IWI Jericho B pistol

Along with the UZI and Galil, IWI has also given the Jericho pistol a new look. The Jericho B pistol has a new polymer frame design with a Walther-esque grip and a slightly different safety.

I cannot figure out what is going on with that slide. It appears to be made in two parts. Can somebody please explain how it works?

Like the original, the Jericho B will be made available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP.

[ Many thanks to Danny for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • R.A.W.

    Maybe a polymer overwrap on the back of the slide to improve grip?

  • Laika

    Oh man…it looks like some strange hybrid of an SP-21 and a CZ2000, resulting in something that looks nothing like the Jericho at all.

  • Vak

    I liked the old look better.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Very interesting! Somehow, that pistol appeals to me. Is that a hammer-drop (decocking) safety, or a simple trigger disconnect safety? A three-position (safe/fire/decock) unit like the Taurus PT92 would be great.

  • MarkM

    X2 – appears to be a polymer overmold. Appearances can be deceiving, but the reverse hook on the trigger guard, grip angle, and grip length all throw the looks off. It seems to have a short barrel aimed at the CCW market.

    Shooting it would be the real test, carry weight, accuracy, caliber would all override appearance, as us Glock owners know. 🙂

  • Mu

    Hmm, Jericho B was the name of the first virus ever identified on one of my computers. I think I pass on that one, bad memories (tried format c:, and it told me it couldn’t let me do that).

  • scott

    It appears as the front part of the slide is heavier than the rear part, thereby imparting a forward weight, intended to reduce muzzle flip by shifting the moment near or forward the trigger.

  • WeaponBuilder

    Perhaps it’s an overmolded polymer piece, but I doubt it.

    Looks to me like a multi-piece interchangable slide & breechface.

    You buy the gun in one caliber. Then, in order to get RELIABLE function from the gun in multiple calibers, you’re going to have to change out the barrel, magazine, and the breech face for proper & reliable extraction!

    Look at the STI race-guns out there. They have an interchangable breech face that is removed with an allen bolt/wrench. For that, you just pop in a new barrel, change out the breech face, and swap magazines – PRESTO-CHANGO you’re gun now shoots 3 or 4 different calibers with moderate reliability!

    HOWEVER, the STI system has one MAJOR inherent flaw – the sights. The rear sight on the STI has to be highly adjustable, and every time you swap calibers, your bullet load, and point of impact will change – you need to re-sight-in your STI race-gun sights to the new barrel, caliber, & load! Every time!

    If my suspicions are correct, this could be a pistol where the ENTIRE REAR SLIDE section is swapped out! You remove the slide, pop in a different barrel, recoil spring, pop on a new rear slide piece, and a new magazine, you can go from shooting 45 ACP to 9mm in the same gun. With equal reliability, and you won’t need to adjust the rear sight much (if at all) because it’ll be sighted in for that specific caliber & barrel.

    Lots of people here drop SERIOUS coin on making their 40 caliber Glocks to shoot 9mm by merely swapping out the barrel… While it works to some extent, there have been some issues with poor extraction & ejection issues from time to time. This is because the 40 caliber breech face on the Glock Slide is larger than that of the 9mm slide. The extractor has a harder time controlling the location of the ejecting 9mm brass casings at times.

    I may be waaaay off, but that’s what I see when I look at this pistol.

    Sorry if I’m wrong.


  • WeaponBuilder

    Forgot to add – The benefit being you’ll have stronger fixed COMBAT sights, and not some delicate, complex adjustable “Target” sights that are prone to breaking in hard use & abusive environments.

    I suspect this is more of a “Combat” oriented multi-caliber pistol with interchangable slide pieces. Just swap out the rear of the slide, extractor, firing pin, sights & all!

    At this point, though, some might argue, well, why not just buy a whole new slide instead?

    I’ll keep my eyes open & look into this gun more closely. Every new ‘feature’ of modern firearms has its pros & cons.


  • Burst

    For as little as I like Glocks, they have a consistent style all their own (and emulated by everyone else)

    This just looks like a bunch of gun parts piled on top of one another, and named after whichever ones are inside. It’s ugly, and it’s momma dressed it funny.

  • Nill

    Really, this is just the SP-21 ‘Barak’ they introduced 8 years ago with a much MUCH needed slide redesign. (same part-polymer construction, new profile)
    The plan was for the old SP-21 to replace the Jericho so I guess it makes sense that it’s finally becoming the “new” Jericho.

    It was even sold in the US for a while by Magnum Research so you can bet this one will be too.

  • Schowgun

    On the older ‘Barak’, the rear of the slide was a polymer over-mold that had an integral rear sight. It looks like IWI has kept the over-mold rear slide, but they’ve lowered it and used a drift adjustable sight. I think the safety is standard CZ-75 (cocked and locked) with a de-cocking button just forward of the rear sight.

  • DRod

    I know SIG used to make their slides in two pieces. Maybe they’re giving that a shot now too?

  • Pete Sheppard

    Schowgun, are you thinking about a “decocking button” like some recent Walthers have?
    DRod, I thought the same thing at first, but the Sig slides were dtamped steel with the breechblock pinned inside the slide. In effect, the slide was folded around the breechblock.

  • Zach

    It could be a smaller version of the full sized desert eagle slide?