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  • Don

    That was very well done. As a side note, I hang out with some hippies who are closeted gun nuts.


  • Tuulos

    Cardboard Warfare is a very good video too.

  • Sian

    Clever effects, TERRIBLE handling, running with fingers on triggers, sweeping friendlies with barrel, guns that go ‘click’ when they’re pointed at anything, all the typical ones movie people get wrong all the time.


  • MrMaigo

    hah, eco-bullets. Now they really will push up daises

  • SpudGun

    Is it a sequel to this? –

    Really nice job and a totally original take on the hackneyed shoot outs that you see in almost every movie. Kudos.

  • DaveR

    That is pretty friggin’ awesome. the guy’s other videos are great too!

  • Zulu

    Double rainbows make everything great.

  • jdun1911

    I always like his videos. You guys should check out his other videos and how to. Great stuff.

  • Ben


    Considering the actors are playing hippies and run of the mill gangsters it makes sense that they would do things like that

  • Rusgunnut1

    I’m vegetarian and as far as I can tell liberal, yet I read this blog. I’m confused.

    • Rusgunnut1, its ok to be confused 😉 But seriously, good for you, how you vote and what you eat should not determine if you can or can’t shoot a gun.