Remington VersaMax Shotgun: Coming Soon

An anonymous reader email me these two logo’s that are apparently for a new Remington shotgun which will be launched next month.

I did some Googling to confirm this and found that the Office of the California Attorney General’s Roster of Approved Firearms Safety Devices has approved a safety device for the “Remington VersaMax Shotgun”.

Regal Industrial Sales RTL10 Regal Industrial Sales Model RTL10 trigger lock is designed to fit Remington VersaMax Shotgun exclusively

My guess is that the VersaMax is a tactical autoloader. Remington has a great line of tactical Model 870 pump guns but only one barley-tactical autoloader, the Model 1100 TAC 4. The only tactical feature os the TAC 4 is its four magazine extension. It lacks the short barrel and picatinny rails which which make sense on a home defense / tactical scatter gun.

[ Many thanks to the anonymous reader for emailing me the link. ]

UPDATE: Sadly I was wrong. It looks like it is a hunting shotgun with a 26″ barrel and a MSRP of $1,599. Well done to Jay for digging up this info.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • SpudGun

    ‘Versa Max’ – because it’s Versatile to the Max – Maximum shotgun taste but without the calories, ugh, why is the firearms industry stuck in the early 90s for it’s marketing strategies?

    Oh well, it could be worse, at least it doesn’t begin with the letter X for eXtreme.

  • Freiheit


  • Jay

    I really enjoy my Rem 887, which is a new pump shotgun line from Remington. Easy to operate, fun to shoot, simple to clean.

    Found a little more speculative info on the Versamax.

  • Bill Lester

    “barley-tactical autoloader?”

    So it’s only used in grain fields? 😉

  • Bill Lester

    Last night I received a survey from Remington, something I’d signed-up to do some time ago. This particular one asked about autoloader shotgun use and preferences. One of the questions was if I’d be interested in a gun incorporating a switch or knob to easily adjust the gas system to accommodate a wide variety of shotshells. Perhaps it’s germane to this new Versa Max.

  • Vitor

    I wonder how it will compare to the Benelli Vinci and the Beretta Xplor recoil wise

  • Shooter27

    I love how all the bloggers get so excited and let there minds run with crazy ideas as to what the new shotgun will be like. Well I saw the presentation for it yesterday and it is indeed a completely new idea. It will be competing with the big boys – maxis – xtrema – SBEII which makes sense considering their 1187 is in the 600-800 dollar range. It is in no way a tactical shotgun, sorry to all you tactical bunnies out there. There is no manual adjustment of the gas system, and yes it’s a gas system. It’s a completely new gas/port system unlike any other out there now, that is where the name comes from and that is what sets it apart. I’ve probably said to much already, wouldn’t want the freedom group knock’n on my door. Recoil wise, of course they are gonna say the same thing all big shotgun manufactures see, “ours has less felt recoil”. I think remington has a real chance here to improve their auto loading shotgun reputation if this gun does what they say. Don’t worry everybody these will be out very shortly and all the rumors can be laid to rest.

  • p

    $1,600 for the versa max thats to much for a duck gun they can have it
    for a rediculus price like that in a massave recession as well good luck!!

  • mar870

    If it is anywhere as ‘good’ as the Remington CT105 II auto-loader I would stay far, far away. I had one and had nothing but problems with it. Failure to cycle, failure to extract, jams necessitating a complete tear down of a loaded gun at the range etc. As it was still under warranty I contacted Remington and sent it back to their Canadian agent; Gravel Agency. They confirmed it was defective and promised me a new one from their inventory. 2 days later I got a call that Remington had discontinued the model and that they could not locate a replacement in Canada. They did find 18 in the US, but they all suffered from the same problem…
    To make things “right” they offered me a replacement gun of 1/2 the value I paid for my CT105 ($700 versus $ 1369 to be precise). When I protested they simply repeated the offer. When I got really mad they wanted to give the merchant I bought the gun from an in-store credit. I countered that the warranty agreement was between me and Remington, not the merchant and that I did not want to be limited to whatever the merchant decided to carry or battle them to get my money back. Finally, after threatening to sue them, Remington “rethought its position” and promised to refund me the purchase price. I am still waiting for my money and sure will not spend it on another unproven Remington product.


    Ten years ago I wrote to my personal notes,after a hard weather hunting ,that an auto loader should be simple ,reliable and able to deliver any load needed from the 70 mm to the 75mm shot shells depending on the conditions and the kind of the hunting.( I reload myself any kind of shotshell I need for bird or clay shooting) The point was NOT to forget it ,through the years ,when with the new technologies in hand , I should choose one of the new autoloaders (backbored- extralong forcing cones, screw in chokes , steel shot proof ), I forgot it,and because I am a left hand shooter but a right hand to all the rest, I don’t like left hand guns, can’t operate them right ,can’t shoot them effectively , so my one way trip was REMINGTON cti . That was the first mistake ,a function of failure ,so I lost more than 1000 euros , because that gun was more expensive than the most Europeans (BENELLI, BROWNING , BERRETA, FRANCHI) . Then a BROWNING EVOLVE GOLD was my second choice . Beautiful gun really ,very handy , but. Did anyone really tried to clean that self regulating piston?? I needed more than an hour to clean the hole gun. But the piston was never cleaned as it should. The gun was firing the primers of center and I had also malfunctions (jammed shot shells) , ballistically Remington was unbeatable , so I left her too , loosing again 1000 euros and went to FABARM-H4 (840 euros) and started to enjoy shooting at the range and clay’s. Still ballistics where not in any way such as the Remington. What the hole story started from was a benelli BLACK EAGLE with screw in chokes (had a lot of them) and 71 cm (26”) barrel with bore diameter of 18,3mm.comparing ballistics of that decade would at least be unfair. That gun was firing everything (even paper shotshells , under heavy rain ) with almost no jams at all . But I wanted the new stuff and of course less felt recoil …
    So when I saw Remington new VERSA MAX ,I heard a click inside. Let that gun, with the right price of course in EUROPE ,make the real difference, at least for my needs ,for reliability , ballistic effectiveness and flawless firing of everything I need to fire. We shall see.