Colt Third Model Dragoon Revolver

The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art has this incredibly beautifully engraved Colt Third Model Dragoon revolver. The gun was part of three pairs created for Samuel Colt to exhibit in Europe during the Crimean war.

Click on the images to increase their size.

[ Many thanks to Jonathan for taking the photos. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Nmb

    I believe this is the weapon used during the majority of Cormac McCarthy’s masterpiece Blood Meridian. They were spoken of as huge hand cannons, I see why now.

  • Alan

    That is just a spectacular revolver. Very very classy, not trickily ornated. The grips have some beautiful wood. Just, wow.

  • Jusuchin

    …I think I’m in love.

  • Tom Stone

    If I owned it,it would have holster wear. Just sayin’

  • William C.

    Now that’s a revolver!

  • Beautiful!!

  • Greetings from Texas,
    This weapon is an outstanding piece of artwork. As wonderful as this engraving is, to me it’s just icing. I don’t take anything away from the historic value, I would just have more use for one I can shoot.

  • Flashman

    The Revolver – every one a beautiful masterpiece of and tribute to Victorian design and engineering.

    All those springs, cams, pins and pivots moving in orchestrated symmetry.

    Poetry: standing still … or in motion.

  • Ben

    Thought that looked familiar, its at the MET in New York, absolutly breathtaking up close.