S&W M&P 15-22 Kaboom

Eric, a reader of the blog, emailed me photos of what appears to be an out of battery explosion which occurred when he was shooting his S&W M&P 15-22. Luckily Eric was not injured. Eric said …

So I got my new S&W M&P 15-22 last week. I live in Canada (YES!! We can have those in Canada if you have Restricted weapons class on your PAL).

So I go to the shooting range last night. As I was sighting in the firearm at the 36 round I heard this kind of explosion and felt the hot gases on my hands and side of my face. I immediately looked at the breach and the round had exploded. Luckily I had my safety glasses and earmuffs. I did a quick check on myself…not a scratch!! but that hot gas felt like someone threw sand on my face and hans. I immediately took pictures with my cell phone then proceeded to extract to blown out round metal part and spring.

UPDATE: Fred at Guns & Coffee had a similar problem with his M&P 15022.

[ Many thanks to Eric for emailing me the photos and info. ]

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  • Hans

    Is Hans okay? It felt like someone threw sand on him.

    But seriously that sucks, even more so that you probably have to jump through hoops getting a replacement in the great white north. Call S&W and good luck!

  • Jim

    I had that exact thing happen to me with my T/C Classic 22 rifle. It also fired out of battery, and since I am a lefty it sent a piece of shrapnel sailing right past both eyes, landing some 10 feet away. It also deafened me for about 30 seconds. A very scary experience. Thankfully their new model R-55 (the classic replacement) prevents firing out of battery. A necessary addition to any 22 semi auto.

  • Eric

    Sorry man people I meant “hands!”..
    No the Gun Dealer (store where I bought it) said they would replace it.
    I’m hanging onto the firearm for now.
    I just mailed a letter to the President of Smith & Wesson, James Debney.
    I’m strongly considering legal actions.

  • Eric

    By the way this is where I bought the gun..
    Great Store.. the Owner and his Team give an 5 star service.


  • Patrick

    I had a Ruger MK II blow out of battery once. This tore up the extractor and broke the tip off the firing pin. No damage to shooter. A few thousand rounds later I noticed that on every shot, I would feel little “needle pricks” on my shooting hand. Replaced the recoil spring assembly, and extractor and everything is groovy again. The gun is from the early 80’s and still shooting like a champ with periodic parts replacement.

  • btr

    What was the ammo?

    I heard they reallly hate Remington golden bullet.

  • Good thing you had eye protection on, sounds like you got blasted with unburned powder and tiny fragments from the rupture. Did the bullet actually exit the muzzle?
    I second the above response, call S&W, they should be interested in what happened as well as being able to fix it or replace it for you.

    Either there is a design flaw or you got the 1 in a million bad riffle in the production run!

  • Downside of .22lr…

    Looks like the reciever halves are fine, just needs new extractor parts and a good look inside to make sure things are ok. Shouldn’t need to send in more than the bolt and maybe the upper if shipping the serialed portion is too big a hassle.

  • gunslinger

    glad to hear you are ok. will be interested to hear about A) the actual cause of the KB and B) the replacement process in Canada.

  • Mad Saint Jack

    What ammo?

    My money says Federal Auto Match.

  • Jeepdude1987

    A guy on a forum I frequent had the same problem. Gun fired out of battery. He sent it in, and they claimed to fixed something, but he is selling it with a warning about the previous problem

  • Richard K

    I had an OOB once with my M&P 15-22. It was with Federal Spitfire ammo. The case looked like the one in the picture. I did not have any firearm dammage (have fired several hundred rounds since then). I just figgured the gun did not like this ammo and quit using it. It was LOUD and got my attention!

  • I’ve had this happen with my Tactical Solutions AR22 upper. It’s the result of an out-of-battery detonation.

  • We had a Ruger Mk1 sorta KB…

    It was pretty underwhelming – the owner put the parts back in and it was good to go…

  • Eric

    The ammo was Federal Lightning 40gr.
    I also had with me some Winchester, CCI, PMC (Moderator) but never had the chance to try those. The explosion happened on the 36th round.
    Yes, the bullet exited the barrel.
    I wrote a letter signed and sent it to S&W’s President James Debney just this morning. They should get it next week.
    I’m also seeking legal advice to see what my options are and the appropriates actions to take from this point on.
    I will keep you guys posted.

    Thank you for comments your questions.


  • Tam


    I’m also seeking legal advice to see what my options are…

    For what? I mean, they fix the gun, and we’re all at status quo ante, no?

  • Montie

    Strongly considering legal acton? Seeking legal advice?

    Did you notice any difference between your story and the related stories told by other shooters on this site of similar out of battery incidents? They sent their guns in and were happy that the manufacturer fixed them or otherwise had them repaired them with no mention of sueing anybody.

    Eric, I’m glad you’re not hurt, but for some reason, the first thing in my mind would not be “How much can I sue for?” but instead “I’m glad S&W is a reputable company and I know they will make this as good as new or better”.

    I guess Canada has decided to follow the U.S. down the rathole of excessive litigiousness.

  • Ladyfox

    I actually had to look up the Federal Lightning 510B, which uses a 40gr LRN clocked at 1280 fps, ammo since it appears Federal no longer produces it. From the looks of it, and from other various forum posts, it’s the equivilent to the Federal Champion 510 which is currently in production but I do notice it’s about 40 fps slower.

    OOB, or out of battery, issues have been usually found with most early run 15-22’s. Most of the time they are caused either by one of four things:

    a. The use of Remington ammo
    b. Rapid firing and inducing a disconnect failure where the hammer will drop on a half-open bolt.
    c. The feed ramp, which is integral to the chamber/battery, being damaged or broken during shipment
    d. The extractor

    Chances are the rifle that was received was one of the early production models that did not have either or both the “blue spring” and revised extractor which have been going out on all current production models. As far as the entire “legal action” thing goes I can think of several different things that could have been done and which may come up if such action is taken:

    a. Why did the user decide to use ammo that was not on the approved list printed in the manual?
    b. Did the user verify that no parts were damaged or broken before the rifle was used?
    c. Did the user try to first contact Customer Service to advise them of the problem?

    Now while I understand that the person is angry that their new toy broke on them tossing around threats of legal action is not the way to go no matter how you feel.

  • jdun1911

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Happen to me a lot over the years with different ammo and different 22lr guns. The last 22lr Kaboom I had was with my Ceiner AR15 conversion kit four months ago. Just make sure the bullet clear the barrel before resuming your fun. And yes I shoot a large amount of .22lr ammo every year.

  • Eric

    That makes sense. Maybe I shouldn’t seek or take legal action. You’re feedback is well appreciated.
    What bothers me is if this was an earlier model that was prone to have an explosion then maybe a recall should be made.
    On the tactical-life website there’s alot of shooters that experienced the same thing. Some with minor injuries.
    If this is a design flaw or maybe a problem in the production they may have already fixed it.
    One thing is for sure. I call S&W Tech support Thursday morning. They said it was not suppose to happened but he did acknowledge the fact that they found a fix for this problem. (The nice person at S&W didn’t want to go into details). So they know. They also have a know fix for it. But how come they didn’t issue a safety recall or a warning of some sort.
    That’s what bothers me.
    I discussed the the gentleman about writing a letter he said don’t send it by email. So hey gave me the address and told me to address it to the president. He did say that S&W do take this matter very seriously.

    I would hate to hear about some dad who brought his kid or his wife at the range and someone got injured in the eye by metal debris.
    So this is more or less why I wrote the letter.


  • I had a somewhat scary kaboom with my Ruger 10/22 last fall, using Federal Thunderbolt ammo. It appeared that the back of the case blew partially off, and ignited the round in the magazine under it.
    The bullet left the barrel, and the magazine blew downward and out.
    Other than some scorch marks there was no damage. The gun has fired thousands of varied rounds with no problems, so I sent the split cases to Federal. Their call was: The ammo was old and the brass had deteriorated (possible exposure to ammonia fumes?). They sent me a brick of Federal Champions for my trouble.
    Glad your Ok.


  • Anthony

    Legal action?

    Here in the US at least, you can’t sue someone unless you can make some kind of claim to have been harmed in some way.

    Emotional distress goes a long way, though.

    Have you been having nightmares since this incident occurred? Flashbacks? Debilitating fear of .22’s?


    “legal action” thats why are insurance premiums are so high,get over it and be happy your okay.firearms are a deadly game,stuff happends be happy you still have a face……..o yea leave those 22’s alone

  • Eric

    Thanks everyone for the input on legal actions.

    Anthony, I’d not suffering PTSD yet.. ; )
    But I sure don’t trust this S&W M&P 15-22..
    I wait t’ill I get news from S&W. Until then I’m keeping the gun and broken part. I hope that they acknowledge publicly that there’s a problem with that model.

  • Ladyfox


    Ever since this issue was first discovered a lot of people have been asking the “Why no recall” question. After a lot of owners bounced it around I think it simply boiled down to numbers in that they were really not receiving enough reports of the issue compared to the rifles shipped. However, that said, it’s pretty obvious based upon the revisions that later models have received that there was sufficient cause for investigating the issue and making some changes which came down to the following:

    a. Addition of a recommended ammo list in the manual, which was not present from what I understand in earlier printings, that excluded ALL Remington made ammo along with a few other manufacturers and loads.

    b. The “blue spring” modification which involved using a different grade of spring. Interestingly enough some even newer models are dropping the blue color and are now back to silver again like the original but comparing against the original spring shows that the revised spring is still being used just the color changed.

    c. The extractor was changed so that it now has an anti-rotation feature where the earlier one did not have one.

    This is why many of us have been STRONGLY encouraging users to do the following whenever planning on obtaining a 15-22:

    a. Grab the updated manual and ONLY use ammo off of the recommended list for at least the first few hundred rounds of breaking in. While this may be a PITA for some it ensures that there is one less thing to add to the mix should something go wrong and help S&W find the issue faster.

    b. If any issues are encountered promptly detail out what happened, along with pictures, and contact S&W regarding the issue so we can avoid any further issues slipping thru the cracks.

    c. If you have ANY questions please do some sleuthing and reach out to those communities where a lot of us are willing to help you troubleshoot any problems. A couple of good sources for this would be smith-wessonforum.com and rimfirecentral.com.

    d. And finally, for Goddess sake, DO NOT think of this as a Ruger 10-22, or insert whatever .22LR rifle that “feeds anything and 100% reliable”, with a new exterior and then proceed to bag on how it does not measure up. If you wish to get a Ruger 10-22 or what have you get that instead instead of bagging on a rifle that quite a few of us are happy with warts and all. -_^

    In either event I completely understand your frustration and I’m in no way trying to make light of your plight. If for some reason S&W does not do right by you then by all means move forward but I think you just need to just take a deep breath and try working with S&W and those of us in the firearms community first before going “weapons hot”. ^_^

  • jdun1911


    I never had a 22lr KB like yours. Good stuff.

    I had a Glock 19 KB! that blew the magazine out but didn’t ignite the ammo in it.

  • Eric


    Thank you for feedback and advice. It seems to me that you work at S&W, I’m I right?
    I did check and I don’t have the blue spring and the .22 ammo list is not in the manual.
    So I bought a new gun but it was not fixed or recall (first batch).

    “d. And finally, for Goddess sake, DO NOT think of this as a Ruger 10-22, or insert whatever .22LR rifle that “feeds anything and 100% reliable”, with a new exterior and then proceed to bag on how it does not measure up. If you wish to get a Ruger 10-22 or what have you get that instead instead of bagging on a rifle that quite a few of us are happy with warts and all.”

    Don’t want to be pain in the but here, but are you admitting that Ruger 10-22 is more reliable than a S&W M&P 15-22?
    I bought the S&W in the first place it had an aggressive look and seemed more reliable and rugged that the Ruger. I especially like the magazine of the S&W and also the flat rail. It has all the similar functions of a real AR plus it’s cheap to shoot.

    I did send my story n details and pictures to S&W. I admit the tech support at S&W was top-noch!! The gentleman I spoke with was very kind and polite.

    So I’ll wait t’ill I get news from S&W.

  • Ladyfox said:

    “d. And finally, for Goddess sake, DO NOT think of this as a Ruger 10-22, or insert whatever .22LR rifle that “feeds anything and 100% reliable”, with a new exterior and then proceed to bag on how it does not measure up. If you wish to get a Ruger 10-22 or what have you get that instead instead of bagging on a rifle that quite a few of us are happy with warts and all. -_^”

    I kind of giggled at that. My 15-22 has been by far much much more reliable than my 10/22. Some days the little Ruger won’t go through a single mag without stove-piping.

  • Ladyfox


    Goddess, I wish I did work at S&W (though living in MA would be worse than living here in CA) that would be like heaven. ^_^

    Well, based upon your description you have one of the first generation models when the rifle went into production. Once you get a hold of someone in customer service over there someone will either provide you with a mailing label or they’ll detail out what you need to do. Not really sure which it will be since you live in Canada but all repairs I’m fairly sure go to the main plant in Springfield, MA if I remember right so it may take awhile to get it back.

    Am I admitting that the Ruger 10-22 is more reliable than the 15-22? As much as it pains for me to admit I have to say yes I am. I should note here that the 10-22 has been in production since the 1960’s if memory serves so it’s long since had all the bugs worked out of it. Compare that to the 15-22 which has only been out for a few years and VERY different to any traditional design so it’s going to have some gremlins in the system. This by no means should give you the impression that you purchased a bad rifle just one that, unfortunately, has some quirks that for whatever reason S&W really has not been too forthcoming about which I’m still really at a loss as to why.

    In either event I’m really glad to hear that it sounds like S&W is going to be taking care of you so hopefully you’ll not have to wait too long to get your rifle back. Once you do it should be better than new since I’ve yet to hear of anyone who have sent their rifle back being unhappy with it once fixed up.


    Oh, do not get me wrong I’m not really trying to make one sound better than the other. However, just going by numbers, the 10-22 is quite a bit more robust than the 15-22 is currently. Neither rifle really is perfect but I really do not think any firearm is and they’ve all had their quirks and problems in some form or another. *shrug*

    Myself, I do not begrudge the money I spent on my 15-22 MOE and I know that even if I do have an issue that S&W will take care of business.

  • Beck

    Ladyfox has summed it up nicely.

    I have had the S&W 15-22 go OOB on more than one occasion. Once it blew out my extractor. S&W quickly repaired it to current production specifications.

    I have also had multiple OOBs on other semi-auto .22s. Stuff happens when you are around firearms.

    I have been told it is a real “experience” when an OOB occurs with an AR 15. May result in need for clean underwear.

    If you have real concerns about OObs, maybe you should trade for a bolt action gun.

  • Had that exact same thing happen in my G22, but it wasn’t due to any mechanical failure. It had a tight chamber, fed half way in before stopping, and the bolt continued forward, crushing the round, and causing it to go off. A crushfire. Brass looked exactly like that, and there wasn’t a firing pin mark on it.

  • Rick Magalotti

    Just prior to my buying my M&P 15-22 Competition at Midwest Gun (Mishawaka, In. on sale for $379) last Wednesday, they took delivery on at least 39 of the that model. Mine is from that shipment. So, the spring in my bolt is blue and the extractor is the upgraded one as was mentioned by Ladyfox above. I’ve put 275 rounds thru it with only one Fail to Fire. Excellent accuracy.

    The latest owners manual recommends not shooting certain brands of ammo and one of them is Remington Golden Bullets. RATS, I just bought 2 boxes (550 rounds each) of them on sale. I’ve only been shooting Federals thru it and thought there would be no difference with the Remingtons.

  • Rusty

    I had an OOB on a 10/22 about 20 years ago. We’d been shooting Yellowjackets, went through probably 200 rounds or so, then -boom-. Looked just like Eric’s casing above.

    I was shooting off a picnic table, supported the rifle with my off-hand underneath the magazine. The discharge popped the magazine loose, it was laying in my hand, and I had the Ruger logo from the bottom of the magazine tattooed into my hand for a couple days with partially burnt powder and carbon.

    Every now and then I still get a little piece of brass or powder or something out of that hand.

  • R.A. Hohl

    I just bought a new S&W 15-22 and during the sighting in I had a shell fire out-of-battery. When I dropped the magazine part of the broken ejector fell out on the bench. I returned the rifle and the blown out .22 to the dealer and he called S&W and got a return authorization. He immediately replaced the my rifle with another one. I have only fired the replacement rifle 25 times so time will tell. It make a person a little nervous knowing that this happened once.

  • scott

    I recently purchased the 15-22 and bought some federal ammo with the rifle. Went to the range and shot a couple of hundred rounds. About 1 out of 15 jammed. Anyway cleaned the rifle and went back to the range the next weekend and shot the CCI mini mag like the owners manual says to use. Me and my son shot 1000 rounds without any misfires, oob, or any problems whatsoever. So my advice to everyone is for one, read your owners manual. Two, use only the ammo recommended by the people who make this weapon, because this is what they do, make weapons. Last but not least, have fun, be safe and enjoy your right to bear arms!

  • Rick Magalotti

    Bought my new S&W M&P 15-20 Competition on August 18 at my local gun store for $379. I checked to make sure I had the upgraded model with the blue bolt spring and trigger spring (thanks LadyFox). Cleaned and lubed it and its mag before using it. Have used only Federal Value Pack ammo. So far, I have 1400 rounds thru it and no issues except about 6 fail to fires. Bought a Redfield scope for it and a Bushnell Red Dot for it; great accuracy and still fun to shoot!

  • Ladyfox

    R.A. Hohl,

    Not really sure what could have caused the issue you describe but the most problematic of the 15-22’s have been what I like to call the “Gen 1” versions that are the early issue ones that were put out for sale. I’m really hoping that these either get purchased and sent back to S&W for repair or that S&W makes the decision to flush the earlier inventory back thru the factory for updating to the current production standard. I mean, I’d really hate for this rifle to fail just due to early manufacturing and teething issues that have long since been resolved.

    In your case I’d not really be really nervous about it since everyone who has had to send their rifle back has put over 2,000 or more rounds thru their rifles without incident. But if it really does bother you that much it may be wise for you to just sell it off to someone else just do remember that NO rimfire rifle is ever 100% problem-free.

    Scott and Rick,

    Credit goes to those early adopters that, thru trial and error, provided the information I was happy to share with everyone here I’m just glad you both have been enjoying your rifles as much as I’ve been mine. Now, if only S&W would either put out a target version of the 15-22 or a bolt-action .22 that will be able to compete against the CZ 452 or Tactical Solutions 10/22’s.

    • Bmadigan

      I just had the same type of miss fire. The extractor blew apart, where can I get a new or better one?

  • R.A. Hohl

    I don’t agree with you that I should sell off my M&P 15-22 because of a OOB discharge. You state that “No rimfire rifle is ever 100% problem free”. I have been firing all types of .22 pistols and rifles since way before you were born and having any rifle with a history of OOB discharges seems to me to be a manufacturing defect and should be delt with by S&W. You speak of .22 “Problems” and I assume you are referring to feed problems and the like, not Out of Battery discharges. OOB discharges are more of a safety matter rather than an annoyance. Reading several blogs, it appears that quite a few other people have had OOB discharges. FYI, my rifle had the latest spring upgrades and was brand new. RAH

  • Jeremy

    I just had the exact same scenario where the round fired prematurely blowing out the shell extractor. My sister was firing the rifle, thank God she isn’t a lefty. I have looked on the internet and this is happening to people everywhere. Don’t buy this rifle it is crap.

  • Tom

    All .22 semi-auto’s have one thing in common. They feed a rimfire cartridge that is sometimes quite sensitive to pressure of any kind. Sometimes this is the cause for OOB’s and other times it is from a burr or debris in the chamber. It can also occur from faulty ammo, or a faulty firearm. .22’s are also by nature dirty little buggers. I have had .22’s fire out of battery on more than one occassion. Even had a bolt action do it once. Yes, they are a little loud and damage does sometimes occur. Have also had a centerfire rifle do the same thing. Much louder and far more damage. Sue anybody, no. Even had a real dirty .22 go auto once. That was a little different. Piece of blown case brass was the culprit. S&W is well known for taking care of their customers. I am sure they will this time. I own and use most of the type of .22’s mentioned by the other writers, along with a couple of dozen other types. Have had this happen at one time or another with most of them. Stop, clear the rifle, and check-it out before using again. Just part of the joy of the .22 world.

  • mercda

    besides the obvious of looking at the parts of the MP 15-22 S&W how can one determine a 1st gen vs. a 2nd gen?

  • I had the same thing happen this pass Friday teaching the kids how to shot. Reloaded the mag and on the third shot the gun Made a very loud noise when my daughter pulled the trigger. The round had gone off before entering the chamber. Which caused the next round in the mag to go off and fired the bullet down the mag causing several other round to deform. took the rifle from my child who was lucky and not hurt by the grace of god and flipped it over to check it out. Found the deformed case in the chamber and a small blue spring inside. Called Smith and they said to return it that there had been improvements made to the rifle and that mind would be fixed. That’s all nice but if you know there is a problem why not make a recall before some one gets hurt.

  • Bill

    I have a S&W M&P 15-22. I put about 150 rounds through it with different ammo as suggested in the manual. Had one failure to feed and one failure to extract. Picked up the new CCI tactical .22 LR. Loaded up 3 mags, and shot 75 rounds. No problems at all. Worked flawlessly and accurate to boot. Just picked up a Red Dot sight for it and once installed I intend to go back to the range and do some serious shooting. I haven’t checked the colour of the spring so I guess I will have to do that to see what version I have. Anyone know if you can tell by the serial number which generation it is?

  • mercda

    Bill thank you. I did the same with the ammo. I will try the CCI tactical. keep me posted on your red dot range experience.

  • Rick Magalotti

    Mine has 3 blue springs; serial number DUU0926; bought in July 2010.

  • aaron

    i just bought one and have shot 500 rounds through it of federal bulk pack ammo and have had two miss fires and one jam other than that it is a great gun have you guys heard of the crayola trick for guns

  • Rick Magalotti

    Have fun with the gun; I like mine a lot; when I shoot Remington rounds, I have a few more fail to fires than when I use Federal rounds. OK, I’ll bite, what is the crayola trick??

  • Add me to the list of those who have had an OOB explosion/premature detonation. Happened yesterday. The gun was manufactured prior to Jan. 2010 and has been shot less than 1000 rds. I have also had problems with feeding and doubling. Is it the gun or the Winchester Wildcat 40gr. ammo I was using?

    • TIM

      Thew manual specifically states that using wildcat, thunderbolt, or any of the other cheaper brands of .22 rounds is not recommended. I have a simple ruger 10-22 as well as my AR 15-22, and it seems regardless of what your shooting out of thunderbolt and wildcat especially are just not even worth the discount. I literally sat and misfired just about every other shot out of a box of thunderbolt. On the flip side i have been shooting CCI mini-mag for quite some time and have had hardly any problems from either gun since. I dont believe the lower ammo grades are even safe anymore.

  • tom

    Idiot my bet is stay away from guns learn how to glean them and read about how the m&p 15-22 doesn’t lime cheap ammo. I put over 2000 rounds through mine not one problem. In ur situation it’s the shotter go get a airsoft gun leave the firearms for the big kids stupid Canadian

    • Nelson Kari

      It’s not about “cheap” ammo but ammo that is poorly manufactured fits the bill. I’ve had some of my worse problems with Remington ,22 ammo while Federal which used to have the bad brand reputation fired perfectly. I did send my MP back to S&W for the extractor fix and have had no problems since as long as I use known good ammo..

  • tom

    Idiot my bet is stay away from guns learn how to clean them and read about how the m&p 15-22 doesn’t like cheap ammo. I put over 2000 rounds through mine not one problem. In ur situation it’s the shotter go get a airsoft gun leave the firearms for the big kids stupid Canadian

    • The truth

      Damn Tom cut the guy some slack.

    • tired of toms shit

      Tom you uneducated inbred Ignorant fuck. Failures happen. Like when your dads condom broke.

    • Latasha

      And you wonder why the rest of the World calls Americans Arrogant.

  • GenRAVE

    well, i have one, bought dec of 2011 and a sig 522 and i know that sub-sonic ammo is something that u dont wont to put through either of the rifles. rounds dont go off, some brass doesnt get ejected, but no internal discharge… i’ve been going with cci stinger(expensive for 50 rds but oh well) and mini-mag. so far no probs. but i put a few mags of winchester sub sonic rds through and i had jams and no fires, not fun to have happen… either way, it just matters on how much money u plan on spending on ammo and what brand and velocity of ammo works well with the rifle.

  • Rick R.

    Just bought my 15-22 two weeks ago… The dealer was very specific about using good ammo and reading recommendations in the manual. Sure better ammo costs more but you won’t blow your face off or lose a finger. And still will cost less than .223 for the ar-15. (which is why I got the 22 in the frst place… Fun at the range and less cash)

    • mercda

      You are going to enjoy your MP because you are following the proper protocal (and you did your homework)…. I ran into someone in the range with the exact weapon we have and he was having misfeed/jams. I walked over there to see what was going on and found out he was using the wrong ammo. I gave him plenty of my rounds, so he can test. Guess what? . . .no problems . . .

  • Frizzlefry

    My 15-22 just did the same thing and I lost my extractor. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement extractor. Any parts stores online etc?

    • Bmadigan

      Did you ever find a place to get replacement extractor?

  • andrew

    there are alot of comments about the explosion happening b/c of the ammo. i did my home work when i bought mine and have only ran cci through it. I also lost my extractor (Unknown why). i love my gun and have no plans to get rid of it but would like to know if there is anywhere that sells replacement parts i.e. bolt or extractor?

  • Bill

    My M&P 15-22 is working flawlessly. I only use CCI tactical ammo in it. No failures of any kind, and very accurate.

  • Rob

    I have a 2nd gen m&p15-22 that has 4000+ rds through it. My brother bought his the same day and has shot 5000+ through his. I shot only cci in mine for the first 1000 rounds. I had no ftf, fte, oob, or stove pipes. My bro using federal 550 value pack ammo had 2 fte in 550 rounds and no other issues. I quickly changed to federal due to the lower price vs. no. of failures. We occasionally will have a ftf when we are acting stupid and firing the weapon as fast as we can. Which is something the mfg advises against. I feel confident enough in this rifle that I just bought one for my daughter, who “hates taking turns”. This is a rimfire rifle, you are slamming a chunk of steel into a very sensitive rimfire cartridge, over and over real fast. Keep the rifle clean, not just kinda clean. Use quality ammo that is stored and handled properly and with care. Don’t rapid fire! Just because it looks like an M-4 doesn’t mean it is one. Since reading this and other reports of OOB misfires, we no longer sit side by side while shooting.

  • Mercda

    I took a chance and bought a box of 1000 winchester-m22 for my m&p 15-22 smith & Wesson. We shot 500 rounds with one failure to load. Upon further inspection of the round; the casing was loose and the tip wobbled. Can not comment on the accuracy because I was having issues with my new scope and forgot to bring my iron sights. Did have good groups from 100 yards. If it made economic sense, I would not hesitate to pick up another case.

  • sig lover

    I have been looking at a m&p 22 for a competition and cyote gun and thought it was very well made

  • Dan

    I just had the same issue with mine. Lucky for me I found all the parts and assembled it back together. Works fine now. I saw the issue right before it happened. The bolt wasn’t all the way forward, and before I could tell my buddy to stop he fired and had an explosion happened. I believe its not an issue withe weapon entirely. It doesn’t have a FWD assist like a typical 5.56 cal. So if you just ensure your bolt is lubed properly and when you send the initial round forward that it is seated properly. Just test fired it and everything works properly. Thanks for the pics too, couldn’t find any diagrams for the BCG. Putting it back together it just goes Spring, Pin (nipple out), Extractor Arm last. We took it apart again and put it back together.

  • Ed Lepczyk

    Exact same thing happened to me. Blew the extractor out of the gun. Emailed S&W about warranty reapair four months ago and still no reply. Trying again today. Very disappointing.