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  • fred johnson

    A possible future option is a picatinny rail?

    Now that’s funny. đŸ˜€

  • JKEverett

    This is the sort of thing that screams “ban me” to gun-grabbers. What purpose does a single shot palm pistol serve? Self defense? You would want more than one round… Collectors piece? That’s a stretch. Assassinations / murder? An incredibly easy case to make…

    Still a neat concept, but I’m afraid it’s just more ammunition for the anti-gun folks.

  • Bryan S

    The intended user is a handicapped person who cannot use a typical pistol. It isn’t the first derringer type pistol, nor will it be the last.

    The thought that the only use for these things is that of an assassination device should make you think of why you only thought of that use.

  • Robert Dolan

    Now if they could make it fully-automatic with a 24 round drum, I think it would sell.

  • subase

    Yeah it’s a good idea but it’s more a scare device than an actual man stopper, but definitely better than nothing. A gun is gun, no matter how crap.

    Hope it works properly.

  • tom

    i really don’t understand why anyone would want to produce this gun. there was a palm pistol back in the 50’s, by chicago gun works that was similar and was 5 shot. why the hell would a handicapped person want a single shot gun? what if you miss with the one and only shot and just piss off the BG more. hell you cant even use that piece of plastic as a blunt force weapon.
    will make a nice collectible when they go bankrupt.

  • subase

    This device is basically a “hey bad guy listen to this! (fires gun), you see I have a gun! better get lost! or else!”

    In that role it’s great. They should have a included a magazine though, it could have been top loading so the spring could have been very weak so weak people could reload it. But I guess the weapon is made for the very very physically weak and it needed to be as light as possible.

    Magazine reloading could be made an option though, so people who can lift 5 more cartridges can choose to have a gun that actually stands a change of actually being useful in combat. (it would be equivalent then in firepower to a 6 shot revolver.)

  • subase

    I think a better solution than this almost useless gun would have been a trigger puller device. or ‘Palm Pistol Holder’.

    A polymer device could have been made that held a pistol and actuated and multiplied the force on the triggers of S&W revolvers and pocket automatic pistols. Polymer inner frames accommodating different models of pistols could cheaply be made.

    Sure the gun wouldn’t be as light as this one, but if the person is as weak as this gun assumes, then they wouldn’t be holding the gun up and at most would have it rested on their leg while sitting down or more likely on the arm rest of their wheelchair. This would also allow TWO HANDED holding of the pistol thereby multiplying the strength of the person by 2.

    Then you would have a reloadable (if you use an auto) and much higher capacity pistol, that stands a chance of actually stopping someone and is not just a scare device.

  • Cymond

    “What purpose does a single shot palm pistol serve? Self defense? You would want more than one round… Collectors piece? That’s a stretch. Assassinations / murder?”

    I’m amazed at how many people decry this as being useless dues to having 1 shot and no sights, and then jumping to assassinations (see previous threads on the palm pistol). It seems like a bit of a contradiction.

  • junyo

    I can see this being an effective “last ditch” weapon. Dead nuts simple, shot placement isn’t an issue because there’s a high probability it’s going to be in contact with the target, and .38 Spl is more than enough to stop someone.

    The problem is the single shot, because after that one shot you are well and proper fucked if there’s more than one assailant. If it’s >1 on 1, taking one out of the fight right up front (hopefully) helps, but the target user has zero chance in a grapple, and it’s not like it’s quick to reload. And showing it is going to have zero deterrent value, since by going outside of the normal gun profile nobody will know what it is (‘What’s that, an ocarina?’), which means if they don’t believe that you have a gun, no ammo for a warning shot (not that I believe in warning shots) so you’re going to have to shoot someone. Not sure why with that body size you couldn’t get a second barrel in, which would make it much more useful. With those limitations, not sure why a tip-down barrel derringer wouldn’t be a better choice for almost anyone.

  • romi aut

    I think the main advantege of a self defensive gun is the speed (or short time) to de-holster (and grip) and the speed to aim also.
    So if you had no training or manual instructio0n for one of these, i think it wouldnt be worth to take it with you.