Sig Sauer P238 Liberty and P238 Copperhead

Continuing on from the success of the limited edition Sig P226 “Gadsden”, Sig Sauer has launched two more ‘themed’ limited edition pistols. The P238 Liberty is a .380 ACP sub-compact which features an 24K gold inlaid Liberty Bell and “We The People” text on the slide. In general I don’t like ‘theme’ guns, but I must say that this is an attractive gun.

Sig Sauer P238 Liberty
Sig Sauer P238 Liberty’s engraved 24K Liberty Bell

The P238 features a gold inlaid copperhead snake and “Copperhead” text on the slide.

More information on these pistols at the Sig Saur Guns Blog.

[ Many thanks to John for emailing me the info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • I like the “We the People” on the slide!

    Steve, as a side note the RSS for this isn’t updated. The last RSS is for the CZ75.

  • SpudGun

    Is it me or does it seem a bit incongrous to have a highly decorated sidearm that is going to spend most of it’s time in a concealed carry holster?

    At least when you pull it out to defend yourself, the criminal will stop attacking you when he sees that you’re a genuine patriot and supporter of the constitution. (Even though you are carrying a foreign gun).

  • The RSS is updated now.

  • Vak

    From the sig sauer blog :

    “Own the pistol our founding fathers would have been proud of”

    I find this statement a little dubious, to say the least. It just feels a little wrong to me to “sell” the declaration of indepence. Maybe it’s because I’m not actually american, so please explain it to me : are you guys comfortable with that ?

    (also there must be some kind of weird irony to have a company that is half german/swiss selling guns with such important american words on them)

  • West

    The P238 is the best concealed-carry weapon ive ever owned (two-tone model w/blackwood grips) and the coolest looking.

    This is the perfect gun for summer in Houston, fits perfectly in the front pocket of my cargo shorts with no outline. The price of .380 sucks right now though.

    I cant stand these “Limited Edition” guns that are obviously marketed towards anti-government wackos. I wonder if they do they do custom engraving?

    Id like mine to say “If the vans a’rockin dont come a’knockin!”

  • jim

    it just seems disingenuous to have American themes/slogans on a imported firearm..

  • Kurt

    I’m a little confused about the theme on the second pistol. “Copperheads” were northerners who opposed the civil war and favored peaceful partition of the country. Are they confusing this with the Gadsden flag, or something?

  • I agree with you that theme guns are not really my thing. However, this is one gun that I would love to have. Do you know when the release date for this gun is?

  • Dave Murray

    Safe. Queen. Thank you.

  • p1choco

    I really like the “we the people” on the slide. This gun is telling the patriot in me to buy it!

  • “it just seems disingenuous to have American themes/slogans on a imported firearm..”

    I think _THIS_ SIG pistols are not imported, but Made in USA (Exeter, New Hampshire). Not enough import points I think.

    • gvass is right. They would not be allowed for import.

  • Sbrooks1

    OMG this is so tacky. I can’t believe Sig would put their name on this pos. It’s like a bumper sticker on a Porsche lol

  • reaganrepublican

    God Bless America!

  • Marc

    SWISS ARMS or J.P. Sauer und Sohn would never create or market such a gun. This is an Exeter brain child, just like the 1911 clones, the AR-15 clones, the 522 and stuff like digital camo plinkers and rainbow finished pocket gun clones.

  • On the P238 I’d prefer ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ than ‘Copperhead’…….

    And Yes, there is something weird about a foreign made gun with patriotic USA designs.

    Of course anymore it’s hard to find a truly US product, example, I bought a Springfield Armory 1911, thought it was US made until I found a little bit of engraving on the dust shield, Made in Brazil.
    It’s still a fine gun mind you, just feel like it’s false advertising to label it a Springfield when it’s actually made by Inbel.

  • Josh

    I’m with Kurt, I don’t get the significance of the “Copperhead” on the second pistol. It’s obviously not being confused with the Gadsen Flag though, because Sig already came out with the Gadsen Flag P226, which I think is a MUCH better looking gun!

  • Glenn B

    I would prefer to see those decorations on a pistol made by an all American company.

    • 32highboy

      Do some research, a lot of sig are now manufactured in USA, in NH . The copperhead theme is simple, don’t mess the the snake or you’ll be bitten!! Sometime it’s just to obvious !

  • JoeB

    Another SIG pistol gone redneck happy! God bless America!

  • Sigster

    Why dont they get the 238 worked out in terms of quality and function and quit with all the engraving BS. Its not durable or reliable for many. Mine came with multiple manufacturing defects.

  • B. Willy

    Have any of you actually fired this firearm? I’ve never heard so much reference to appearance and origin, which in the “Real World” is of the least of concerns as opposed to function, reliability etc., ask anyone who depends upon their gun as a function of their profession as opposed to people who like to look at their gun. A gun that is actually carried as a tool of the trade will pretty quickly loose some of those “Pretty” finish attributes so many of you put ahead of function and reliability.
    B. W.

  • Lockmaster

    I just purchased this gun as my fourth Sig pistol. It shoots well. In my experience most Sig firearms are capable of extraordinary accuracy if the shooter is up to it. I like the Liberty theme of this little pocket pistol. Because some of us like this little gun doesn’t make us “rednecks”. If you don’t like it then don’t buy it.

  • Michael

    It seems to be a lethal weapon like its name suggest copperhead. Copperhead snakes one of the deadliest snakes in United States and this machine is also look like a deadliest weapon.