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  • dt

    Where did the “Ruger tough” reputation come from? I stopped buying Ruger anything years ago. Broken transfer bar on the bearcat, broken tab on the lever of the #1. And a mini 30 that popped the trigger group out every time you pulled the trigger.

  • Al T.

    Note that several of the by-standers did not have eye protection on. Major safety lapse there. I watched a guy blow up a Ruger Blackhawk (double charged his reloaded rounds) and eye protection saved the day.

    Wear your eye protection, even if your not doing the actual shooting.

  • RL

    I agree with DT. I bought a brand-new .300 WinMag (stainless barrel as well) last year for elk and the barrel deformed in under 3 shots. To be fair, they replaced the barrel free of charge, but did take 5 months to do so. Now every time I pull the trigger I obsess over whether or not that barrel is straight still. Almost not even worth it.

  • I wonder how old that Redhawk is? The first ones had an issue related to the manufacturing process that caused them to shear barrels at the shank. The issue was fixed in the first year or two of production (Something… trichlorethane? …was causing embrittlement of the barrel shank after they were threaded into the frame) but old ones out there that haven’t seen a lot of rounds will occasionally launch their tubes downrange when they get drug out of pappy’s closet.

    Where did the “Ruger tough” reputation come from?

    From the fact that a Ruger DA or SA revolver (at least the ones designed while Bill was still alive) will eat loads that will turn a Smith or Colt into a pipe bomb.

  • Aurelien

    Well Al T, i’ll say wear your protection especially if you are just watching. After all, those sneaky casings tend to fly everywhere… And when shooting steel, you tend to get ricochets…

    Eyes are more expensive than safety glasses.

  • Al, of the 5 people I see, 1 doesn’t have eye protection. Still not good though 🙂

  • John C.

    WOW- they are VERY lucky that nobody was injured in that.

  • Jim

    I can only vouch for the 10/22 build quality, but it was piss poor. Some of the softest and easiest scratching metal I’ve ever had the displeasure of owning.

  • jdun1911

    That was scary. It’s a good thing no one got hurt.

  • Darin

    I have owned a P85,89,95,345 and a speed six. All have been extremely durable and acurate. Any brand can have some issues.

  • Bobby Hunter

    Hmm… I hope this isn’t a common Ruger problem. I’ve been looking to get a ruger sp101 in 327. I need something low recoil for my CCW classes. Little old ladies really hate the feather weight Taurus 38 that I use now.

  • Michael

    One of the shooters doesn’t have eye protection. In addition, of the rest, they all look to me to be wearing standard sunglasses, which don’t qualify as eye protection either.

  • Shootin’ Buddy

    Whoever took these boys shooting should be ashamed, no eye protection on a shooter and the other goofuses in sunglasses. Shameful!

    Wear your eye protection not your super cool dude sunglasses and set a good example at the range.

  • f-stop

    The Ruger “Bull Strong” reputation (at least with the revolvers) comes from the fact that they were made 10% or more larger than the originals they copied. Good thing nobody was hurt here.

  • Tam

    Wear your eye protection not your super cool dude sunglasses and set a good example at the range.

    How do we know those lenses aren’t ballistic-rated? That’s a common feature on high-end shades these days, what with us having a few hundred thousand fashion-conscious young men with lots of disposable income serving overseas.

  • dt

    Ok, I knew I would reap the ire of Ruger fans but the fact remains that out of the hundred+ firearms I’ve bought over the years the Rugers were the ones that broke parts. I had an bolt galling issue with A Remimgton Model 7 but it did not break, just a pain to open and close. IMO the odds that I got three Ruger lemons is akin to winning the lottery three times. Maybe the metal cast by Pine Tree was substandard to begin with? As far as the Ruger revolvers being tough/pipe bomb proof, that is a Ruger Redhawk barrel flying down range. 10% more crappy metal is still crappy metal. At least the frame was quality enough to save fingers and hands. The final straw with Ruger and I was the service department trying to convince me it was my fault for the trigger group falling out of the mini 30. It took three trips back to Ruger before it was fixed. Trying not to sound demeaning to the Ruger fans out there (love my MkII) but I’m not buying their marketing pitch or guns.

  • kcoz

    The same thing happened to a guy that was in the lane next to me at the local indoor range. Except he was shooting a .357 (GP100 I think). I love my Ruger Mk II and my 10/22 but i’ve been pretty disappointed with most of the center fire Ruger firearms I’ve owned. Especially the Mini 30. If the person next to me at the range is shooting a Ruger revolver I sometimes wait outside until they are done.

  • Dangermouse

    Notice how the supervisor/gun owner goes straight to the gun and checks that out – no one checks out the shooter.

    I am sure that we have all seen people with injuries that they did not know they had, because of the adrenalin dump, check out your buddies once the firearm and range is made safe.

  • me

    @ Dangermouse, Yep that was the first thing I noticed also. No concern for the shooter, guy goes right to his gun and holy sh*ts. Not even “Are you alright?”.

  • Tam

    Ok, I knew I would reap the ire of Ruger fans…

    As far as the Ruger revolvers being tough/pipe bomb proof, that is a Ruger Redhawk barrel flying down range. 10% more crappy metal is still crappy metal. At least the frame was quality enough to save fingers and hands.

    I’m not much of a Ruger fan; if you cut me, I bleed blue & white, but I’ll be the first person to admit that the 629 is the weakest of the .44 Magnum revolvers from the Big Three U.S. revolver companies.

    As for what happened to that Redhawk, the answer is right here.

  • dt

    Final thoughts….When it comes to handguns you see the term “the best” followed by names like H&K and SIG not Ruger, S&W, or Colt. You would think of the few things actually made in America we would be the best at making handguns.

  • Johnnie

    Ruger, Smith, colt and every other maker of firearms have had problems with one or more models of their guns. The Remington 700 rifle has had trigger problems for years but yeat it is the greatest selling Rife of all time. We do not know the condition of the owners firearm. How new it was, or how well it was maintained. We do not know if it was factory ammo or reloads. We do know from the video that you should never go shooting with idiots like the ones in the video. They seem to act like guns and shooting is play time. I really hate to see self-proclaimed shooters teaching other people without starting basic gun safety and protective gear. You see a lot of idiots on you tube taking their women out to shoot for the first time and starting them off with a basic 22 first. Then dumb, dumbs just sit back and laugh their asses of when she doesn’t want to anymore because of the recoil from a 357 mag or larger. Just because a person has the right to bare arms does not mean they are mature, safe to have them. Those people should not be trying to teach othe people. Idiots learning from other idiots are only asking for trouble in the long run. Bad begining create bad habits. Stay away from idiots like those in the video. There are only there to show off and pretend that they know what they are doing. It is obvious that they do not.