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  • Argie

    Not so much on the engraving, but those grips look sweet.

  • Mike

    Sadly it is to my taste. Is it so wrong to want at least one over the top ornamental gun? I even liked the Benito Juarez 1911 you had earlier.

  • SpudGun

    The engraving is so strange and random, that I thought I was looking at a heavily scratched revolver at first.

    I’ve always considered the SP101 to be a ‘beater’, a good truck / boat / toolbox gun that you could stash somewhere for emergencies. Seeing it ‘duded’ up just seems wrong.

    Oh well, maybe the same people who spend $60,000 blinging up a Chevy Pick Up will be the same who buy this Ruger.

  • btr

    The wood grips look very nice.

  • David


  • Martin

    The engraving looks like etching in that photo.

    I’ve never liked Ruger’s grips.

  • M.B.Wolf

    Ruger has always been a gun you could count on no matter what you had done to it and the 101 is a good example. By far not the prettiest but a good working gun no less. I know I used to have one till the times got a little ruff and had to sell it. But as far as the scrolling goes seems a little to much, maybe they should of just kind of high lighted it but the grip are what sets it off to me.

  • MS Smith

    I’m not much for engraving either but I like it. I’m with MB Wolf as they coulda been a little more reserved. I’m partial to the SP101 anyway as I carry one every day. 2.25 DAO.
    Yes they are working guns. Yes they are built like safes but I don’t think i’d go as far as calling them “beater guns”. No they aren’t as refined as others but to blue collar guys like me, a 500.00 gun is a weeks pay and something we’re quite proud of. We love em and care for em as some would care for their 3000.00 custom 1911’s. Just a thought.

  • David/Sharpie

    Oh man that looks cool.

    BUT I’m Canadian, barrel is too short, can’t own it.

  • i liked the 901 as soon as i saw it ..also the 22 well..the special edition looks really neat..a lot of $$$$$..grip looks different as well…the problem i have with the ss901 is that ,my baby finger and the finger above it sort of hang off the i,m not allowad to get a full grip on the piece and thus on firing it could fly out mof my probably have to get a different grip either caliber ..lots of shooting calibers to choose from..thats why o bought the blackhawk3pin..