Rossi Ranch Hand not available until 2011

A lot of people where excited when Rossi unveiled the Rossi Ranch Hand pistol and I get emails regularly asking if I know when it will be available. Michael, a reader of TFB, emailed me to say that he spoke to the company and was told that they are not putting the gun into production till December 2010 and will not be shipping it until April/May 2011.

The Rossi Ranch Hand

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    Oh no, are you telling me I have to wait at least another six months to watch idiots throw this thing about like nun-chucks before accidentally shooting themselves and others?

    That’s outrageous, etc.

  • “More Bad News- Rossi delaying the Ranch Hand”

    Thanks for the update. This is keeping me from spending money.

  • JS

    How long is the barrel on that thing?

  • Kurgen99

    Cool, but doubtfully Cali legal?

  • DAMN!

  • ap

    That’s a big bummer for me… I was hoping to have one for whitetail gun week in Ohio. Any idea why they wouldn’t want this in time for Christmas? Seems like a missed opportunity by Rossi.

  • Jake Dorsey

    I nominate Gina Torres as the weapon’s spokesmodel.

  • Al

    was looking forward to having this for bear protection. Since we can’t carry handguns in the woods in Canada

  • ZomBkiller

    Dear Deer Hunters,

    Its a pistol. Very short. I imagine it would be awkward to shoulder to say the least. Like an AR pistol with a long buffer tube, you can shoulder it and shoot but its not going to be fun or easy. However, if you do go hunting with this please do let us know how it goes, as I had briefly had the same idea myself for ridding my locale of some varmints.

  • Sean

    Doesn’t Legacy already sell one of these? Aren’t they the same company? I know my local gun store has one on their shelf. I played with it for a minute and couldn’t figure out what I would do with it.

  • Brian

    Legacy has a similar one but costs twice as much. That one doesn’t come in .357/38

    I have been looking forward to this gun. Just sounds too much fun.

  • Raph84

    I think the legacy ones are about a grand…these msrp in the $550 range so it will be about half the price.

    I can imagine it might be fun for some CAS side matches.

  • thomas

    how come no one comes out whith a 22lr one.

  • Tuco

    Too bad. I want one now, but by 2011 I probably will have come to my senses.

  • Overload in CO

    12″ barrel. 24″ Overall Length. Available in .38special/.357magnum; .44 magnum; .45 colt. It does have a front and rear sight. It’s considered a pistol in the USA.

    I assume this ejects right, and not up, so it wouldn’t be lefty friendly if one were trying to use the sights? Or would your face be behind the ejection port?

    I love the idea of having a pistol and rifle in the same caliber, but I want both guns to be semi-autos, and not revolver & lever action.

    What are the legalities of using this like a rifle? I thought pistols couldn’t have forward hand holds OR a shoulder stock.

  • Overload in CO

    I just checked Gallery of Guns, and they list both the BrazTech/Rossi and the Legacy Sports International/Puma under .44mag lever action pistols. The Rossi MSRP is $536, the Puma MSRP is $1,250. So, this costs much closer to the Rossi than the Legacy/Puma.

  • El Duderino

    I love oddball guns, but I struggle to see the purpose of this other than “to look cool at a Cowboy Action shoot.” It’s either a huge, slow-firing, two-hands required pistol or a small carbine you can’t shoulder — not sure.

    Overload in CO — I believe the “stock” on this is not considered a shoulder stock by the BATFE. Otherwise it’s an SBR and there goes 99% of Rossi’s sales. There’s no limit on barrel length on a pistol — you could put a pistol grip on a 32″ barrel shotgun if you wanted to. You can’t have a vertical foregrip on a pistol but one parallel to the barrel is fine. Not a lawyer, just someone who has looked into this, I looked into putting a foregrip on a 10″ barrel MAC-10 copy but that’s federal PMITA prison time right there.

  • Elvis Presley

    I second the nomination for Gina Torres!

  • Joe

    if Rossi puts it through the cali DOJ certification process, it could be cali legal. It is made to comply with federal PISTOL regs, only chambers pistol cartridges and is a single action.

    I was really hoping to get one of these for xmas. oh well.

    on a seperate note, i handled the rossi circuit judge today- its a turd. awful finish and franken-grip, among other issues. its a fail.

  • Ric

    This small pistol/rifle is excellant for that tree stand close shot hunting trip. Can production be start sooner? Can some other company introduce this weapon?

  • John

    Right now it is being delayed because of the lack of US compliance parts required to import

  • Buffal Jack

    I called Rossi a few weeks ago and was told they’d be available the 4th quarter of THIS year??

  • Mark Barnes

    I just bought one in 45 LC for $447.00 out the door from JJ’s in Beaumont TX

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    Gun Genie (Davidson’s in Prescott, AZ) is now shipping the ROSSI Ranch Hand in .357…I’m hoping to get one ASAP!

  • Critical J

    hey, Al

    unfortunately, this thing is only built like a rifle, it’s actually sold and classified as a pistol-handgun. So, even when it does become available you still can’t carry it in the woods if that’s the case in Canada. That part actually pisses me off a great deal as my fiancé and I will be moving to up to Nova Scotia sometime in 2012, hopefully. I was trying hard to find a reason to buy this gun and only some locations seemed to make sense to me for owning one, the American South-West and Canada being the top two places on that list. It’ll be a major put-off if I can’t freakin’ carry the thing when I get there…

    one great up-side to this gun, though; being that it is a handgun that’s only built like a rifle, not the other way around, you can get a CCW permit for it, which means that it can fill the niche for a great truck gun as it can be remain loaded in your automobile, there’s a big selling point right there and one of the only ways you could ever really conceal the thing practically, besides a freaking trench coat!

  • Critical J

    * by the way, here’s the entire point of the oddly shaped/sized handle:

    among other things, the main reason the “mini-stock” is the way it is, being too small to shoulder, but bigger than will fit in your hand, is because it functions as a counter weight to the unusually large size of the handgun itself, especially when fired one-handed, Woody Harellson style, as opposed to two-handed, Steve McQueen style…

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    My ONLY reason for wanting one is that it LOOKS AWESOME! A little bit of TV Western history too…I collect more than shoot, so the fact it might not be too practical is OK with me…

  • pat

    Bought mine in 45 long colt this past saturday and shot it sunday. Loads of fun and definitely different. Think I paid 425 from T’s in texas city tx.

  • Mark F Barnes

    Funny, Davidson’s inventory shows ZERO available in any caliber, and they jacked up the price to $556.00.

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    Sounds SWEET Pat! Thanks for the “review”…

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    Mark…I get MOST of my firearms thru Davidson’s, but MY retailer, “Cactus Tactical” in Phoenix, ussualy gives about a $20% discount…

  • Mark Barnes

    Critical J

    It’s actually not too short to shoulder, just different. It’s quite comfortable to shoulder, and very accurate. Makes a great saddle gun, with these dimensions, as well as still being light with a full tube. The oversize ring, is not strictly window dressing but very functional, especially wearing gloves. Just a great buy as far as I am concerned.

  • TheBull

    I just got back from our local dealer and he said there price is $354 so keep that in mind i was also told they are still not available until a few more months because of the demand

  • Trucker571

    I have one waiting for me at the Cabelo’s in Richfield, WI. Also have the holster coming from JB Custom.

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    Trucker…do you mean Cabela’s? I didn’t know they had them yet…I’ll have to check the one here in Glendale, AZ…Thanks!

  • Sam

    We just got one in the shop – looks interesting, a little weird to hold.

  • james

    toms gunshop in rome ga, has a ranch hand .44 mag in the case for sale now.i am waiting on the .45 long colt

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    James, what are they asking for the Ranch Hand?

  • bronco ace

    I just bought a 44mag ranch hand and should get it in 10 days or so.will let you know how it shoots asap.

  • .308

    got one this afternoon, got it packed up read for bear patrol, cant wait to shoot it, paid $275, only on in my town at a discount gun store… no major ones had even heard of it…

  • Roger

    I got mine off Gun Broker last week. 11/10 45C. Nice gun but like Taurus. Not pretty wood. Well fitted but not pretty. the blue is dark and action nice. Interesting safety on top of bolt.

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    I haven’t seen ANY available on GunBroker…how’d you do that?? 🙂

  • Roger

    Go to and type in “rossi ranch hand”. Remember it is a pistol. At this moment and time there are 5 running.

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    Got it…Thanks! I was using “GunGenie”, Daividson’s,out of Prescott, AZ

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    Hope I get one before Christmas!

  • Picked up the only one in the Ft. Laud show in 45LC, the one I was looking for. If you are waiting to hear how practical a weapon it is move along but what fun! The action is flawless and belies its just over 400 price. Not something I would shoulder but with a little practice, and a lot of patience, very good groups and a crowd every time. Great addition to any collection especially if you are old enough to have watched W.D. or A.

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    Hey Boris…what brand/type ammo did you use in your Ranch Hand? I’m on a wait list for the .357….

  • Roger

    I read somewhere that they only imported 200 Ranch Hands in this first batch. So it seams. Hope they make it thru the law suite.

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    Don’t have my .357 Ranch Hand yet, but I HIGHLY recommend the custom holster from “COCHISE LEATHER”, in Cochise, AZ…HIGH QUALITY, $140 price and received it in 2 weeks after ordering…looks good just hanging on the wall! Check it out…

  • Roger

    I got thre holster from the legacy sports, Puma web site on its way.
    Bounty Hunter Holster alone. $165.
    The Cochise is a little to cowboy for my.

  • McQueen

    I recently purchased the 1st season of “Wanted Dead or Alive” DVD. Steve McQueen was a Boss Cool Actor, as he totes his “mare’s Leg” lever action shortie. But it seems a good .45 will get the drop on one using a rifle. Indio (Bad crazy guy from “a Few Dollars More”) tried it against that No Name guy (LOL), and lost. But this Rossi Ranch Hand might just make a Cool house gun. And yes, I love western movies (LOL). You want crazy, how about the 8 ga shotgun that Viggo was toting in Appoloosa? Point and Splatter!!

  • Roger

    It is just a TV Show and I love my Ranch Hand because of it. And since Rossi has them for 1/2 the price. I must have it because i want it.

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    That 8 gauge is “Appaloosa” is AWESOME! I love the westerns too, especially most of the “new” ones…

  • Roger

    Everett Hitch (Viggo Mortensen) carries an 8 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun in the film, refered to only as “The 8 Gauge” in the dialogue. To handle the vicious recoil of the massive weapon, Everett has a leather pad build into the shoulder of his coat to help absorb it. Since the only existing 8 Gauges today are antiques and are unsafe or too expensive to fire, a genius alternative was made. Armorer and gunsmith Steve Karnes built three “8 Gauges” for Gibbons Ltd. out of reproduction Colt 1878 shotguns, two of which fired 12 Gauge blanks with 8 Gauge sleeves over the barrels to increase the bore diameter and hide its real caliber, while one was built to chamber 8 Gauge inert rounds for scenes in which the gun was loaded, as the size between 8 and 12 Gauge is far too different for no one to notice. To see more on the production of the shotguns, visit the SK 1878 shotgun page, with actual information and images by Steve Karnes.

  • Roger

    Got my Holster in today. Ordered a tune up kit and safety replacnt from here…

    Life is good.

  • Roger

    I had to replace the rear sight because it wouldn’t fit in the Puma Holster. I had a folding rear on off one of my Marlin Guide Guns. All set. Great Outfit.
    I noticed the remining ones on Gun Broker are going for around $650 now. I hope the law Suit doesn’t kill them.

  • Bull Shit…………I have sold 62 and shipped out a total of 23 which started on oct 12,2010

  • Roger

    Then why are the prices going above suggested list? Gready dealers?
    Bill, Do You charging $425 for the Ranch hand or in the $550-$600 range? OR are you are saying this Blog is Bull Poop because it saya NA till 2011?

  • pricedo

    If this firearm has an OAL of 26″ or over it will be a non-restricted firearm and legal to carry in the bush in Canada.

    We don’t go by barrel length in Canada unless it is a semiautomatic and then the barrel has to be 18.5″ or over to be in the non-restricted category.

    Restricted firearms can only be taken to the range unless you have a carry permit……unless you’re PM Harper or a Supreme Court Judge forget about getting a Canadian carry permit.

    OAL is what counts.

    I’d like one in .454 Casull /.45 LC.

    .45 LC is too lame for anything bigger than a wolf unless the action is strong enough for over powered hand loads.

  • Roger

    Never be able to buy this pistol in Canada. Would be too confusing which end is the business end.

  • pricedo

    Actually it is kind of confusing which is the business end. Is it a club or a gun? I understand that the OAL is only 25″. If the butt was lengthened to over 26″ by adding a spacer + a recoil pad then it would be as legal as a full length 92 and in Canada it would NOT be classed as a pistol. The pistol classification is an American legal contrivance to get around the NFA restrictions on short barreled rifles. There are no such barrel length restrictions on long guns in Canada.

  • Roger

    I can own so many more firearms that you can in the restrictive Canadan Commonwealth.If you possess a firearm without a licence in Canada, you are committing criminal offences punishable by up to 5 years in prison and your firearm will be subject to confiscation.
    CanadaShort-barreled, manually-operated shotguns (non-semi-automatics) are non-restricted as long as the barrel remains unmodified from the original factory length. There is no legal minimum for shotgun barrels as long as the overall length exceeds 26″ and so shotguns with barrels as short as 6.5 inches are available in Canada. If a shotgun with an 18-inch or greater barrel is reduced to below 18 inches by sawing, cutting, or replacing the barrel (by anyone other than a recognized gun manufacturer), that shotgun becomes prohibited

    You need to move to the USA.
    BTW my Ranch Hand Pistol has a OAL of 24″

  • pricedo

    Roger: “I can own so many more firearms that you can in the restrictive Canadan Commonwealth.”

    Like what? I have a perfectly legal shotgun in Canada with a 12.5″ barrel… you?……didn’t think so.

    And where is also a big problem with American gun owners.

    A Canadian gun owner has one set or rules to deal with and can take non-restricted firearms (hunting rifles & shotguns) from coast to coast to coast to coast without having to worry about crossing into “iron curtain” states like California, New Jersey & DC and spending the rest of his/her life in jail for having ammo loaded with *gasp !* hollow point bullets.

    I admit the Canadian laws regarding handguns are ridiculous.

    A full length Puma style stock on the Rossi ranch hand carbine instead of that useless stub it comes with would make it Canadian legal (OAL > 26″) & I know at least one Canadian importer that might be interested in making those arrangements.

  • Roger

    Well son I have well over 250 firearms…you name it and I have it. From new to old, from .500 S&W to .17, all in one secured room and all displayed like a museum. None are registered because we don’t have to and they are all mine.
    I Have have some 3″ barrel pistols that use a 410 shot gun rounds. Even have a Mossberg Bullpup.
    I can also conceal a pistol on my person with my carry permit. You got thoes up there? Neat thing about my carry permit it resprocates with most states including Alaska. Neat huh.
    Come on now come on over to Gods country. The USA!! Stay away from Kalifornia, New York and Illinois as they are the gun unfriendy states.

  • pricedo

    Actually my mother was born & raised in Houghton, Michigan before she met dad who is a Canadian and then emigrated to Ontario, Canada.
    I’d eventually apply for US citizenship & move to the US if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve done quite well financially here in Canada and have made consistently well over the tax exempt limit for more than 2 decades and the IRS would own my body and soul in foreign income back taxes the minute I became an American citizen.
    So it looks like I’m stuck here in Canada as a Canadian with their inane gun laws for the short term at least.
    It would be nice having CCW and the ability to buy guns like the Taurus Judge to take on a big game hunting trip to pot grouse and rabbits for the camp stew pot.
    I hear rumors that Canadians will see a over 26″ OAL Rossi “Ranch Hand” with a full length butt in the not too distant future or at least a respectable quality Chinese made knockoff with the same or similar specs.
    I already have a Rossi Puma with a 20″ bbl. in .454 Casull & know that the Rossis are quality guns.

  • Roger

    True you can still get new guns made in China up there too. Chinese semiautos and hand guns were ban from importation into the USA for some silly reason. Everything else is from China now days.
    Hope you get that Ranch Hand as you want it. the 92 is a complicted rifle compared to me Marlin 45-70’s. I did a tune up on the Ranch Hand.

  • pricedo

    Let’s face it.

    The Ranch Hand is nothing but a Rossi M92 (formerly known as the “Puma” before LSI switched suppliers from Amadeo Rossi in Brazil to Chiappa from Italy) with a shorter barrel and a big lever loop.
    A Canadian could legally buy a Rossi with a 16″ barrel and have almost the same thing.
    The big lever loop rather than being a fashion fad had a utilitarian use which was to facilitate cycling with gloved/mittened hands in cold weather.
    You’re really missing out on the Chinese guns.
    I have a Chinese made 12 gauge pump shotgun (Rem 870 knockoff) with a 12.5″ barrel (eat your heart out) that is made by Norinco under the brand name moniker “Dominion Arms” that I’ve run enough slugs, buckshot and bird shot shells through to fill a barn & it has never jammed, malfunctioned or hi-cupped on me even once. You’ve got to get the NRA on the US feds case to drop that silly trade barrier against Chinese guns. Maybe the American gun makers lobbyists are working to keep the restrictions cause they’re scared of the competition. The Chinese with their cheap labor force have a definite advantage when it comes to manufactured goods.

  • Roger

    My state of Iowa had done good. Iowa shall Issue state. this means you can carry a concealed handgun ifn you pass the Fed back ground check. that is it with a class.
    I mentioned my mossberg bullpup cause even with the 18″ barrel it is under 26″ long overall.. Neat huh? Most of my 18″ barrel shoguns can have folding stocks which briing them down to 26″ . kind of a stand off..but i’d rather have a longer barrel than the same length gun with a short barrel.

  • Roger

    Ranch Hands are going for over $650 now on Gun Broker..what few there are. No big on line seller even has them. WOW

  • HaveGunWillTravel

    My “gun guy” from Phoenix (Cactus Tactical), is at the Las Vegas SHOT SHOW next week and is going to check on the availability of a .357 Ranch Hand for me…I’ll post what he tells me…

  • Jack Murdoch

    What is the safety like on the Ranch Hand? Does it engage automatically, is it removeable? I’d like one but the safety issue is like a poke in the eye. And i can’t see why they went to the trouble of copying the “W,Dor A”Mare’s leg and then made it longer fore and aft. I understand you couldn’t get 6 rounds in one as short as Steve McQ’s, but why longer in back?

  • Roger

    Really not that much longet in back. It is well balanced, which is probably whey they made the butt a tad nonger.
    The saftet is a little lever on top of the bolt. It says safe and fire etched in small print. The operator turns it off and on. All Rossi’s have this so they can sell to more than just a few states. They sell a plug you can replace it with. The safety does not come on unlrss you switch it on.

  • Is it legal to put a 6 inch recoil pad on the hand grip stock ?

  • rogertc1

    As legal as driving over 120MPH when no cops are around. If you get caught you loose. Now making a pistol into a SBR is a federal offence if caught.

  • pricedo

    Just bought a Chiappa Takedown Mare’s Leg in .44 Rem Mag.

    The gun breaks down into 3 parts each of which is no longer than 12″.

    The RCMP has classified it as NON-RESTRICTED.

    That means it is like an ordinary hunting rifle or shotgun & I can “theoretically” take it anywhere.

    The reason I say “theoretically” is that most of the agencies & officers of the Canadian criminal justice system including a lot of judges are “anti-gun activist” & if you defend yourself from criminal attack with a firearm regardless of the circumstances or are caught carrying a gun for self defense even if it is legal to carry the gun you will have a bunch of bogus criminal charges thrown at you that it will cost a fortune in legal fees to defend yourself against in court. The favorite charge is “possession of a weapon for a purpose dangerous to the public peace” which is an indictable (felony) offense.

    The Canada Criminal Code Section 34 authorizes use of deadly force to protect oneself from assault causing death or grievous bodily harm but a Star Chamber of entrenched Liberal bureaucrats have decided that they are going to circumvent & misuse the law to severely punish people who use or carry guns for self defense the rule of law be damned. But you can be very sure that these very same sanctimonious officials will never leave their own guns at home.

  • DeclarationIndepence

    I purchased the gun from a gun dealer in Oregon for $639 Delivered.
    It is the new one with the antique effect around the chamber. To all who would want a chinese gun for 100, 200 or even half price, all I can say is good luck.

    90% of the chinese goods are from effectively slave labor. Taken off their farms put in high rises where they live in tiny boxes, work, shop and eat all in the same tenement high rise. There is no incentive to make things correctly except maybe being beheaded for not working.

    Ask yourself if you would care enough to do excellent work on a piece of machinery (gun) if you lived in such conditions. A reflection of the Socialist State in China.

    Since this gun is intended to be a cross between a defensive and offensive weapon and is for protecting your life, I’d gladly pay the extra money to be assured it does what it is intended to do to keep me safe.

  • roger

    The Rossie Ranch Hand is not made in China. It is made in Brazil. Not sure want the rant is about China. We get few guns from China thanks to Klinton. However we do get a lot of stuff from China. Every basket Ball is made in China and so is the canned mushrooms at your grocery stores. Get over it. Stay on focus…Ranch hand.

    • mfbarnes

      Henry Repeating Arms manufactures two versions of the Mare’s Leg. The rimfire model has a blued receiver and barrel and chambers .22 Long Rifle, .22 Long, and .22 Short. The centerfire model has a brass receiver and blued barrel and it chambers .45 Colt.

    • sixgunner

      That’s OK though.

      Relax……be happy.

      That flushing sound you hear is just our domestic economy in its death throes.

      The Chinese economy is flourishing & the American economy is going down the drain.

      Maybe after the “takeover” goes on for another decade or so we can replace the Statue of Liberty with a big brass statue of Chairman Mao because it will be their country then.

  • roger

    The Ranch hand is a gun used in the old TV Show Wanted dead. It is a novelty that old guys who watched that show can buy because we have the money to blow on a TOY. The Rossi’s are onkmy around $400