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  • Alaskan

    thats cool..

    I can just see it(pun intended)

    “theres nothing in the scope FOV..” Hunter #1 says

    “change the channel then,use the remote” Hunter #2 replies

    “..Im stuck on this stupid Nature I thought it would be more Outdoors Unlimited..but it ain’t..hell it isn’t even Wild America..” grumbles Hunter #1

    Hunter #2 laughs

  • SpudGun

    Can this scope hook up to the right side button on my optical mouse?

  • Redchrome

    When playing Unreal Tournament 2, I did kind of like the sniper scope that allowed you to zoom in and out with just some keystrokes.

    Seems a halfway useful feature to me, if you’re acting in an overwatch capacity. Low power/wide field of view to look at a broad area; high power to make a precise shot on a target you found at low power; and you don’t have to change your hold on the gun or stop looking through the scope to change between the two.

    I’m sure we’ll see it commonly on mall-ninja guns tho. 🙂

  • Josh

    Sounds like a good gimmick that’ll break and leave you with an inoperable rifle scope. I cringe at most ideas like this – seems like a very precise mechanism that has the possibility of failing, and when it does, you can bet it won’t be cheap to fix.

  • In the optics world zooming isn’t precise or fragile at all. It doesn’t matter if the magnification element shifts when you shoot so long as the elements that shouldn’t don’t.

    I can see shooting situations where one is shooting at a target close and then one far away and doesn’t want to change their position to magnify.

    It’s not necessary, it’s a luxury, you know, just like a scope in the first place 😛

  • Bryan S

    Josh – Its not like Pentax has never made this system before, they’ve worked out the system over 30 years or more of auto focus and zoom cameras.

    • I want an auto-focus scope 🙂

  • Redchrome

    Josh, I think you may be correct. However, optics were once thought of the same way, and now they’re everywhere, even on hard-use military rifles. So this is just one evolutionary feature that we may see more of in the future.

  • Witt Sullivan

    I could see that being useful for an handicapped person. There are a few companies that make rifle rests and triggers and stuff so that anyone can hunt or shoot. That’s still not as cool as the wheelchair with tracks that I saw once. Dude went hunting that morning and grass and mud was still on his chassis when he came for physical therapy; he didn’t have time to take them off his regular tires. It was very neat.

  • MrMaigo

    How soon till we start sticking digital cameras on there? The ones with 3.25″ tap to shoot screens

  • Zoom in, stop, enhance!

    Now gamers can actually figure out how to operate a scope.

  • Surley its just as easy to twist it as it to mess about pressing the switch? seems a bit pointless to me!