S&W Applies for Patent on M&P15-22

Smith & Wesson have just applied for a patent on their AR-15-patterned .22 rifle, the M&P15-22.


A lightweight and low cost semi-automatic rifle includes an upper receiver, a lower receiver, and a forend fabricated from injection-molded polymers. The rifle permits firing .22 LR or similar low-power ammunition from an AR-15 style frame, operates on the blowback principle, and provides a fully functional bolt catch and extractor/ejector/deflector.

Steve Johnson

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  • CMathews

    “… or similar low powered ammunition.” .22 magnum AR-15?

  • AK™

    “..low-cost”..yeah to them. For the consumer? probably in the neighborhood of $400.

  • MrMaigo

    Is it really different enough to patent?

  • Jusuchin

    Maigo: I agree. What makes it different? I mean, there is a whole slew of manufacturers out there making ARs and whatnot.

  • Chris

    I don’t think they’d try to do it if they weren’t confident they had a shot. Read the patent, that should answer any questions you have.

  • Kyle

    Why is the magazine in the patent picture backwards?

  • Kyle

    Whoops, never ming, i just looked at the picture again and saw what I thought was the barrel was actually the buffer tube

  • cawpin

    @Chris: They’re trying to take advantage of the current state of the patent office in the US. They are granting patents for things that should never have been accepted. This patent application should be denied for nothing more than previous art.