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  • Don

    Full auto comedy.

    Now we need a cream pie cannon, and watermelon airbust rounds.


  • I don’t think that magazine is MA legal. Lol!

  • Jim

    But do they have pulleys in the middle?

  • .

    This reminds me of a Muppet’s Show:


  • Drew

    here’s a video of it. Kinda crappy quality but it works…

  • .

    Wow, he drove to the city for this.


  • Martin

    It will surely be banned in California, Chicago, and DC.

    Actually, I think I’ll wait for Chicken Launcher 2.0 before I consider adding it to my collection. It’s a little big and cumbersome in it’s current state.

  • John C

    I would like to use one of those in place of a clay pigeon thrower