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  • Seth

    where can I get one?

  • charles222

    LOL that is the most retarded thing I have ever seen. Sorry dude, but that is just hilariously goofy-looking.

  • Kurgen99

    I always wanted one of these. They were inexpensive when Springfield was selling them. I recently got a Marlin Papoose to fill the same role.

  • Ted N(not the Nuge)

    Pretty BA.

  • MrMaigo

    So THATS what you’re supposed to do with those red dots

  • Ramtinxxl

    Ah, that’s the perfect gun in my collection for a Dura-coat make-over. I like the flat black finish. Not sure about all the optics on that piece, but whatever floats ya boat, huh? Now, to get my M6 painted…

  • Will

    Okaaaay….that’s pretty rediculous looking. The Brown Bess musket was originally a military weapon too but that doesn’t mean it needs a red dot scope and flashlight as well. Sometimes you have to know when to just say “No.”

  • mag

    I live in Thailand I want a scope mount, but not in Thailand.

  • Sam Suggs

    why buy this whenn you can have a baikal IZH-94 in 308 with a shotgun 22lr shotgun adapter barrel

  • Sam Suggs

    the m6 is unnecarily heay hollowed out pollymer butstock would be an improvement

  • Jim Lee

    I do not have a bunch of guns. But every gun in my house is good to go in a pinch including my J.C. Higgins bolt action .410…piston grip …. 18.5 barrel …picatinny rail and an excellent laser sight. Everybody on these sites starts lecturing about how this or that would be better. Never the issue unless that is the question. Why not have every weapon good to go at its tactical best instead of gatherin dust ?