally make it in a 6.8 instead of 5.56.. if you check out the action on this gun its amazing!

  • Martin


    Look at the SR-556 forums when the gun first came out. A whole bunch of people said “Oh, it’s the same as everyone else’s AR. Why did they chamber it for 5.56/.223? They should have put it in 6.8!”

    Now that Ruger actually DID chamber it for 6.8, all people want is a 7.62. Or they just want to bring up the MSRP price tag, or the barrel twist, or whatever else they can nit-pick.

    PEOPLE! Give Ruger a break! They went out of the box by even making an AR, let alone chambering it in 6.8 SPC!

    And if you consider for a second that the gun will go for MSRP, you’re a fool. Yes, it’s an expensive gun, but that’s because it’s a gas piston system, carrying all those fancy accessories, and carrying the Ruger name. the SR-556 in 5.56 is going for 1400-1600 on the street. Expect this to go for 1500-1800, and even that’s a very generous estimate!

    Stop your complaining about what Ruger didn’t do for you, and focus on what they DID do!

  • us-can shooter

    Well, folks can always find SOMETHING to complain about, but facts are this rifle seems to get great reviews.

    I own a couple of ruger mini 14 (the tactical telescoping stock) and it’s great. I have NO reason to think this won’t also deliver.

    By the way, seems the typical selling price is $1450 -$1500, or a damned good deal compared to other 6.8s.

  • Bryansmith96

    I’m looking to get my first ar. I want it for hog and coyote hunting. Would the 6.8 be a good buy for that.