ATI FX45 Series 1911 pistols

American Tactical Imports is importing a series of 1911 pistols made by Shooters Arms Manufacturing in the Philippines.

The ATI FX Military weighs 2.31 lbs. and is 8.5” long. The 1911 has a 5” barrel, all steel parts, a matte black military front and rear site, a military slide stop and safety lock, solid mahogany grips, 8+1 magazine capacity and a MSRP of $449.95. This single-action, semi-automatic pistol is compatible with many different brands of 1911 magazine.

The ATI FX GI weighs 2 lbs., is 7.9” long and has a 4.25” barrel. This gun has all steel parts, a matte black military front and rear site, a military slide stop and safety lock, 8+1 magazine capacity, solid mahogany grips, and a MSRP of $449.95. The FX GI, like the FX Military, is a single-action, semi-automatic pistol and is compatible with many different brands of 1911 magazine.

ATI FX Military

The ATI FX Thunderbolt weighs 2.4 lbs. and is 8.7” long with a 5” barrel. It sports chrome steel parts, a picatinny rail, 8+1 magazine capacity, mahogany, textured grips, and white dot LPA Bomar sights. The MSRP is $699.95.

ATI FX Thunderbolt

Both the ATI FX Titan Blue and the ATI FX Titan Stainless weigh 1.76 lbs. and are 6.9” long. The Titans have 3.13” barrels, low profile rear sights, dovetail Front sites, two-stage recoil spring systems, military slide stops and safety locks, 7+ 1 magazine capacity, and mahogany grips. The FX Titan Stainless has all chrome steel parts. The Titan Blue has a MSRP of $519.95 and the Titan Stainless is listed at $599.95.

ATI FX Titan Stainless
ATI FX Titan Blue

Steve Johnson

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  • red

    nice. 1911 is the best specialy remington’s 1911a1 rand. classic.

  • SpudGun

    woo. more 1911 clones. woo.

  • Todd

    If the street price comes in at a more attractive price than the MSRP then these pistols may be very popular.

  • AP

    I’m buying the blue compact as a beater / experiment. Rock Island had a following, for sure. I’ll be curious to see how it stacks up against my Para which has given me nothing but grief. I have a optimistic feeling this little gun will hold her own. If not, I’ll make room for another paperweight.

  • Jim

    $500 for something that cheap looking?

  • Other Steve

    Do these seem awfully high priced for asain 1911 clones? I mean, I know, where can you get a 1911 these days, but still, this is ATI, importers of cheap fun weapons.

    I would drop the cash on a Remington 10:1 over this.

  • Kurgen99

    Doesn’t seem much cheaper than a Springfield to buy something from the P.I.??

  • Lance

    Me want the Thunderbolt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4Cammer

    I’d rather get a Springfield as that is a known commodity. Not too crazy about the SA being from Brazil, but I am guessing (and it is only my guess) that the forgings used are better than those from the PI.

  • jdun1911

    Philippines manufactures makes very good 1911. They are in the 1911 business almost as long as the USA. Some of their 1911 are close to the original than the US version.

    I believe a few top of the line US 1911 makers (STI, S&W, etc) outsource it to the Philippines.

  • 4Cammer

    S&W outsources 1911 production? You have a source on that?

  • jdun1911

    Try google.

    I think the Philippines still use the 1911 as their standard sidearm.

  • mastersooty

    I just purchased the FX 45 Military.
    I will be picking it up Monday, or sometime during that week. I will go ahead and post my findings on the fit, feeling and function of the gun when I take it to the range.

    Price after tax was 414$

  • mastersooty

    Ok. So a brief review:

    Picked up the FX45 military from the gun store. Took it straight into the range. Bought the cheapest ammo the store had on sale. PMC Bronze Ammo. 230 Grain FMJ.

    First of all, the gun fits together very nicely. Everything is solid, there are no loose parts, and no noises when you shake the gun around. It was very, very greasy when I took it out of the box. The slide racks back with a decent amount of effort (ive never used a 1911 before), and I noticed it takes a lot more force to cock it than with a glock or a springfield xd, etc.

    The accuracy out of the box was great. The trigger pull is short and crisp, and it doesnt travel very far at all. Trigger control with this gun is a breeze. The gun, being all steel and and wood grips, is heavier than i’m used to, but its still very comfortable, and the long, sturdy barrel definitely helps control the .45.

    Not a huge fan of the sights, but i’ll get used to them pretty fast. They are easy to use and accurate (non adjustable), but they are just different than ones im used to.

    Magazine capacity, 8 rounds. I’m used to using a much higher magazine capacity, but I have never owned a .45 – it seems that with the accuracy of this gun I shouldnt really need 8 shots.

    Throughout the 50 rounds I shot, I had one failure to feed. It was the last bullet through my third magazine, so shot number 24/50. The round failed to feed, so i withdrew the magazine and reracked the weapon, the bullet fell out the magazine well. Not sure what caused this, perhaps limp wristing, as i’ve never used a .45, still not sure.

    Other than the 1 failure to feed, which may be due to shooter error, I found this gun to be a very solid shooter. It seems to have been put together with excellent quality control, and the pieces are snug with no rattling or movement noticeable. It is accurate and the recoil is easily manageable. For the price of 415$, it really is hard to beat.

    4.5 / 5 stars

  • I have the pleasure of owning several SAM weapons. I have been fortunate enough to compare these guns on the range with many other guns. Here are my comments:
    X9 -9mm -My first gun from the PI. This little baby has less than desirable sights but good barrel and surprisingly accurate for a 4”. It is what is -a fun toy. Note this gun does NOT like reloads.
    M1911 Military-.45cal -My second SAM Inc. pistol and a real work horse! I have had this gun for 10 months and fired 3000 rounds through it. Dead on accurate from the start and sports a strong recoil spring and nice fit frame to slide. I have had it to the gunsmith a couple of times to lighten up the trigger and remove slack and in the end I had the front sight filed down to a half moon with a total height of 3mm to suite my shooting style. Never a FTF or FTE. I find this to be superior quality to the Springfield.
    THUNDERBOLT -.45cal -My latest. I happen to know these are laser bore sighted from the factory and mine hit right out of the box! So far I am very impressed with the Italian made rear LPA adjustable sight and dove tail front white dot sight. I like the wide serrations and I am particularly fond of the pic rail frame allowing me to accessorize with a LED flashlight. I have not fired this as much but I am very happy with it so far. I did have my gunsmith take it down to a trigger pull of 3lbs as it must have been about 5lbs out of the box. I compare the quality fit and finish of this pistol to Kimber’s priced much higher.

    These guns from the Philippines are a lot of bang for the buck in my opinion.


  • DSW

    I just got the Titan from a gun shop. It was heavier than expected, the finish looks better than you would expect at this price range. Nothing rattles when you shake the gun.
    I took it to the range right the way. The trigger is relatively short and light for a factory gun.
    The only thing I dun like about it is that I may need to file at least half the front sight away so that I can hit something. I may just be stupid enough to put a Tasco optima on this compact 1911 to save myself some work.

  • tj

    Thinking of picking up a compact once they become easier to find. I already own a Rock Island 1911A1 that has worked like a dream for the 4 years and 2,000+ rounds I’ve put through it so I only have the best things to say about PI produced pistols.

  • Hi DSW you might try filing 1mm of the front sight first =) Any more feedback now that you have had the Titan a few weeks?

  • tony bennett

    Just bought a 4.25″ FX .45…quality is very nice, didn’t find any toolmarks. Fit is nice and tight, shoots tight groups, just need to drift the rear sight to the rt to center the aimpoint. Fired 100-rnds of 230-gr FMJ..on rnd #100, the firing pin stop dropped out. Not broken, but my gunsmith will need to secure it. My question is: it will not feed the JHP of two different brands, both have similar nose profile, and I need to hear from anyone out there who had the same problem but has found a brand of JHP that feeds well with this .45. I bought it as a carry gun and need to stoke it with JHP. Right now, I’m stuck with roundnose-type bullets. Help!!

  • David

    Hi Tony:

    Is the ramp on your GI model polished?

  • Robb

    Hornady works in my fx gi. I don’t know why your having problems

  • Cheap 1911 for sure, looking to purchase my first one. Ive gotta say fellas being in the machining trade and in manufacturing for 13 yrs, for the money, and what ive seen out there, the compact Titan is tight! Ive handled it extensively and poured over it….Im leary of not buying from the great machine shops in the states like in yonkers new york my home state where I believe kimber is the standard…i will own a kimber one day to be sure, but it wont be any time soon! Im too cheap! Damn it,… I bought the PI clone anyway! two aquantances have purchased this same gun and they grin from ear to ear when they talk about it. Like its the secret steal of the 1911 market! when I pick this thing up I will abuse the hell out of it and then post my results and give this thing a grade.

    Tony bennet.. I thought long before sudgesting u this but here goes,..make sure that there is no overlap between the primary and the secondary feed ramp the when the slide is all the way back also push back on the barrel when the slide is back…you wanna make sure the gun is empty when u do this. lol!..if when you do this and there is an overlap. You will find ball nose is all you will be able to use, and probably not very reliable. Sometimes, not often a polish isnt enough. I have fixed this problem in a Horse puncher piece of junk of 45. Llama minimax, by modifiying the angle on the secondary feed ramp 7deg and milling .015 inch off…then polishing the ramp and chamber to a 8 finish on our profilometer!.. my buddy called me damn near in tears cause his gun now divowers any and all ammo, no feed issues after 700 rounds. I AM NOT A GUNSMITH. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DEFINATELY WANT TO BOUNCE OF A PROFESSIONAL GUN SMITH.
    Or just send the thing back to the manufacturer with a detailed description of your problem.
    Good luck buddy, hope you can get the thing to run any and all jhp’s!

  • I have the FX45 Titan in stainless…

    OMG… this thing is SUPERB…. no tool marks anywhere that I can find and I have looked it over with a fine tooth comb.

    This gun is “sick” accurate right out of the box… shoot perfect to poa…

    An all steel gun.. no MIM parts… it doesn’t get much better than this… I think some high end manufacturers should take a hard look at this gun… it’s better than my kimber compact….

    I’m impressed and looking for another, but none of my local gun shops have one.


  • tony bennett

    Update on earlier query…my smith polished and slightly adjusted the feed ramp, and my ATI .45 (4.25 bbl) now feeds JHP just fine. Just need to find a low-snag rear site with night sights that fits the rear dovetail without overlapping the hammer.

  • OMG! I have a kimber eclipse II ultra, and I bought this ATI Titan 3.18″ bbl
    I asked myself why in the H-ll did I buy this Kimber? This Titan accepted everything I ran through with extreme accuracy. My Kimber is up for sale, cause I want another Titan in stainless steel, plus some of my money back for buying a kimber. At 10 ft shooting at the DFW gun range, I put four fmj in the same hole, and popped the number 5 in the right hand corner 3x smack in the center. I will carry mine until the day I die, or the goverment pry it from my dead hands! When I buy this stainless version Titan, I will never buy another gun in my life, I have what I want, and need! I rate this gun

    A+++ 4 1/2 stars out of 5 because it’s a copy!

  • Bought a stainless tonight in .45.
    Had a Rock Island that I loved, but traded it away to a friend.
    Very nice clean piece with a seemingly well built construction.

  • Bill A

    Gentlemen, dimensions on the FX Titan please !!

  • Guess what? I took my Titan 1911 out in a field somewhere out in the middle of nowhere! I put up some cans, and some small target’s, well in the middle of shooting, I pointed down at the ground, and capped off a Hydro-shok round, and it left a enorrmous huge hole in the earth. I thought for a minute, I killed mother earth! I immediately got down on my knees, and started praying, then looked down, and I seen the Devil laying in the middle of his layer with a big-azz hole in his red tail, He ( The Devil) then looked up at me and said “you shot my mole off my butt” I then smiled cause I finally found the meaning of Hole-E-Mole-E!

  • Universal Gun Shop

    I own a gun shop, I have sold 3 FX pistols and two came back for repair after the first shoot. ATI has never contacted me back for the repair. In good faith I fixed myself parts and labor free of charge for my customer. I will no longer carry this pistol in my store, not worth the money if there is no customer service.

  • You know some people will go to links just to still nuts from a squirrels!
    We are not at war with the Philippines, that war has been over since WWII!
    Me and three other friends went to the DFW gun range in Dallas, Texas
    I sold Frankie my Kimber eclispe Ultra, and we where also shooting a Para SlimHawg. The truth, I thought that Kimber would blow up! It didn’t, we ran two boxes of ammo FMJ 230 grain winchester rounds a piece through them. That Kimber ran hot, burning Frankie hands, that Para slim hawg, worked just fine, when we got to the second half of box two, we were still shooting my, Titan! Now I’m not critisizing you, sir with much respect to you, I’ll put my ATI up against yours any day, I’m not saying ATI is perfect, but I’ve had problems with my ex-Kimber from the begining when I had purchased it. And that is another reason why I sold it! No gun is perfect, it’s just when you want it to do what you need it to do, is it reliable! One of the Glock’s 40 s& w had problems with the slide catch in the rear, they recalled it, and replaced it, problem, no more. My ATI works really, really well, shoot mines!
    What ever problem you had, you fixed it, now why would you sent it back?
    Send me all of you ATI stock, I’ll give you my ffl no. and all that you need!
    I am not going to laugh at you, no not one bit. ATI to me is a Colt / Kimber / STI / Para / etc…. to you! My e-mail is wait for you! Have a Good day!

  • DM

    I narrowed my next 1911 purchase down to the ATI FX Military and the FX Thunderbolt. Does anyone have an opinion if they think the Thunderbolt is worh the extra $225 over the Miltary? Any information about your experiences with either firearm would be greatly appreciated.
    I have owned a few Colt 1911’s in the past manufactured from 1918 to 1991. I must admit I prefer the trigger on the pre 80 series minus the firing pin safety.

    Thank You

  • cesar

    guys… im on the fence here..ati titan or bersa ultra compact 45. dont know much about pistols other than ive had my glock 17 since 1993 and had 0 problems . I would purchase another in 45 cal but glock is just to dam bulky and wide for concealment. plus ive wanted a 45 for a while and i got a 450 $ budget. Any helpful comments would be appreciated

  • Logan B

    Greetings fellas! I’ve always wanted a 1911 but never could justify the high price tag for a tricked out Dan Wesson or Springfield. Never heard of ATI till yesterday when I was walking through my favorite gunshop. “$849, $799, $955 …$349. Wait, does that say $349? May I see this gun?”. I’m very impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship and appearance. It’s no Kimber but it’s not a Llama either! Throw on a pair of Crimson Trace grips and buy some Golden Sabre – let’s party! I plan to plink tomorrow and return to you with a good report. ALSO I gave my dad my youth model 870 20ga which had been set up for home defense….found a pump action tactical 12ga Tri-Star for $249. First pump I’ve ever seen with a spring loaded forearm that slams the action shut for you. In other words when you rack the slide all you have to do is Phil back on the forearm and then let go, it slams forward on its own! Like a hybrid auto, but still have to pump every round.

  • Nomo7

    I have the Titan ss. Wow!!!!!!!! I like the fact that it shoots better than my glock and Taurus. The accuracy at 15 to 20 yards is superb. Nothing but head shots. Nice. I can get head shots with my other guns but I have to concentrate. The Titan was like just aim and shoot no breathing. Love it!!!!

  • jeremy

    Just purchased the american tactical m1 1911 (same thing as the ati fx gi i belive, im new to 1911s) I paid 350 bucks for this gun ( NEW) Looks very well made, everything fits tights and smooth. Took it apart and back togther about 10 times after cleaning it to learn the guns breakdown. Just seems like a no brainer to buy this as a first 1911 purchase. Picked up 200rds of Blazer Brass ammo (230g i think) Gonna shoot it this week and will get back to you all how it worked out.

    .45 with a 5in barrel ( case anyone was wondering)

  • Logan B

    So….went to the range with the new ATI FX45 (Commander 4.25″) and it was awesome. I fed it Blazer aluminum hull round nose and after 100 rounds it never failed. Also tried 5 rounds of Golden Sabre with no problem. The ONLY disappointment I have is that from 15 yards it shoots about 4 inches low. I’ve never filed down a front sight before, anyone have some tips?

    On another note, the Tri-Star 12ga tactical pump – NO GO. I started by cycling the shells through to make sure it would cycle, I pumped it 1 time putting #1 in the chamber, then pumped again and it kicked out BOTH #1 and #2. I went ahead and emptied it (5 total) and then re-loaded. Same thing. Reloaded again, and on the second pump (ejecting shell #1 and attempting to load shell #2) as the chamber was slamming shot, the ejector claw hit the primer of shell #1 that was exiting the gun. BOOM! Accidental discharge. Scared me to death. I called the gun shop owner who was very nice about it and concerned. I took it back for a credit and bought a different gun (auto-loader) which works great!

  • jeremy

    Went out to the range today and shot 100 rds of the Blazer Brass out of my American tactical m1911 for the first time. The magazine that came with the gun looks to me to be well made. It is an 8rd single stack gloss black with a nice spring to it. I shot 30rds (aproxamatly) from it. I had 1 Fail to Feed. I shot aproxamatly 30rds as well from two cheap $10 clips ( magazine/clip- whatever) that i bought for the gun to use as well. The cheap clips both had 2 Fail to Fire. All of which i just pulled back a bit on the slide and they fed just fine.

    Post your opinon of that if you have one about the fail to feed, i personally am not worried about it as i plan to put hundreds through the gun in the next month and will judge it once its broke in fully.

    Apart from the fail to feed this gun performed very well, its very accurate and easy to shoot. There were no strange gouges of wear from the 100 rounds through it on the slide,barrel ect. I look for it to only perform better as i break it in, and if not for the preliminary feed problems it would be a perfect buy.

    If feed problems go away it will be a no brainer buy. i will leave another post once ive put 500+ through it.

  • jeremy

    Went back to the rang again today and shot Winchester white box ammo. Shot 150 rds with 2 fail to feed ( they just get a little stuck, less then before, and was with the cheap clips.

    So all in all its getting better, and from the clip that came with the gun it had no problems with the 50 rds i put in it, just 1 bad feed per cheap clip. At the 500 rds mark i look for it to have no issues. (at 250 rds atm)

    Shoots well with Winchester as well if i do my part.

  • Logan B

    Jeremy, are your sights fixed or adjustable? If fixed how was the airm?

  • bobnailer

    FX45 GI .45acp, comment by Tony Bennett (hopefully not the singer) in as far as JHP ammo through a 4.25″ 1911, rattling is a good thing in a 1911, that’s how Moses Browning intended it to be, not a tight fitting piece of art. The 1911 is a bulldozer compared to “Ferrari” custom 1911’s or standard 1911’s you buy today. With all that said, the 1911 was designed to fire ball ammo only, not all the JHP variants “out there”. The way I look at it, if you hit your target/assailant with two 230gr rounds, he’s going down, hard, with ball ammo. True, JHP expends more kinetic force on your target/assailant than ball ammo, but FTF in a gunfight is bad juju so I’d rather get more rounds on target than FTF because I was trying to cram ammo through a firearm whose design was meant for ball ammo.


  • tony bennett

    Actually, this Tony Bennett is NOT the singer, but he does own several .45’s from Colt, Para, ATI and others. All are relatively tight out of the box. Even when I had access to a Colt Govt. 1911 while serving as a paratrooper in the ’70s, those .45s were not really “rattlers”. They shot fine, but hardball only. Todays .45s are for the most part happy with hardball or JHP. I choose to test and carry JHP as hardball has a proclivity to exit a target and to ricochet. I carry JHP because I want my round to stay in the target (assailant) and not exit where it could possibly cause collateral damage, injury or death to an innocent bystander. Would I use hardball if need be? Yes, most certainly. But, if my choice is between 230-gr. hardball or 230-gr. JHP, well, I’m going to choose the JHP. My situation may be different from someone else’s particular preferences or needs, thus each of us needs to make our decisions based on what is best for us at that time and for a specific scenario. Wishing all of you gun owners and shooters a great 2011!

  • jeremy

    Logan B ,

    the sights are fixed, and the aim in my opinion is just fine. I dont need to compensate low or high on a 8″ round steel knock down target from 25′. I look down the sights with the moon filling the gap, and flat on the top with the rear sights. Aiming right in the middle the steel targets would lay down fast for me. Hope that helps!

  • jeremy

    I am looking to replace some stuff on the american tactical m1911, i know i cant change the sights, but does anyone know any problems i would have buying wilson combat drop in parts. Im thinking of getting a better bever tal so my hand doesnt get bit, and maybe slide and or mag release as well. Thanks in advance.

  • Bobnailer

    I do not own the ATI you are inquiring about but from the photos it appears to me that with a gunsmith’s expertise, both sights can be replaced; I’d suggest tritium night sights. I have had some experience with dealing with Wilson Combat in that I had them re-coat my Kimber .45 recently and they did a fantastic job. Wilson Combat has a slide stop they call “bullet proof” and I dropped that in myself, it’s made of stainless steel. You probably will need to have it fitted so it pops the stop’s detent easily when breaking down the weapon for cleaning. I use Wilson Combat magazines which are excellent. There are other WC items you could drop in like a slide buffer which is very inexpensive. You can add other items but it’s all up to you… such as new firing pin, stronger recoil springs, improved extractor, etc. Wilson Combat also will re-coat the weapon for you and add front strap, back strap checkering, slide checkering, which at first I didn’t think was important but when I had them add a steel back strap with checkering to replace the plastic one on my Kimber, it does make a difference in my ability to grip the butt of the pistol. I now own a Springfield Commander lightweight GI 45, I’ve just replaced the wood grips with an Ergo Grips desert tan set of grips… looks better now. I’m going to have the sights removed (they look like yours on your ATI) and have a gunsmith install tritium sights. The list of what you can do with your 1911 is endless… you can even have a gunsmith tap/drill holes into the bottom side of your lower receiver and install a light rail too!
    But my having made a short story long… you can’t miss with Wilson Combat. You can even call them up and see what it is they can do for you, they are great and very patient with customers. I don’t work for Wilson either! LOL.
    Good Luck


  • Leroy

    Jeremey… I was told this from the rep at ATI….

    We do not do that kind of work because we only stock the sights that come with the guns for service work. The sights are specs of a Novak dovetail and can be purchased from many places and you can have it installed by a gunsmith in your area and would probably cost less.

    So that tells me they can be drifted out and replaced like any other Novak Sights…

    Let me know what you find out though, I will be doing research as well. I have the Military model.

  • Michael

    I have the GI model (not shown above.) The only issue I have seen with mine is that Remington, 185gr JHPs will not feed if the mag holds 7 or 8 rds. If there are fewer rounds, they will feed. All FMJ ammo feeds just fine. I don’t see my issue as feed ramp related. Instead, I believe it to be more about the mag. I filled the mag with 8 JHPs and held the gun down on the mag to make sure it was firmly in place. Sure enough, that small distance made a difference. JHPs loaded fine.

    So, has anyone else run into this issue?
    Is there a way to make any adjustments as to how the mag is held in place?
    If anyone ran into something similar, did you find a mag that worked better than the ACT that came with the gun? I am considering trying a Wilson 47d.

  • jeremy

    Thanks for the info guys, ill check out what drop in’s i can get from wilson combat, and find out about the sights as well.

  • Bobnailer

    One last thing Jeremy, I just gave my Springfield GI .45 Commander to my local gunsmith to have him install new tritium sights on it. Straight from the factory, it came with low profile iron sights, the rear sight is dovetailed into the slide, the front sight is not pinned or dovetailed, so he will have to dovetail the front of the slide as well. Gunsmith is installing Meprolight tritium sights on it for $115 (sights) and $25 labor, not bad at all. Just understand when you call (and I suggest you call ahead) Wilson Combat, they are expensive, they don’t cut corners. I’ll keep you posted how my gunsmith’s handiwork turns out!

  • cesar

    I found a real nice alternative to the ati 45. take alook at the rock island armory 45 cal series . I just purchased one first week of january and ive put 450 rounds trough it . It shoots like a champ with the exeption of the factory clip that i replaced with a kimber unit. this gun will shoot all day, a great piece for 390 $. Ive heard its made in the same plant as the ati and hk but again that was heresay so if anyone knows the real deal please corect my data ; i would like to know.

  • Bobnailer

    Cesar, Rock Island Armory is manufactured by Armscor which is located in the Philippines, Armscor Precision Inc. (API) moved their importation/sales offices to Nevada. You can view their website at Good to hear you like their 1911.

  • Bobnailer

    As everyone here knows, March 29th, 2011, is the 100th anniversary of John Browning’s 1911 .45acp being accepted by the U.S. Army as their standard issue sidearm. When the world sees an AK-47, they know exactly who designed it and what country is its birthplace. When the world sees a 1911, they know exactly who designed it and its place of origin. The irony is Kalashnikov is nowhere near as prolific as John Browning when it comes to sheer number of original patents and original weapon designs, after all, the AK-47 is an improved German Sturmgewehr 44; maybe the internal workings are changed/improved, but put them side by side and they look similar. IMHO. I mean, look at the MA Deuce, its still rockin’ our enemie’s world! And some in our special forces still use the 1911a1 as their preferred sidearm. Just rattling on here.

  • BobReed9391

    I purchased an ATI FX .45 Military a couple of days ago. I’d been doing a lot of research and found I couldn’t afford the 1911s I really wanted (Kimber, Springfield Armory, Colt, and a few others). All of them were $700 or more but my wallet kept saying $450 or less! I also went to a number of pawn shops looking for used 1911s but couldn’t find any.

    All I wanted was a 1911 that would be reliable and combat accurate. I plan on using it for home defense, conceal/carry, and target shooting with friends.

    One of my local gun stores, Tactical Firearms in Katy TX, recommended the ATI FX .45. They showed me some more expensive 1911s and compared the workmanship to ATI FX .45 and explained to me how I could get a good basic 1911 for a very reasonable price ($400 if paying cash, $420 if using a credit card, new in the box). The gun seemed very solid and I was sold.

    I am in no way a firearms expert. I am a former Marine and have done some shooting in my time but it’s been years and years since I last fired a semiautomatic pistol and at least six years since I fired a firearm of any kind. That’s my background.

    I cleaned my FX .45 and went to the range the next morning. I fired 50 Fiocchi 230 grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) rounds. I purchased the Fiocchi ammunition with my FX .45 from my local dealer. I also fired 50 Winchester Target/Range 230 grain FMJs (purchased from WalMart). I fell in love. The FX .45 far exceeded my expectations. I had no misfeeds or duds (failure to fire). I was firing 4″-5″ groups from seven and fifteen yards. Not bad for a half-blind old man. From all my research on new 1911s, I’d expected some problems.

    I was so excited and pleased, I called some friends to let them know. One of them wanted to try my 1911. He owns a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm and a Beretta .380. He offered to buy the ammo if I let him try my FX .45; an offer I couldn’t refuse. I cleaned my 1911 again and headed for the range to meet my friend that evening. He showed up with 200 Remington ShurShot (230 grain also). We fired 150 rounds in an hour. He too fell in love with it. He’s a much better shot than I am, putting together 2″-3″ groups at 7 and 10 yard distances. Again, no misfeeds or misfires!

    I am really pleased with the ATI FX .45 and would recommend it to anyone looking for a basic, solid 1911. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but it performs like a champ. I want to reiterate that I’m no firearms expert but I do know what I like and I love my FX .45! I’m going to the range on Friday with another friend; hope he brings the ammo…LOL.

  • Bobnailer

    Well I had Meprolight tritium sights added to my Springfield Armory GI 45 Champion, it looks great and works just fine, basically a $145 job. I keep reading about the prices people are paying for Springers and Kimbers and so on, so forth. I bought my Springer new for $450 before taxes and fees. I just bought a Para Ord GI Expert Government model for $529 before taxes/fees. These purchases were at a retail store in Apopka, Florida. Not being snotty but I think ya’ll need to do more lookin’ down the road because $700 for a Springer GI 45 is way way too much. BTW, the Para Ord is a fantastic firearm. My two cents worth.

  • BobReed9391

    I’ve run about 500 rounds through my ATI FX45 with no problems at all. No misfeeds or misfires. I did have a problem with some ammo. I bought some Remington Golden Saber 230 grain rounds had problems with them fitting in my magazine. In fact, we tried 3 other magazines (Sig, Kimber, and one other besides mine) and all had the same problem. The ammo would get wedged inside the magazine because it was too long. Has anyone experienced this problem?

  • BobReed9391

    OH, btw, no mods to my 1911 yet other than I polished the ramps for smoother feeding.

  • Jon

    I was in the market for a polymer 9mm & looking at getting a nice 1911 45 down the road. When I was talking to the sails man at the gun shop I was saying I wanted a nice 45 like a Kimber or Springfield & he pointed me in the direction of the ATI. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot some Kimbers, Springfield, Colt’s & a Les Bear (& no the ATI is not close to a Les Bear in fit & finish at all) to compare it to. For the price of $350 at my local gun shop I had a hard time passing it up. The machining & the fit of the slide was better the my friends Springfield GI & I was looking at another friends Colt Commander (at $980) & having a hard time justifying the extra $650 for not much more in the bells & whistle department. So for $350 what do I have to lose? I took it out this weekend with some friends & put 100 rounds thru it & got to shoot the Springfield GI & the Colt Commander again. The ATI was more soled feeling then the Springfield GI. The trigger pull felt the same. The Colt Commander felt the same in the hand but with a lighter trigger pull. I wanted to like the Colt better, but I didn’t like the trigger as much. After shooting all 3 the same day I’m happy with buy. I put Pachmayer grips on it & like them a lot. I know the ATI FX is a basic 1911 & doesn’t have a lot of extras but it’s hard to pass up if you’re on a budget. Being a new gun I was expecting some jambs or some malfunctions but it worked out with no problems. I’m not saying that the ATI FX is better than a Springfield GI or a Colt Commander , but It’s a good shooting gun & I would put it up agents my buddy’s Colt Commander any day. I still love looking at all the high end 1911’s but I don’t have $1000+ gun budget at the moment so the ATI works for me for me & happy with it.

  • Doubltap

    Wanted to buy a pair of Commander length 1911s for a double SOB rig [a la Castor Troy / Hitman] that I picked up from Nevada Gun Leather. I have always tried to carry a brace of guns for CCW, and have a pair of Bersa UC 45s, a pair of AMT 45 BUs, two Kel-Tec P-40s, etc. I wanted the Commander length, as I had tried the rig with my full length 1911, and it was a tad difficult making a smooth draw of that last 1 inch or so, but a 4.25″ bbl length came out smooth and fast.

    I got an FX45 GI 4.25 at a local gun show in Topeka, Kansas back in January for $385. Wanted to find a second, but could not find a matching gun anywhere at the show. Two weeks later, I was looking over guns at a local pawn shop when I stumbled upon another FX45 GI, NIB, for $440. After dickering back and forth, I got the gun for $400. Changed out the Mahogany grips on both guns for smooth Ivory Polymer. Both guns shot great; the right hand gun to POA, and the left hand gun requiring a slight rightward rear sight drift to compensate for about 1″ at 15 yds leftward skew from the aim point. Both guns now shoot to POA, have NO FTE or FTF problems after about 300 rounds each of my full powered [5.7gr of 231 / 230 Lee cast TC] reloads, and about 20 rounds each of Federal Hydra Shock 230 grain JHP. That’s right folks, BOTH guns feed Federal Hydra Shock JHPs with NO problems!

    I am very happy with both guns so far, and would consider picking up a Titan stainless at some time in the future if I didn’t already have the Bersa UC 45s that pretty well fill that nitch. I wish there was someway that I could send in a picture of the two guns in the double SOB rig.

    Moderator: if there is a way to send a picture in, please notify me at my email address, and I’ll send one or two in.

  • jebbars

    I recently purchased the FX .45 Military at a local gun shop for $416. The gun appeared to be very well put together. I have shot Kimber,Colt,Browning, and Para 1911’s in the past and have been very pleased with the 1911’s design. (Other than the Para which was a useless hunk of metal that functioned only as a single shot.) I have since put 250 rounds of reloaded 230 grain ammo through it without a single malfunction. The accuracy is very impressive and the sights (fixed) are dead on. I am not going to be that guy that compares it to a Kimber, but i have to say it shot just as well as my friend’s Colt 1911 Govt. Very pleased with the gun. Added some ivory grips and i now have myself a keeper.

  • BobReed9391

    I polished most of the interior parts and lapped the barrel, slide, and frame on my ATI FX45 Military with some JB’s. I also did a trigger job on it bringing it down to 3.5 lbs. My friends with much more expensive guns really love the way it shoots. I think I’m going to replace the stock firing pin stop with an EGW Firing Pin Stop. I’ve read they reduce felt recoil. Other than that, I might replace the front sight with a Tritium front sight but I’m still debating on that; white out seems to be working well…LOL. Any opinions or suggestions?

  • BobNailer

    BobReed9391… I’m a big believer in tritium sights, replace both front/rear iron sights with tritium sights, I have Meprolight night sights on my Commander .45, sights which are every bit as good as Trijicon’s but less expensive. You can stick with the white-dot sights but unless you’re a great at instinctive aiming in the dark, I’d go with Tritium.


  • BobReed9391

    BobNailer… Thanks for the great advice. One question, though: when I shoot, I normally focus on the front sight only. As it is now, I put white out only on my front sight. Do you think I really need to replace the rear sight also? Btw, I’m definitely going with Tritium as you suggested.

  • BobNailer

    Doubltap… re: dual SOB rig… I think it’d be more interesting to see video of how you present both .45’s from underneath clothing in a life or death situation, unload them a la “Last Man Standing” and reload both with both hands filled with 1911’s. I also wonder how you’d deal with FTF or FTE or stovepiping with both hands filled? Re-holster the good 1911 and clear the jammed 1911? Drop the jammed 1911 and continue the fight with the good 1911? So someone can come along, clear your jammed 1911 and drill you with it?

    Looks good in movies and video games but hey, what do I know? Not sure where you live either but I can tell ya in the good ol’ summertime, dual concealed carry must be “challenging” to say the least, not to mention carrying extra mags for both 1911’s. I don’t know what to think about this, real life tactical training never includes dual carry with fancy dual draw, dual aim, dual fire of 1911’s in real life situations… not to mention with both 1911’s blazing away, also… so much for your “background” and the poor innocents who’ll get slaughtered while you reenact one of your video game gunfight scenarios… I’d suggest you also get an attorney lined-up for your future firearm engagements because everyone around you will be in mortal peril once you flick off both safeties. Just my two cents worth and not looking for a fight, I just believe in common sense CCW and not living some video game / movie “dream”.


  • BobNailer

    BobReed9391, well it’s whatever you’re comfortable with but ya, focusing on the front post is what you’re supposed to do but several times I’ve had to “check things out” ’round the homestead and that glowing rear sight does help me at least. If you’re happy with just a front post with Tritium, go for it!


  • BobReed9391

    @Doubltap… I’ve read that Law Enforcement agencies prohibit the carrying of anything (flashlight, weapons, handcuffs, etc.) in that area of the back because of the high risk of spinal cord injury. If you’re in a tussle with a bad guy and land on your back, you could be seriously injured. Apparently, it’s happened enough times to warrant prohibition. Just be careful, don’t want any of us good guys to get hurt.

  • doubltap


    Bob, the plan is to shoot them ONE AT A TIME…………no drama……no “Hollywood” hi jinx… “fancy dual draw, dual aim, dual fire of 1911′s in real life situations” ..just a second gun that obviates the need for either a reload if the first one runs dry, or a panic if the first one fails. Secondly, they draw very nicely from underneath and behind an open front vest suitable for all but extremes of weather. Super cold or extremely warm?…..Then I carry the Bersa 45 UCs or AMT BU 45s in one of a number of pocket configurations. The Kel Tec P40s absolutely disappear under a loose fitting summer shirt worn over a pair of Bermuda shorts.

    Many years ago, I had a very good friend in my native New Orleans who was killed by Algiers west bank trash when his Star PD experienced a broken firing pin during defensive use, and I have never forgotten the lesson. Rather than “extra mags” I prefer to have two weapons, equal in power and size. In my lone defensive parking lot confrontation with two armed thugs in July of ’09, five shots from one of the Kel Tec P40s solved the problem. While the second gun was neither discharged nor even presented, it was VERY comforting to know that it was there.

  • doubltap


    Thanks guy! You are exactly right about the prohibition by a majority of LE agencies. However, the rig I have does not sit directly over the spinal column like a standard single SOB holster, but rather more or less over the kidney areas on either side. The two holsters are essentially divided and placed on either side in essentially the 5 and 7 o’clock positions.

  • BobReed9391

    @BobNailer… Thanks for the input Bob. Now I just have to decide front sight or both sights…LOL.

  • BobReed9391

    @Doubltap… I see your reasoning. I’ve always been a proponent of “Peace through superior firepower!” Most of the LE Officers I know carry a backup pistol for the same reason. Btw, your rig sounds pretty nice. Do you have any pictures of it?

  • doubltap


    BobNailer is dead on about the meprolight sights being much more reasonably priced than the Trijicons. I also think that the sights are, IMHO, more attractive and easier to use.

  • doubltap


    In my original post I mentioned to the moderator that, were he to provide a means, I would love to send in some pictures. Steve sent me an email saying that if I sent some in, he would post them. Sent 3 in last night, but they do not appear to have been posted yet. Perhaps he has not had time to pull a shift as “moderator” yet today. Hopefully they will be up soon!

  • BobNailer

    doubltap… thanks for taking my comments in stride, I feared I had gone over the top with my comments. I’m sorry to hear what happened to your friend in NO, what a shame. I’m glad your confrontation turned out to you benefit. I live near Orlando, Florida, which is now ranked 4th most dangerous city in the USA. Within the first two weeks of 2011, we had two incidents where law abiding citizens were compelled to use their concealed firearms to defend themselves, successfully I might add. But there have been far more killed outright by drive-by shootings and robberies gone bad. Even our Orlando’s police chief, stupidly left her badge, ammo belt, sidearm, laying on her police car’s trunk, in front of her house, she went inside her house for just a second, came back out and all of it was gone. This is what we citizens are up against. I carry lock-cocked .45 every day and even though my wife thinks I’m paranoid, she also says she feels safer knowing I’m walking around armed at all times. I hope to never have to drop the hammer on anyone, but if I do, I’m going to be the one walking away, not them.

  • Wheeler

    I just found this blog and am glad I did.

    I’m an older guy, retired from the Marine Corps in 1989 then spent 15 years in law enforcement before retiring again. I now own several firearms of foreign manufacture, just to keep knowledgeable about what’s out there. I also own a number of American .45s, and carried a Kimber with two Sheriff’s offices. It is a Custom Classic, which I gave to my younger brother as a birthday gift. He’s an old retired Army SF SgtMaj.
    We both love that gun and the way it shoots.

    Now, the ATI, the MetroArms American Classic and Rock Island Armory have been introduced to me. My brother has the RIA and it’s a real shooter. BUT, when my eyes landed on the MetroArms and the ATI FX Titan Blue, the Titan Stainless and the Thunderbolt, I knew I just had to shoot them. Hopefully the metallurgy is up to snuff. These are fine looking weapons and it would be a shame if the metal were as weak as the original Spanish Llamas were.

    I’ll let you know what happens as I will be buying the SS and the Blue or Thunderbolt next week. Sweet looking guns.

  • Robert

    I am going to buy an ATI FX titan next week and it will be my first 1911. I was wondering what kind of mags can I get that will not stick out on the bottom like the one that comes with the gun. I don’t like how the factory mag sticks below the frame. Also is it possible to have the the single side safety replaced with an ambi safety. I am a left handed shooter and it would make it much easier for me for to switch if it was an ambi safety. From all of the posts on here it seems like a very nice gun and it is right on my budget an except for the safety and magazine I love how it looks. Any help is appreciated.


  • Wheeler

    Just an update on my ‘new toys’. I guess I now know the meaning of the term ‘nirvana’. I bought the Metro Arms American Classic II and the ATI FX Titan SS AND the Titan Blue. Oh Lordy! what an experience. Drove all the way up to Waco, got my ‘baby’ brother, drove to his country place at Lake Whitney and commenced to irratate the neighbors for miles around for a good 4 hours. Nary a problem in 500 rounds with feeding or firing except one round in the American Classic II that had a solid strike on the primer but failed to fire . Said, “What the hey??”, loaded it into the Titan SS and touched it off. Fired fine that time, so go figure.

    My brother, who is no slouch with a pistol, being a retired Army SgtMaj SF ‘shooter’, reminded me of the time it took to get the Kimber sorted out enough for me to carry it with the S.O. These new .45s are dead on, function flawlessly, and need only custom touches like grips and perhaps mags to really make them superior.

    Semper Fi,

  • BobReed9391

    To put it bluntly, ATI’s customer service SUCKS! When I first purchased my FX 45 Military, I had a minor problem. When I removed the grips, the grip bushing came out of the frame so that the grip screw and bushing were in the grip when I removed it. No problem. I didn’t want to put a pair of pliers on the threads of the bushing that was stuck in the grip without having a replacement in hand so I called ATI and they said they’d send me some screws and bushings. I waited for six weeks. I then called ATI again only to find out that someone had dropped the ball and the screws and bushings were never sent. I was assured it would get done right away and a few days later, I received the screws and bushings. Problem solved.

    I then embarked on installing some Trijicon night sights. The military sights on the FX 45 were extremely hard to remove so I called ATI’s customer service. I called several times but got customer service’s voice mail every time so I left a message each time. I finally circumvented their customer service phone menu and was able to speak to a live person who assured me that the sights were attached in any special way. I had to cut out the rear sight with my Dremel tool and a cutting disk. I had to drill out the front sight tenon to get it out. I installed my sights without no problem and they are awesome! By the way, ATI finally listened to their voice mail and I got a call back a week later.

    My friend has an FX 45 GI. He saw my sights and asked me to install some on his 1911. Should be a snap, right? WRONG! I installed the front sight with no problem but when I tried to install the rear sight, the dovetail was way way way too big. It was nowhere near military specification. You’d think the measurements would be the same as my FX 45 but they were not even close. The Trijicon rear sight flopped around in that dovetail like a fish out of water. We’re going to weld in some shims and try to fit that rear sight in that dovetail.

    The saga does not end there. I then decided to Duracoat my FX 45 Military with a matte black finish. It came out way better than I expected. I love Duracoat. I waited five days for the Duracoat to cure properly before going to the range. During my shooting, my hammer cracked at the back below the thumb pad. If you pull your hammer all the way back, the thumb pad may touch the beavertail. The hammer cracked in that area right below the thumb pad across the back. I was not happy but hey, if you pay $400 for a 1911, you should expect some crappy parts. I called ATI and you guessed it, voice mail… with a twist! Their voice mailboxes were full so I couldn’t even leave a message! I called three times and then went to plan B; I circumvented the voice mail system again and spoke a receptionist of some kind. I told her that when I call customer service, it goes to voice mail but their voice mail is full so I can’t leave a message. She said, “Well, there are only two of them down there. They’re busy.”

    Once I get my new hammer from Brownells, I’m sure I’ll be happy with my FX 45 again. It’s a great shooter. My minor problems became major problems because ATI’s customer service is HORRIBLE! BUYER BEWARE!

  • BobNailer


    I don’t understand, why buy a cheap 1911 ($400) with the intent of installing Trijicon tritium sights for it at an approx. cost of $165, almost half the cost of the pistol itself? I checked out Trijicon’s website, they don’t make sights for the FX 45 Military. If you had the proper tools, the sights should’ve come out with little effort but it sounds like you didn’t have the proper gunsmithing tools and you bulled yourself through it. And welding shims into your buddie’s dovetail slot on his FX 45 Military’s rear sight? God be with you.

    I’ve had bushings come out like yours did, I unscrewed the bushing from the grip, I screwed the bushing back into the pistol grip/frame, screwed in new allen head screws into the bushing… took about 2 minutes.

    Then you Duracoated your new FX 45 Military matte black… what was wrong with the new/original matte black matte finish that came with your new FX 45 Military?

    Something tells me you bought this pistol because it was cheap and you thought you could upgrade it to the point that it would be comparable to a more expensive 1911 but done on the cheap.

    With the cost of the Duracoating, Trijicon sights, and the original $400 investment in the FX 45 Military, you probably sunk $600 into this pistol, why not just go buy one of a better quality, possibly new or probably used, of a well known brand name?

    Or is this just a case of you being an inveterate tinkerer and you wanted to see just how far you could go with this firearm platform?

    I don’t think ATI’s customer service sucks, I think they make inexpensive 1911s that appeal to a certain customer base and they never thought someone would go out and pay so little for a 1911 expecting it to meet U.S. DoD MilSpec so they can go turn an ATI into a Wilson Combat firearm.

    Dude, its a cheap 1911, it was meant to be what it is, cheap and fairly reliable.
    Their customer service is there only if there is some catastrophic failure in manufacture. Otherwise, if it shoots, you should be happy it went bang. I think you owe ATI an apology. No, I don’t work for ATI.


  • Robert

    I got my ATI FX Titan Finally. I love it!
    I have compared it to a Compact Rock Island 1911 and a Colt defender, and it stands up to them very well.

    The finish is better than the Rock Island but not as nice looking as the Colt of course. I rate the overall appearance in the order of Colt then Titan and lastly the Rock Island.

    The Colt and Titan both have skeletonized triggers and Rock Island I used did not. The Titan trigger and hammer are made of galvanized steel. All three weapons have skeletonized hammers in slightly different shapes and sizes.

    The sights on the Colt are a little higher quality than the quality than my Titan but both do the trick. The Rock Island we used only had the military style sights and we all know how those are.

    The grips feel nice and I like that they are checkered like the originals were.

    The Rock Island has smooth grips that have some slippage when firing. The colt has the rubber wraparound hogue grips which felt awesome. So much so that I already ordered some for my titan.

    The mags on the Rock Island and Titan are identical from Act-Mag but have the plastic base on the bottom that sticks below the butt of the handle. I like the colts flush fitting mag much better.

    And of course the most important part of any firearm is the fitament, reliability and accuracy. All 3 of these weapon do not disappoint in any of these fields. Everything fits together nice and tight and runs smoothly.
    I shot 50 rounds each with some cheap Tul Ammo 230 grain FMJ’s at 25 feet. All 3 triggers felt great and the accuracy was indistinguishable between them as well. I had no malfunctions on any of the 3 weapons with any of the magazines. I switched them between each gun to see how they worked.

    So my overall thought is that if you can afford the Colt then get it because of the nicer looks, warranty and customer service. If you are on a budget then I would go with the Titan over the Rock Island mainly because of the sights. Rock Island does offer a compact with changeable sights as well so its basically up to which one is mor visually appealing to you. They are priced at about $450 each and the Rock Islands with the GI sights and no skeletonized trigger runs around $400. Or you can get a polished SS Titan for about $550 that has a very nice finish on it as well.

  • coony

    Hi all, I have owned just about all of the 1911’s out there over the years. Kimber is like throwing money away because you never know what you will get. I only had one really good one and it was an ultra carry with a 3 inch barrell. Springfield is good in 5 inch as long as you file the front site, the Champion is only good with ball ammo, they do not like hollow points. Colt in 70 series is excelant with a bit of tweaking in 4.25 or 5.0 inch. I like the FX 4.25 GI because it is built on the 70 series frame and it will eat anything that you feed it. Plus it is under 500.00 bucks. Nothing fancy, just a life saver.

  • BobReed9391


    Why did I buy night sights? For one thing, YOU recommended them! Read your earlier post. While Meprolight doesn’t make night sights to fit my gun, Trijicon DOES sell the correct night sights for the FX 45 Military (Brownells #892-101-002 Fits Colt 1911, Narrow). The cost was $102 including shipping (lower than retail because I’m a gunsmithing student).

    You said, “If you had the proper tools, the sights should’ve come out with little effort,” and normally, you’d be right but in this case, you couldn’t be more wrong. I DO have the right tools. In fact, I’m working on my pistolsmith certification from AGI. Before I cut the sights out, I called AGI, ATI, and two other gunsmiths about removing the sights. Guess what? They ALL said to use a rotary tool to cut them out if you can’t use a drift punch to get them out (left to right for removal). They said that sometimes, rust or Loktite can cement sights into the dovetail. Trust me, BobNailer, I did NOT bull my way through this. The one thing that I HAVE learned is that I KNOW VERY LITTLE, especially when I think I know it all.

    As for welding shims into the dovetail, the only other alternative is to weld a plug into the dovetail and remachine a new dovetail into the slide. The cost of doing that is prohibitive, especially for a “cheap 1911” as you point out. Also, I don’t have the right equipment to do that kind of machine work.

    You said you had the same problem with the bushings and you just unscrewed them. How exactly did you “unscrew the bushing from the grip?” The whole problem is that the bushing spins in the grip and that’s why the screw DOESN’T come out of the bushing. My guess is that you put some pliers on the bushing before you unscrewed the grip. Am I wrong? I waited for the screws and bushings before putting pliers on the bushing just in case I stripped the threads on the bushing. By the way, I found another way to get the bushing off the screw without using pliers. Put a small and I mean SMALL amount of Loktite Red on the bushing. You don’t want the Loktite to ooze out the top of the bushing thread which can glue your grip to the frame. Screw the grip and bushing back into the frame. Let it set up. Once the Loktite Red has dried, you can remove the grip screw without the bushing coming out. Wish I’d known that sooner…LOL.

    As far as Duracoating goes, I did it because I’ve seen other weapons with Duracoat and I love the finish and protection it gives. That’s right, Duracoat PROTECTS your firearm. Anything wrong with that? I may have only invested $400 but that’s hard earned money that I can’t afford to waste so I want to protect my 1911. Also, I think the Duracoat is “sexy”…LOL.

    BobNailer, you said, “Something tells me you bought this pistol because it was cheap and you thought you could upgrade it to the point that it would be comparable to a more expensive 1911 but done on the cheap.” YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! Up to the point where the hammer broke, I had an investment of $168 in parts which included Trijicon night sights, Duracoat, and an EGW Firing Pin Stop. I polished the ramps. I deburred and polished every metal surface I could. I did a SAFE trigger job myself lowering my pull to 3.5 lbs. I’ve LOVED every minute of it. It’s one of the reasons I got a 1911. 1911s are easy to work on and you get priceless satisfaction out of doing the work yourself.

    As far as Milspec goes, I never expected Milspec. For those of you who don’t know, Milspec requires extreme quality control. For us laymen, Milspec normally means “much tighter tolerances and better quality parts” than normally found in the civilian world. While I didn’t expect Milspec, I did expect it to be within design tolerances because it’s a Series 70 CLONE. Clones should be within tolerances, so yes, I expect that of a 1911 clone. By the way, you can get design drawings of the 1911 that show measurements and tolerances for every part for those of you who are even more geeky than I am…LOL.

    I bought this 1911 because I wanted a bigger caliber gun as my primary source of home protection so “fairly reliable” is not an option for me. With that said, I believe that this 1911 can be made into an EXTREMELY RELIABLE gun with the proper work and parts.

    I know exactly what I bought. I bought an “inexpensive” 1911, not a “cheap” 1911 or at least that’s what I was hoping for. I bought it because I thought it had the right foundation to make it an excellent shooter (accurate and reliable) and I still believe that. Until my hammer broke, I was extremely happy with my 1911. By the way, I do consider the breaking of a hammer to be “catastrophic.” As I posted earlier, I expect a few crappy parts and I had planned to replace the hammer anyway but still, you don’t expect a hammer to crack. But on the other hand, I get to put new parts in my 1911, which makes me happy. I also am installing a new thumb safety and before you ask, BobNailer, I DO have the knowledge and tools to do the job properly. I promise not to “bull” it in there.

    My post is about customer service. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I was told they were too busy and understaffed to take care of their customers. There’s NO EXCUSE for that. I don’t care if I spend a dollar or ten thousand dollars. I always expect and demand excellent customer service and YOU should too.

    I posted because if people read my post, understand my experiences, and buy an ATI product knowing about their horrible customer service, they know exactly what they are getting into. That’s their decision and I respect that decision. I ended my previous post by saying buyer beware, which literally means buyer be aware of everything before you make a buying decision.

    Knowing everything I know now, I would still buy the ATI FX 45 but not everyone has the knowledge, skills, or tools that I have. They may make a different decision and that’s their right. I still believe I can make this gun into a great shooter. I don’t owe ATI an apology because I’ve been truthful about every word I’ve posted. I haven’t lied or exagerated anything. ATI owes ME an apology for their crappy customer service!

    When I pull the trigger and I hear the bang and see the hole in the target where I aimed, I feel great! When I pull the trigger and don’t hear the bang, I’m disappointed! When I call customer service, I expect to speak to someone in customer service. When I get voice mail, I expect to be able to leave a message and when I leave a message, I expect a call back in a timely manner. I don’t think I’m asking for too much, do you? I think that everyone feels the same way as I do. By the way, they still haven’t called me back about the broken hammer and I left the message last week!

    Semper Fidelis (don’t want to steal Wheeler’s sign off)

  • I work at a gun shop… we brought in a crate full of ATI guns and sold a bunch. I picked up one myself. Can’t sell a gun I don’t know anything about, eh? Well, let me tell you… We’ve sold a ton of them and not one of them has come back with any problems. Mine has about 400 rounds through it. I’ve had only 1 failure to feed in the first 50 rounds. But that is because I think mine was a little under sprung. I popped in a heavier spring and it ran fine ever since. I also changed out those strange grips. They used a paint over some odd wood that I can’t identify… I really like this gun. It’s their little Commander GI model. Accuracy, is on par with all my Springfields and Kimbers, and only my SIG 1911’s are more accurate.

  • BobNailer


    As I massage my jaw from the right hook you just gave me…
    I deserved every bit of it. I’m glad to see you have good humor about what I wrote. You can chalk up my initial response to some bad family issues I’m dealing with and I developed a severe case of crabbiness. I didn’t have a problem with you installing night sights, that’s what I recommended to anyone/everyone. I like to tinker with my firearms too, my Bushmaster AR15 in 5.56mm is tricked-out to the max my wallet could handle, so I know where you’re coming from. Right, I did use pliers to remove the bushing from the screw when it came off the frame when I was replacing my grips. I wrapped the bushing with a small piece of cloth and then gripped it with pliers and I didn’t strip off any threads, I was careful and lucky. Ultimately, I replaced my flathead grip screws with Wilson Combat black Allen-head screws which eliminates any scratching that occurs when unscrewing flathead screws.
    I meant no disparagement towards your firearm and I’m not a believer in purchasing only high-end 1911’s. If a 1911 built by Singer Sewing Machines back in WWII was good enough for my dad, it’s good enough for me, with all its rattles, loose parts, etc., it still functioned as John Browning’s design intended.
    FWIW, earlier this year I purchased a Springfield Commander GI Champion, fed it some steel cased .45acp and somehow the steel case caused a pretty good nick in the left side of my barrel’s feed ramp. So much for Springfield’s legendary quality… some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you. So I now know what I’m going to have my wife buy me for Christmas later this year… a nice match grade barrel for my Springer.

    Good luck on the mods to your 1911.
    I’m going to try to curb my tongue and keep to the straight and narrow on this forum lest I risk being banned.


  • BobReed9391


    I didn’t mean to give you a right hook, just a little poke. As I said, I put night sights on my 1911 because YOU recommended it. I read your posts, respect them, and (with one minor exception ;)) generally agree with them. Keep on posting.

    By the way, I just got my Wilson Combat Hammer and Thumb Safety. I also got the Power Custom Series 2 hammer and sear jig as well as two of their stones. I’ll let you know how everything goes. More stuff to play with!!!

    Semper Fidelis

  • STexTom

    After following this blog for sometime, I decided I need another 1911 type weapon. Monday, I purchased a blue Titan. I see no need to go back over the attributes of the weapon. It is indeed manufactured, fit and finished well. As of today, Friday, 450 rnds. have been fired, with no failure of any type. It functions with all of the magazines I used in it, Colt, Kimber, Pachmayr, WWII vintage GI, and generic that I don’t know what they are. Considering advances in manufacturing and machine processes, and reduced manufacturing and overhead cost of overseas locations. ATI appears to be not a cheap weapon, but rather a less expensive alternative for a 1911 type weapon. As far as parts failure mentioned in some of the above posts, mass produced parts have an expected rate of failure. The extractor broke on the 4th rnd. fired in my Kimber Tactical Pro II, when it was new. That dosen’t mean the Kimber is an inferior product, it simply was supplied with one of that small percentage of parts. I do believe the best weapon for self defense is the one you have available. There are no reservations on my part about using this one.

  • Bobnailer

    Your statement about the “…best weapon for self defense is the one you have available.” is an important one.

    Too many times I’ve read where some guys state they will use only Colt and nothing but Colt and there’s nothing better than Colt, ever. I chuckle at that because I wonder, what if someday, when they have to defend themselves but their Colt in the shop for some reason and a 9mm Beretta is all that’s available to them to defend themselves, I imagine that rather than “stain” their hand with likes of Bartolomeo Beretta they’d rather grab a rock or “take a round for the Gipper” instead. Some people are that hard-a**ed about it. I’m glad to see you are blessed with common sense.

    I had a Beretta 84f for years, never, ever, a FTF or FTE, it was .380acp. I shot it at some bowling pins one day, the pins I hit would weeble and wobble but they’d never fall down… that’s when I changed to .45acp because my fellow shooters that day were shooting 1911’s and were splitting open the bowling pins that I could only get to teeter/totter.


  • Bobnailer


    I brought up the Beretta 84f as an example of using what’s available to defend myself. Even as underpowered at the .380acp is, with a well placed shot, it’s every bit as deadly as a .45acp or even a .22, POI is crucial, not caliber so much. I understand if someone is on crack or meth or jacked up on whatever… a small caliber round won’t save your life but if the POI is the heart of cranium… it won’t matter what he is on… he’s yesterday’s news.


  • Ronald F. Sullivan

    I recently purchased the G.I. mod. Initial firing was very satisfactory. the gun was sighted right on and functioned perfectly . I shot 230 gr rn, fp, 185 gr Hornady hp. Also shot many 200gr cast swc. The accuracy was very good with all bullets. None of the groups shot were over 2 inches, some were less. This gun likes anything I feed it.

    Note: groups were shot off the bench. 70+ years of shooting experience

    Not bad for an out of the box gun eh!

  • STexTom

    An earlier post mentioned my recent purchase of an ATI blue Titan. As of this evening the weapon has digested more than 1000 rnds of all types .45 ACP. For a 3″ bbl weapon it groups very well. Groups were around 4″ at 25 yds using a rest. The little weapon shoots very well with my favorite defense round Federal Hydra Shok 230gr. +P. Up until today (Saturday) I have experienced only one malfunction. A failure to feed with a generic magazine. Anlaysis of that failure, it was the mag. The magazine spring broke. The fix for that was trash can the mag. So again, I must say this little 1911 is reliable and well worth the price I paid of $426 out the door.

  • w86250

    First time posting to this blog I have had my eye on the American classic Amigo for a while but apparently they are not available anywhere yet. I guess they are still being held for inspection before letting them come into the country. Now after reading today I might be going after the Titan instead. Does anyone know any major differences between the two except the horrible name of (Amigo) or the fact that it is not available yet to purchase. Also the best out the door price in AZ for the Titan I can find is just under $500 is that about right?

  • w86250

    So I went and got the Titan in blue today. Surprisingly it was completely matte black not a true blue. It does not have a standard recoil spring bushing to depress and turn. I hate asking for help but this is my first 1911 of any type and the instruction it came with are for standard 1911’s. So don’t tear me up too bad but please help I can’t find anything online to help tear down. Thanks

  • STexTom


    Using which ever hand you are the most comfortable with, move the slide to the rear far enough to aligne the machined opening in the slide with the tab on the the slide release. Push the push the slide release out and remove. Then disassemble about like any other 1911 type weapon. There are a few differences however, those are easy to determine what you must do.

  • Steve

    This is today’s experience with the the 1911 Titan SS 45 ACP. I bought this gun two weeks ago and just finally had the opportunity to go to the range this morning. I have never fired a 45 nor have I owned one. I have several 9MM and 380″s. I bought a box of white Winchester 100 pack 230 GR and loaded up. I placed the target 15 yards out and started firing. My first expectations were all about a healthy recoil and so I white knuckled it really good and squeezed off the first one. I missed the target and hit the card board below. I was very surprised at the recoil, there was some but; my Sig 9MM gave me more then this. I finally found the target itself and believe me if we hadn’t been rained out I know I would have seen solid improvement. Guys, I fell in love with this gun, looks, feel, quality of a well machined and fitted gun. Not to mention the price! $575.00 out the door. As I have read, no hiccups for me in feeding or any other malady, it shoots and shoots well. I looked at both the blued and the SS. Both are great, I just let the pimp in me take over and took the SS. Yes I was only able to put fifty rounds through it, but it was doing good. ATI did a good job on this one. The Phillipines? No problem, they have craftsmen there, and the quality control was tight, you can see it, feel it, and you just know it on the first shot. Try and buy one, they are hard to find, they are bought up just as fast as they hit the shelf. Back ordered everywhere. So if you are on the fence, put your order in, you wont be disappointed.

  • steven clark

    i bought an fx stainless 3.18. Simaler to an officers. I have owned 1911’s all my life and i’m 53. I have shot as of today atleast 500 rounds through mine. Did have a couple of feed problems but polishing the ramp took care of that. This i have had to do with others as well, so nothing new there. The stainless does have a problem if you have natural skin oil as it is slick but a houge overmaolded rubber grip fixed that. This i have had todo to other’s too. I did replace the trigger(my deal) i put a short with overtravel adj from midway. Sorry i just like a short trigger with NO overtravel. it is a good sound firearm, it’s tight,recoil could ba alittle less but maybe some fine tuneing will help. Yes i love to tinker but for the price i can make it like I want it not what they think i want it.

  • Borderwatch

    I bought the ATI Titan on June 7th 2011 for 485.00 and have nothing but trouble with it. The gun dealer told me I would have to run 200 rounds of ammunition to break it in. I took this gun to the range after cleaning the shipping grease out of it and sprayed it with Remington oil. I was only able to shoot 1 round at a time because the casing wouldn’t eject…so I had to drop the mag, pull out the spent brass, put the magazine back in and pull back the slide and shoot another round and start the process over again to shoot a box of bullets. I have used white box, Hornady critical defense, 45 auto made in Isreal and shot over 200 rounds and the gun still fires 1 round and does not eject the round. Unfortunately the dealer I bought the gun from has a no refund, no return, all sales final policy or I would take the gun back and spend 200 more dollars and get a known brand. I was going to use this gun for ccw, but if I wanted something that only shoots one round at a time, I would have bought a muzzle loader…. I am shipping the gun back to ATI and hopefully they will pay the shipping…

  • BobReed9391

    @steven clark

    When I first got my FX-45, it was really easy to pull the slide back. I thought this was normal. I found out that the recoil spring was lighter than normal. I put a 16 lb Wolf recoil spring in it and the recoil improved. It’s a little harder to pull the slide back to load it but not so much to make a difference.

  • BobReed9391


    It sounds like an extractor problem. Those kinds of problems are not “break it in” types of problems. Definitely send it back to ATI. They should either fix the problem or send you a new gun. I just ran into the same problem with a friend’s Diamondback DB380. They sent him a new gun.

  • bobnailer

    In response to Borderwatch’s complaint about his Titan not extracting spent shell casings, I realize you said you’re going to ship it back to the manufacturer… but your explanation of the problem wasn’t real clear.
    Did you mean that once the round fired, the slide would recoil but the shell would not be extracted by the extractor?

    Or did you mean that once fired, the 1911’s slide would not recoil and thus the empty shell casing was not extracted?

    I’m going to assume the extractor was not doing its job, in which case, replacing the extractor is the solution to your problem… if you haven’t shipped it, just have the manufacturer ship you a new extractor and give that a try.

    Now if the slide is not recoiling then you have other bigger issues like a possible broken recoil spring and/or a slide to frame hangup issue. 1911’s are pretty simple so recoil/extract/eject should be functioning.

    Can you look at your extractor and see if its broken or bent or malformed (due to poor manufacture) ?

    I hear good things about the ATI Titan and I’m sorry this happened.


  • bobnailer

    Borderwatch, I was also thinking about your mag(s), are you getting a double feed? Or is/are your mag(s) not seating correctly?


  • Borderwatch

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for all the good trouble shooting ideas of what my ATI Titans extraction problem might be, I finally got it sent off today for only 54 dollars for 2 day air and insurance, which I think ATI should have picked up…..hopefully this gun will work when I get it back and I will never buy another ATI product unless I can get it for a dollar. Next time I will spend a couple hundres more dollars and buy a Ruger or Taurus…heck for the amount I spent on “breaking it in” 2 extra Wilson mags and shipping to ATI…I could have almost bought a COLT…thats what I get for trying to save a few dollars…

  • bobnailer

    Sorry to hear that this has been such a heartache for you, for what it’s worth, there is always a chance that you could purchase a “namebrand” pistol and be the unlucky guy who gets the one pistol (that month) that has problems. Zero defects is my policy, if you’re in the business of manufacturing something as critical as firearms, it should be manufactured perfectly the first time because pistols were invented for personal defense. But you having to work out ATI’s “bugs” is truly unfortunate. I’m going to bet when you get it back it will be perfect. I have heard nothing but good things about ATI and I’m going to bet you just got a one in a thousand that was a bad apple.

    Keep us up to date.


  • Bob G.

    Bought my ATI Titan SS .45 last week at my favorite gun store in Az. (Traded in my Taurus SS PT92, which was a nice gun, but too big). I own several handguns, but I must say this Titan is the most fun to shoot. It’s like a friggen hand-cannon. I took it to the local range and ran about 150 rounds through it, with no ftf or fte. I used ‘lawman’, ‘blazer’, and some factory ‘reloads’ from ‘Cheaper than dirt’, with NO problems at all! It is very accurate right out of the box. It also looks VERY cool ! I had to force myself to stop shooting when I was down to 14 rounds left, just enough in case I need it for Personal Defense.
    To clean it, it’s easy to pull the slide off, but……….
    One problem: How do I get that damn spring out ??????
    Somebody help me ! !
    Bob G.

  • Borderwatch

    I sent off my ATI Thunder on July 1st for extraction problems and all I have been getting from ATI is promises when I will get it back…first it was Friday, than it was the guys will get to it Monday afternoon or early Tuesday morning and here it is the 24th of July and I am still waiting to get my gun back….if you guys go to Tactical Firearms to buy a gun make sure you remember the BIG sign on the front counter…..NO REFUNDS, Exchanges, All Sales Final….have a great day!!!!!

  • masterofnotmuch

    huh you see a lot of 1911 clones but not to many 1911a1 ones might have to get one of these

  • Borderwatch

    Update… my ATI 45 titan back Saturday. Note from the ATI gunsmith said they had to chage out the extractor and fired 27 rounds without a problem. Haven’t had a chance to take it to the range yet, but hopefully the problem is solved. To bad they aren’t like some of the other gun makers who will send you a mag for all your troubles.

  • Borderwatch

    I took my titan that I just got back from ATI after they changed out the ejector, now the slide is not seating all the way forward so that I can fire the gun….I have to push the back of the slide forward before the gun will fire. I contacted ATI today asking for another gun, to replace this lemon and I am waiting for their response. I was shooting next to a guy at the range who was shooting a Hi point 45 and said he has 6 one for every room in his house and he loves it. Maybe I can trade this ati for 2 Hi points ….

  • Bob G

    I am really sorry to hear of these problems. I guess my ATI Titan must be
    the opposite of a lemon, because it works perfectly. So far, I have run
    about 400 rds through it so far, with no problems.

  • @bobnailer, bobreed, and boderwatch

    I appreciated the advice. And I finally got my 1911 running right. But after seeing how so many ppl have problems with them here and there.
    I just dont trust any 1911 in a fire fight. so its now just a conversation piece for me. One big reason is the reverse plug. I found out that its made out of plastic. I was at the range shooting and it went down range.
    This was after i fixed my 1911, by changing out the recoil spring so it would stop jamming. Theres just to many pieces on the gun for me that can go bad after a period of time. So Im sticking with and carrying my xds and glocks

  • Bob

    Mr. Dupree, both the Glock and 1911 have the same number of parts except the 1911 has the slide lock pin/lever to remove, other than that, they have the same number of components to remove for field stripping. Older 1911’s have a recoil spring cap and barrel bushing but most modern 1911’s have a bull barrel with no barrel bushing. I’ve not kept up with this blog in awhile but I wouldn’t judge all 1911’s against the ATI brand. I carry a Springer Champion lightweight and have no problems staking my life on its operation. It’s apparent you probably got a lemon, which is unfortunate. My Springer cost me approx. $550 pre-tax, you don’t have to spend $1k+ to get a good 1911. Sorry to hear your troubles with your firearm. Good luck with the Glock/XDS, my only hope is that they’re in .45acp.

  • Bob

    I also need to add that many modern 1911’s come with a full-length guide rod and have no recoil spring cap to mess with.

  • Borderwatch

    Talked to Chris at ATI and asked him to send me the recoil spring set, so I won’t have to pay the 56 dollars for shipping the Titan to New York, got the springs and installed ,will go to the range tomorrow. Hopefully the slide will seat a round and fire correctly…wonder how many problems I will have with this gun, before ATI sends me a new one or my money back?

  • Steve

    Wellllll, It’s been 7 months since I posted my first experience with my ATI Titan FX SS 45 ACP. Gotta tell ya, I have put in a lot of trigger time with this gun and it has not failed to function yet. I keep waiting for the bomb to drop after reading all of the negative posts from those who had problems. I can relate to having these similar problems with other guns and one in particular is the Diamond back 380, the second trip back to the manufacture was handled in just two days, they sent me a new gun no questions asked. This to me spoke volumes with regard to service, especially since this was their first gun off the production line. Anyway, my point is, any manufacture can have or produce a lemon, it is just the manor in which you receive service for your problem. Nobody wants to buy a dud, it takes all of the good expectations you were anticipating when buying it and leaves you with a lousy feeling. Alright, load, lock and get into condition one, it will get better on the next one. I am thinking seriously of buying the new Sig Ultra 45 ACP when it is available, guys ya gotta see this one, look it up!!!!

  • Jim

    Love my stainless Titan! Didn’t shoot well with factory mag so replaced with Wilson combat and no problems since then. Original mag didn’t like Blazer ammo but did better with others. easy to take apart and I was surprised by the accuracy. I did a lot of research and talked to dealers and gunsmiths and was commonly told that the guns were fine but to replace the mags with quality replacements. They were right and I’m doing great with it.

  • Trey

    do you guys sale jus barrels?

  • Got my ATI FX GI .45 on Friday. Taking it to the range tomorrow to test it out. Dry firing it, it has a very nice trigger pull (probable around 4lbs). Everything seams to be nice and tight tolerances. (Compared to my friends Springfield which rattles like marbles in a coffee can). Bought it from a local dealer, so if there is any problems, I know it will be taken care of promptly.

  • kelby

    i just bought my ATI GI 45 was wonderin if it would be wise to trade it for a Springfield GI 45. i like my ATI but i want the 5 inch barrel and this has the 4.25 inch would it be better if i kept mine or trade it?

  • Bob

    Kelby, I own a Para Ordnance GI Expert Govn’t 5″ and love it.
    I get way better accuracy with the 5″ barrel over the Commander or Officer’s sized 1911’s I own. The trigger on my Para Ord is “polymer” I believe and will have that replaced someday when I have time. If I ever buy another 1911, I’d go with another 5″ and I’ve sworn off owning any more Compact/Officer’s 1911’s, the grip is just too short for my big hands, full sized grips from here on out.

    I’d say if the idea of not having a full sized 1911 is going to wear a hole in your psyche, trade the ATI in and get a full sized 1911 and be done with it!


  • Still own my ATI Titan Still shooting it. As a matter of fact so much I have lost count of the rounds. The only problems I have had were magazine related. The solution to those are to trash the mag. Still lovin’ the little .45 auto. I still think it is a great weapon for the price. I would not, and do not hesitate to carry it anywhere I may need a weapon for self defence. I carry everyday.

  • Robert

    I still love my ATI Titan too. (Stainless).
    Just put Houge grips on it ($17.99 on line), looks awesome.
    Tried out my new grips by running 100 rds of Blazer through it.
    No problems, and still very accurate!

  • FX Titan 1911

    I am haveing a problem with loading of the next round. Everytime I fire around i have to slap the slide forward for it to load. It ejects the round but does not chamber the next one (most of the time it ejects about 50 50 on a good day.) I bought 2 other different brand clips and does not help at all. I bought it brand new and have fired a 1000 rounds through it. It has contined to get worse. It is now to the point where I have to drop the clip to even get it to chamber. I contacted ATI but have not heard back yet. I am about to just resell it back to the pawn shop and get a better gun and just take a loss. I have heard other people talking about replaceing the spring on the blog, but how much does something like that cost. This was my x-mas present i bought for myself and i bought it for my carry and i would die if i was in a fire fight with this gun.

    • Robert

      Sounds like a lemon. I’ve never had any problems like that with my Titan (Except when I used cheap ass reloads from ‘Ammo Bros’ in Riverside. But I DID have that problem with my Ruger SR9c. I polished the feed ramp & the slides, then used a good lube on it. That did the trick. It’s worth a try, even though I think we should not have to do any work on a new gun.

    • Steven Clark

      What ammo are you using? Like what was posted you may have to polish the feed ramp, there might be a small bur there. check you mag too, if it’s not holding the shell proper even on on a factory mag some may be just a bit to wide or the other way around. Check your mag spring too even new mags sometimes slip through ins position and just ain’t stretched right. Take your mag apart and stretch the spring some if it works oder a new spring or new mag. Don’t give up on ATI you may have to hound some.

    • bobnailer

      Joe R,
      Um, I wouldn’t force/slam your palm against the slide my friend, you could cause a slam fire which would basically break your hand. Use the Tap, Rack, Bang method to clear a FTF (Failure To Feed): if you have a FTF, tap the bottom of your slide to make sure it’s seated properly, rack the slide, pull trigger. If it goes “bang”, voila! you’ve cleared the malfunction. BUT, I think you do have one of several problems. 1,000 rounds through that pistol (that you obviously bought used at a Pawn shop) God only know how many actual rounds have been fired through it. As others have stated, you should replace the recoil spring, the old one has probably lost a lot of it’s tension. Also, polish the feed ramp (or have a gunsmith do it). Also, for grins, unload the pistol, remove the upper (the slide and barrel) and then look down at the mag well as you insert a fresh mag, I’d suggest you get a .45 cal snap cap to add as fake ammo while you try this. I purchased some crappy mags by C-Products, and found the polymer follower has a notch for the slide lock… this notch was too big and would not actuate the slide lock, thus causing my .45’s slide to slide forward as if it had another round in battery when in reality it didn’t. Oh, and another idea that’s even more simple. You didn’t say if your FX45 was Govn’t, Commander, or Officer’s model… if it’s the Officer’s model, you may very well be prematurely activating the slide lock with your thumb when firing.
      One more thing, ya, you might try decent mags like McCormick, Wilson Combat mags. Sorry, but without actually being there to see what’s happening, that’s all I can think of.


    • Polishing the feed ramp is the place to start but make sure you take a look at
      the bolt face on the slide. Check for a burr around the firing pin hole or a rough spot around the ejector. If you’re polishing the ramp, go ahead polish the bolt face, paying particular attention to the area around the ejector. A little burr is enough to stop the slide. I polished the ramp on my .45 twice and no help, the slide would stop and I’d tap the back of the slide to get it to close. Someone told me to check out the other end of the shell and the the thing runs like wildfire now.

    • JBB

      I had the same problem with my Colt Goldcup… I replaced the stock recoil Spring with a 16 lbs spring …cost me about $5-10
      Here’s the link –

      Also use a good ammo.

      Hope this helps.

    • Brian P

      I bought a Titan Blue yesterday and loaded 7 Gold Dot Hollow Points in the mag and it wouldn’t chamber the round. I went with 6 and it wouldn’t chamber either so I took it back. They replaced the mag with a Wilson Combat and said it was good. I again tried to load the weapon outside and it wouldn’t chamber either if more than 1 in mag so I returned it and exchanged it for another. They test fired it with 7 rnds with the original mag and it worked fine. I haven’t been to the range yet to see for myself but judging from comments here it must be a fluke in their QC to have this happen and apparently not uncommon. I am glad to hear that it is a very accurate weapon and very reliable if you get a good one. I did not try any FMJ rnds.

      • vwclogan

        The ramp in 1911’s only like ball rounds. You’ll need a aftermarket barrel or a higher end 1911 to shoot much else.

  • Appreciate your blog.Thanks Again. Really Great.

  • Bad Bob

    Well, I have now fired approx. 900 rds thru my Titan .45 ATI, only problem I ever had was when I ran some cheap reloads thru it, causing the slide to gum-up. Cleaned the gun, threw away the rest of those cheap rds, and never had another problem. Still fun to shoot & still very accurate.

  • The little Titan is still going strong. I don’t know how many. Probably a couple thousand. The only malfunctions to date are the one’s in earlier posts. Went to the range today for my annual retired LE officer qualification. I fired the course with the Titan and my retirement pistol a Glock 30. Both are .45 ACP. It is a 50 rnd pass or fail course. However, for info I fired 98% with the Gock and 96% with the Titan. I blame those 3 misses on the my aging eye sight. That front sight just ain’t as clear as it was 10 years ago.

  • Classictruckman

    Been looking at these, and was wondering. Are they compatible with aftermarket upgrade parts, barrels, springs, triggers, etc, that fit other standard 1911’s ??

    • Mark Foor

      In general, all 1911 parts are compatible with all 1911 style weapons. The exception is the Colt Gold Cup Series 70. It had some additional parts in the slide that were not present in the standard 1911. This is because the Gold Cup was designed as a competition pistol as the name suggests.

  • ExChief

    Bought the Titan a few months back. Replaced the spring with a Kimber and bought McCormick mags and that cured any problems I had at first. Accurate and reliable. It is my carry gun and I qualified for my annual retired officer permit with no problem.

    • Mike D.


      Could you advise on the mag you purchased, does it fit flush to the bottom of the grip? Factory mags are junk!

      Thank you,

      Mike D.

      • Bobnailer

        Mec-Gar mags have worked very well for me, they’re affordable and I’ve never had a problem with them, I buy the chromed mags with the extended base; I found that flush-fit mags cause my hand to get pinched when tactical reloading… I have big hands… but hey, when my hand gets chewed up and bleeding from shoving in a flush-fit mag, I shoot on, using it as a training point to keep shooting despite pain from an injury. 😀

    • Mike Braswell

      Hey i just acquired a 1911 Titan, What kimber model spring and what did you buy.You can reach me at
      Thanks Mike

  • Bob G

    Never had a problem with stock mag. Also used Colt mags.
    However, that gun would get dirty & the slide would stick/gummy after 15 or
    20 rds (FTFs), no matter what ammo I used. Had to constantly clean it. I
    finally sold the gun.

    • The ATI Titan FX is trash. From sharp edges to a crap ejector and pos front spring. Even the rails on the slide and frame were so rough that the pistol would fail to feed after a few shots. I had to break the pistol down, debur her, polish the feed ramp, sand lightly and progressively to 1200 grit on slide and frame contact points and hammer face and had a smith grind the barrel to get the feed ramp to match up better. Should never be such a low grade pistol for the money they are asking. ATI was unwilling to replace the crummy pistol or acknowledge the fail to feed and slide hang up issues. Many people voiced the same problems here. I wish Gunsofamerica would do an article on ATI warning people not to buy thier substandard crap.

      • ron

        you are right, i had the injector port changed the top slide cracked,the 2 bottom springs was changed and even the magazine that came with it was shit.but within that first year i had my gunsmith correct the problems due to warranty.and i almost forgot about the guide rod was a piece of after two years i trust the weapon.Thanks to Hyatt Gunshop, Semper Fi

  • Cliff

    Can someone tell me , or if they’ve had experience with – meprolights for the 3″ .45? Which ones did you use? Are there other brands that use the same Novak cut? Besides Novak sights – they seem to get a case of the ass when your trying to order from them, and you’re not going to send it to them to install the sights.

    Side note – the factory sights mine came with shoot about 5″ high off center. Already checked the bore sight – that’s just the way it came.

  • TheUnknownCat

    I picked up a modestly used ATI Military Model about two years back -and it was great like it was. The original owner decided to prefer a lighter weight 9mm Beretta for carry. I decided to use it to learn more about the 1911, and started with an Ed Brown spring kit -and then went crazy. A year or so later -and I have a 5″ ATI forged slide, and an ATI cast receiver with an Ed Brown beavertail -and Ed Brown everything else too -except the hammer/sear/disconnect, which are Harrison Engineering -and well worth the money.

    For about $850 total cost -I have a really nice custom 1911.

    After becoming very, very familiar with this one, I wouldn’t hesitate to own another ATI gun.

  • brute

    Today I decided to e-mail ATI . Have a 45 fatboy 12rd. The magazines are junk and cannot be loaded with more than 4-5 rds. They bind up. Sent back to ATI 3 times with the same problem. Tech obviously was just a call taker and not a gun guy. He could not understand the mags are a separate part of the gun. He kept insisting i send the weapon back. When asked if any body has tried to load the mags prior to sending them out he insisted on sending the weapon back. I have a GSG-522 carbine with a broken stock. Wanted to get that replaced but was so frustrated I did not even want to bring it up.. E-mail to ATI I said “At this point I have no choice but to keep the weapon and the mags to use as a training aid as a GOOD EXAMPLE OF A BAD PRODUCT AND POOR SERVICE, this junk is going to get some one hurt or killed. ” I am retired Law with 26 yrs experience , firearms instructor with many schools on various weapons, service and maintenance. Any one with previous experiences on ATI please post so the word gets out. They are junk.

  • Cinco

    Just put 50 FMJ rounds through my ATI 1911 GI – E FX .45 ACP after getting the gun two weeks ago. Couldn’t be happier. Operated flawlessly (I did give it a good clean and lube prior) no failure to feeds or failure to fire, slide worked great. Used stock mag and a Chip McCormick both 8 rd no problems. Second 8 rounds @ 25 ft and I was knitting a really tight group in and around the bullseye with rapid fire. Had to aim a little right but will correct after I get more ammo! Gun is tight and built well for the price, and looks great too. I have owned several 357’s and a 40 auto and this 1911 is a blast to shoot. No more kick than you would expect from a 45 and fits in my hand perfectly. I love this gun!

  • Ron Keel

    I purchased my ATI Titan a couple of months ago and I really like it. Took it to the range and put 300 rounds thru it and had only one minor stoppage, which was easily cleared. Did a lot of quick combat shooting and could not be happier with the gun performance. It is also my new CCW with an inside the waist holster… Very comfortable! I will be buying a full size within a few months. GREAT GUN!!!