[ Help Me Out ] Dropbox

Guys and girls, if you have more than one computer and/or an iPhone/Ipod Touch or Android phone, you need Dropbox. If you sign up for a free account, I get 250mb of free extra storage (per person who tries it) 🙂

One use of Dropbox: Collecting and sharing targets with your shooting buddies (Yes, I have a lot of targets 🙂

I use it daily to keep files across multiple computers, store files on my iPod Touch and use share files with family and friends. It is seriously one of the most useful applications I have ever used … and no, I am not just saying it 😉

Try Dropbox here. It is free for 2 gigs of storage.

UPDATE: You need to download the application and log in with it for it to give me free space. You also get an extra 250mb extra free space.

Steve Johnson

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  • Chris B.

    I use Dropbox already but I used a different email address to register a new account; enjoy your +250 MB of storage. Just my way of saying “Thank you!” for the great blog.

    • Chris, thank you 🙂

  • Nick J

    I’ve been using DropBox for a little over a year now and it works amazing. I can get access to my files from anyone of my Windows or Linux computers as well as my Android phone.

  • Andrew

    Great blog Steve. Just set up 3 new accounts on dropbox, and should have a fourth for you too. Enjoy an extra gig on me. 😀

    • Andrew, lol, thanks 😉

    • Andrew, just make sure you run the application, I get no extra space if you do not sign in with the app itself.

      Y’all, I appreciate the help

  • Is there an iPhone app as well?

    • Heath, there sure is. I use it all the time. One nifty feature is that you can “Favorite” a file and then it is downloaded onto the device for offline viewing.

  • Tuulos

    I don’t see myself using this but I registered anyway for the same reason as Chris B.

  • Tuulos

    It seems that when you register through Steve’s link both you and Steve get the extra 250mb so it’s a good deal for all.

  • **UPDATE**: You need to download the application and log in with it for it to give me free space. You also get an extra 250mb extra free space.

  • I found out about Dropbox recently. It’s great.

  • John Waters

    You will probably want to encrypt any sensitive files that you post to sites like this. Bear in mind that in today’s world of metadata seemingly innocuous files, like photographs, may have embedded in them data that you are unwilling to share.

    For example, some camera phones will write the GPS co-ordinates of where the camera was at the time of exposure. This could be a bad thing if you are taking photos of your gun vault.

    Backing up or syncing devices with these services can expose browsing histories and stored passwords, the latter of which may or may not be stored in a secure manner.

    Quick tip, Image Magick (google it) has a command line tool called “mogrify” that can be used to strip, resize, rotate, and filter images en masse. It runs on various UNIX systems (including OS X) and even lesser operating systems (Windows).

    I use OpenSSL to handle most of my symmetrical encryption needs, since its generally ubiquitous and its online documentation is spectacular.

  • BOO! No more ads on the Firearms blog. Title should read “Firearms and corporate shilling, no politics.

    Ok the lucky gunner contest is one thing, one doesn’t want the chance at free ammo, even if it means helping you make money by advertising for lucky gunner on our blogs.

    But on-line storage? Sharing targets with buddies? Posting this for your own personal gain, for OMG FREE ONLINE STORAGE!!!!!!? Bad form for a journalist, in my opinion.

    And I am sure that you are all gonna call me a pinko commie bastard or something, which is fair because I am “or something.”

    That said I just signed up for the free one, I guess I do owe you something for all of the great content relating to firearms.

    • The Red Son, There are two ads per page. Compared to other websites it is just about nothing. I am not going to apologize for asking my readers to give me two minutes of their time.

  • Done!

  • John Waters

    One last thing, if this uses DAV and you use Windows; you may open yourself up to a nasty attack that uses intentionally malformed .lnk files. You would not have to “click” the malicious file to end up “in trouble”, only open the volume containing the malicious .lnk file.

  • Steve- Nor would I ask you to, as evident in the fact that I didn’t ask you to apologize nor explicitly ask you to stop, as obviously there is overhead and cost to you, in both time and money, that you and most others feels should be offset with ad revenue.

    As the keyboard commandos love to say, just my .02.


    Hell, I was hoping to get to “share” some of those targets! 🙂

  • WisconsinDan

    Signed up yesterday. I too was hoping to “share” those targets. Any way you can send us a link?

    • Guys, I think you misunderstood what dropbox is. But, if you want those targets send me an email and I will send them to you.