If a Glock 20 and 29 had a child …

Brian used to own a Glock 29 (10mm Auto subcompact) and liked that he could conceal it easily but did not like the lower velocity, shorter sight radius or snappy recoil.

To fix the 29′s deficiencies he took a Glock 20 (full frame 10mm model) and use his stock reduction tool (hacksaw) to reduce the grip to the size of the 29′s grip. This allows it to use the 29′s 10 round magazine. In order to make it easier to hold, Brian ground up sandpaper and expoxyed it to the backstrap.

I think it is a very nifty DIY solution.

[ Many thanks to Brian for emailing me the photos. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    Is it National Glock Day on The Firearm Blog? Are you going to announce a new Austrian sponsor soon? 🙂

    Can you ask Brian if he’s had any problems with the mag retention on his compact / long slide and how he did the magazine well?

    • SpudGun, lol, yep, its Glock day today 😉

      The subcompact can use the full size mags and, if you cut down the frame, visa versa

  • Sian

    Pretty crafty.

    I can see this happening, depending on preferences and such, generally the tricky part of a concealed pistol is the grip, and an inch more barrel, since it’s down the pants or whatever, isn’t going to make much difference. Now he can carry with the compact 10rd, and have a 15rd magazine or two for reloads.

    BTW, 10mm? Does he live in bear country?

  • Pete Sheppard

    Interesting and courageous improv. Of course, my first thought was “Heretic! It was PERFECT to begin with!” 😛

    Since the grip is the part that is hardest to conceal, reducing its length is a very practical step, moreso than shortening the slide assembly. It brings to mind “Lt Commander” style 1911s; the Commander 4.25″ barrel with an Officer’s Model shortened grip.

  • Dave

    Great idea! It kind of reminds me of the old-school folks that put a Colt Commander barrel and slide on an Officer frame. I don’t understand why manufacturers chop the barrel when they make a “concealable” version of a pistol. It’s the GRIP that is hard to conceal. That’s the part that always prints when CCW.

  • Oh my!!!

  • It looks as though he used the sandpaper trick on the front of the grip and the front of the trigger guard as well.

  • I’ve got a G21/30 hybrid set up just that way, ‘cept in .45 ACP of course. It’s pretty handy.

  • Jim S

    I have been wanting to do that to my G22 to make the grip the size of a G27. But everyone I had talked too said it was the dumbest idea ever or impossible.


  • hojo

    killer hack, I wonder how hard it would be to shorten the mag on an FNP-40…

  • dt

    I have wondered way “carry guns” have short barrels and long grips. I guess the gun makers don’t know the grip is what sticks out of your waist band.

  • JoeB

    Well there is a great way to spend your time! If I do say so myself

  • Sian

    Exactly. I hope to see more of these as manufacturers learn how to cater more to the CCW crowd. I’d love me a compact .40 with full size slide (and barrel)

  • MrMaigo

    I might not cut into a SN# part like that, but those are some nice results

  • John C.

    I have always wanted a “medium” sized 10mm Glock. Looks like a nice job

  • WhiskyJim

    Ladder tape (not skateboard tape) would have worked just as well.

    • WhiskyJim, I forgot to mention that he tried that, but it did not work out so well because of the recoil

  • Paul810

    I wish Glock would make a factory compact 10mm. The 20 is a bit too big and heavy to carry and the 29 is a bit too small for the recoil of stout 10mm cartridges. I would love an in-between model with a 13 round mag capacity, as it would make a perfect sidearm for romping around in the woods. I’m just not too keen on cutting up a G20 to get it.

  • Don

    That’s quite nicely done.


  • Aurelien

    I do recall seeing the same modification in a guns & ammo a few years back. The guy said he did that to up the resale value of his old gen2 and gen3 models.

  • tom

    This is exactly what I would want from Glock. The problem is I would need a g29 to use as a template for the g20 cuts. Why gun makers chop barrels down with grips is beyond me. Forget power loss, sight radius is what I think really makes this perfect. Of course putting a 6″ barrel on it would be fun for a serious cc powerhouse.

  • I’ve seen articles on cropped Glock frames since 1989 or ’90. The first I encountered was a G17 chopped to take G19 magazines. A lot of articles have covered the G21 cut down to take the 9rd and 10rd G30 magazines. A neat variation is to take the G30 10rd magazines, remove the tall floorplate, and then install a standard thin 13rd or 9rd floorplate. The G21 frame is then cut to an intermediate height to match. The only downside is that the modified G21 can’t accept the 9rd G30 magazine. I’m certain the some G29 fans wish that Glock would develop a longer magazine for the G29 that is the same length as the 10rd G30 magazine. It should hold another 1 or 2 cartridges.

  • Cameron

    Looks nice but I think stippling the grip would have been a much better alternative than sandpaper.

  • Brian_L

    WOW! what a response!
    Just checked this blog- UNBELIEVIBLE!
    I’ll try to answer everyones questons as best I can.
    Tape peels off. Stippiling could have gone through or weakend the front of the frame. Yes I did the same process to the front of the frame, after I reduced that worthless (to my sweaty hands) pineapple checkering, but I suppose that would not be nescessary. (tom), I just had a Glock 29 mag. to use as a template. I cut the mag. well, EXTRA LONG and then VERY SLOWLY (can’t easily replace meteral once removed) trimmed the frame with a file, as the magazine floor plate made contact with the various areas of the frame, until I heard the magazine catch “click”.
    Then lightly sanded the mag. well opening, to clean it up, and provide a little clearence between the floor plate and frame as all Glocks have. (SpudGun) no problems with mag retention, that portion was was not touched. (Sian), you nailed it. I ride my quadrunner in bear country, and I don’t like leaving my hand gun in the car when I go to get supplies.
    6″ barrel? Hmmmm.

  • Bob H

    That is Amazing! I will now add to the chorus asking why the manufacturers don’t get the shorter grips with a 4″ or 5″ barrells idea.

  • wright

    would this work on a G31 to use G33 mags? I really like the ballistics of a .357 sig round out of a longer barrel but would prefer something a little easier to hide.

  • sean

    Great job,the 10mm is the best combat personal defense round out.Larry vickers at tac tv just hit a target at 250yrd on film with the glock 20,i bought one the next day.thanks for making it better for ccw