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  • I like that!!

  • HK_WSU

    Has anyone ever used thesesites? If so were they any good? Just wondering as they look interesting.

  • Lance

    Nice but a crimson trace is a better investment.

  • p1choco

    Please tell me they will be making this for other weapons besides the Glock. I wouldn’t mind one of these for my 1911 or 870.

  • SoulTown

    I like what I see so far, but something tells me that even those things can’t help my crappy handgun skillz. Just sayin’.

  • Jake Dorsey

    The second video illustrates the sight so much better than the first.

    This feels a lot like the Guttersnipe on the Smith & Wesson ASP. The front post is meaningless; all aiming is through the TAS unit.

    I think this would be a great sight on a carry gun.

  • do they make these sights for the ruger sr9?