FN SCAR 17S is now shipping

The long awaited FN SCAR 17S is now shipping (to dealers) in all its 7.62x51mm goodness 🙂

The 17S comes in the USSOCOM flat dark earth finish, has a barrel length of 16.25″ and weighs 8 lbs. Customers have a choice of 10 or 20 round magazines.

The gun is being produced in limited quantities and pricing has not yet been announced.

UPDATE: The MSRP is $3,273.44. although I expect they will be selling for much more in the short term. (Thanks MrMaigo)

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  • MrSatyre

    It’s shipping but no price has been announced? Is that common practice in the firearms trade? I’m in the electronics biz, as a manufacturer, and all our prices—MSRP and MAP—are public info long before we ship to any resellers.

  • D

    few black SCAR-H have been sold on gunbroker

  • Alaskan

    It looks ok,I’d prefer a Springfield Armory M14 over it though..especially one with a Sage or J A E stock..

  • Rijoenpial


    Though the ‘limited quantities’ and ‘undisclosed pricing’ bits kinda make me worry…

    Hopefully, this is just the first shipment to measure consumer feedback and then they will ship more quantities…Hey, it may be a ‘rifle on demand’ thing…LOL

    I am looking forward to listen to feedback about balance, recoil and reliability…


  • Any word on a consumer 17 with an 18″ or longer barrel?

  • Bill

    Shipping, but without a price? How does that work?

  • Sian

    I think I’d still rather have a RFB. Less tacticool, but way more sexy, and I’m sure half the price.

  • MrMaigo

    Gallery of Guns has them listed at over 3k

  • SpudGun

    ‘Buy the rifle that SOCCOM didn’t think was a load of garbage!’

    Are the magazines proprietary or will the POF 25 rounders be usable in the 17S?

  • David

    As seen in “Inception” (garage scene)?

  • Chris

    The 17S made it out before the MR556’s release in the US? I wonder how many Hk fan forums are ablaze as we speak… 😀

  • Zulu

    Awesome. I really wanted one of these when the 16 was super popular, but my taste in battle rifles has shifted more toward the FAL since then. Might pick one of these up some day if it fits well into a DMR kind of role.

  • It means either the company does not want to publish the MSRP so that the few dealers to get it can sell it for a while quantity is limited or they just forgot to publish the price.

  • Jorgen

    This is like an iPhone in the gun world..

  • Rijoenpial


    I am glad that there’s a bullpup 7.62×51, but the recoil is just murder… Ouch!


    Regarding the lack of MSRP, I think that it may mean that the gun will be expensive, way over 3k… When a company ‘forgets’ to have the MSRP out there before shipping, it usually means that they will be expensive…

    I mean, the Kel-Tec RFB’s MSRP is $1.880, so why is the SCAR 17S almost twice that?

    Specialty item? I am thinking FN is shipping them in small quantities to actually get some feeedback first… But at this price, if it is confirmed, they will have some trouble selling them…

    Let’s hope the ‘SOCOM factor’ and the hype around it compensate…


  • subase

    All reviews of the RFBs recoil equate it to a FAL and less. That’s an old video, perhaps the oldest.

  • When I get the $$$, I’ll spend it on an OBR!

  • vtb

    Any review yet?
    what accuracy could one expect with good ammo?

  • Doug M.

    Looks aren’t everything in quality firearms, but that SCAR looks like the Frankenstein of the rifle world. For that price, it is far too ugly for my taste.

  • Jake

    There’s a review at gunblast. Btw, few guys got it for just a bit over $2300.

  • Rijoenpial

    Hi guys

    News from the Kit Up! blog regarding the neverending SCAR-L affair:

    It appears that FNH-USA has issued a press release that claims that the entire ‘family of weapons’ has been greenlit for full production as of JULY 2010 (that’s right, three months after the Milestone C approval)…

    Here’s the full press release (sorry about the length, but it seems the FNH-USA site was under maintenance, and this news couldn’t wait! LOL):

    FN SCAR™ systems approved for full-rate production

    McLean, VA, The U.S. Special Operations Command notified FN that the Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) family of weapons—the MK 16 (5.56mm) and MK 17 (7.62mm) combat assault rifles and MK 13 grenade launcher—was approved for full-rate production. The Full-Rate Production Decision Review by the Milestone Decision Authority occurred on July 30, 2010.

    FN Herstal, a worldwide recognized firearms supplier to generations of soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines since 1897, has ramped up production and assembly at its manufacturing facilities to meet the delivery orders placed by USSOCOM.

    Following a worldwide solicitation to the firearms industry in 2004, nine vendors submitted a dozen designs for a new modular, multi-caliber weapons system. In November 2004, FNH was awarded the contract by USSOCOM for its SCAR submission after passing the Go/No-Go criteria required by the solicitation and being selected by a source selection board composed of senior operators from every SOF component.

    The SCAR weapons system is modular and easily adaptable to future enhancements and calibers. It is built with an eye to careful economic stewardship and the small logistical footprint required of today’s highly mobile military. Overall life cycle costs are reduced by features such as a chrome-lined, hammer forged steel barrel with a service life of far more than 15,000+ rounds. Each component of the SCAR weapons system is built for years of dependable service while minimizing maintenance downtime.

    The heart of the FN SCAR system consists of two highly adaptable modular rifle platforms and a grenade launcher. Type-designated as the MK 16 and the MK 17, both rifles are available with three different barrel lengths optimized for conducting operations in close-quarters combat, standard infantry and longer-range precision fire roles. All SCAR barrels are tightly attached to a monolithic receiver and can be easily interchanged by the operator in minutes to instantly meet virtually any mission requirement. The MK 13 40mm Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module (EGLM) easily mounts under the barrel of either SCAR platform, providing another useful tool for the warfighter and is easily configured for use as a stand-alone weapon as well. Because of the SCAR system’s modular design, ergonomic (100%) and parts commonality (greater than 80%), it represents a significant reduction in training costs and life-cycle support. The weapon system’s open architecture supports future enhancements and modifications in operational requirements including ammunition, aiming devices, sighting systems and other mission critical equipment.

    The MK 17 (7.62mm) is also the base of the SCAR common receiver currently under final test and evaluation by USSOCOM. The SCAR common receiver can accommodate multi-caliber conversion kits.

    The SCAR weapons system is the first new assault rifle procured by the U.S. Military through a full and open competition since the M16 trials held in the mid-1960s. It was tested for reliability, accuracy, safety and ergonomics from August 2005 to September 2008 in a variety of environments including urban, maritime, jungle and winter/mountain operational test scenarios. The SCAR weapons system successfully endured more than two million rounds of ammunition during these trials thereby making it the most heavily tested weapons system in the history of small arms. No other current so-called modular weapons system has endured even a fraction of this degree of strenuous testing, and none are in use by U.S. forces.”

    and the link to the Kit Up! blog entry:



  • Rijoenpial

    Hi guys,

    fresh news from Kit Up! It seems Gabe Bailey, the SCAR representative we saw on the SCAR vids on Youtube, has confirmed on the M4carbine forums that SOCOM is indeed NOT gonna purchase the SCAR 5.56 version!

    the link to the Kit Up! blog entry is here:


    and Gabe Bailey’s POSTS are here:


    PS: Not sure these news belong on this thread, but I leave it to Steve to choose where it is best suited…


  • Rijoenpial

    Don’t know if you know this already, but here it goes:


    Elite Border Protection unit adopts new 7.62x51mm NATO select-fire rifle!”

    The rest of the article is here:


    I like that they chose it out of their own multi-rifle testing and did not just blindly followed the USSOCOM tests!


  • Josh

    ahh sexy piece of plastic even in desert and 7.62 very nice.
    price is high but fn usually is like to see police switch over but price is probably too high.
    would be much more useful up here in the Arctic, they shoot moose with .40s and 12ga after getting run down by traffic.
    also give a little better long range capability which they could use.

  • Rijoenpial

    Hi, Josh

    I think the price is high too, but if the system and barrel durability are exactly as the FN guys are promoting it to be, then it is well worth it: 20 000 rounds barrel durability and 90 000 rounds system durability!

    I take it the M4 is half that, maybe even less! So, I think you get the gun for your money!


  • charles222

    What civilian is going to be feeding 90,000 rounds through any single rifle in a reasonable length of time?

    To put it in another way, 10,000 rounds at a range is usually about the norm for an Army light-infantry company to go through with about 130-140 firers. None of these firers are paying for their ammo or components to handload with, either; it still comes out to about seventy rounds per firer per range. Let’s say that this company makes ten trips to the qualification range (or ten trips to a roughly analogous event, a live-fire CQB exercise, where you’d also see between sixty and ninety live rounds per firer) over the course of a year. That’s still under a thousand rounds for a year’s worth of live fire for a single individual from people who actually shoot at other people for a living.

    Elite units, of course, fire considerably more often, but the ammunition budgets for SOCOM are insanely huge, certainly far beyond what any single individual could honestly afford to sink into what’s basically a hobby; I know that when SEAL Team Six was stood up in the late 1970s, their ammunition budget exceeded that of the entire USMC, and that was when Six was about ninety guys total.

    The SCAR is basically a toy to demonstrate how cool you are by owning something that’s completely not necessary for a civilian. You’re frankly wasting money buying a weapon that has capabilities far beyond anything any of us can afford or even realistically need. You’d literally need to shoot about 246 rounds a day to reach the estimated service life over the span of a year. Or 123 rounds/day for two years.

    Of course, if someone can afford 246 rounds a day, feel free to buy me some rounds. Until then, I’ll be quite happy with an AR that costs a third as much.

  • Rijoenpial


    that is the durability of the system, meaning, how long will the SCAR system last…The round count is just to show that a 2,6 thousand-dollar lasts far longer than a 1,5 one…

    The 20,000 round barrel life is well worth the money too, because it will last more than twice the average life of the M4 one! So, an operator will change barrels on a SCAR every 20.000 rounds, whereas on an M4, he will have to change every 4 or 6 thousand rounds! The lastability of any hardware is good enough reason to spend money on it!

    I don’t know how many rounds will someone ever fire before it gets bored with his weapon, but the aim of any company SHOULD be to make his product longlasting! I surely would want my weapon to last as long as possible! As I would want any TV set, or laptop I buy!


  • charles222

    Feel free to let me know when you actually reach that 20,000 rounds. That’s still ridiculously beyond what any civilian is going to be shooting.

    Using the 1,000 rounds a year your average infantryman shoots, that’s twenty years before the barrel goes, and probably even more for a civilian who’s not going to be shooting as much. It’s just not necessary. Your comparison to computers- sure, I’d like to have a 1 or 2-tb harddrive and 16 gigs of RAM in my Imac, but I do just fine with a 320-gig harddrive and 2 gigs of ram. It also cost less, too.

    I’m seeing alot of basically fanboyism and “oh wow I’ll never need another rifle again!!” here. Nobody needs to be sinking 3 grand into a rifle that’ll maybe, maybe, make a few trips to the range each year. If you shoot pro or some other kind of competition then yeah I can see the SCAR being the way to go. The rest of us? It’s like buying a Ferrari to haul groceries.

  • Bill

    I’d like to figure out how they get 20,000 rounds of barrel life. Is that with 4 MOA accuracy, or 2 MOA, or 1 MOA?

    Barrels are basically all the same, either stainless or chrome lined. Chromed barrels last longer, but I’ve never seen anyone claim 20,000 rounds from them even.

    Of course if it is just a blaster and 4 MOA is good enough, then 20,000 may be achievable. Under those guidelines, I suspect that AR15 chrome barrels would also last 20,000 rounds.

    I shoot somewhere around 5000 rounds/year out of my AR’s, but I have several, so no single rifle gets that much. If I had a SCAR, it would be the only one I owned due to cost, and I can see going through a barrel every couple years.

    But barrels are expendables, so that’s no big deal. I just wonder how they figure 20,000 rounds!!

  • J-RO

    As far as this durability debate goes, 20k rounds through a barrel is realistic for an avid shooter. I currently shoot many .30 rifles including bolt action & semi auto, and have even through my bolt action put 200+ rounds downrange (and into my target) in an afternoon. Now, I am not ex militarily or police but just a person who loves the sport of shooting. For me 20k rounds for a barrel is a nice feeling, knowing it is well made and ready for action. Heck my Poly Tech AK probably already has 10k through it, semi autos are just too much fun!!! On a more serious note though the Scar H or 17s is pricey because FNH was the first to the finish line on the ALL polymer rifle race. They are many polymer body rifles but they all use a metal / carbon /fiber shim or reinforcement. The SCAR 17s is a BIG rifle, I held one when they came out in Vegas at SHOT, but light for its size. I imagine a comparable sized weapon would weigh several pounds more with traditional manufacturing/ design. In addition preliminary tests show extreme accuracy and durability (outside socoms testing) so I am sold. Some poor wild hog is going to be SCAR -ed soon!!

  • Rijoenpial


    Maybe I wasn’t clear, but all I have said was that it is FN’s MERIT to make a weapon that lasts! I say that from a buyer’s perspective,you don’t want something that breaks down frequently or requires maintenance often! This is the philosophy behind the SCAR: lastability, no matter what use you’ll give it! I think what the gun buyer wants is a product that doesn’t require spare parts that often or that breaks down easily! A barrel that lasts for 20 000 rounds is an achievement of precision, durability and lastability… even if you won’t use it that much!

    The price tag on the SCAR considers production costs and allthat jazz, not just the life expectancy of the system or some of its components!

    Yes, civ gun owners will not shoot even a 1/3 of those, but that is not the point! The point is that when you make a car, you can either aim for making it work for as long as it can, or you can do as many companies do, decrease the quality of the end product so that the consumer will have to buy more spare parts than he or she was supposed to!

    I prefer to have a great, durable product, and the price of the SCAR 16S is proportional to the quality, endurance and lastability! A cheap rifle will not last long, especially a 1500 piece! This gun is not even a DI, it’s a more complex system, with polymer bits all over, made from extruded aluminum, etc!

    Also, regarding the price: the ACR Basic MSRP is 2,6 and the Enhanced is 3 000… And the Basic doesn’t even have the folded stock, the side rails nor does it have a compensator!

    So, the ACR is actually more expensive than the SCAR because the SCAR is 2.6 but already includes all those extras you were supposed to have in the first place! For 3 thousand, you get the folding stock, the rail handguard and the flash supressor! Whooptidoo!

    From what I have seen online, the Basic doesn’t last long before having all sorts of troubles…Jdeluisa, the guy who has tested it the most and longest, said he fired around 2000 rounds before the ACR started having all sorts of multiple failures… And he even cleaned it sometime(s) inbetween!

    That’s a 2.4-2.6 thousand rifle right there!

    I would rather spend 2.5-3 thousand bucks on a rifle that lasts longer than that, a rifle that was exhaustively tested and actually delivers!

    I hope this cleared my meaning, charles… Take care!

  • Rijoenpial


    starting from the bottom, FN knows the barrel lasts for 20-25.000 rounds due to having tested them, of course! Larry Weyland, from Black Rifle, a gun shop in Missouri, but also one of the FN representatives at ShotShow 2009-2010, said specifically that they had a 10 000 round test, and it was showing 0.58 MOA and the SCAR ‘was was shot dirty’…


    He said so again in his Black Rifle SCAR promo:


    Another FN rep said that they ‘guarantee’ 25 000 rounds of barrel life!


    They should know, since Gay Bailey said the SCAR rifle endured 4 Management Reviews and almost a million rounds (he said 800 000 rounds, but that was back in 2008!) fired through the entire test phase…


    Since this was the most tested rifle so far, I think that outside SOCOM, the FN people are the best guys to know how reliable and endurable their rifle is… And, sure, they are advertising their own weapon, but being the SOCOM chosen rifle (The 17S has been adopted for a fact!), that pretty much sells itself!


  • Rijoenpial

    Small correction:

    SOCOM adopted the Mk17, with the 17S being the Semi-automatic only version for civilians…Sorry about that…

  • 0311Grunt

    charles 222,
    im not too sure about how you came to the fact that the average infantryman shoots 1000 rounds a year. i just got out of the Marine Corps and while i was in, during a work up i would shoot about 3-4 thousand rounds every 2 weeks. as did everyone else in my platoon(SAW gunners about 5K). im pretty sure my M4 at work has shot more than 20,000 rounds. and it can still hit a human sized target out to at least 400m. 😉

  • diesele136

    The px at my post has a scar for $2600. To me that seems like a steal, mainly because it is a multi cal. Does that mean that I could switch from 5.56 nato to 7.62×39 with a few interchangeable parts? I’m not sure but from what I am hearing about the msrp and the prices I’m seeing on gunbroker, it would be a crime not to make the purchase.

  • salemsam

    way too much money for this retired PO. I have my M1A1 and that’s good enough for 1/3 the price. Now is if you want CQC in the 7.62 then go with a 16 inch barrel and SSRS’s M1A1 bullpup stock – watch your state – it will be under 32 inches, but the reliability of the M14, cost and availability of mags and parts makes it a better choice.

    Point to make on these new guns – I purchased a Sig 556 and just recently been able to get firing pins and a few other parts but no extractor or other internal parts. If your going to spend 3K on a rifle, you better be able to get parts or you’ll end up with a big paper weight

  • Henry Ucinski

    I wish that there was a principal such as truth in advertising stating that extra magazines were impossible to purchase unless you were willing to be gouged.

  • John West

    I’ve been checking around and I am hearing prices that go from $2500-$3500. Anyone out there see lower prices?

  • KAP

    Yes…the FNH SCAR 17S is the best 7.62mm NATO in my collection, howeveer, you can’t buy any
    additional magazines for it…anywhere, on the net, or in gun-stores. The only people producing them are FNH and they say sometime in June or July 2013, maybe!

  • KAP

    Yes…the FNH SCAR 17S is the best 7.62mm NATO in my collection, howeveer, you can’t buy any additional magazines for it…anywhere, on the net, or in gun-stores. The only people producing them are FNH and they say sometime in June or July 2013, maybe!