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  • Wouldn’t your hands get all sticky?

  • CinSC

    “The photos on this website of people enjoying coke, black currant, licorice and cherry flavored ice “guns” makes me cringe.”

    Me too. It looks too suicidal, and suicide isn’t funny.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Well, it *does* gives “eating your gun” a more benign meaning…

  • Glen

    Nevermind how how retarded it is for a bunch of ::assumption mode:: effete assholes to run around with realistic looking guns on their mouths; who the hell grips a popsicle by the frozen part? Wouldn’t you just end up with sticky hands, stained clothes and a big mess?

  • Baskin-Robbins

    Killer popsicles, dudes…

  • Jim

    We’re all so counterculture! Look at me. LOOK AT ME.

  • Rick

    Don’t you notice the black napkins?

  • altoids

    It’s pretty clear that none of them have ever been exposed to gun culture. Sad, really.

  • Kurgen99

    I agree that this looks like breaking Rule #1. I don’t like it. You won’t see gun owners doing this.

  • Bk

    He’s sucking on that barrel pretty hard…..

  • I have never seen anything even slightly less ignorant then this…
    europeons sucking on the end of a popsicle gun.

    with their history, you’d think maybe swastikas would be more appropriate.. shame on them for missing out on a better, more offensive and yes, STUPID execution.

    they should be ashamed of themselves for not taking it to the highest level of complete and total idiocy..

  • CMathews

    If you look closely he is holding it with a rag.

  • Hilarious.
    I had this idea for suckers shaped like gun muzzles years ago. Should have tried to make some.

  • TheAmdMAN

    At least his finger’s not on the trigger…

    Hey it’s a start right?

  • shinayne

    Oh dear… How do you bring yourself to do that with anything even remotely resembling a firearm?
    I just could not do that…

  • Dom

    I cringed too, but mostly because the rampant amount of quite clearly self-conscious hipsterism shown.

  • mrw

    Shouldn’t it say ‘edible ice guns’?

  • Fred

    this is just… wrong. on so many levels.

  • The German text says it’s part of an art project called “Freeze!”

  • A. That’s messed up
    B. Black currant is nasty

  • Sam Suggs

    puke please dont