California Grizzlies 2010 High Power Clinic Video

Tony just came back from a week of marksmanship training alongside the California Grizzlies, the junior team that defeated the Army Marksmanship Team and won the National Infantry Trophy Team Match (aka Rattle Battle) last year.

He spent one of those days creating a video of their training activities. It is very interesting and very well made. I recommend clicking though to YouTube and watching it in 720p HD.

Steve Johnson

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  • Redchrome

    Interesting to see mag changes done with ‘bullet buttons’.

    Also cool to see the girl at the beginning of the video shooting the M14 left-handed.

    • Redchrome, ah, thats whats going on. I wondered what they were messing around with.

  • shockfish08

    Thats insanely tough stuff man, I mean doing long range work with iron sights. I guess everyone on that team doesn’t have any eye problems 😉