FN SCAR-H PR (Precision Rifle)

The SCAR-H PR (Precision Rifle) show below has an extra rail for accessories (this one is with the KAC front sight, but future models will have front sight integrated into the rail), a heavy 20″ barrel, new two-stage adjustable trigger and a 6-positon buttstock with ergonomic butt plate and new adjustable and nonslip cheek piece.

The USSOCOM version will be tan and called Mk 20 Mod 0.

No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money has also blogged about this gun.

[ Many thanks to REMOV for sending me info and photos. ]

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  • SpudGun

    That is one hell of a bottle opener on the front of that rifle.

  • Rijoenpial

    So, this version is a tad different from the SSR in the FNH-USA catalog…The front end was ‘sawed’ off in a weird shape…The stock is different, the one I saw had the regular one, and at Shot Show 2010, it had the Sniper Folding Stock, I think…

    I love the window idea for easier access to the gas regulator…

    Still, a weird looking sniper rifle… As long as it is accurate, reliable and durable, I’m all good…


  • Rijoenpial

    Small addition: I thought this was an improved version of the SCAR-H SSR, but it seems it is a different weapon… Why did they do two sniper configurations of the same SCAR-H, I have no idea…

  • Jason

    This is not the Mk 20. The Mk 20 is the SSR referenced by Rijoenpial in a reply above this one. The Mk 20/SSR has both a different rail and a different stock.

  • Lance

    No free floating barrel?

  • jdun1911


    They extend the top rail just to have a longer radius for iron sight. That IMO is kind of extreme when the rifle is design to be primary use with optics.

    Most military sniper rifles in service does not have iron sights so I wonder what FN was thinking.

  • Jason


    Yes, it has a free-floating barrel just like all the SCAR rifles.


    The extended rail isn’t there to give it a longer iron sight radius. The purpose behind it is to give enough rail space for a clip on image intensifier in front of the scope.

  • William C.

    Shouldn’t they have just extended the entire rail system instead of that (fragile looking) top extension?

  • jdun1911

    Yeah it possible that the extended top rail is there to mount night vision and other add on to the optic.

    Unless the rail design has change from the standard SCAR you can’t said that it is Free Floating.

  • Lance

    Jason I SCARs have no free floating barrel they have the 1913 rails attactched to the barrel and most sniper ont care for alot of rails since they perfer consealment not full assult with lazers ect.

  • Jason

    William C.,

    On the SCAR Mk 20 (SSR) the entire rail IS extended. Not on this one for some reason. Not sure who FN is orienting this towards. It’s kind of a half-step between the Mk 17 and Mk 20.

    Jdun1911 & Lance,

    I have a SCAR 16S in my gun safe, and I can guarantee you that it has a free floating barrel. The lower rail is attached to the barrel AT THE REAR/CHAMBER END ONLY. The only place the barrel contacts the rest of the gun (outside of the piston) is the 4 rearmost bolts that attache the lower rail/barrel assembly to the gun. The two forward attachment bolts serve only to attach the lower rail to the upper receiver. I thought the same as you when I first saw the SCAR disassembled, until I got my hands on it for myself. I could probably explain it better with a diagram…

  • Lance

    Jason umm no if there anything attached to the barrel to the stock or rails on the stock its NOT a free floating barrel. and since it cannot be glass bedded like a M-21 or free floating mile a M-110 I have to see and question if its a sniper accurate rifle is.

  • Jason


    Ummm yes.

    All conventional firearms have to have their barrel attached to their receiver at the chamber end somehow. The M110’s barrel is attached to the receiver by an annular barrel nut. This is the only place the barrel touches the rest of the gun.

    The SCAR series of rifles have their barrel attached to the receiver by four side bolts. These bolts are the ONLY place the barrel contacts the rest of the gun. It is just like how the LMT MRP platform free floats their barrels, except instead of two cross-bolts on the LMT, the SCAR uses 4 non-thru-penetrating side bolts.

    I recommend you go to M4Carbine.net and send a PM to either user “SinnFéinM1911” (a former FN employee) or “Gabe_Bailey” a current FN employee. They will get you straightened out.

  • Lance

    Im sorry Jason the SCAR isnt a free floating barrel since it has rails attached to the barrel. Every gun barrel attached toa reciver but the SCAR hae the rails attached to the barrel as well. NOT free floating.

  • jdun1911

    Lance and my definition of Free Floating barrel is different from FN and you. I’ll leave it at that.

  • Jason

    12 o’clock rail? Not attached to the barrel. 6 & 9 o’clock rails? Not attached to the barrel. 6 o’clock rail? Only attached to the barrel via the barrels mounting trunion at the chamber end of the barrel, which is actually part of the receiver not the the barrel itself.

    If you were to slip a noose around the SCAR barrel you could slide it all the way down the barrel to the chamber and not touch anything. You seem to persist in thinking that because the 6 o’clock rail is removable with the barrel that it touches he barrel. As I have said, they share the chamber end mounting reunion alone. At no point past about an inch past the chamber does ANYTHING touch the barrel. As any structural engineer could tell you, it is highly unlikely that any force that close to the support of a cantilevered beam would be able to cause any deflection.

    Apparently the US Army and SOCOM’s definition of free floated is the same as mine and FN’s, since one of the SCAR’s ORD requirements was a free-floating barrel. And they selected the SCAR, so…

    Look, if either of you are ever down to the north Alabama area, get in contact with me via this thread and I’ll take you out shooting and you can check out my 16s for yourselves.

  • Lance

    Sorry Jason but the army too states that a free floating barrel cannot have attaching 1913 rails to the barrel. Its not free floating. It might be accurate but is lacks a free floating barrel.


    It’s like the airsoft version. There’s no free floating barrel.

  • SRTM4

    Jason, quit waisting your time. Apparently these guys do not understand how the SCAR is built.
    The bottom or 6’oclock rail does not come in contact with the barrel just the barrel extension by the chamber.
    SCARs are free floating. Nuff said!

  • Lance

    Sorry SRT the ones I saw have the rail attached to the barrel htere not free floating.

  • opmike

    Lance, why do you persist? You are mistaken yet you continue to spout misinformation about something you are ignorant about. And I’m not even sure what to make of your comments about “glass bedding”. Care to explain to us how you’d glass bed a SCAR?

    Again, none of the rails are directly attached to the barrel. This is obvious from the multitude of photos and information available online, and people who actually own the thing have confirmed this as well.

    How about this, please cite a reputable source that backs up your stance.

  • Lance

    Im tired of saying it again but most SCARs have the rails attached as jdun1911said Lance and my definition of Free Floating barrel is different from FN

  • Lance

    And I was saying the sniper design needs to be either a free floter with the M-110 or glass bebed like a M-24 or M-21.

  • Jason


    Once again you are wrong. The M24 is not glass bedded. The HS Precision stock used on it has a molded in Aluminum bedding block that the action is bolted to.

  • Lance

    Jason where do get your info? Any bot action sniper rilfe needs some sort of bedding to accuraize the weapon.

  • Gunz

    Well it would appear that we have a couple of genuises here who do not know what constitutes a “free floating” system. Lance, instead of trying to argue the point why don’t you contact FN and read their own literature? The SCAR is indeed a free floating system. Be a man and admit you are wrong.

  • Rijoenpial

    Hi guys,

    first of all, I must correct Lance: the rails are NOT attached to the barrel, just the tork screws are… The rails are only attached to the aluminum upper… if you check the Scar-L and Scar-H barrels, you will only find the 6 tork screws’ holes, on in front and two at the back on each side…


    Second, Kit Up! has an article about the Mk20, and nothing about this PR version (maybe the PR is a a special-purpose version of the SSR, I don’t know…):


    This PR sniper looks to me just a SCAR Mk20 with the diagonal cut on the front end and a different folding stock… the flash hider probably is not gonna be standard sniper issue…

    Also, for those who would like to see the Mk20 in more detail, here it is:

    http://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?t=45611 (courtesy of SMGLee)

    The stock is indeed a non-folding, fixed stock…and it seems to me that the barrel is not free-floated, with tork screws and all…

    Again, if SOCOM is buying the Mk20, it’s because they like it… Nonetheless, given the last SCAR-L debacle, I rather sit and wait… We’ve been here before…


  • Lance

    Im not wrong Gunz the rails are attached that dosnt make it a free floater.

  • Jason


    I get my info from owning civilian versions of the guns you look at on YouTube. And from talking to read deal guys who have carried these weapons into harms way.

    And you are both right and wrong with your statements regarding bolt gun bedding. All bolt guns require a way of rigidly attaching the action to the stock. For wooden stocks and older style composite stocks, this was usually accomplished with pillar and glass-bedding. The M-24 uses the HS Precision PST-11 stock which is a “drop-in” stock. Here is what HS themselves has to say about their stocks (from their 2010 catalog)

    “Our Pro-Series synthetic stocks feature the original aluminum (7075) bedding block chassis system, designed by H-S Precision in 1982, and a proprietary hand-laminated composite filled with a RIM urethane foam. We have improved our bedding block by utilizing new CAD/CAM software and machining systems. It has been copied but never equaled. We have produced over 10,000 stocks for the Army’s M-24 tactical rifle, which has been in service since 1986. In the January 2000 issue of SHOOTING TIMES, Rick Jamison wrote that “the aluminum bedding block may very well be the biggest factor in consistently improved accuracy in production sporter rifles during this century.” He was writing about the H-S Precision bedding block system.”

    Newer “chassis” stock systems like the AI and TACMOD are also true “drop in” stocks, also requiring no bedding compounds.


    All 6 Torque screws do not touch the barrel. The rear four go into the barrel trunion/barrel block and the front two only go through the bottom rail and upper receiver. Imagine the lower rail and barrel as two prongs of a tuning fork. The two holes you see at the front, are ears attached to the lower rail that wrap up and AROUND but do not touch the barrel. If you could see it in an isometric view, it would be more clear.

  • Lance

    Jason dont trust every thing a gun maker tells you stufy what gunsmiths and military men say. Maker will lie for there products threw there teeth

  • Jason

    So, FN was lying to me the first time I handled a real deal Mk16 SCAR-L at Quad A? (surrounded by “Military Men”, I might add).

    So Rick B. a former SOTIC instructor was lying when talked of the M-24 not needing any bedding besides the aluminum chassis block in the issue HS stock?

    So my very eyes lie to me when I take my SCAR 16S apart? (not to mention 28 years of shooting experience and 10 years of engineering experience).

    So the “Military Men” on M4Carbine.net and LF.net are lying? Along with the Armorers and gunsmiths that post on those esteemed sites?

    Since you go on about “Military Men”, can I look you up on the AKO people finder? Tell you what, I’m on annual leave this week, but let me know your full name and duty station and I’ll be sure to look you up next week. We can exchange particulars via this site’s moderator if you want to play that game.

    Admit it. You are wrong. I’ve offered to let you handle and shoot a real SCAR 16S, I’ve directed you towards a forum that has more real deal guys than you’ve ever met for you edification, I’ve given you technical answer after technical answer and yet your only repeated response is basically “Nuh uh!”

    Plus, you have told NOTHING about YOUR background that would make me take ANYTHING you say seriously.

  • Lance

    Jason you do nothing to make me take you seriously. I worked for the DHS and done real workive handeled SCARs too and there NOT FREE FLOATING. If your so hurt and mad at me because I disagree with you and that i dislike FNs cheap plastic gun well you shouldnt do comments here this is to put your 6 cents here not to name call and try to state your opion as devine providence. I ve shoot more guns and more military rifle than you know of pal. Ive handeled SCARs and looked at them you can see the dumb rails attached to the barrel.

    Before you name call me be sure of what crap your shoveling.

    • Lance and Jason : this is a fairly ridiculous discussion. One of you should find a photo, or download the SCAR manual (with breakdown diagram) and prove it one way or the other.

  • Lance

    Im no longer going to argue with Jason we have differnt opions on this he can name call me all he wants but im no longer going to be drawn in when it gets uncivil

    Ths is about firearms not opions and politics.

    • W

      the reason why he is getting offensive is because you are deliberately ignoring the facts regarding the weapon system. As a SCAR 16S and 17S owner, the barrels are free floating. No debate, enough said.

  • smith934

    I would appear from Lance’s comments that he indeed does know little about free floating barrels or about bedding systems. Not having a Scar, I have to admit that I didn’t know whether the barrel was free floated or not. Having looked into it, it is indeed free floated, either that or FN and the military are lying. As long as nothing touches the barrel after or very shortly after it leaves the receiver at it’s attachment point, it is free floated. The barrel for the Scar meets that criteria, as several commenters have stated.

    The give away on Lance’s knowledge, or lack thereof, on bedding systems was his statement that the M24 is glass bedded. M24’s, are specifically not glass bedded because, as Jason stated, they use the H-S Precision aluminum bedding block system, wherein the Rem. 700 LA receiver bolts go through the bottom metal, the block, and then into the receiver. The receiver is pulled tightly into contact with the block and no ‘glass’ bedding is required. Some civilian users advocate ‘skim bedding’ the block, but the US Army does not. The system works. I remember several years ago, Rick Boucher (former Army Sniper & SOTIC Instructor) relating (on Sniper Country) how an M24 fell from, IIRC, about 150 feet during a jump in qualifying. After verifying zero, the student was offered the loan of another M24 but elected to qualify with the weapon, which he did. Other systems such as the McMillan stocks as used by the Marines are pillar/glass bedded, lacking the H-S Precision bedding block.

  • timothy

    Well, it looks to me like lance has no clue what he’s talking about, and the core of his response to every one of Jason’s statements is “But it looks like a non-free floating rail!”

  • charles222

    Yeah, having shot a SCAR and gotten a class on it from the rifle’s operator, the barrel is indeed free-floated.

  • glockboy

    there’s a gas block on the barrel correct? Then there’s a point of contact, so not free floating. On an AR you will always have the gas block touching the barrel as well….so not free floating.

    • W

      glockboy, how else would the SCAR operate? for example, a Colt M4 carbine is not free floating for obvious reasons. FN’s definition of free floating is that the rail system is not supported by the barrel (which it isn’t). It amazes me the gargantuan ignorance of facts regarding the SCAR not being free floated. It is free floated, just like the 416 is free floating.

  • charles222

    As having a semiautomatic rifle that’s gas-operated without having a gas block is impossible, you too are wrong. 😉

    Linkie for a free-floating barrel in a gas-operated design:


    • W

      There is still a gas block 🙂 unless you have a blowback operated rifle (haha), there still needs to be a gas block to cycle the weapon. A handguard/stock that doesn’t touch the barrel and is directly connected to the receiver, is, by definition, a “free floating” barrel.

  • fredthecat

    It seems like this nicely fills the gap between the MK20 sniper rifle & the regular SCAR-H – more for DMs than snipers.

    It’s lighter & shorter (folds) than the MK20.

    It’s (almost certainly) more accurate at distance than the regular SCAR-H with enough rail space for NV.

  • fredthecat

    edit: I now see this actually IS the MK20 in an earlier form. doh!