Steyr Arms again importing MA1 and SA1 pistols

Good news, the Steyr Arms (USA) are once again importing the Steyr MA1 and SA1 pistols. The MSRP for the pistols is $649.

We are pleased to announce that Steyr Arms will again import the Steyr MA-1 and SA-1 line of pistols starting in August. SAI will import additional quantities of both models in both a 9mm version as well as a .40 S&W. The MA-1 and the SA-1 were two of Steyr’s best selling models, but the fall of the dollar versus the euro over the last several years caused the price point to escalate far too high to import. Internationally, the pistols sell for 610 Euro or over $800 at a 1.4 exchange rate. However, SAI felt the price point needed to be much lower to truly compete in the US market. Due to a bulk buying agreement with Austria and the recent rise of the dollar against the Euro, it became much more economical to import some additional pistols into the USA. Starting in August, SAI will be re-releasing both the MA-1 and SA-1 versions at a suggested retail price of $649. We are very excited to be able to offer these items again to the Steyr fanatics out there. Thank you for all of the emails and feedback over the last two years encouraging us to bring back the pistol! For more information about the pistol series, see your local Steyr retailer or call us at 205-655-8299.

[ Many thanks to ST for emailing me the info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Chris

    I seem to recall these being much, much cheaper when they were first here…

  • Jesse

    I have a Steyr M9-A1 and I love it so very much. It was the one gun I shot better than anything else. I’ve gotten better to the point where I can shoot most pistols well but when it comes to striker fired polymer guns the Steyr is near the top of my list.

    If they would import the S9-A1 I’d buy that in a heartbeat and it’d be my carry gun.

  • scurvy

    How is it, compared to say a FNP? I’ve got a FNP40 that I thought was a bargain, but I’m looking to pick up something in 9mm. Thx.

  • Other Steve

    So a glocky-CZ type I suppose. My ferns gas one and swears by it, seems like for it to truely be competitive it’ll need help. It would be nice if they offered cheap threaded barrels or something. Otherwise I’m not sure why I would want this over a Walter p99, hk p30, glock 19, m&p, etc.

    I’d give it a try I suppose.

  • dt

    Got my M9 for $350 when they stopped importing them. The trigger feels much better than a Glock. Crisper, not the spongy feel the Glock has. The grip reminds me more of the S&W Sigma pistols. IMO the best striker fired pistol on the market. Holster choice is very limited but you can get a very nice Galco from the Steyr website.

  • snmp

    Like Glock & Caracal and the Steyr MA1 all of this 3 guns have the trigger mechanism work in a very similar way of Roth 1907 (build by Steyr and FEG)

    German (Autria) patent number 116 061 of April, 18th 1899 by Georg Roth AG. =>

  • subase

    This is the best polymer striker fired pistol on the market. Although not as reliable in harsh conditions as a Glock it is superior in every other fashion.

    Compared to a Glock it has.

    Lowest grip angle = less recoil
    Just as lightweight
    Better sights
    Better grip
    Better trigger
    Not as bulky
    More accurate

    For rapid fire defensive shooting there’s nothing better. Except maybe the Caracal pistol but that’s not available as yet and is made in Saudi Arabia, yuck.

  • Squidpuppy

    I’ve always thought this pistol looked very cool, but having shot a number of the previously available variants; I don’t really get it – aside from it being another polymer, striker-fired semi-auto. Can someone explain the fundamental benefits of this model over others? I’m happy they’re back; the more the better, in my opinion.

    The sights are weird, but a person can get used to anything. The ergonomics are fine, but not so much better than a Glock or an XD that I don’t just shrug meh. Functionally, I didn’t get any more of a tickle out of it than my Glocks or XDs. And the price isn’t anything to write home about. Steyr makes good stuff, so there’s that; if you don’t already have something else.

    The first models reminded me a lot of the S&W Sigma.

  • SB_Pete

    Great news! I love my M9-A1. One of my favorite pistols to shoot and BY FAR the easiest pistol I have ever worked on or had to clean. Now if only Meprolight would start making their trit sights for it again and if non-boutique leather holster manufacturers would start making good retention holsters for it….

  • Brian

    Never again. M-9A1 I had went back to the factory twice for various failures. Requires the right type of ammo and is prone to failures. Great design otherwise but not a SHTF gun by any means.

  • Todd

    I could kick myself for selling the two NIB M9-A1’s I had in my safe for $350 each.

  • Tim K.

    The Styer M or S series pistols are great. Internally they are nearly the same gun as the Glock. The sub frames are near identical with the Steyr having a little more steal. Ergonomics are far better. A true 111 degree design. The balance is better, it has a lowers bore axis The A1 series has a tactical rail unlike many glocks. There was a few known problems with them. I personally have a few failure to extract issue. My problem was mag springs and retainers in the mags. Out of 4 mags I had three with the wrong springs and 2 with the wrong retainers. I have a M9-A1. Some of the 15 round mags had 10 round springs. and 2 of my mags had 40 cal retainers. Steyr is awesome to deal with. Service was a snap. Sent me everything at no charge no questions asked. The sights are best at long range in my opinion. I might just be going to a standard night sight.
    Caracal is an awesome pistol. It was designed by Wilhelm Bubits. The same guy that designed the Steyr. He also worked for Glock. From what I know is the Steyr design was first presented to Glock before they went to production with a pistol. I’ve heard Caracal has been approved for the US. I hope to have one too.

  • Mike C

    I bought one of the closeout M9-A1’s from CDNN in ’08 for $330. What a steal!

    By far the best auto pistol I own (including a Glock 19, 1911, Hi-Power and Walther). Ergonomics, reliability and accuracy are best of breed. Gladly eats all ammo types I’ve tried, but really shines with Power’Ball. Zero malfunctions since box was opened.

    I’ll soon be in line to pick up the smaller SA version as my daily carry pistol. Even with the now higher retail price it’ll be worth every penny and more. Thanks to Steyr USA!

  • jaf

    I still carry the m9…it was kept in a safe for 4 years…One day i got it out and brought it to the range..worked like a charm no FTE’s or FTF….a solidly reliable gun…The same cannot be said for my P250 though

  • charles222

    Never shot one of these (all of my very limited pistol time is with US Army M9s) but it does look pretty sci-fi. I like it.


    Seventeen years ago,I called Steyr for a catalog. They sent it to me immediately. Customer service unheard of to me. They also sent me a Steyr patch. I am only a collector…but I do shoot several times a year. This year I will gladly buy a Steyr pistol. Perhaps both the Steyr M40 A-1 and the S-1 40. I know that they make the best engineered bolt rifles known to man.Law enforcement and military both have used Steyr rifles in the past.
    I will always be loyal to Steyr. I cannot wait to order my pistols.i will post videos on YouTube. That way I will infect everyone… with Steyr fever.