Remington’s new VERA MAX shotgun and Versaport gas system

Remington’s upcoming VERSA MAX shotgun features a new self-regulating gas system called Versaport.

Versaport works simply enough: multiple gas ports are so far forward that a 3.5″ shell will block most of them, a 3″ will block some and a 2.75″ shell will block none. This allows a greater percentage of gas from the low powered shell to operate the piston and restricts the gas from higher powered shells. Simple but effective. This video explains it.

Remington has also posted a video briefly showing the VERSA MAX shotgun in use …

Tamarack Tactical has posted more videos showing the shotgun in action.

Steve Johnson

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  • Alaskan

    so simple it just might work.

  • john

    its so simple. yet it’s genius. thumbs up remington.

  • SpudGun

    That is very clever. I’m just worried about those little holes getting clogged with carbon, loose powder, wadding, etc.

    According to the computer graphic, the tiny ports appear to be right at the business end of the shell when it fires. Maybe I’m making something out of nothing and it works reliably.

  • Jesse

    Give me a 18″ barrel with a rail or some ghost ring sights and you have a contender to the FN SLP and Mossberg 930 SPX that can actually take 3.5″ shells.

  • DavidR


  • Even though it is a very simple process, I am also wondering if the holes are going to get clogged. I am very interested to hear some more information about this and if anyone has any reviews on it. This seems like a great gun though!

  • John C.

    seems like a great idea, but I agree with Spud – the ports are awfully close to the shell

  • Ernunnos

    This is kind of a hack, in that it measures something that’s related (the length of the shell) to the thing you are really concerned with (the pressure) but isn’t necessarily the same thing. If you get a long load with a light charge, or a short load with a little more power, you’ll still have problems. I prefer mechanisms like the X-trema 2, which uses a check valve to directly measure and meter the pressure. That strikes me as more elegant and robust, and less roundabout.

  • mmathers

    I think Spudgun’s right — cleaning this thing will be a bit tricky.

  • Remington gave us the chance to have a sneak peek at the VersaMax – details are over at the blog.

  • Vitor

    If those tests are real, then it seems more reliable than a well mantained AK…

    Quite incredible how shotguns are being home of cool designs. First the Benelli Vinci and the Beretta Xplor, now this Vera Max.

  • Bryan

    First of all, I am a big fan of Remington guns. I have not had any problems until now, but these are major problems that paying customers need to know about. I purchased my new Remington Versa Max 28’’ barrel in MODB. I thought this would be a great shotgun after reading all of the reviews and reading Remington’s ads. I will tell you my pros and cons with this gun and then a short story on how the Versa Max failed after 1 box of rounds through it and the customer service that I received.
    Pros in a nut shell: Great feel, rubber grips, TriNyte finished barrel and nickel/Teflon plated internal components for extreme corrosion resistance, Hi-Viz end sights, comes with nice case, supposed to shoot any load without fail, mostly good reviews
    Cons in a nut shell: It is heavy, the back end of the fore-end moves up and down even with the magazine cap fully tightened down, the bolt handle literally fell off into my hand after shooting less than 1 box of shells, the extractor sheared off causing this gun to become a single shot shotgun after 1 box of rounds
    Here is my story. I got the Versa Max on Friday 11/30/12. That night I took it apart, cleaned it, and assembled it. When the barrel is removed, there is no play in the fore-end. (PROBPLEM #1) When the barrel is installed, the back part of the fore-end moves up and down even with the magazine cap fully tightened down. I went duck hunting the next morning. (PROBPLEM #2) During the hunt the bolt handle literally fell off into my hand. I was in waist high water and this piece could have easily been dropped into the water and lost. For those who have not taken one of these guns apart yet, the bolt handle comes off and it installs with some force by pulling or pushing. There is a notch in the handle that locks the handle into the bolt assembly and keeps it installed. This piece was fully inserted when I started the hunt. To make sure that I did not lose bolt handle, I kept it in the boat and grabbed it from the boat if I needed to use it. (PROBPLEM #3) Shortly into the hunt, this Brand New Remington Versa Max Jammed Every Single Round! At this point I only shot 1 single box of Remington Hyper Sonic 12Ga 3” #2 shot rounds through this brand new shotgun. The extractor sheared off and was completely flush with the bolt head. I am in the middle of my first hunt with this shotgun and the fore end is loose, the bolt handle is in the boat, and my Versa Max shotgun is now a single shot shotgun. I am furious with Remington and the Versa Max.
    That Monday morning 12/3/12, I called Remington and told them what had happened. All they said is “OK” and to send it back to the factory via UPS standard ground. The instructions Remington sent me to return the Versa Max said that “our returns process will take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete and a confirmation email will be sent once we have shipped your firearm.” I can’t wait 2-3 weeks! I talked with Remington because I already have a hunting trip planned before 2 weeks and that I need this shotgun to be sent overnight both ways because I already have money invested into this hunting trip. Remington told me that I could pay to overnight the gun, but Remington does not reimburse hunting trips and will not pay to have the gun sent overnight. This is Remington’s fault and they should pay to fix it and to get this expedited. Not only am I missing out on a big hunting trip, I am also missing a lot of local hunting.
    I am highly disappointed in Remington’s customer service and the Versa Max. My hunting partner that was with me is about to buy a new 3 ½ “ shotgun and was leaning toward the Versa Max, but after seeing what happened with mine he said that there is no way that he would buy one now.
    I am still contemplating if I should sell or trade the Versa Max after I get it back from Remington. It looks like I have 2-3 weeks to think it over.