Hi-Point is developing extended magazines for their carbines

I recently questioned Hi-Point’s wisdom in producing a nifty .45 Carbine but only producing an eight round magazine.

Fortunately there is hope on the horizon. Doc, a reader of TFB, emailed Hi-Point about this issue and they informed him that they are developing an extended magazine.

Hi-Point .45 Carbine: A big gun with a small mag.

[ Many thanks to Doc for emailing me the info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Euan

    Hallelujah! Now please make it compatible with the .45 pistol. It doesn’t have to be pretty (why break with tradition) so long as i can slap a 15 rounder or so into my pistol in an emergency.

  • Alaskan


    but then again the argument could be said..”if you have to use more than 7-8 rounds of .45ACP,then you are going to need a bigger gun”

  • Sian

    @Alaskan sometimes the bad guy isn’t alone.

  • Jim

    I don’t think very many owners will “have to” use this gun, Alaskan, and that’s not the point.

  • Erik

    If you have to use more than 7-8 rounds of .45, you need a 10MM is how it should go I believe 😀

  • Beaumont

    If anyone can shed light on modification of the Hi-Points for other mags, I’d love to hear about it. The .45ACP carbine would appear to be relatively easy to modify for 1911 mags, but info from more technical readers wouls be great.

    The 9s and .40s, on the other hand, would seem to present challenges for modding to popular double-column pistol mags.

    • jamie

      the gun doesnt need to be modified you can modify the 1911 mags to go into the 9545 reciever go to youtube its cake and it works!

  • Beaumont

    That last sentence should have read, “…WOULD be great.”

  • KBCraig

    Hi-Point should have simply used someone else’s magazines from the beginning. Glock mags for their 9mm, and 1911 mags for the .45, would open a variety of aftermarket options.

  • El Duderino

    Hello 50 round drum!

    Or will the action crack in half from a 50 round rapid fire? Hey the .45 ACP is pretty low pressure, no worries right?

  • me

    Man, their design and marketing people need to get a clue. If they could get this to work with 1911 mags, or like Kel-Tec’s Sub2000 and get it to accept major brand name mag’s like Glock etc, they wouldn’t be able to keep the shelves stocked due to demand.

    Myself, I would prefer 1911 mags. I’m not made of money, so with the price of ammo these days and everything else, if I can get something in my arsenal to do double duty, that just makes it more attractive.

    • Ken Alan Draper

      Hi-point’s are designed to be a high quality firearm at the lowest cost to buy, to design to accept other makers mags would raise the cost beyond the reach of low income consumers that is the niche market that Hi-point is aiming for.

  • Bryan S.

    But whose 1911 mags? not even all decent quality 1911 pistols will accept every makers magazine, at least right out of the box.

    • Joe

      gOOD PRODUCT!!!!

  • Josh

    hi cap would be nice and they don’t combat reload very good.
    9 still beats 7 and with less recoil and better accuracy out of box.
    they don’t make it in 10mm but I would like a 10mm version much better for woods carry.
    I just carry mine with 9+1 buffalo bore 230 flat fmjs they blow 1/2 holes through 5gal ice barriers!
    also gun has mag safety 1911s don’t doubt it would work, but I have heard of some being machined to hi cap for 9mm at least.

  • Neil

    I recently purchased the high point .45 ACP Carbine. Took a while to get the red laser sighted in but after that – amazing. I am not a competition shooter. I haven’t fired a rifle since my M-16 days. Standing at 25 yards the first 10 rounds were in or near the 8″ circle. After a little practice I was able to put 9 rounds in a group about the diameter of a coffee mug that took out the entire middle of the target and one flyer about 3/4″ high at 2 oclock and that was firing from the hip. Center the dot and squeeze the trigger rapid fire. That absolutely amazed me. As far as extra rounds, the new magazines hold 10 and I bought the holder which mounts on the stock and holds 2 more clips of 10. You can change them pretty quickly if you just drop the clip and slam in the next. I can not reccomend this weapon highly enough. It far surpasses my 12 guage pistol grip for range, flexibility, accuracy and almost total lack of recoil. If I can’t get it done with one clip of plus p hydroshocks i better check into a nursing home. I guess you can tell I like it.

  • Scott

    My brother in law brought the .45 highpoint acp to the house this weekend red dot sight i love it i am selling the 9 mm to buy one and i love my tri stainless 9 mm.

  • Slim Jani West

    Wonderful big bore carbine; once equipped with red dot sight, I can hit wild flower buds at 25 metres consistently! I’m impressed.

  • John Woodworth

    Alaskan. You make a good point, but having said that I would remind you that the 7.62 NATO and the 7.62 x 39 and other rifle and “sub rifle” calibre rounds come in hi -cap magazines. I just have a better time shooting for recreation if I only have to change mags half as often.

  • Jake

    I think a 20 round magazine would be great to have for this rifle. If you are in a stressful situation the extra ammo might just save your life instead of fumbling with another magazine. If Hi-Point would do this they would make a lot of their customers happy.

  • joshu

    High point needs figure it the f*&k out. High cap mags are just more fun. Slap a high price on them Oscar just give me somthing that works

  • Steven Martin

    Just got done putting my 9 mm carbine the the paces for the first time and I couldn’t be more pleased. 200 rounds straight out of the box just lubed the action a bit with rem oil and let them fly. I bought 2 cans of fiocchi full metal jacket 115 gr. 100 rounds per can and never had a miss feed, miss fire or failure to feed. My wife and I both were able to shoot 4-6 groups groups consistently at 50 yards with iron sights with the occasional stray here and there 3 or 4 inches out mostly from trying to shoot as fast as we could reacquire a sight picture. 9 mm is relatively cheap to shoot compared to 40 and 45 so our day at the range didn’t break the bank. Hard to beat $24 for 100 rounds of quality ammo and they are sealed in nice cans air tight and once you peal the metal top off they have a nice plastic lid to reseal. Fiocchi calls it canned heat! For shoppers on a budget looking for a tactical home defense and personal protection weapon, this is a great option. Besides the typical complaint about magazine capacity, which high point is addressing supposedly the cheek pad was a little rough after that much shooting so I put a little neoprene padding on it that I use on my bow shelf (similar to moleskin) and it was much better. For $270 it is definitely worth it and a blast to shoot. Not to mention their unlimited no questions asked fully transferable lifetime warranty and made in USA parts you can’t go wrong. Call it ugly, cheap, or whatever can’t argue with results and if you can’t afford to drop $1000-$1500 on an AR I would recommend this gun for sure!

  • Supremo

    I agree with Doc this is a awesome rifle an extended clip would be great some where around 20 to 30 round clip. Maybe a drum clip that really will make this rifle a must have.

  • Lawrence A Simm

    A nice drum mag would be great the gun is great fun and would be a whole lot more fun with a couple of drums

  • marcus

    It is easy to make any standard 1911 clip fit the high point. I made two 15 round clips today. The video on how to do it is on YouTube. Super simple.

    • Gronk

      I have NEVER found any 1911 45 ACP mag over 8 rounds to be 100 per cent reliable but one, and that is Wilson, and a Wilson mag would be hard to “Tweak” and bed the metal outward to work in a Hi-point because they use such thick guage stainless steel.

      I’ve also heard that the pro-mags only work 90 percent of the time and their drum mag,(which sells for $400.00!) only 50 percent at best.

      Hi-point either needs to modify their mag catch to use standard 1911 mags or modify the magwell to use a Glock mag.

      I omnce read a statement from the company the company that said they don’t want to use another company’s mags becaues they’d have no control over the quality. That is NOT an issue with either Glock mags or Wilson 1911’s.