Roedale Chassis System II

German company Roedale Precision unveiled a nifty new stock system for the Howa M1500, Tikka T3 and Remington 700 rifle actions at the IAW 2010 expo. It features a massive milled aluminum block for bedding the action.

If anyone has photos of this stock from IWA 2010, please send them though.

[ Many thanks to snmp for posting the link in the comments. ]

UPDATE: Many thanks to Jules to sending me this photo of the stock system. That is one massive hunk of aluminum!

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  • Marc

    You can ask Pete Roedale himself info [at] roedale [dot] de. I’m sure he’ll be happy to tell you all about it.

  • SpudGun

    It looks a lot like an AI Chassis without the thumbhole. I do like the finger grooves on the forearm though, very tribal and ethnic chic.

  • Other Steve

    I know it’s just a 3D model I’m looking at, but I see a lot of aics influence there. I hope someone has finally decided to out out do them, they might actually get their product into 2010.

    I’m in the market so I’ll keep an eye on this.

  • Alan

    Thats awful angular looking.

  • MrMaigo

    Isn’t that… um… Accuracy International’s standard stock without the thumb hole?

    The finger groves might help some people, I guess

  • Ladyfox

    Now if only someone would design a system for the M700 that would convert it to use AR-15 magazines instead of Mini-14 mags and not cost a fortune. I mean, really, how hard is it in order to come up with a rifle that looks like this one:

  • Groot Mamba

    I met Pete at IWA 2010. Really nice person to talk to. They have some interesting products

    • Groot, haven’t seen you on the blog for a while, welcome back!

  • Other Steve

    Ladyfox, no one uses m16 mags in a bolt action for a really good reason. They don’t feed at all by hand! They were designed to be forced out into he chamber by a semi bolt, same for the intended feed ramps. That’s why the best mags for bolt guns are expensive AI mags, they were designed completely different. Becareful what you wish for!

    A note about the stock itself, I’ll pass. The designer seems to have had visions of true 3D milling but ended up with a 2.5D part, learn some surfacing and how to run your cnc the. Try again please. AI certainly needs some competition!

  • JoeB

    Thats way to similar to AI’s standard stock for the L96. It looks really cool. I cant wait to see what a rifle would look like in this sucker

  • Ladyfox

    Other Steve,

    I know there are some flaws with my dream bolt-action but, darn it, does not mean I’d like like one any less. Besides, I’d really like a 5.56 companion to one of these that I’m saving up to get eventually:

    Sure it’s silly but, hey, aren’t all gun nuts a little crazy? -_^

  • Other Steve,

    the 3d is the plastic side pannels. the chassis is not meant to be 3d, its a simple slab sided chassis just like the AICS and AI AW chassis.
    The plastic covers the alloy chassis.

    We’ve been marketing the RCS now using AICS sidepannels, buttpads and cheek for the Tikka T3 and Howa 1500 for about 18months and we can’t keep enough in stock to keep up with orders due to the supply from AI bieng patchy. Thats why we decided to go it alone and re design the side pannels to end up with a totaly upgraded stock. We added Remington 700 to the line up and will be adding others soon.
    The RCS II side pannels shown above are almost ready to go. We should then be selling them as fast as we can make them.
    We also introduced a new chassis system at teh IWA called the Raptor.
    Thanks for your interest guys.