Hi-Point .45 ACP Carbine

Pictured with optional $25 foregrip

Hi-Point has finally produced a carbine chambered in .45 ACP. From the press release …

As with the 9mm and .40 Caliber Hi-Point carbines the longer barrel will increase velocity figures between 80-200 FPS over a like chambered handgun, especially with +P loads. These velocity increases coupled with the fat formidable .45 round, improved carbine handling and a longer sighting radius over a handgun make this an excellent gun for small game (Hi-Point Carbines are legal for deer in some states), plinking, home defense and law enforcement.

The robust all weather black molded polymer skeletonized stock is both tough and light in weight. Additionally the forearm offers an excellent grabby surface regardless of conditions or whether the user is wearing gloves, mitts or is bare handed. The carbine has three top-side and forearm bottom Picatinny rails for optional vertical grips, lasers, optics and lights.

Caliber .45 ACP
Capacity 9 rounds
Finish black powder coat
Barrel 17.5″
Overall Length 33″
Weight 7.5 lbs
Front Sight adjustable post
Rear Sight ghost ring
MSRP (Price) $330

I don’t understand why Hi-Point does not produce a standard capacity magazines. Nine rounds for .45 and ten round for 9mm can no longer be considered standard capacity.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Richard Thibedeau

    I don’t understand the 9 round capacity limit for this firearm. Springfield makes a 13 round magazine standard in one of their 45 ACP XD pistols.

  • It is very disappointing that they did not either go with 1911 magazines or a more modern high capacity magazine.

  • Victor

    Sweet Jesus, that’s one motherfvcking ugly ass weapon.

  • mage2

    its about time they put this out. i have been waiting for years .

  • xstang

    Very simple as to why that is considered stand capacity- hi-point mags are only single-stack, not double like everyone else. They’re dirt cheap, mind you ($10-15 street), and they’re cross compatible with their handguns, but their springs when new are TERRIBLE. Underloading is the rule here.

    Why they didn’t go the kel-tec route and use glock mags is beyond me, but with hi-point, don’t expect any engineering wonders.

    That price makes the HK USC seem like a complete joke though. Quality is no comparison, of course, but still, its really the only thing out there that closely compares.

  • Will

    The round capacity has always annoyed me about their firearms. The only “hi-cap” mags out there for their guns are by pro-mag and apparently are horrible without modifications. Everyone I’ve talked to that actually owns one of these carbines loves them. A friend of mine has the .45 handgun, it’s heavy and ugly, but it’s accurate and reliable and fun to shoot. I’d jump at one of their carbines if they had a great capacity, but for a few bucks more, I can get a Kel-tec Sub2K and get cheaper, higher capacity mags that will match almost whatever pistol I want to own. Plus they fold up for easier storage or carry.

  • Samopal

    “I don’t understand why Hi-Point does not produce a standard capacity magazines.”

    Every Hi-Point firearm uses single-stack magazines. It ties into their philosophy of producing the simplest, cheapest reliably-functioning firearms possible.

  • John Jackson

    Do they have to be so monstrously ugly? Is that a requirement at Hi-Point?

  • Greetings from Texas,
    This one is going on the shoping list.

  • John C.

    I might have to pick one of these up. I never really wanted the 9mm or 40SW versions because there are better options(Keltec SUB-2000, PC-9) but the .45 would be interesting. As for the low capacity, it might have something to do with their location – maybe they cant have more than 10 rounds if theyre in California or something

  • ericire12

    I’d buy one if they took Glock magzines

  • That is one ugly gun.

  • Yes, 9 is ridiculous, my XD-45 holds 13.

    Maybe they just don’t want to run afoul of California.

  • Jim

    What is standard capacity then?

  • Will W

    Above picture is proof positive that Hi-point will continue to make ugly guns until our planet tilts off its axis and collides into our extinguishing sun.

  • Seems an obvious benefit if they made it accept 1911 mags. oops 🙁

    A cool aspect of old fashioned pistol caliber carbines (lever guns) was being able to use the same revolver rounds in 2 weapons carried.

  • Sian

    Hi-Point is clearly focused on making inexpensive, huge, bulky, brick-like, near indestructible firearms with the capacity of concealable subcompacts.

    It’s just what they do.

  • $330.00 ?!!
    Seems like quite a bargain.
    That ain’t a misprint?

  • Erich Martell

    Man, did Marlin blow it by discontinuing its .45 Camp Carbine years ago. These things are going to sell well for Hi-Point.

  • Boner Stallone

    Damn, 7.5 pounds unloaded is almost as heavy as on of their pistols (which is a good thing since you can still beat people with them when they stop working) maybe only 9 rounds of .45 is a good thing.

  • Vak

    There’s a part of me who wants to love Hi-Points (I mean, what’s not to love in a cheap but reliable .45acp people’s carabine ?) but seriously they are so damn fucking UGLY !

    (personal note : think about an AK in 9mm and .45acp, there surely is some kind of market for that)

  • Tom Stone

    Steve,it keeps it legal in some states,at least potentially.

  • Are the mags proprietary or (please please say yes) will a 1911 extended mag work?

  • and unfortunately, like almost all (if not all) hi point offerings… just plain ugly.

  • hojo

    what Victor said.

  • Zach

    They should have just build them to take Glock mags like kel-tec. I’d consider getting the 9mm version if I could grab a couple 33 rounders to go with it.

  • El Duderino

    Yep very ugly carbine. Legal to hunt deer with in WA State (no energy requirement, just .24/6mm or larger caliber).

    Sometimes when I go to a rifle range, there is a youngish guy with a Hi-Point carbine. Usually with a shaved head and wearing a lot of black (there are more than one). I’ll leave judgment to others 🙂

    Although Kel-Tec doesn’t have a .45 ACP carbine, I would much rather have a SUB-2000 in 9mm with 33-round Glock magazines over a Hi-Point in any caliber. I wonder if those long mags fit in the triple Uzi/MP5 mag pouches? Close second would be a Masterpiece Arms in 9mm (much heavier though). A “fun gun” is much more affordable in 9mm with the surplus that’s out there than .45 ACP.

  • 4Cammer

    This makes anything from Kel-Tec look like a beauty queen…

  • I contemplated modding a Suomi drum for my 9mm one. Never really followed through on it though.

  • jdun1911

    Good reviews posted on forums from their owners. Cheap, heavy, and reliable. I’ve been thinking about getting one but other gun related things have more priorities.

  • Jim

    I actually think this design is rather attractive. Reminds me of the M60.

  • Bryan S

    And it has that nifty spring loaded stock, which go after HiPoint all you want, is something missing from other pistol carbines. it makes guns easy to shoot for people not used to shooting them.

  • Dave

    Higher cap mags would be a plus. On the other hand, If I am not mistaken their original carbine was designed when the old AWB was still in effect. They were commited to design all of their weapons with a mag cap of ten or less. Once it sunsetted they already had commercially successful rifle and pistol designs in mass production. Given their no questions asked warranty it would probably cost them to switch to a new mag design as they would have to do warranty work on two distinct lines of weapons plus all the warranty work they do on defunct lines of Stallard and Haskell weapons.
    As for the .45 they already produce a .45 pistol and magazines for it, so it was expedient for them to go with that existing mag for their new rifle. Another factor is that single stack magazines are cheaper and easier to produce. Hi Point is all about cheap and expedient.
    I can’t speak for what the thought process the designers and owners of the company might be, but I think they just aren’t interested in doing high cap mags either. If I had to hazard a guess, I would think that they are just protecting themselves against whatever possible state or federal level mag cap limits that some anti-gun politician might try to pass.
    As for the Suomi drum mag mod. It has been tried. It doesn’t really work that well. The lips of the 995 mags don’t respond well to the pressure and they gradually deform from it, affecting functionality of those experimental mags, or so I am told.

  • Red Jeep Girl

    I think the reason they put low capacity magazines in all their products is because they want to prevent excessive use. They diecast their receivers out of a zinc/aluminum (zamak). This cuts down cost a lot, look at any of the Bryco or similar “saturday night specials”. Same deal, low mag capacity and zamak. Thus the obscenely large slides on the handguns, have to make up for weight with quantity of zamak. So, if you need something cheap, don’t need to fire it a lot, then you might have stumbled on the right choice. Same goes for jennings, bryco, etc.

  • Some smartguy

    “I don’t understand why Hi-Point does not produce a standard capacity magazines. Nine rounds for .45 and ten round for 9mm can no longer be considered standard capacity.”

    It’s because you won’t need any more than 9 rounds, it will blow up long before then.

  • It may be ugly, I do not think so but….., it may not be hi-cap, but you should not need more than 2 shoots to service any target, you are just as dead when shot by an ugly weapon as a pretty one, and like someone said above at 7.5# you can always club the bad guy to death when you run out of ammo. Definitely something I am going to ask Santa for.

  • Tim

    Talked to the owner about the lack of high cap mags, or using other folks mags one time. He seems hesitant to run afoul of the ATF and various assualt weapons bans. Seemd to think that by keeping their mags proprietary and under 10 rounds they’d somehow be okay. Seems like a fallacy to me though because even with limited mag capacity I know the Hi-Point was specifically listed in some bans anyway. Its black and semi-auto. Antigunners aren’t goingt o exclude it based on good intentions or low capacity.

    I even asked about making one that takes Glock mags for law enforcement (I was at a law encforcement seminar when I talked to him) and even that was a no go.

    I hear they work well, and the price is right. If they used a common mag, even a 1911 mag in this case, I’d probably get one as a trunk gun. As it is, probably not. I also wish Marlin would have kept the Camp Carbine around and made ’em take Glock mags!

  • Tyson Chandler

    Personally, I think it looks kind of cool. The forend / Barrel make me think of a SAW. The price is realistic, however I agree with those who would like to see a higher cap mag. For those on a tight budget, this could be a good home defense carbine.

  • Nathan

    Why would anyone possibly buy this?

  • LCB

    Beauty, as always, is in the eyes of the beholder. The Hi-Point carbines seem to evoke very strong love/hate feelings as to looks. Reminds me of when Dodge redesigned the Ram truck. Their testing showed that potential customers either loved the new look, or hated it. Evoking such a strong response is a good thing.

    The new pro-mag 15 round mags for the 995TS seem to work well (according to the forums, I haven’t tested mine yet). I didn’t buy my 995TS until the 15 round mags came out.

    Oh, and for what its worth, Hi-Point owners have been begging for larger capacity rounds for years from Hi-Point. The forum consensus is that Hi-Point wants their weapons to stay CA legal…for whatever reason.

  • DippyPower

    The magazine capacity should have little to do with California. The only pistols legal for sale here are the C9 9mm and CF380 .380 ACP. The carbines are not legal, as factory configured, in California because they are deemed to be “assault weapons”.

  • 4Cammer

    If the reasoning behind the retarded round count magazines is purely political, shame on Hi-Point. Even Ruger has come to the realization what side of the political isle to stand on.

  • Zach

    So what’s stopping them from selling it with 10 rounders to people and Cali and higher caps for the rest of us? Ruger does it with their SR9c and I’m sure there are others who do it as well.

  • Erik

    The problem is that Hi-Point carbines are not California legal. They are a Class III AW by features (Pistol grip protrudes conspicuously below the trigger guard). Therefore for them to be used in California you’d have to put a magazine lock on them. There are too many other non-AW Pistol caliber carbines with less hassle and at a lower price (Like the Suomi 9MM clones from JG and such and the PPSh-41 clones) that can have a straight up detachable magazine since they have no AW features for people to screw with Hi-Points.

  • Chris

    @Red Jeep Girl,
    That is not the case at all. I have never experienced any problems of excessive wear in the number of Hi-Points I have owned and shot. Yes they are inexpensive, yes they are ugly, but that doesn’t justify gun-snobbery to the extent that you make up issues for them to have.
    Also, even a steel slide on a Hi-Point would be huge, because blowback weapons above .380ACP need large bolt/slide mass and heavy springs to operate.

    I think Hi-Point would do well to offer several configurations, including one that looks like a Marlin Camp Carbine or the Ruger Police Carbine, as that would be a simple step toward more attractive weapons.

  • jaekelopterus

    This sad thing is that even this modest design is not California legal. Removable magazine + pistol gip= ASSAULT rifle. I would certainly not go through the trouble of fixing the magazine in place for a gimmicky, $300 zinc pea-shooter when the same money would buy me a legal-out-of-the-box SKS.

  • Wally

    Great price but ‘ Cheap does not have to be synonymous with Fugly ‘ ( means Fu-king-ugly ). What the hell is wrong with Hi-
    points engineers ? Yes its a tool…but even a hammer is prettier than that horrid excuse for a firearm.
    Personally ,I have to much respect for ammo than to put it in that monstrosity .
    Having said that ,I’ll bet a months wages that everyone that has ever been shot would thank God that Hi-Point does not design Ammo .

  • Nick

    I have a 9mm Hi-Point carbine and it isn’t THAT bad looking..but wow…that’s just bad.

    And about the “I don’t understand why Hi-Point does not produce a standard capacity magazines. Nine rounds for .45 and ten round for 9mm can no longer be considered standard capacity.”

    I e-mailed them several years ago after the AWB sunset and they said that retooling to make larger magazines (and probably having to redesign everything) would cost a LOT..and they wanted to make sure the AWB didn’t come back before they made that investment.

  • Theo

    I would love one…
    Except Cook county expressly lists hi-point carbines on their AWB.
    It gets harder and harder coming back here after visiting free america.

  • Mountainbear

    Buttugly, but somehow I like it. Reminds me somewhat of a flashlight, errrr Imperial Guard lasgun from Warhammer 40k.

  • subase

    Highpoint firearms serve that niche of consumers who want the people they shoot to suffer the further indignity of realizing they just got shot by a highpoint.

  • Alaskan

    “Highpoint firearms serve that niche of consumers who want the people they shoot to suffer the further indignity of realizing they just got shot by a highpoint.”

    Great point!!

    I’m looking at saving my pennies and getting one of these.

  • And, the winner for most amusing comment on this goes to Subase.

  • El Duderino

    American manufacturers — of anything — have a long history of making the cheapest model “ugly” to serve the low end but create a way to upsell to more expensive stuff. Like car makers having all of the vibrant colors or nicer interior only available on the “Sport” or “GT” model.

    The only problem with this model is Hi-Point doesn’t upsell to anything…all of their firearms are ugly. Functional, but ugly.

    Kel-Tec, Ruger, and Taurus all make inexpensive firearms (well okay, maybe not the RFB) that don’t appeal to everyone but don’t look like they were designed by an out-of-work squirtgun engineer.

  • Bobby

    Hi-Points are the worst made pistols out there. Only beaten by a Lorcin, Cobra or Jennings.

    Buy a Glock or H&K.

  • Euan

    As was said above, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and its certainly true here. Whoever holds the hi-point 45acp carbine be holdin’ one ugly gun. That being said, if pro mag makes a 15 round magazine (as they did for the 9mm carbine) that is interchangeable with my hi-point .45 pistol, i will immediately order this rifle.

  • Wuulf

    Seriously? Glock I see. But H&K is just in a whole different level of the atmosphere than this. Not even comparable by those who can look at firearms as tools and not extensions of their…you know.

    I’ve admired Hi-point for bringing functional, reliable, and inexpensive guns to the market. Not everyone can afford the 1911s, Glocks, etc. Hell, even a good wheel gun is is going to set you back at least $500. For a company that doesn’t have a single firearm that costs more than that, I think they do alright. Yes, they are ugly. very, very, very ugly. But out of that ugliness, comes a gleaming jacketed bullet. And whatever it hits, will not be moaning about how ugly the gun that shot it was.

    Unless Subase is right, in which case, I will never be able to look at one of these guns again without snickering quietly.

  • Warmworm

    It certainly looks as if Hi-Point goes out of their way to make their weapons unattractive. The original Hi-Point carbines were bad enough. With the modified fore-end and stock, they’ve outdone themselves. That said, I own the Hi-Point 9 mm version because I wanted a 9 mm carbine and got tired of waiting for the Kel-tec Sub2000, which are sold on an allocation basis. Aside from the 10 rd magazine, I have had no regrets and no problems with the Hi-Point’s reliability. In fact, it has become my car travel weapon. The 10 rd magazine is legal in all 50 states so I don’t have to worry about “ooops” moments or trying to explain why I have a 33 rd glock magazine in a state where I am only allowed 10 rounds should I get pulled. The weapon is short and light and with the ATI stock replacement, it doesn’t look half bad.

    For thsoe who wonder about the 10 rd, capacity: if memory serves, the carbine was designed during the Assault Weapon Ban of 1994, and 10 rds was the max capacity allowed. According to Hi-Point, redesigning the weapon to accomodate double stack mags would be prohibitive and use of second party magazines would make diagnosing malfunction problems more difficult from a customer service standpoint, as magazines are often the cause of feed problems rather than the weapon.

    To the commenter who wanted to try using a Suomi mag…. on another forum, someone tried and failed. If you try and succeed, you need to patent it and make lotsa cash, because I would certainly buy one!

  • nitrolegend

    I have had my 9mm carbine for about 7 years and put 1000s of rounds down range with no problems.I really dont see a need for more then 10 rounds if you can hit what you aim at.Im x military and federal law enforcement so Ive fired alot of different weapons and i still grab the little carbine when leaving the house.It has never let me down and I can hit pistol targets out to 100 yards.Most of the people who knock hi-point have never owned or shoot one.We like to call them gun snobs if it aint name brand its no good so they think.When i shoot something with my 9mm hi-point its just as dead as if it was shoot with a Glock.

  • David

    not so ugly and they do the job, for those who want to get the most for the dollar and protect their families.
    the gun is as good as the shooter….

  • mickey

    IT is enought to scare any home invader to death. to me that makes it a beautiful thing.

  • Nigel

    I wonder how many people commenting actually own one of these guns? There are many complaints but as someone who owns 3, I have never had a problem (i.e. it does what it’s supposed to do). Only a fool would complain about Hi-Point’s cost, after all- the best things in life are free or at the very least, affordable. I don’t need a lot of fancy, I just need to feel protected and Hi-Point does that.
    P.S. Just got a .40 carbine last week, not one problem- very happy!

  • DT

    I bought my service Camp 9 after retiring from LE work. It is a great shooter.

  • I bought my son a Highpoint 9mm carbine several years ago. We have shot over 1,000 rounds in it without any issues other than running out of money buying and reloading the shells. If you take one of these guns apart you can see how simple the stock is in the area that holds the clip. I belive you can cut out the stock holding the clip and then fiberglass or expoxy the area to hold any clip you want. I was thinking of a Browing Hi-Power clip. If I had a CNC machine at my house I would have all ready done this. I am unemployed at this time so I can’t use the mill to make this part, but this is not a difficult part to make.


  • JG

    It is sad to see how many people bad mouth the functionality of the 995 without ever owning or shooting one. Snobbery and sour grapes that their $2000 gun is no more fun or deadly than my $175 gun, which is what I paid for my 995.

    The ten round magazines have never had a problem with any sort of FMJ or JHP ammo that I have put in them. There have been a couple of instances where I loaded the magazines wrong, but that was operator error and it was clear from looking at the magazines. The 15 rounders from pro-mag work fine with FMJ but the Winchester Ranger JHP’s would usually choke on the second or third round. You can cycle the bolt and dump the half fed round out the side and go on, but I certainly wouldn’t use the 15 rounders for self defense.

    I love the way it looks. In my opinion the 995 is an excellent example of industrial design and can hold its head high amongst the stens, PPS-43’s, and AK’s of the world. I always say that the 995 is exactly the sort of weapon the last man standing at the end of the world will be carrying. 🙂

  • dennis

    when and where will this weapon be aviable

  • Ariel

    I don’t care what a firearm looks like as long as it functions reliably and with enough accuracy and capacity for the task at hand. The Hi Point is almost there for me, BUT I simply cannot get past the limited ammunition capacity of the factory magazines (and zero mag compatability with other pistol mfg mags).

  • Protector OO

    Buy one, or find one to shoot,and you will be left with a smile.The last thing you will worry about is the looks after a range outing!!

  • Larry

    I just wanted to take a moment and tell you about the Hi-Point 4595 carbine I purchased last week. It is a surprisingly serviceable weapon.

    It is not a work of art, definitely industrial grade. That’s ok, and what I expected. I tried it out at the gun range and was pleasantly surprised. Right out of the box, I could cut a one inch group at the maximum distance in the indoor range, about 25 yards. That’s the kind of accuracy I get from my Kimber custom target II and I paid considerably more for that weapon.

    The only thing I have not adjusted for is the spring loaded recoil buffer built in between the buttplate and stock. The felt and perceived recoil is much more than expected because when the buttplate collapses against the end of the stock, the weapon moves back about a ½ inch instead of pushing your shoulder back. The pebbling on the polymer cheekstock scratches my cheek when the weapon moves back. I am thinking about shimming mine so the springs can’t move and maybe polishing the pebbling off.

    Accuracy is great, construction seems robust. There is no reason to worry about stratching or dinging it. I bought for home defense and throwing in the truck or on the tractor when I spend time on the farm in W.Va. The price is really low for the utility of the weapon.

    I am satisfied with my new purchase.

  • Astan

    I have the same one a 45 ACP and Love it dearly and I would not trade it for Anything else. I have had it for about a year and put over 2500 rounds without any issues at all and I have the 45 auto and never had any issues with it. both of them are for home defense and I have friends that are in the special forces that want to borrow my weapons when they go out on the field and train and to me that says alot.. I tell them go buy one and funny they have and love them Highpoints dearly.. to all you gun snobs buy one own one and enjoy them.. they are really good guns for the cost American made all the way..

  • I own a .45 pistol and the 9mm carbine and love the ugly bastards. I didn’t buy them to hang on the wall or show off how pretty they are. I bought the carbine for $50 wore totally out. I sent it back to the factory for $7 and in two weeks they sent it back like new, with a list of what they had replaced and complete with all original accessories and the aftermarket parts and a free spare mag for my trouble. I can’t wait to get a .45 carbine!
    has any one modded one to accept a double stack or uzi mag? stocks are cheap.

  • Heywoode Jablowme

    Yeah, I have always been concerned about how ugly the gun I am shooting is. Darn it I want a pretty gun when it takes down my intended victim and I want to be damn sure they see how pretty is too….rolleyes

    Hi-Point is the only USA made gun with a lifetime warranty and they go BANG every time you pull the trigger

  • Ds75751

    Got mine with spare clip at Gun show in mesquite Texas. $ 279.00 It is ugly so is the M16. 500 rounds no jams. I dont think the targets care about look. and Like my Mosin. It is a great club too.

  • JoMama

    Best value in 9mm available. Everything else costs $200-500 more as a carbine. And Kel Tec’s jam. So Hi Points are more reliable and less expensive and 100% USA manufactured and sourced. Pretty much a no brainer.

  • Biilcake

    They work..best customer servive out there..and they work..(did I do a repeat)

  • john

    I live in Ca. and just bought 2 .45 caliber highpoint carbines that have bullet buttons and are legal and they are great.

  • MMM

    Mags: Standard 1911 mags (including the 25 round drums) can be made to work in the 4595 (with some tweaking).

    Hi-Cap: A factory 15 rounder is in the works. But, really, if you can’t solve the problem with 10 rounds, should you be in that situation in the first place?


  • Brandon

    I have ran over 2000 rounds through my Hi-Point 9mm carbine without so much as an oil patch down the barrel, in a bet with a local shooting range manager about the reliability of the Hi-points, I told him I wouldn’t clean it until it misfired or failed to feed. Guess what . . it hasn’t happened. I was so happy with the 9mm I had to get the .45 carbine, I have put right at 100 rounds through it right out of the box and just like it’s little brother not one single problem. I agree with the disappointment over the low capacity mags but take it from me DO NOT use the ProMag, my hunting buddy tried one in his 9mm and it ended up in the shop at Hi-Point (they repaired it and sent him a new mag for his troubles – no charge)

  • Sam M.

    I have the 9mm carbine and LOVE IT!!

    Ugly…who sez? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…I like the looks.

    Heck..if you don’t think the 9mm is enough knock-down power to take care of a bad guy, just looking at it might scare them away!

    Good price…lifetime warranty…lots of fun to shoot…don’t knock it until you try it. Straight out of the box, I shot 200 rounds in less than an hour and it never jammed or failed to eject. The 9mm is light enough for a young person or small individual to shoot w/o getting the crap kicked out of them.

    All in all…it’s a load of fun.

  • High Point is going along the Cowboy way of offering a rifle and pistol in the same caliber. I guess .45 acp would mean Urban Cowboy. 🙂
    Ugly and Pretty is in the eye of the beholder. No issues with beauty.
    Primary: does it Work? Pretty and not working is not worth much.
    I would like to see at least 10 round magazine capacity for the .45 ACP.

    I did notice that I have found only 2 gun manufacturers that STATE on their website that they can shoot .45 +P ammo. H&K and High Point are the only 2 manufacturers I have found.
    Not SIG, Glock, Ruger, Kimber, Colt or S&W, Imagine that.

    The number one think I don’t like about High Points is there Tear down.
    If they could make the teardown a lot eaiser without tools, I think they could come on strong.

    Many years ago, I picked up a 9mm Carbine High Point for $100. I just had to test it out. No failures and is extremely accurate. 25 yards and 1/2 inch MOA.
    It is just a pain to to tear down and clean.

  • Now stop it guys! You are going to make the carbine cry then you will feel bad. Actually I like the ugly look, It’s sort of like having an attack dog. Do you want to attack someone with a big ugly mutt with hair patches missing and foaming at the mouth or would you like to go prancing after someone with an Afghan show dog.

    • supergun

      I have the Hi Point 40 cal. carbine and I love it. Shoots with low recoil. And the 40 cal. is a good all round bullet. Might be the best bullet out there dollar for dollar.

  • ron cola

    I love my 45cal carbine. Front grip&compensated. I was among the first to get a 45 car. For the money it is the best new carbine on the market.. my little thompson!!!!

  • Hal S

    I just bought the 45APC and its very nice. No FTF put 7 mags through it. Trigger has some creep but easy to hold on target. Sold my SU 2000 because didn’t like resting my face on a pipe, no optics potential and that pointy end on the stock put a bruise on my shoulder.

    Even though this gun looks like a Planet of the Apes movie prop, its a blast to shoot. Really like the sling that comes standard. It’s thin but, if you like shooting with one, it really helps. This week I’m taking off the sites and adding a red dot or a 4x scope (probably try both).

  • soundhd

    Looks like it would make a great home defense weapon for close up (under 50yrds). Would be easier to balance with a light, laser and a EOtech sight on it then a full size 1911. Can use my 45ACP ammo and won’t need to purchase dies to reload. Price is right. Put a recoil absorbing stock on it to knock down the recoil….can’t find any info on what type of barrel….wonder if anyone makes barrel upgrade kits for it?

  • Ed

    I don’t care what the gun looks like if it performs it’s intended mission – to fire without fail. While I suppose one could hunt with one of these guns, there are far better choices. This is primarily a home defense weapon, and personally I couldn’t care less what it looks like as long as it fires quality rounds without failure. As for the small magazine capacity, yes, more would be better, but at this price point how can one go wrong ? If the owner can’t stop a home invasion in 9 shots, I seriously doubt a few more rounds are their biggest problem. Strictly speaking from a home defense weapon, I would love to have this weapon chambered in .45 ACP, and intend to as soon as I can find one I can fire a few test rounds out of. Bottom Line – if this gun is reliable there is little on the market at this price point with the stopping power and included rails to mount everyones favorite toys, and though it doesn’t matter in the HD role, I sort of like the looks of the thing in a quirky sort of way. An original AK-47 is about as ugly as they come, yet umteen million have been sold. On the priority list of what a gun should be, looks are well down the list, but I agree it would be nice if a reliable, high capacity mag was availible, and may well be if this .45 caliber is as popular as I think it will be

  • First Company that comes out with a SIG357 Carbine that takes Glock magazines gets my money 🙂

  • Aaron

    1911 mags do work. Thrre is a guy on youtube that did a 5 min mod a BOOM 15 rd mag

  • I want a 100 round drum magazine…. one available

    • Steve

      Belt fed would be nice!

  • Joe

    Has anyone used a 1911 45 cal mag (after modifying to fit HiPoint 45 carbine??) Go to Pauls wacky world on youtube, has some good tips.

  • mhg

    Okay folks, here’s something to consider regarding these home defense weapons … no, they’re not hunting rifles, they’re for de-zombifying your neighborhood when the time comes.

    I own a 9MM carbine which eats any ammo I shove into it. What does that mean? Well, for starters, the 9MM hollowpoint ammo reaches velocities needed to cause the spread desired in your zombie target. Okay, how doe that transfer to the .45 ACP carbine?

    Well, the reason LEOs went to .40 S&W caliber pistols had to do with a mass needed in hollowpoint bullets traveling at a speed which would spread the hollow. The .45 ACP hollowpoints didn’t have suffient speed out of a four or five inch barrel to insure spread. With the carbine barrel length, that extrad few hundred feet per second is achieved and the hollow point on that flying suacer does the inertial transfer the way it was desired.

    And as to the looks? Well, the 9MM I acquired had already been put in an after market Storm lookalike stock, but I put it back in an original planet of the apes stock because I prefer it when shooting one handed, off hand … the factory sent me a butt sleeve/padded mag holder and two extra mags. The little carbine fits nicely under my left arm when holding it left-handed single handed. And the laser sight I mounted under the barrel puts the bullets on target (inside forty feet) every time.

    So, a .45ACP carbine that can eat any ammo you feed it allows for Remington Golden Saber ammo that will make a one shot one kill home defense weapon anyone in the family can handle efficiently.

    One last point: the .45ACP Hi Point pistol I have is the only .45ACP I’ve ever shot well with off-handed, probably because the recoil is so manageable that my novice side isn’t flinching in anticipation of recoil so I aim better with follow up shots. But that is the heaviest pistol I’ve ever handled, except for the Desert Eagle 50. And if anyone doubts the efficacy of .45 ACP Golden Saber hollowpoints, do a ballistics gel test and compare a ball bullet to the hollowpoint.

  • Moses

    I see a alot of bad reviews from alot of people who do not own this gun the down factor is they dont take glock mags and the 9 round clip. But beyond that the gun is very reliable does not miss fire a accuracy is great . Only take one bullet to hit some one you dont need 13 and you dont need a glock tip so be honest if you dont own the gun you can comment the looks and the clips but when it come down to truth this is a very good gun for the price. I dont want to pay 300 – 700 dollars more for 4 extra rounds.

    • kevin

      i know im replying to a 2 yr old post but i think there are 15 round mags for the 9mm now and ive just come across 14 round ones for the .45

  • I hear all this talk about hi-points being ugly but the truth is a gun doesnt have to be pretty to shoot or kill someone, Hi points are reliable and accurate and that is all you need from a weapon. You do not stop in a gun fight and say “Hey, look at my pretty gun its going to shoot you”, in a gun fight no one gives a crap how pretty your gun is or how much money you spent on it. It is designed to do something effectively andit does. I find people who buy guns just for the pretty look of it do so to get brownie points for other snobs or to compensate for the lack of manhood.

    Furthermore half the people who say Hi points are ugly most likely have ugly wives / girl friends, live in ugly homes, have ugly kids, drive ugly vehicles or may be ugly themselves to others. Now you see how that stupid that all sounds? The only drawback of this carbine is the limit of rounds it shoots and perhaps the weight and nothing more, ugliness is in the eye of the beholder.

    I mean if you are going to make an argument about this gun do so with something more than childish rants & raves about the gun being ugly, because it sounds ignorant and high schoolish. I own various guns & carbines including hi-points and I see no issue with hi-point at all for what it is meant to do. Ugly/prettiness is not something you hold into consideration in a life or death situation, to even bring that up in a argument show how simple some people are.

    I assume half the stuff you own some may people may say is ugly, but at the end of the day as long you like it that is all that counts, those who dont like it can choke on an ass cracker.

  • Tuna

    I own several weapons; some are high end some are low end. Personally, I like the 45 ACP Hi Point 995. It isn’t ugly to me. Evernyone keeps talking about cheaper ammo and higher capacity mags in Kel Tec and other semi-auto 9mm weapons. It can take several 9mm rounds to equal the damage of one 45 ACP. Remember the Arizona senator surviving a head shot point blank from a 9mm. Not the same with 45 ACP. I put a Red Dot scope and a flashlight on my 995TS.. At 60 yds I put a quarter on four hits. It is very effective out to 100 yds. where I got three shots within two inches. Is is short enough to be a great home defense/ urban weapon. Yes, the 995 is cheap, heavy but does exactly what it is designed to do and it is fun fun fun.

  • If they ever made a 357SIG version, I would have to buy one as I cannot find a 357SIG carbine anywhere. Just want one – don’t need one.

  • the ones that say this is a ugly gun grow up

    • kevin

      i agree. i cant find anything ugly about mine. but for the ones that find it an issue i guess they dont have to own one. go spend way more money on something else that they think looks better. had an old stray dog come up to my house one time. bless his heart he was ugly as sin but he was the best dern dog i ever had. better than the “name brand” ones ive owned. my point is judging anything by its cover is childish.

  • Brandon Levy

    I just have to say that one of my friends owned a, Hi-Point .40 Carbine and in a week time we put over 4,000 rounds down the spout without a problem. Today, I bought my own, Hi-Point .45 carbine and it has already thrown down 250 rounds. For all these people who are seriously remarking about its looks..get over it. I want my attack dog to be a mange covered rabies infected pit-bull ( I am a pit-bull advocate by the way so, I am NOT falling into the stero type of having them just because they are cool. I am just making a point.) not a show dog Pomeranian. I love it. With +P rounds, I have no worries about it’s effectivness against intruders or even whit tail deer hunting (at 60yards or less) or just going to a range and shooting several hundred rounds. Its effective, fun to shoot and easily handled by anyone. I am a former service member who was involved in, Vessel Boarding Sezrch and seizures (VBSS) and Combate Search and Rescue (CSAR) and using anything from a 12 gauge to an M-4 to a mini-14 to an MP-5 this is just as good if not better (Short to medium ranges) than anything, I used in the service. My ONLY complaint is the mag size. For home defence its fun but for plunking it is a bit irksom and if the zombie apocolypse happens well, I am just screwed. You can NOT beat it for it’s effectiveness, cost and just face it that it is one of the FEW things left that is made and manufactured here in the, U.S. If you do not have one already and you enjoy a little range time or like going varmint shooting. This is the firearm for you. Hope this review helped. Thanks everyone!

    • kevin

      ive had my .45 carbine for about 2 yrs and never had any problems. i love it and its the one i grab 1st when going in the back yard to waste ammo. its just a fun gun to shoot. bought a 9mm carbine at the same time. wish i had never sold it. it will be replaced soon i hope plus would like to get the .40. also had the .40 handgun that i wish i hadnt sold. it was a little heavy but a solid gun.

  • Lyle

    I’ve owned a 4595 for about 6 months now. Over 500 rounds through it with no FF or FE. While a high capacity magazine would be nice, it really isn’t necessary or helpful in any operation involving five or fewer targets. What would be very nice though is the ability to replace the magazines while the bolt is in the emptied hold back position. Instead, you have to cycle the bolt before releasing the empty magazine, insert a new magazine and cycle it again to chamber a fresh round. The accuracy and reliability are excellent for the price and five or fewer bad guys will likely never get to share their thoughts about how ascetically displeasing the weapon was that put an end to them, so who cares what it looks like? All in all, this is a very decent close to mid-range tactical rifle for the price. It was not designed for large scale combat, but works very nicely in a pinch. My next purchase is for a 3-500yd .308 semi-auto and the Remington 750 looks like the best bang for the buck there.

    • jon

      Might I suggest, count your rounds, replace your mag when your last round of first mag is chambered. This will keep you from having to cycle. I found, never go empty chamber works well tactically.

      • kevin

        thats good solid advice. feel kinda dumb i never thought of that

  • Greg Cotten

    I just brought home the California compliant Hi Point .45 ACP Carbine and I was wondering what device you folks have found useful to push the recessed magazine release button with that is handy, small, and won’t do too much scratching damage if you miss the hole.



    • Chris Ogle

      I use the small wrench provided with the carbine. I attached it through one of the skeleton holes in the stock using a large o-ring fed through the small wrench end and then attached to a leather belt loop I took of my chain wallet. This isn’t the most scratch proof item imaginable but at least i always have the wrench handy. (I don’t have the vertical foregrip yet). What I would like to know is what would be involved in fixing this mag release back to normal when I move to Colorado. It’s a rhetorical question, probably better directed to the people at hi-point, whether or not they would send someone these parts or I would have to rig something up myself.

  • Mike

    Just bought my son a Hi point .40 Carbine. Took it to the range yesterday. My first 9 rounds were on top of each other at 25 meters with no misfires or malfunctions. Also own a Hi point 45 pistol of which i’m taking and making 25m head shots with no issues. My son has a .380, which for the caliber, is a little bulky and heavy but still shoots great. I’ve been in Army Special Operations for 19 years, and i’m a firm believer that it’s not the weapon, but the shooter who is faulty.

    • Mike

      Absolutely. Funny that i’m Mike also, with 19 years in Special operations and I also bought the same two weapons for my 12 year old. Wow!

      • supergun

        Neat that we can buy this stuff for our kids and grand kids. I am getting my grandson a Ruger Mark III tapered barrel 22 LR pistol for his 13th birthday.

    • supergun

      Especially when that older gentlemen with the Smith and Wesson Model 929 9mm can hit a ballon 1,000 yards (3,000 feet) away with the 2nd shot. That is a revolver, not a carbine.

  • Steven Goldberg

    Looking for instructions for cleaning Hi-Point .45 ACP Carbine.
    Need to know how to break down and reassemble after cleaning.

  • Tuna

    Simple video for those having trouble breaking down and cleaning your 995 after 500 rounds or so. Tuna

  • M. Knights

    Bought a .45 ACP Hi-Point 6 months ago. Have put close to 1k rounds through it, no jams. It does leave a funny flat side on the case, but without lasting damage, ie: I’ve reloaded those cases about 10 times each, curious to see if there were any structural failures, have had NONE. Seems to like 230gr. round and flat nose the best, though can get good accuracy with the 185gr JHP. Makes quite a dent in a 1/2 steel plate at 50 yards.

    Best loads I’ve come up with during tinkering, however, DO NOT use these in your favorite 1911/.45 ACP pistol, these are for carbine/rifle specs only:

    Powder load for 230gr. round/flat nose: 10.2 gr. Blue Dot
    Powder load for 185gr. JHP: 7.8gr Unique

    Note that these are max loads, intended for sheer power. If you want the best accuracy, remove .3gr from each.

    That being said, I’ve had incredible amounts of fun with this carbine. Coyotes, foxes, and all sorts of pesky critters fall the first shot.

  • Joe

    Take 1911 45 cal single stack mag(any cap) match against factory mag,the ridge or hump on the factory mag,build up with epoxy a hump the same as factory mag(sand or trim ) until if fits in mag well.Have done 3 this way ,all work well.No hangs,all will lock bolt back on last shot fired.
    You can fine tune the modified mags as you shot them ,you will know what to adj.etc etc

  • Ken

    I just received a Hi Point 4595 TS and really don’t think it’s ugly at all. As a matter of fact I was standing there admiring it in the box when I sensed it was wondering why I was so ugly..

    • SARGUY7798

      I agree, recently bought a 4595 with the folding foregrip. Took off the iron sights, front and rear, and added a centerpoint Tac sight in red or green dot with adjustable dot/reticles. Also added the twin mag mount for the stock. Used a laser boresighter at 50 yds to line up the dots, much easier when selecting green on the sight….DUUH! Anyhow, I too beleive that this little carbine is pretty slick looking in its current configuration. Took it to the range and ran about 250 rnds of mixed stuff, ball, various JHP’s through it with no issues whatsoever. As far as accuracy goes, at 25 yds will shoot one ragged hole per mag through the target, and close to that at 50 shooting from a rest. At 100 yds shooting 185 gr +P JHP’s, well, lets just say that I certainly would not like to think someone was going to be shooting at ME with that, or frankly any of the other loads that I fired. Yes, it is a carbine chambered in .45 acp, a big, fat, slow round that retains a considerable ammount of its velocity and energy at 100 yds. I have owned and fired many weapons in my life and I can say that IMO, this thing is as good as anything out there that is not select fire for close to medium ranges. I have seen a lot of folks bash it due to mag capacity. Get over it and get real, in a civilian setting, any situation that would require more rounds than the 28 available would probably result in being quite screwed long before you ran out of ammo. For home/property defense, plinking and killing critters within reasonable ranges (100 yds),It can not be beat for the price.

      • tim

        Wow Bought my High point 45ACP ,and went deer hunting and dropped a 160 pnd Doe at 75yards. with one shot with Wolf amo 230grn fmj.And i will be using this weapon for a long time. And now 4 of my friends have purchased a HP 40& 45scal, for Home Defense and Hunting..And heaven help us if the SHTF fan someday.

  • mmkkpro

    I own a jhp,and i love it,i also own a NMGC colt 45,i love it too,i will say the jhp i could buy almost 10 of them for what the colts are going for,they are every bit as dependable as the colt,and i dare say more accurate,im a stonemason ,i wear a size 16.5 wedding band,so i like the weight,of the hipoint,hell if ya run out of ammo ya could bust em upside the head,also drives 16 penny nails,seriously i really like mine,going to get the carbine in .45 soon,could a person fabricate a hi cap clip?i also like their warrenty best in the land,i dont consider it ugly as much as scary looking,made in america too guys,i read owners bio liked it too,kinda like russian guns,tough,reliable,cost effective.

  • shawn

    I have a .380, a 9mm and a .45 Hi-Point ive also referred 3 other friends who have purchased 3- 9mm and a .40 carbine…its been said not pretty but go bang every time..i have put through over 1500 rounds in my 9mm…and 1000 in my 45..4 maybe 5 misfires or hang ups..ill take that considering i have the same $$ invested in 3 firearms as my neighbor has in 1 Glock 1911…and my lifetime warrany is better…

  • southpawNC

    One thing from a ballistics expert point-of-view is this…
    A 9mm traveling down an 18 inch barrel develops enough pressure that upon exiting the barrel it performs the same as a .357 magnum. Fact brothers. This is an awesome round in the HP carbine.

    • supergun

      That is why I love my Kel Tec Sub 2000 9mm Plus P. Ugly but awesome.

  • meblessed

    Will the ProMag 14 rd Mag for the Hi-Point 4595TS Carbine work in my hi-point 45acp handgun?

  • Bill_Levinson

    See Colonel Jeff Cooper’s “Thumper” concept. This sounds a lot like it.

  • Tony Doyle

    Im having a problem with the mag release button on the .45. it doesn’t wanting to catch the mag. any suggestions? ive already taken it apart to examine it. it looks to me like the catch is always in the release position, is there a spring or something I might have lost in the disassembly? please post here or email me with suggestions. usmc72788@gmail.com

  • Robert Mclaughlin

    I just want to thank every one here who has honestly reviewed the Hi-Point Carbine. As a CAV Scout, I learned quickly how cumbersome a full sized rifle can be when you need to move. Plus, living in Maine has put a damper on my earning potential. I like the price, and the reviews I have read, have helped me decide on this little zombie stopper, lol. I agree with most of you here, judging a weapon because of how it looks is like picking a football team because you like their uniforms. If you feel that way then you should just get yourself one of those pretty pink guns. Have a great night y’all, and thank you again, I’ll be getting mine when my taxes get in. See ya on the ranges.

  • Susanthunder

    My husband bought a .45 carbine . I liked it so much I got him to buy me one. This is the first rifle I can actually shoot . No recoil, ladies if you want a really good rifle buy this one.

  • Robert James

    I didn’t know guns were running in beauty pageants. What does it get if it wins? I want and I’ll keep my ugly .45 carbine and my ugly AK47’s all day long. Why? In the case of my AK’s they’ll shoot all day long and once you figure them out, they as accurate as YOU’LL ever need it to be. Maybe I should go buy another AK and paint it up all pretty and put ribbons and bows on it and add some glitter to it. I wonder,,,,will that make it more reliable?