A handgun for the disabled or elderly

Back in the 1800s (or maybe early 1900s) an enterprising gunsmith created this French Mod. 1873/74 revolver. The trigger has been turned into a sear which is manipulated by squeezing a steel rod. It i Very clever. Note the other details such as the de-spured hammer.

More info and photos at LittleGun.be (thier English translation is very poor).

[ Many thanks to Todd for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • MrMaigo

    Looks like you stand a good chance of shooting someone just picking it up

  • Roy Rapoport

    (Steve, I know this is long and potentially tangenial, and will totally understand if you choose to not post this)

    Oh man. this reminds me of my own brush with guns for the disabled.

    Back in 2003, I had a very good friend who was in a wheelchair (wrong end of a crazy guy with a shotgun when my friend was 8). We decided to do the Front Sight 4-day handgun class (this would be my third time, his first), and so he purchased his first handgun — a compact .45 Kimber.

    Problem was that because of his injuries, while he could shoot quite well, he had a problem holding the gun strongly enough to rack the slide (having a compact 1911 exacerbates this problem). One night, when he was at a gun range, he bumped into John Jardine, of Jardine Custom in the bay area. They got to talking, and John (who even at the time had a waiting list measured in months) said something like “that’s an interesting problem to solve. Let me think about it.” We didn’t really have much hope — the class was about two weeks away.

    About five days later, we went over to John’s. He had fabricated an entirely new rear sight for the Kimber, with ‘ears’ (it’s hard to explain, but I’ve got pictures below) that my friend could, quite easily, use to rack the slide. We spent about two hours talking with him while he was doing the final fitting. When we got to discussing money, he said something like “you know, if I charged you my hourly rate for how much time I spent on this sight, it’d cost way too much” and refused to be paid for it.

    My friend did quite well at the class, and has his gun, with his modification, to this day. And to this day, discussions of handguns for the handicapped remind me of Jardine’s work and his generosity.

    Pictures of the sight:




  • John C.

    “A gun for the disabled or elderly” – sounds like an earlier version of that palm pistol thing that is being developed, albeit an entirely different design.

  • subase

    I still can’t believe they made a one shot palm pistol for the elderly, bloody retarded. An elderly person above all needs more firepower than anyone, since they can’t fight off or run away from their attacker.

  • Yan

    I have seen strange guns, and being a collector and enjoying my 1873 French 11mm revolver I must admit that I really enjoyed your post and pictures.

    Will save the pictures for sure…….really neat!

    Thanks for sharing

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  • subase

    Roy I wouldn’t call that a gun for the disabled, it’s called a slide pulling device. Alot of slide are difficult for people to rack.

    A disabled person has trouble lifting the gun and pulling the trigger, pulling the slide would be next to impossible.

  • Big Daddy

    I am disabled and believe me you become a target for every lowlife with any intent. I carry a edge but I still have to fight if something happens and it’s more of a tool for the seatbelt if I get into a car accident(to get the seatbelt off quickly and break the glass) then it is a weapon.

    I live in New York Shitty and I sure would love to have a small easy to use handgun. But it’s NYC and the laws are strict, look what happened to that moron Plaxico Burress.

    I bet even though the person was going to kill me and take the $20 in my pocket if I killed him I would be the one going to jail disability and all.

    I truly believe if every law abiding citizen was armed and trained there would be almost NO crime like break-ins and assaults, rape and so on.

  • subase

    Kel tec’s new PMR-30, with 30 rounds of .22 mag in a light handgun seems to be the ticket for a disabled person. Maybe the trigger needs to be lightened a bit, but the recoil and overall weight aren’t bad.