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  • SpudGun

    How can you not love R. Lee Ermey? What a character. At least a German didn’t show up with a Sturmgewehr to make them both look silly.

  • SoulTown

    “Churchill, it’s my show.”

    I love you gunny.

  • Raymond

    Hehehe, but if the German had shown up with the Stg, they would have also needed 5 more American shooters to accurately depict how outnumbered the Stg was, gotta love the Gunny

  • iMick

    Bloody hell, how dare that Pom wear a Slouch Hat! Aussies only mate, the Gunny should have butt stroked him with the Springfield and the Garand!! 😛

  • bring on a Stg 44 🙂

  • Jim

    You know about TF2? Awesome!

    • Jim, whats the TF2 reference? I don’t get it

  • Vak

    “R. Lee Ermey defeats the TF2 sniper”, what the hell kind of title is that ?

  • Rusty Ray

    Loved it, very funny. But I have to say, my ol’ Granny could’ve shot that Enfeild faster…Just sayin’….

  • Neal

    The first smokeless powder rifle? Wouldn’t that be the French 1886 Lebel?

  • Anton

    Dude sure’s gotta hard on for the M1. XD

  • I can forgive the Gunny, since the Garand is his love, but my fellow countryman was demonstrating dreadfully poor weapon-handling: when working the bolt, he took the weapon out of his shoulder. That’s piss-poor. A half-decent Lee Enfield rifleman would keep up with a Garand, no bother.

  • Randolph

    This guy is neither proficient with a Springfield 03 nor with a M1. He might be a character but a mighty slow one.

  • Vitor

    Well, it would be certainly fun to have a german with a Gewerh 98.

  • Bill Lester

    That was a lot of fun to watch. The Brit didn’t do too badly against the M1 either!

  • Al T.

    The guy with the Enfield needs to get some coaching – he has no clue about running that rifle. He should keep the butt of the rifle on his should when he works the action.

  • tgm

    Why would a German show up with a sturmgewehr at a pre WWI bolt action rifle shoot? Wouldn’t a Mauser Gew. 98 be more appropriate?

  • Phil Ward

    Man he loves that rifle 🙂
    Sadly in the UK, I can own the Lee Enfield, the M1, not so much.

  • SpudGun

    Steve – TF2 stands for Team Fortress 2, an online video game that features a sniper with a similar hat to the one the Brit was wearing.

    @tgm – the Stg 44 reference was because Gunny whipped out a Garand M1, which is a WW2 vintage rifle. The Mauser 98 is a great rifle, but the action on a Lee Enfield is much faster, so it would have been at least equal to the 1903 in terms of speed but would have been beaten by the Mk 3.

  • chris

    TF2 = Team Fortress 2, a popular video game. One of the playable characters is a sniper who wears the same hat as the British fellow in the video, and the sniper character also speaks with a thick Australian accent

  • Komrad

    I thought 8mm Lebel was the first smokeless round.

  • Neal

    Team Fortress 2. A video game with an Australian character as the sniper class, who wears a very similar hat and has a nearly identical accent to the Enfield gunner.

    • Thanks guys. I have not played that game.

  • William C.

    I am not very knowledgeable about bolt action rifles, but don’t the G98 and K98 have a very similar bolt setup to the M1903? I wonder how well a Mosin-Nagant would fare.

  • That was seriously cool… made my day.
    I love gunny … I’m still waiting for him to ” invite me over to his place so I can ” &$%#@ his sister” ( Full Metal Jacket )

    .303 still rules for sheer reliability in all conditions though.
    Try a breach loading weapon in the jungle or the desert, not much cop I’m afraid.

  • Al T.

    “K98 have a very similar bolt setup to the M1903” yes, your exactly correct. 🙂

    In fact, the US had to pay Mauser royalties for the unauthorized use of the Mauser patent until the entrance of the US into WWI.

  • DJ
  • Charlie Foxtrot

    Wish that effete Pom would learn muzzle control and NOT SWEEP THE GUNNY’S HEAD!

    Oh, yeah: M1s forever!

  • DaveP.

    William C: The K98 is a shortened G98: Karabiner instead of Gehwer. The only real difference is that the barrel was shortened by 14cm, or about 6″, to make it more suitable for the closer-ranged combat that was the norm when trenches across France weren’t involved. Same action, almost the same sights, same cartridge. The G98 was the WW1 standard, the K98 was the WW2 standard; some reserve units in WW2 still used G98’s.

    The ’03 Springfield action was based off of the Mauser bolt action, with a bunch of improvements and minor design changes. The Enfield was completely different from either of the above.

    A Mosin-Nagant would’ve fared somewhat worse: I’ve owned both a ’03A3 and a Finnish Moisin (and a Enfield Mk1Mod3), and the Moisin action was noticeably slower to use. The primary design attribute of the M-N wasn’t speed or accuracy; it was toughness.

    As far as bringing in a Stg 44: Dude, if you want to try a distance accuracy contest matching a 150-grain 2800FPS bullet in a gun designed for long range accuracy… with a 125-grain bullet moving at ca.2200FPS, in a gun designed for close-range combat… dude, I’ll take a piece of that action. How much can you afford to lose?
    ps- the Garand was a mid-30’s design; the Sturmgeschutz didn’t come along till ten years later.

  • “gunner”

    yank that i am johnny, i’ve fired the lee-enfield, several marks and models, as well as the pattern 17 “u.s. enfield” and m1903 springfield, and i have to agree with you. your bloke on the enfield was slow, the rifle was capable of better. he’d no need to baby the rifle, work the bolt smartly.

  • SpudGun

    @DaveP – Dude, I’ll take you up on that wager because I am a bionic ninja and can’t be beat, dude. 😉

    Based on the tests Gunny was running and the distances involved in the video, the Stg would have ‘stormed’ it.

    As for the ‘massive’ ten year difference between the Garand and the Stg – well, the Enfield was introduced in 1895 – so the Garand had an even bigger technological time margin advantage.

  • “gunner”

    not to worry phil, your lee-enfield is a good solid rifle. given your situation in dear old blighty i’m happy to hear they still allow you to have one. they’ve taken dammed near everything else that goes bang.

  • I haven’t looked at the video, on dial-up it would probably take a couple hours, but it sounds like the clip from the “Lock ‘n’ Load, with R. Lee Ermy” show from The History Channel. They just reran that episode a couple weeks ago.

    I thought the M-16 vs. AK-47 segment was more interesting, personally.

  • Jeff

    I know it’s already been answered about the TF2 sniper, but here’s the vid for it:

  • Redchrome

    The History Channel must have bought a whole truckload of plates for this show and Top Shot.

    The factual correctness here is… perhaps a notch worse than usual. 2 factual errors in 5 minutes (1903 Springfield not the first smokeless powder rifle, except to the American Army; and the M16 and even M14 have served longer than the Garand).

    At least they showed the Gunny using his sling looped for the Garand. Hard to see if he was hasty-slung or looped with the M1903.

  • Vaarok

    So many factual errors my head wants to explode.

  • Mountainbear

    The Brits had a technique for quickly re-chambering on the LE. It was so effective that the Germans, at one engagement in WW1, thought the Brits were shooting them with machine guns. Reportedly this technique allowed about one round per second. I think The Box O’Truth reported about it once as well.

    The Brit in the vid really needs some training in that technique. It’s fast, efficient and deadly.

    Also, STG44 means Sturmgewehr 44 (lit assault rifle 44), a designation still in use in Austria. Examples: STG58 (an FN FAL) and STG77 (also known as Steyr AUG.) The Sturmgeschütz (the selfpropelled assault cannon) was usually called Stug (“shtoog” (short “u”)).

  • Flashman

    In my youth I participated in a shoot out competition between a myself with a 1916 SMLE MkIII and a pal with a 7.62 FN SLR.

    Both rifles were bog-standard and we were both well experienced. As depicted in the video, the shoot was undertaken prone at a series of targets 100 yards away [speed and accuracy].

    I’m happy to report that the SMLE was easily able to match the SLR in speed and accuracy for the first 10 shots [until the mag needed refilling].

    As others have said, the SMLE guy in the video needs to brush up his technique: the stock stays in the shoulder and right thumb doesn’t wrap the stock.

  • Neal

    @Redchrome: Wasn’t the first American smokeless powder rifle the Krag?

  • hitm

    Why stop at individual rifles? Lets do ww2 fireteam vs fireteam – smg, rifles and light machine gun.

  • DaveR

    Enfield: 10 shots in 9 seconds. Great technique here.

  • Redchrome

    @Neal, I’m not sure. The .30-40 may have been ‘semi-smokeless’ (nitrocellulose powder did not emerge fully formed in 1886-1890) in its original loading. I own one but have never shot it.

    @hitm The squad-level comparison would be interesting. I talked to a WW2 veteran who said that the Germans building their squads around the machine gun supported by bolt-action riflemen vs. Americans building squads around autoloading riflemen supported by a automatic rifles was kind of a wash in firepower. I would say he had a decent perspective, having been on the recieving end of the German firepower.

  • DavidR
  • tim

    what garand? its an 03 springfield

  • nick

    The STG 44 is not a battle rifle, it’s an early assualt rifle. Get off of COD it’s like comparing apple and oranges.

  • Hitler

    Soooo much agreed. COD produces people who think they know everything about guns when they don’t. SturmGewehr 44 is a 7.92 kurz (short). Pretty much the first round made with the idea that a soldier could carry more rounds while still be close enough for the round to punch. It was found in a German study that most firefights take place within 100 meters.

  • Des

    “The STG 44 is not a battle rifle, it’s an early assualt rifle. Get off of COD it’s like comparing apple and oranges.”

    Enfield = apple, Garand = orange. At the range this comparison is conducted (<100m, well within the STG's 300m remit & the range of the vast majority of European contacts) any disadvantages inherent to assault rifles would be irrelevant.
    The drive behind the equally unmatched Enfield & Garand comparison was that they were both fielded in the same period, the same is true of the Garand & STG…

  • Pete Sheppard

    There’s a saying about WWI rifles:

    “The Mauser was the best sporting rifle,
    the Springfield was the best target rifle,
    and the SMLE was the best battle rifle.”
    No mention of Russian Mosin-Nagants.
    Before they were killed off, the British professionals in early WWI convinced the Germans they were facing machine guns, so rapid and accurate was the British rifle fire.
    Another bust on Gunny: The .303 is the ballistic equivalent of the .30-’06.

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  • Amos

    One question,… in the opinion of you, what is the best rifle cal 30.06?
    M1 Garand or Springfield 03?

  • Alex Vostox

    How the duck Garry Acher lives in America more than 30 years but still doesn’t lose his British English accent?