More on the VERA MAX shotgun system

Cheaper Than Dirt has posted a lot of info on Remington VersaMax’s shotgun system.

In my previous post about the new gas system some readers suggested it may be hard to clean. After thinking it over, I don’t think it will need any cleaning at all. The gas ports are so close shell that the gas pressure should be more than powerful enough to blast away any dirt blocking the ports.

[ Many thanks to David for posting the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    I certainly hope you are right Steve and that this new system is a winner. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a firearm yet that can self-clean by using the gas pressure from an exploding round.

  • It will definitely be interesting to watch and see how this new VERA MAX system works as people begin to get their hands on them.

  • abc123

    “The gas ports are so close shell that the gas pressure should be more than powerful enough to blast away any dirt blocking the ports.”

    Not to be rude or anything, but wasn’t this exactly what they said about the M16 when it was brand new? It was supposed to be self-cleaning because the gas would “blow away the dirt”…

  • Paul S.

    when I saw the title of the post I thought: they’re making Jayne Cobb’s favorite gun?

  • Jim

    I hope this one works. Remington is over due for a winner. The 105CTI was a dismal failure and the 887 pump was a mess when introduced. Also, the Versa Max has been recalled! Remington lets their buyers do their testing. Bad idea.

  • tornacı

    Anybody noticed the great similarity betwwen Benelli M4 and Remington
    Versa Max…

    Actually Versa Max works on the same gas system as with Benelli M4 in
    which dual pistons on both side being very close to shell chamber.

    Only difference is ports provided for 3 1/2″ shell which M4 does not use.

    Shell Lever on right side near the trigger guard for instance…It is very
    scarce for an American shotgun with it, meanwhile being compulsary for
    Italians for a time…

    I think Versa Max is a shotgun made outside the U.S. by subsidary of
    Beretta, like Stoeger.

  • strongarm

    Remington Veramax related patent published last week, Serial Nr. 8065949,
    Inventor, Gian Mario Molinari from Italy.

    Drop Benelli M4 similarity first and now, an inventor from Italy…

    Anybody said, this shotgun made in The US…

    Something strange Remington’s way comes…What is going on…