Shark subcompact 9mm pistol

Google Translate has failed me and so I know very little about this pistol. I think it is named the Shark and is currently in pre-production in Turkey. It is single action only and holds six rounds in its magazine. I like the design.

UPDATE: Apparently it chambers 9mm PA, not 9mm Luger/Parabellum. Wosiu said in the comments below …

9 mm PA is non-lethal caliber with blank, tear gas and rubber bullets loads (popular in Russia as so-called traumatic loads).

If you know Russian, you can read more about it at Casatic’s blog.

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  • Charles B

    You got it right man… На “ганзе” активно обсуждается новый “турок” Shark – субкомпакт с полимерной рамкой под 9 Р.А. translates into On the “Hansa” actively discussing a new “Turkish” Shark – subcompact polymer-frame at 9 RA.

    The whole article on the blog reads as follows:
    The first production batch of pistols in 9 mm, RA go on Kolchuga in August pistol has a steel bolt and trigger, shop for 6 rounds and weighs just 430 grams. The rate of fire and accuracy is the same as on the gun “Streamer”. At the gun is half-cock hammer, safety lever and slide stop lever. Lever lock shop is located on the heel of the pistol grip. The design of the trunk idientichna with pistol “streamer 2014, but no channels on either side. The gun has small dimensions (maximum width 24 mm, which is narrower than the F-22) and an ergonomic shape that allows to seamlessly and easily carry it in his pants pocket and a belt without the Kabura. The gun is especially useful as a spare or a lady. Evaluating the novelty in the first approximation (and on the limited information available without the personal experience of “communication” nothing is impossible), I can not show surprisingly trigger type selected. Why does not DA or DAO?

    Well, magazine capacity, IMHO, too small. And so – cheap “plastic” gun – it is right.

    Especially if he also will work:)

    Seems like a nice streamline design with the locations for the thumb and the ergonomic shape. I still think i like the Kel-Tec PF-9 for a pocket pistol.. or stick old school with a dillinger.. maybe even a snub nose 38 special.

    • Charles, thanks for the translation.

  • Looks nice, but single action only?

  • Matt

    Right with you, lovely little pistol. If it functions as good as it looks, this would do well here in the States.

  • I like it too… maybe we’ll actually see it here eventually.

    • Fred, sadly not. The ATF have rules regarding the size of a pistol. Sub compacts cannot be imported. Don’t get me started on how stupid that is.

  • Sian

    I like how they put the safety in front of the slide release. I wish more pistols would do that, makes it so much easier to actuate without shifting your grip.

    It looks rather slim. Should be a nice compact nine.

  • It’s not a firearm. It’s one of those “less-lethal” toys that shoot rubber bullets.

  • Wosiu

    This is pistol in cal. 9 mm PA!!! Not 9 mm Para!

    9 mm PA is non-lethal caliber with blank, tear gas and rubber bullets loads (popular in Russia as so-called traumatic loads).

    And this is probably Russian pistol, not Turkish.

    • Wosiu, thanks for the info. I have updated the blog.

  • zoryad

    This is less lethal weapon and it is expected in the Russian weapons stores in August.

  • Timmeehh

    News of the market To ” [ganze]” actively is discussed new ” [turok]” Shark – sub-compact with the polymeric framework under 9 [R].[A]. ” The first series party of pistols in the caliber 9 mm [R].[A]. will enter into ” [Kolchugu]” in August. Pistol has steel lock and [USM], store to 6 cartridges weighs only 430 deg. The speed of shooting and close grouping accurately the same as on the pistol of ” [Strimer]”. On the pistol there is a protective platoon of cock, the lever of safety device and the lever of bolt stop. The lever of the fixation of store is located on the heel of the handle of pistol. Construction of the stem of [idientichna] with the stem of the pistol of ” Streamer -2014″ , but without the channels along the sides. Pistol has the small overall sizes (maximum width of 24 mm, that narrower than R -22) and [ergonomichnuyu] form, which makes possible unnoticeably and easy to bear it both in the pocket of trousers and after the belt without the holster. Pistol is especially convenient as the spare or the lady. ”

    Evaluating novelty in the first approximation, (but according to the existing limited information without the personal experience of ” [obshcheniya]” another is impossible), I cannot but manifest surprise by the selected type [USM]. Why not DA or not DAO? Well and the magazine capacity, [IMKHO], [malovata]. But so – cheap ” [plastmassovyy]” pistol – this is correct. Especially if it still will work:) PS Pair of the thoughts of the author on the theme.

  • SpudGun

    Me likey! Would be better if it were DA/SA for a pocket 9mm. I wonder which company will start importing the Shark and telling everyone what a great ‘American’ pistol it is?

  • Ah yes. Forgot about that. Jerks.

  • MrMaigo

    6+1 of tear gas… THAT’LL scare ’em off

  • Robert

    Re size — I posed my Springfield EMP (9mm) as in the top pic, on my average-sized hand, and the size seems identical, except for the grip length of course.

  • It is Turkish, made by the Atak Arms company. And yes, it is non-lethal, 9 mm PAK tear gas OR 10×22 Traumatic (rubber bullet).

    I think the slide is zinc, at least on the tear gas only version. On the Atak Arms Zoraki 914 (Streamer) everything is zinc.