Glock land request approved in Smyrna

The Glock factory expansion is able to move ahead. AJC reports

City planners recommended approval of Glock’s request, and the company agreed to several environmental protections and building modifications to address residents’ concerns.

[ Many thanks to Z for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    Just so I’m clear, I’m usually very anti-corporate and pro-environment, but…it always makes me slightly peeved when big factories and other large environmentally unfriendly places (like airports) open up in some remote, hitherto unknown part of the state, miles away from human habitation and then property developers and suburbanites flood in to these places because of the cheap land. Next thing you know, the ‘residents’ are complaining because the factory / airport / etc., wants to expand.

    If suburbanites want to protect the environment, it’s really quite easy – stop exploiting green land to build your new homes and live in more urban areas.

    That’s not to say that Glock has carte blanche and can create maximum environmental carnage for the sake of profits, they have to take responsible steps – especially in these ‘oil spill’ times.

  • subase

    The only think corporations care about is profit, remember that. And the only thing government cares about is bribes from corporations, it’s citizens come second last, last is the environment.

  • The odd thing is that they already owned an empty lot across the street from their assembly facility in Smyrna around 15 years ago.

  • Gun.up

    Daniel, you know to much:)

  • Pete Sheppard

    Maybe they’re going to cash in on the .380 market by building their .380 pistols (Glock 25 and 28) here. Due to GCA ’68 restrictions, they can’t be imported into the US.

    Taurus did this for their PT22 and PT25.

  • Spiff

    Mr. Glock bought the land while I was there some 15 + years ago with the idea of building a state of the art range and training center. I wish he had done it sooner, while I was there, but he had other priorities…Knowing a little about how things are done at Glock, and with their present management, I think every body in the area will be satisfied with the results. The Glocks motto “Perfection” means that he/they will always stride towards perfection…I’ll take my AFXXXUS G-17 against any thing on the market – anywhere, any time!