Convert Stinger Missile Case into Rifle Case

Any case good enough for a $100,000 stinger missile is probably good enough to protect a rifle! Accurate Shooter tells us how to convert a surplus $200 String Missile case into a rifle case.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse

    I want to see the look on the face of airport security when someone brings there rifle in this thing.

  • Todd

    Me wants!

  • Henry

    That has to be the best rifle case i have ever seen. I would do it if I had the money.

  • 7.62 mm Soldier

    As a soldier who has used both 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm ammunition operationally, I cannot agree with this presentation. It is an insult to those who have died in Afghanistan because their 5.56 mm weapons could not engage the Taliban on equal terms. There is significant fact-based data which shows that 5.56 mm lethality falls off dramatically after 300 metres. It is fine up to 200 metres in a PDW, but let’s not pretend that this a general purpose military caliber. In the final analysis, the re-adoption of 7.62 mm weapons says everything.

  • Lance

    Some like this would have been shipped to Afghanistan in the 1980s. lot a history with these.

  • There’s a dealer in Beatty Nevada that has a bunch of these… and every other military case and box there is.

  • c. trapp

    …must resist urge to act like a pedantic douchebag…

    But gentlemen, if you are looking for “String Missiles”:

    (Although I’m sure that both models provide quite a sting)

    My apologies, trapp

  • Those suckers are pretty heavy.

  • Dan

    I would like to keep it simple on the side. (kiss) the inside would be a different story. this would be a show case for your two favorte SPR. Possibly the interior to look like an musical case.
    My $.02

  • mario pavoni

    Sipping inItaly is possible?Tanks