Steve Lee’s “I’ll give up my gun” video

Steve Lee, our favorite Australian gun-slinging musician, has produced a video for his second single “I’ll give up my gun”.

You can watch his “I like guns” video here.

[ Many thanks to Phil for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • shane

    steve lee is a champion, hes my hero and idol

  • Cesium

    I love this song!

  • David

    He has at least one other video that I know of called: I like guns. thats a good one too.

  • Steve

    The cardboard cutout at the end there really tied this all together for me 😀

  • SoulTown

    Loved the Obama jab. I mean I’m liberal and all, and I respect him, but good god, that man has absolutely clueless on the gun issue…

  • SoulTown

    has -> is. Sleep deprivation will do that to ya…

  • SpudGun

    woo. yeah. freedom. etc.

    I’m glad as gun owners that we are all pigeon holed as angry, anti-societal, backwoods loving hillbillies with a penchant for mildy simplistic country music filled with hyperbolic rhetoric and needlessly emotive messages- and in Mr. Lee’s case – vagrancy and unlicensed explosives.

    Not that I wish to denegrate Mr. Lee’s declaration of firearm retention – but he will give up his gun the same way we all do – with 14 heavily armed SWAT officers kicking down his door at 5am.

    Then again, I could be completely wrong and only a musical tribute such as this can assuage the anti-gunners of the world. After all, it worked in Family Guy when Brian and Stewie wanted to legalize pot.

  • I have personally stood in front of Parliament house as an American working overseas, and feel sorry for the Australian people. That there rights have been forfeited for the “greater good”

  • Graham

    Hahaha! I love the cardboard Obama near the end.

  • Aleksandr Mravinsky

    Good song. Reminds me a bit of Flogging Molly (especially some of their stuff from “Float On”).

  • Hmmm…. somewhat inclined to concurr with Mr Spudgun’s point there. “I Like Guns” was a great little ditty, but this latest effort just perpetuates the stereotype. Maybe its just that awful Aussie accent (I’m a Kiwi so I’m naturally biased against Aussies).

    The Aussie gun laws were similar to ours but people have allowed them to become more draconian. Our laws aren’t the most liberal, but LAB’s can own firearms for collections and recreational use in NZ. Not, however for self defence.

    Good to see that the Irish (of all people) are starting to get a clue though–98813794.html

  • “gunner”

    here’s another, by joe bethancourt, an arizona boy. you might also want to look up leslie fish, “lock and load”

  • “gunner”

    and another from joe bethancourt, “me and my .30-06”

  • “gunner”

    i don’t usually “advertise” on other folk’s blogs, but the link below is to leslie fish’s website and her album “lock and load” mainly “second amendment” songs, i think y’all might enjoy at least some of them.

  • Sam

    Love the HK Shirt <3

  • Josh

    This guy is embarrassing. These songs are terrible – stupid, simple, and juvenile. I’m sure the anti-gun crowd can get a real kick out of watching this guy and saying, “Look here, that’s your typical gun owner.” I, for one, am ashamed. Add to that the fact that this guy doesn’t seem to have any talent for singing whatsoever. It’s just awful.

  • Phil

    Spudgun I don’t know what video you saw I saw a music clip that talks about all the restrictions have been put on us here in Australia by a bloke that has lived through them. and remember it is just a song!!! and if you lived in Australia you would understand more about what he is talking about in that song..

    FYI Steve is a Licensed Pyrotechnician so I don’t know where you got that info about unlicensed info from.

  • SpudGun

    @Phil –

    The unlicensed explosives comment is from the actual lyrics of his song where he laments the fact that private Austrailian citizens aren’t allowed to set off fireworks anymore. Then he shows ‘private citizens’ setting off fireworks.

    Now that you’ve told me that he is a licensed Pyro, the credibility of that scene in the video is now worthless.

    ‘Woo! I’m an anti-governemnt anarchist rebel! – Licensed and bonded by the state, do you want to see my paperwork?’

  • sledgemeister

    No but an ounce of common sense would be a welcome change.

  • Big Daddy

    I thought it was a bit funny until the over the top political statements, Benny Hill type ending and shot of a Obama who has proven to NOT have an agenda against gun ownership. If he did I would be the first to say so.

  • subase

    Even if he is a licensed pyrotechnician it’s irrelevant since what he is doing is obviously illegal. In my view he is doing that overseas just like in his other videos, where he does things that are illegal in Australia, in other countries.

    The song is more of a lament than political song or video, and is comic at it’s most serious. (john howard shows up jogging)

    Police here have a 50% clearance rate so he’d be caught and fined or worse if he attempted to do any of this stuff in Australia.

    And when he sings ‘I’ll keep my guns’ it just means what most people did when John Howard instigated a gun buyback scheme. They just refused to sell their guns back and kept them illegally, hidden away somewhere obviously.

  • Awesome, that guy rocks ! (should watch his trigger discipline though :D)

  • This is simply brilliant…he’s got my support and a good many others as well…if we join him…maybe they’ll give up the chase !!!

  • Sam Suggs

    I thoguht gun not politics

  • Sam Suggs

    but just the awsomeness

  • Sam Suggs

    I hate firework reglations too as natural selelection and all