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  • clamp

    I bet a billion dinaris that he has a can of tactical bacon on his rig to use as an “unclean” grenade.

  • ericire12

    Now in all fairness….. tacti-fool is still relatively new to the Iraqis. I say let them have their fun!

  • subase

    Speaking for myself, I am far too closely related to the mall ninja mentality to make fun of them. But everyone else go right ahead.

  • AP

    IN CODMW2, i raff at how the SCAR supposedly inflicts more damage than the M14.

  • Varena

    is that an ak103 with a 74drum and a pso scope with m4LEstock??!
    what regiment could that guy be in with his black ACU…
    ahaha! old skol handcuffs

  • Chairman Mow

    Heh. Do all Iraqi’s have so much range-bling on their AK’s ? Wow.

    Lets see:

    Drum mag-Check
    Flashlight-Check, Check ( two ??)
    Forend pistol grip-Check
    6 Pos AR stock -Check (Question: How did they attach it ?)
    Tactical sling-Check

    I’m sure hes a pro, but he looks like one of the posers at my local range.

  • How much gear does one really need on their rifle?

  • CMathews

    That looks to be an Iraqi translator that is with an American fire team. They wear masks to conceal their identity often times. Because that is an ak variant with a 75 rd drum and all kinds of tacticool goodies.

  • Lance

    Now that a AK-47 with more crap on it then needed! LOL

  • Bill

    So you are alluding to the “policeman’s” backward magazine on his AK? But.. he’s got trigger discipline though.

  • greasyjohn

    That is the most tacticool rifle I’ve ever seen fielded.

  • M, Norway.

    Is that a Ak74 or a Akm?
    Now to my other question, how the hell did that Hajji get the money for all that tacticool?
    I mean, Mil std. 1913-rail systems are pricey, even for an Ak, aren’t they?
    Maybe he’s some sort of iraqi commando, but then again, what kind of idiots puts commando’s on static security in downtown Bagdad?

  • jdun1911

    The Iraqi military forces have transition to the AR platform few years back.

    About what Tam posted on her blog. It’s been a while 10 to 15 years that I’ve been on a public range but I doubt much has changed. There are some very stupid people on public range.

    For an example: Outdoor public range.

    Guy is around 250lbs and 6 feet 3 inches shooting an AK-47. Big guy and he shouldn’t have much difficulty controlling the muzzle right? He double tapped, first shot down the range, second shot up in the air. Lucky there was concrete barriers that prevented it from flying off miles. This happened more than I like.

    Here is another one: Outdoor public range.

    Guy bought his entire gun collection into the range. 30 some firearms. It took him a long time to setup. Dragging all those firearms and ammo from his car to the firing line took some effort. Then he spent hours talking to people at the range. He probably had 30 minutes shooting out of about 5 hours. What a waste of range time.

  • Redchrome

    If they’re all Tapco parts they don’t cost that much. 🙂

    Seriously tho, Tapco does make a halfway decent collapsible stock for the AK. Maybe not as heavy-duty as the Ace ones; but it does work.

  • me

    I light of the fact that this Iraqi’s daily routine involves dodging IED’s, snipers and house clearing and bad guy hunting with the the attendant surprises, I cant bring myself to make any mall ninja comments about his kit. If it works for him, gives him confidence in handling any situation, more power to him.

    Cant blame him for emulating the Western soldiers look, no matter if it does come off a bit “rough”. Im sure their perception of U.S. soldiers and their gear has a bit of wow factor to it.

  • Rattlesnake

    I wonder how much fog he has inside the lenses with walking all that stuff.

  • mr_lorenco (REPUBLIC OF KOSOVA PRISHTINA 10000)

    folck loock at the pictures that is not an AK its an SKS with a modyfied ak drum mag

  • subase

    Just putting it out there, but that looksw like a Mini 14.
    Now THAT would be tacticool.

  • mjr lorenco _(republic of kosovo)

    you”re right
    but they dont have enough money for mini-14 :A

  • Beau

    I dig the pinky ring.

  • gyrfalcon

    “Firearms not Politics”…

  • Iraq Ninja

    He is certainly not a translator for the mil, since they normally wear ACU and are not armed. He clothing denotes that he is part of the Iraqi Police, most likely one of the SWAT teams or TSU. The handcuffs are another indication that he is police. It is their favorite bling to wear.

    The fact that he has an NVG mount, and not a regular white light on his helmet again points to SWAT. Regular police wear a white light to help during vehicle searches, etc.

  • AK™



    sweat much?

  • subase

    Well if he’s Iraqi swat then he has every right to look ninja mallish. He’s not mexico swat otherwise he’d be packing a C-mag.

    The Mini 14 can be accurized quite well and is just as light as the AR. Also the AR would no doubt be in very high demand seeing as it’s the ‘super rifle’ of the American’s. Or maybe the Iraqi government thought it would be bad PR to equip their police/swat with the same rifle as the occupying foreign army.

  • gyrfalcon

    “NEEDS MOAR GEAR!!! lol. sweat much?” — AK™

    Sweating is not kool.

  • Darwin

    GWB brought death, destruction, more dictatorship, and an Iran leaning government to Iraq.

  • Darwin … aptly named!

  • Alaskan

    and Darwin had a theory of evolution…moving along.

    I think that guy needs a pouch on the other mag or flashlight carrier? fo’ shame.

  • jdun1911


    You have been brainwashed.

    1. Iraqi can vote.
    2. Iraqi majority are not gassed to death.
    3. Iraq is becoming more Western.

    Freedom always come with a heavy priced. You have to fight and die for your freedom. It’s not an entitlement or a handout.

  • jdun1911

    One last thing majority of Iraqi view George Bush as a hero, especially the Kurds.

    Iraqi bleed so their children could be free.

  • Zach

    What the hell is that black think of the right side of his helmet?

  • Zach