The Kushnapup Bullpup Saiga-12 Stock

The Kushnapup, a bullpup stock for Saiga-12 shotgun, has been updated since I first blogged about it. The new model has the requisite amount of 922R parts and sports a much sleeker design.

The stock is compatible with MD-20 drum magazines and with the Ultimak gas mounted picatinny rail (as seen in the photo).

The KUSHNAPUP LLC is taking preorders for the stock. The preoder price is $200 but this will increase to $450 after the preorders close. I asked Bjorn, the founder of the company, when they will begin shipping and he said 3-6 months depending on how many orders are placed.

Steve Johnson

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  • subase

    That’s what I’m talking about!
    27.5 inches overall length with 18 inch barrel, not bad. Any shorter and the blast from a 12 guage shotgun is too deafening for indoor use. It’s already as noisy as a .357 magnum revolver.

  • SpudGun

    That is one seriously attractive stock. Any info from the designers on the perception of felt recoil compared to the original layout?

  • Burst

    Of all the firearms I’d like to see with a left-handed configuration, this’d be near the top of the list.

    You’d think it could be done, with all the AK-patterned MGs that eject to the
    left, but that’d probably be more of a job for Saiga than it’s aftermarketeers. Sigh.

    Nice curves, though.

  • zincorium

    I own a saiga 12, and even though I like bullpups, it doesn’t seem like it’ll work too well. The MD 20 drum angles so far forward that it’ll be awkward to try and lock it in, using a magwell design makes a lot more sense. Also, the stock trigger is terrible as it is, using a *second* linkage can’t be a good thing. Also, lack of iron sights or long enough rails to use aftermarket ones, on a shotgun?

    It does look super cool nifty, and a bigger market for Saiga 12 accessories is only doing me favors, though, so hopefully my concerns are silly and naive.

  • AB

    That is one damn pretty firearm.
    Dunno about having a big ol drum magazine being tucked under my armpit though.

  • ap

    Hey 2/3 gunners… is this a viable option for competition?

  • Freiheit


    So $275 for the stock, how much for a Saiga 12?

  • Freiheit

    Found my own answer, median price is around $500-550. Some examples going cheaper, some more.

    So about $850 for a bullpup 12 guage. Neat.

    Anyone got any opinions on how good the Saigas are?

  • emdfl

    Sounds like Kush LLC is planning to use OPM to set up and build his product. I believe I’ll wait a few months to see how things shake out

  • Man oh man, I wish I had some extra $$ for that, would make a really nice addition to the bedside table.

  • chris

    I love bullpups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank

    one problem though, where do you rest your finger when not firing?

  • Ted N(not the Nuge)

    Very slick, I’d love to see it well used in a movie. Be very cool if it showed up as Abomination’s little brother…

  • Chris

    I wonder if it can still use those 20-rnd drum mags in that configuration. Then again, is any bullpup comfortable when fitted with a drum? Seems like they’d get in the way of the fire controls.

  • Lance

    Looks awesome.

  • Q

    Should we be at all concerned that the one video of one in action, the guy seems to go out of his way to not shoulder it next to his face to fire it?

  • jdun1911

    I don’t know how you’re going to hold that thing that will allow some short of control. No or limited handguard space is another flaw in bullpup design.

    • jdun1911, you are biased 😉 Open your mind 😉 I don’t see why it should be hard to control. The weight is in the butt so they balance nicely.

  • Eddie

    It looks nice but the pistol guard looks too far away from the grip. I think it should be closer to the grip like an AUG. That way you will have a hand guard in front to use and you could possibly mount a lower rail on it to use a forward vertical grip.

  • Freiheit

    Just watched the demo video. Very mall ninja.

    I think Steve is trying to say, “It’s not a question of where he grips it! It’s a simple question of weight ratios! ” 😛

  • zincorium,

    The trigger on my S-12 was horrible too. Did a pistol-grip conversion, using a Tapco G2 single-hook trigger, and now I have a nice crisp trigger pull somewhere under 5 pounds.

    The stock is neat looking, but I want to be able to fire my “social” long guns from either shoulder without getting smacked in the face with shells or hulls.

  • subase

    I’d only bother using this weapon for home defense not range use. It looks terribly unergonomic for anything else. Notice that he integrated a forward grip into the trigger guard. I also think it will need a kydex/plastic casing deflector so you can use it from the other shoulder.

    Messy to be sure, but that’s the price for a shorty 12 gauge.

    Eh an RFB is probably just as good.

  • Rusty Ray

    Seems to me a smart guy would use this kit where length is an issue – In a house, getting in/ out of vehicles, boats, aircraft etc etc. I like the idea, a lot. The only thing I would change is the mag, surely one with a more handy lenght would just improve this idea.

    Cheers – Rusty

  • zincorium

    @Suburban- it says specifically that it works for unconverted saiga, meaning that the linkage for the new trigger wouldn’t work for one that’s already converted. So, you’ve got two linkages before you get to the actual trigger, and there’s apparently no way around it.

    Doing the same conversion with the G2, just need to set aside the time to modify the tapco so it matches the original hammer.

  • Mount

    From the F.A.Q. on their website, these are not covered by the warranty:

    “…using it for a retrieval and rescue grappling hook, eccentric 1 handed firing of 3″ magnum slugs while muzzle is pushed straight down standing with toe in front grip like a pogo stick. Also being left in an impounded drive by shooters car which has been compacted for metal recycling.”

  • Euan

    I love bullpups, but this design looks uncomfortable/awkward even for a BP. If the hand guard could be extended a few inches, the fore grip removed (like the earlier versions of the weapon), and a bottom rail installed for putting on your own grips, the design could be more easily adapted to a wider range of shooters.

  • Caseless

    I wonder how it will do/point on the trap range. Since all my Saiga 12s are dual purpose 3-gun match/trap guns.

  • BobSmith

    I would prefer a smaller guard space, and then either a folding foregrip like my AUG clone, or a picatinny rail where I could install my own foregrip. It’s a minor complaint, though. It looks like it’d be perfectly controllable with the front of the guard acting as a foregrip; I’d just prefer the others for comfort’s sake.

    I very much like the idea of a bullpup saiga 12, though. Lot of power in a very short weapon, without losing your ability to fire it at a longer range. The CBRPS stock for the saiga 12 looks nice, too. Little less pretty, but looks very well made, and is built so that the center of balance is right at the pistol grip.

  • I’m still tending towards the variant. This does look sharp, but the price is a bit steeper.

  • Kevin

    I already have one on order. I had wanted an AK bullpup for a while, but since I got my Saiga, I have never looked back. There’s just something about a 20 round drum with buckshot in it and some old fruit “a.k.a. intruders” that really just makes my day. As eyebrow raising as that sounds, try it after a long day at work, just keep it to the fruit.

  • ben

    A 20 round drum is wide on a normal saiga , a 12 round drum is the same as a 10 round drum and is very manageable. I think it would work well in a building,short range and right handed shooters.Mine has a 20 inch barel and is great for shooting moose at 275 feet.{yes we measured the distance}I think I will give it a try.

  • Mike

    I ordered a few over a year ago and have yet to see anything. All I get is a new email every month or so telling me that they had to change something or other to make it work better and “it should be shipping by next month”. That would be great but I was told when I ordered them that I would have them by last November!!!! Almost a year overdue??? Really??? At this point I’m starting to think, SCAM!!!!! Has anybody received any different information?

    • Mike

      I did find it odd that their numbers incremented so slowly towards the end. I chalk that up to them not being able to accurately predict when they could manufacture it, and they didn’t want people to cancel, so they lied about orders being taken.

      That said I received my stock, and overall for 200$ I am pleased with it. A few caveats however:

      1. To fit the stock it does require that the tangs that hold the original stock on be sawed off the back of the rifle. However I am not going to do it, rather I am going to cast ~1.5″ of rubber for a proper shock absorption pad around the tangs.

      2. The two halves of the stock are not flat flat enough to line up around the entirety of the weapon, so the ‘fit & finish’ is not what I could recommend with confidence. Frankly though part of this is a gamble anyway, because it is such a unique, and interesting product.

      If you are comfortable with a product that isn’t truly polished, and may, or may not last then I would recommend it. More like craftsman less like snap-on. /

      • GarryB

        I suspect the numbers incremented slowly because it would include people cancelling orders as well as new orders.
        They really need to work on their customer service skills because they are building a house of cards and if word of mouth on them is bad and words like Scam are associated with them then more people will cancel than order which moves the delivery time back which of course has a snowball effect and those customers prepared to wait start getting nervious.

        I don’t work for the company BTW.

        Regarding fit and finish I think it would be a real challenge because there are an enormous variety of Mosin rifles and carbines with differing barrel lengths and shapes and thicknesses.

        My main reason for not ordering is because I am not sure about the length of that stock… I have a Mosin Nagant 1944 carbine with a thick barrel but it has a silencer fitted that extends back quite a bit and I am not sure if this bullpup stock would allow me to attach the silencer.

  • GarryB

    On the order page it says there are 940 orders, so I suspect you and the other people who put in an order are funding the first production batch.

    I would assume they are waiting till they get a certain number of orders before they produce them, it might be 1,000 or it might be 10,000.

    It will be enough to cover their costs and make a profit, though as mentioned above the reward for this risk on your part is that you will pay less than anyone who orders once the stock is in full production.

    …or it could be a scam.

    • Bill

      Just giving you the heads up.

      Kushnapup is a scam run by an immature ass hat! I am now being continually harassed…. I tried to cancel my order because I wasn’t receiving info updates and was told



      I had to email them my copy of purchase and Finally got an email back saying I’d get a refund that turned out to be a western union money order from one state sent from another state and finally with a return address to the P.O. Box listed on there site…

      Don’t walk, Run away from this company before they disappear and are no longer giving sketchy refunds back. Even if its ever produced stay clear as chances are it won’t be safe, nor will there be any sort of customer service.

      • Production Facility

        I am standing here watching 8 pallets of the finished Kushnapup conversion kits being loaded into a trailer.

  • william

    Complete idiots. I ordered 2 when i figured out they were a scam and asked for a refund I got this:
    Well it looks like there are several other Bullpup makers shipping right now. If you aren’t going to ship this week can you give me a credit back?
    Who cares.
    That was rude. So obviously I do!
    Please credit my card back, I do not wish to do business with you.
    All that B.S. from you in California. HA! stupid this! stupid that! Everybody is stupid but you yourself and you living in your state of restricted firearms. Complain, go right ahead. lol your stupid! Your order is cancelled. Don’t contact us from california, your stupid! So stupid your laws make you stupid!

    • Talentino Max

      I was gonna order one of these but never mind, what a classless company. They call you stupid? They don’t even know the difference between your and you’re, now that’s stupid.

  • Arko

    Where are you supposed to hold your front hand? Around the exposed barrel? Or around that really thin handguard? Or do they sell a 200$ picatinny handle that you stick to the front of the handguard?
    I love the bullpup solution, but that handguard is silly, if I bought this I would cut the entire handguard off and roll some grip tape around the front end of the stock, before the exposed barrel.

    • Eric

      I guess that you really need to try and find out what type modification you will need though.