Wilson Combat Elite  X-TAC

The latest beauty to emerge from the Wilsom Combat factory is the Wilson Combat Elite X-TAC. The X-TAC has been designed to operate well in both wet and dry conditions with or without gloves. To achieve this the front and backstrap feature a grip pattern that looks like it was inspired by tire treads and the slide features new cross-hatch style serrations. Other features include …

  • Full-Size Carbon Steel Frame
  • Unique X-Tac Frontstrap/Mainspring Housing Treatment
  • High-Ride Beavertail Grip Safety
  • Tactical Thumb Safety
  • 3 ½# – 3 ¾# Crisp Trigger Pull
  • Contoured Magazine Well
  • G10 Starburst Grips
  • 5” Carbon Steel Slide
  • 1911 Battlesight U-Notch Rear Sight
  • Front Sight with Heavy-Duty Fiber Optic Insert
  • 5” Stainless Match Grade Barrel & Bushing
  • Unique X-Tac Rear Cocking Serration Treatment
  • Black Parkerize Finish
  • De-Horn for Carry
  • Test-Fire and Zero

The cost for this package is just under $2400.

Caliber .45ACP
Magazine Capacity 8 Rounds
Barrel Length 5”
Overall Length 8.7”
Sight Radius 6.6”
Height 5.6”
Width 1.3”
Weight Empty 38.1 oz.
Weight Loaded 46.2 oz.
Accuracy Guarantee} 1 “ at 25 yds.
MSRP (Price) $2,395

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Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Vak

    Wilson syndrom : the smile that progressively gets bigger and bigger on your face as you read the feature list only to cease immediately when you see the MSRP.

  • Jesse

    I can never get over how much 1911’s cost or the fact that people continue to buy them at those prices. No doubt that it’s good but for $2400 I can have 4 Glocks or 5 S&W M&Ps and carry them on my person in a bandoleer. Screw mag changes, when I hit slide lock I’ll just drop it and grab another gun from the bandoleer.

  • SpudGun

    20th century technology at 23rd century prices! It’s a well known fact that if you blow 2400 bones on a Wilson pistol, everyone at the range will think you’re some sort of mega cool, Tier 1, ultra patriotic, competition winning, achievements unlocked, Delta ninja just out of SEAL / SAS training in Afghanistan and will be your besty friends for ever and ever.

  • Fungus

    I really have trouble justifying spending that much on a sidearm. Especially when the article fails to give the reasons behind such a high price. What is it that costs so much on this? The design of the firearm is nearly 100 years old, it is a low capacity gun and while I really want a 1911, as stated above by others, that price puts in the range of high dollars collectors.
    I could have two Kimbers for that price or a small herd of other makes.

  • 4Cammer

    Yes, a nicely fitted 1911 with premium (read that as non-MIM) components is expensive. But there is something about a quality 1911 that a brace of any plastic stocked guns will never have.

  • Kcoz

    I like it alot! However for $2400 you would think it would at least have an ambidextrous safety. Plenty of other 1911s that cost alot less do.

  • Burst

    Those are the ugliest slide serrations I have ever seen.

    While I hesitate to suggest the designer should be shot, he should at least be forced to buy a couple at full price.

  • SoulTown

    Whenever someone whines about premium 1911 prices I always tell them this: why buy a Lambo or a Ferrari when a Corvette can go just as fast? Whenever you go over a certain price point–say a price of a SIG–for a sidearm, you are going into that Ferrari/Lambo territory. Yes, functionally speaking, you’re not getting a whole lot for the buck. But do you get more luxury out of the firearm? Bet you do. Seriously. When you shoot one of those premium 1911s you have to know that there is actually something to these firearms. Whether or not you’re willing to pay extra is completely up to you. It’s not like the Mk23 where the HK is selling you a huge overpriced piece of polymer brick. You’re buying a hand-fitted piece of premium firearm. Can one outshoot Wilson Supergrade pistol ($4000+) with its stock Glock 17? Sure, but there’s more to it than that, especially when you’re going $1000+ for a sidearm.

    P.S. In terms of the 1911 capacity argument… get 10rd mags. 10rd mags are not that much of a disadvantage when we’re in the sensible 45ACP territory.

  • John C

    For that price I would just buy a Kimber AND a new AR-15

  • subase

    The only problem with your analogy is that Ferrari’s are really fast compared to normal cars. A better example would be Bentley’s or Roll’s Royces. A custom 1911 is a luxurious pistol.

    I would really like to have one but alas I’m not rich and I still can’t get over the fact that it has such a low grip compared to striker fired pistols, thus increasing recoil. It’s a shame. The closest pretty polymer striker pistol that I know is the Steyr M but they are hard to get hold of now.

  • SoulTown

    Point taken. I’ll try to remember that next time I pontificate… although I have to say that I personally feel custom 1911s are way easier to shoot well compared to other pistols. So… faster Bentley models maybe?

  • It is really an unfortunate trend that manufacturers are going out of their way to create new modifications of dubious utility and unpalatable cosmetics just to set themselves apart from their competition.

  • Michael Frangoudakis

    For all the people who complain about the high cost of any premium firearm think on this. Alot of you say “I can buy multiples of this firearm for one of those” well, why not buy two or three Hipoints instead of a Glock, XD or M&P. You still get alot of guns for the money. Remember quality does count. A hand build gun cost money to build, simple as that. An all steel gun cost more just for the parts than a polymer pistol. A 1911 may only carry 8 rounds, but alot of people have and still defend themselves quite well with them. Don’t choose high capacity to make up for your lack of accuracy. Other people complain because they are just plain cheap. Don’t be jealous of others who are willing to spend their money on something special to them. Be happy we still have these choices in these trying times.

  • Keith Applegate

    To those who “get it”, no explaination is necessary.
    To those who do not, no explaination will do.

    I used to have these same conversations with prople about the price of a Gibson over the price of a Ibanez.
    Until I discovered there are those who truely cannot discern the difference.

    So remember, there are those out there who actually DREAM of someday owning a Hundai.

  • Mike

    I have been in the car business for about 35 years. I have found that hand made does not really mean better, mainly just more expensive to buy, maintain and repair. It’s more of a snob appeal. No body that buys a Rolls Royce, Farrari, Porsche or Mercedes will tell you that they break down (wear out) like any other vehicle, or that they require more maintaince than say a Subaru. They just want to tell you how much better their expensive hand made car is over what ever it is that you own. These guns are like cars, after a certain price there is a point of diminishing return. Other than lipstick, there is really very little difference between a $2400 Wilson a $1200 Kimber and a host of other $700-$1000 1911’s. A lot of the mid priced guns offer a plethora of features and very good accuracy. For what it’s worth, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. For the price and to look at it, this gun just doesn’t do it for me.

  • Parabellum

    I dream of Hundais AND cheap 1911’s…

  • Rich T.

    Very Gimmicky….and the finish is pakerized…for 2 grand..hahaha

  • larry

    True and True, but if you know what to look for in quality and like the “design” meaning all the cosmetics then thats fine. I personally own a RIA base model 1911 and its ok for the $500 i spent but if i had the money i would have had a custom build with tighter tolerances, match trigger job, match grade hammer, and a lighter titanium firing pin for faster lockup for a clean follow up shot as well as night sights, but the basic model will do its job… and i dont have that much cash to throw around either. So all in all its up to the end user, what feels comfortable to him/her, and what they are willing to fork out for it. Price isnt always quality, BUT quality comes with price. Just gotta know whats actually gone into it to know if its worth it.