S&W Shipping Bodyguard Pistol and Revolver

Ok, I will admit that I am really using S&W’s announcement that they are shipping their new Bodyguard line of handguns as an excuse to repost the Bodyguard promo video which I love watching.

Read my coverage of the Bodyguard line here.

Steve Johnson

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  • subase

    lazers are kewl

  • I think they’ve been shipping for a while: one of my local gun stores has had one .380 and one .38 (had 2, I think one sold) listed on their website for about 2 weeks.

  • Sigster

    An experienced guys opinion on a board was that for the 380 the laser actuation was so stiff as to be useless under speed and stress. Just something to be aware of.

  • West

    My father bought the auto version a few weeks ago and his laser buttons worked very well.

    I bought one yesterday and mine are very stiff, especially on the left side. I really like the set-up and I hope this is just something that needs to be broken in. Ive been hitting the switches while watching TV to loosen them up a bit.

    Other than that I have no complaints, its almost the exact size of my other favorite, the Sig P238.

    Hopefully this pistol will catch on and a good set of night-sights will become available.

    I love that more .380’s are being made. Its the perfect carry weapon for Houston in the summer.

  • loki

    frickin’ lay-ZERS! one… MILLION… dollars