1x Scopes

Shooting Illustrated has posted an article written by Steve Adelmann about the latest in 1x, 1.1x and 1.5x zoom scopes.

While passing through Leupold’s booth at the SHOT Show in January, I noticed crowds gathering around several CQBSS scopes on display. The company’s new optic is user-friendly, and its tactically appealing features were generating much buzz. For example, the zoom function is handled by the entire ocular bell. There’s no need to apply gorilla strength to a small ring.

The article is well worth reading.

Earlier this gun blogger Say Uncle wrote about wrote about the 1x scope he purchased …

The concept of a 1-4x always intrigued me but I never really bought one or shot one. I reasoned that pros would be that it is suitable at 1x for close work with both eyes open and for a wide field of view. The center portion of the German #4 reticle seems to function adequately has a red dot for fast target acquisition.

I love low powered scopes 🙂

Steve Johnson

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  • We used to use 1x scope for muzzle loaders while deer hunting in Wisconsin (that is all that was legal to maintain the art of muzzleoading. We used to refer to it as the cross-hair tube!

  • MJM

    I’m glad you posted this. Great article you cited to.

    For those of us who are not snipers, I hope to see more of the fine combat optics offered in 2x.

    It used to be that a “scope” meant magnification. Now, top trainers like Pat Rogers recommend for our young soldiers going into close combat the 1x Aimpoint, giving the soldier the advantage of maximum field of view and an optic that does not distort or change what you see with the naked eye. The soon-to-be-shot enemy remains the same size instead of ballooning all out of proportion as the troop puts the red dot on him.

    But, I find as I get older that just a little magnification sharpens things up–clarifies what is no longer quite so clear otherwise. I have mounted a 1.5x–4.5 x and I do not find that going from unaided to 1.5x or 2x at close-range throws me off. Granted, I’ve not been called on to kill anyone using 2x; hopefully, I will never have to validate my little experiment that way. For 200 to 300 yds, then the 4.5x comes in handy with a twist of the wrist. But, I know my relatively cheap scope is not adequate for combat and many far more experienced than I endorse the collimator red-dots as superior to the telescope’s cross-hairs.

    So, your post and article are really interesting to me.

    If they ever put out the Aimpoint Micro T-1 in 2x, I am going to be hit up for some serious bucks–must have, must have. (No, I don’t want to spend the extra money, mount the extra weight, and fiddle with the 3x magnifier.)

  • Vincent

    Kruger Optical has a scope that flips between being a 1x reflex sight, and a 2-8×40 scope, in one unit.


  • larry weeks

    for cranking the magnification the three gunners have come up with speed levers. They clamp around the magnification ring and have a lever sticking out. Check MGM targets and R& R targets, both make them.

  • drewogatory

    I use the Leupold 1 x 4 shotgun scopes with the turkey plex reticles on AR’s all the time. Cheap,small and rugged. No illumination though.

  • Lance

    I’m still a fan of a 4x ACOG with a doctor sight red dot on top this is just right for combat. Theirs no need to fiddle with your scope then.

  • Jason

    I’ve been intrigued by this type of scope since the say I saw a picture of a Army dude with a Schmidt and Bender short dot on a HK416 about a year ago.


    I picked up a cheap Barska 1.5 – 4.5x for about $100 and was very happy with the way it worked. Since then I have owned a Millett DMS-1(also great for the money) and now a Trijicon Accupoint 1-4×24. I don’t shoot anything bigger than a .223 carbine and have found this type of scope to be the most versatile for the distances I tend to shoot.

  • tom


    vortex has the 2x doubler that simply attaches to the optic on their red dots…

  • DavidR

    The 1.5x ACOGs are amazingly versatile (and light!)

  • drewogatory

    Well, yeah but $1800 vs. $200 doesn’t make alot of sense if your life isn’t on the line. I sure don’t need an ACOG to pot hogs with my Beowulf or run stages with my three gun. The turkey plex reticle is a ring surrounding a crosshair, it functions much like a red dot. You do need to add a speed lever if you want to switch resolutions quickly however. And mine has seen probably 2k rounds of Beowulf alone and never shifts zero.

  • Pete

    I am not a fan of iron sights on most long guns. Red dots and low powered scopes for me!

  • Last year I picked up my first low power scope, a Millett DMS-1, to put on a brush gun for coyote hunting. It sits on a Savage chambered in 17 Remington. At first I did NOT like the low magnification but I must say it is growing on me. Target acquisition is quick on a fast moving target. I’ve since grown to appreciate a low powered scope on the right platform.