Kel-Tec PMR-30 .22 Magnum video and review

Andre, of, visited the Kel-Tec factory to try out the Kel-Tec PMR-30 .22 Magnum pistol and sub-machine gun.

I visited Kel-Tec CNC Industries in Cocoa, Florida to shoot their newest pistol, the PMR-30 and to demo their full-auto tactical variant. The PMR-30 is a lightweight, full-size pistol chambered for the flat-shooting .22Magnum cartridge (.22WMR). The PMR-30 operates on a unique hybrid blowback/locked-breech system, allowing for the use of a wide variety of ammunition as it seamlessly adjusts between locked breach and blowback operation, depending on the pressure of the cartridge.

Read the full review, with more videos, here.

Jeff Quinn, of Gun Blast, also had a play with the PMR-30 …

[ Many thanks to Drew for emailing me the link. ]

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  • LJK

    You can tell that that cartridge wasn’t really designed for a short barrel like that. Huge flash.

    Looks very fun, though. Any more info on that “hybrid blowback/locked-breech system”?

  • I’ve been checking GunBroker waiting for one to show up, nothing as of yet. There will be one calling my gun safe home in the near future!

    Has anyone heard when they will be available?

  • David

    Thats alot of unburned powder going to waste, other than that it looks like a fun full sized pistol to shoot.

  • Jesse

    I would be shocked if this gun didn’t turn up with some cosmetic mods in a sci-fi movie soon.

    Watching him shoot the full auto version the slide gets awfully close to his face.

  • If this pistol takes off with any similarity to the Judge don’t you believe ammunition manufacturers would develop a load tailored to the PMR-30? Perhaps someone already is working on it?

  • SpudGun

    I’m quite surprised that the FiveSeven fanboys aren’t jumping around like insane evangelical preachers denouncing the PMR-30 as blasphemy compared to their ‘god’.

    But with .22WMR ammo prices considerably less then 5.7mm, I can see this little Kel-Tec doing very well. Yes, I know there is a ballistic disparity between the two rounds and it might be wrong to compare them. But I shall compare them nonetheless.

  • It’s my opinion that most Kel-Tecs are pretty great, they’re not going after the tactical or defensive markets by my observation, rather the fun-gun market. This gun certainly looks fun.

    I’d be interested in seeing muzzle velocity data given the short barrel and obviously massive amount of unburnt powder.

    Like I said though, it’s a fun gun, muzzle blast IS fun.

    If manufacturers developed .22 WMR with faster burning powder for use in this pistol I wonder how it would hold up. Would Kel-Tec have designed it with that in mind?

  • CMathews

    I second the tailored ammo for this. It would be nice not to have all that powder shooting out the end.

  • kcoz

    LJK makes a good point. I Wonder how much faster the .22Mag is than a .22LR in that length barrel. Although if Heath is right ,and they could get close to duplicating rifle length barrel velocity, I would have to look into getting one of those.

  • Zach

    Holy muzzle blast, Batman!
    Everything I read said this thing was going to be released in late June. Well, it’s as late in June as you can get…Where is it?

  • AK™

    @Spudgun..that and the fact that there are photos of the .22WMR doing better than the 5.7 in ballistic gel.

    It’s more punch than a .22LR,and would make a great first carry gun for those just starting out.

  • El Duderino

    I did save up for a PMR-30, thought it would be a fun gun to shoot. Sadly they missed the April and then June release dates that were bandied about. I bought a nice CZ-52 instead — sure the capacity is 1/4 of the PMR-30, but the ammo is actually cheaper (if you don’t mind carting around a bottle of Windex when you shoot) and the muzzle fireball is more gratifying.

    I’ll get a PMR-30 eventually, but only when they are widely available and the “OMG new gun” prices have leveled off. I’ll never do a waiting list again for a firearm, what a waste of time.

  • Bill Lester

    With respect to the muzzle blast, keep in mind you’re looking at it shot indoors. I think it will be a lot less noticeable outside in the sunlight. Check out the YT videos of the machine pistol version of the PMR, you’ll see what I mean.*
    I know that when my brothers and I regularly shot a 4-5/8″ Ruger Single-Six with the Magnum cylinder installed, flash wasn’t distracting to your sight picture. It was a noisy little bugger.

    This new KT will be a serious hit once it actually hits the shelves. I know I’ll be buying one ASAP.

    *I know the subgun has that little muzzle thingy but doubt it’s doing much to reduce muzzle flash. It looks more like a muzzle booster, akin to the one used on the AKS-74U.

  • MyTactical22

    In searching around, I found them here,

    They are showing 10 units in stock. My Trigger finger is twitching to the point there may end up only being 9 by morning… Best to wait til after the weekend when the wife isn’t home. hehe… So much for cheap .22LR shooting.

  • Mr. V

    I have a PMR-30 on order. Since the .22WMR round was designed for a rifle, I’m expecting a noticeable amount of flash and bang. As far as I know there isn’t anyone manufacturing a .22WMR round with a faster burning propellant.

    I’m hoping by going to a heavier bullet and slower muzzle velocity that will translate into more energy down range.

    So far I have boxes of
    .22WMR Hornady 30gr. VMAX
    .22WMR CCI 40gr. Maxi-Mag
    .22WMR Federal 50gr. Game-Shok

    Are there any guess which round should perform the best in a pistol?

  • Mr. V

    On other thought. If the Kel-Tec PMR-30 would fire in three round bursts, would that make it an automatic or would it still be classified as a semi-automatic

  • There are some on GunBroker! One sold with a Buy it Now price of $579

  • senormusica_00

    I emailed Kel-Tec directly and they told me these weapons started shipping the week of July 19th, 2010.

  • vash_241987

    @ Mr. V: I think that it will go under select fire, which means you got to do more paper work and spend more money.

  • WayneLBurnham

    To Mr. V and Vash:

    Sorry, it will never be available at any time for anyone other than NFA licensed dealers/mfgs (or of course any of our betters in the gubmnt…) Anything over a single fire with a single pull is a machine gun, and none can be registered for ordinary people to own after May 19th, 1986.

  • Boanerges

    Got one yesterday. Had hard time loading both mags. couldn’t load to full capacity with either mag. When mag. was inserted into weapon, had hard time retracting slide. Then slide wouldn’t chamber the round. Had to down load mags to about 15 round before weapon would cycle the round into the chamber. Will shoot this afternoon and report back.

  • Boanerges

    66% failure rate; failure to feed, failure to eject, faiure extract. 60 rds. expended, trying to hit a 4 x 4 inch sq. paper, only 8 hit on paper. Slow, intentional aim fire by 2 shooters. You be the judge!!!!!

  • I used to have an AUTOMAG II years ago and liked it – but found it not very reliable. Hopefully Kel-Tec has this .22 Magnum straight.

    I still haven’t seen one up close in person yet. Hope to soon.

    Take care all –


  • Otto

    I wouldn’t rely on a .22 Magnum unless it was a revolver. Others have tried and failed to make a reliable .22 Mag semi-auto…

  • J


    Sounds like magazine feed problems. I have had similar problems with automatics. Contact customer service and see if they will send replacements. I was at the range day before Christmas and there were 3 people there with them and they ran great.

  • John Slade

    I own a small gun shop here in pa and just tested the PMR 30. Magazines are a PITA to load, 1st mag took all 30, 2nd mag expanded at 20 rds and could not get any more in. First tried the CCI 30 gr v-max and it would not cycle a single shell. Then we tried winchester 40 gr and all 25 cycled. group size at 15 yards was 3-1/2 inches. My opinion is, Kel-Tec needs to make a loading tool, and needs to redesign the magazines.

  • Lee

    Just picked up a new one at the gun show, shoots like a champ!

    No problems what so ever – You have to watch your loading of the mag, you cannot hurry through the process or you will have miss feeds and jams = what pistol wouldnt! It could use a loading tool that I agree on.

    The pistol is very tight and shoots right on, I shot my second 30 rounds in the center of the target at 15 yards no problem it is very fun to shoot and right on target and highly recommend it, had no problems after 300 rounds = and that coming from a 45 man!

    This pistol is in high demand and hard to find, you better get one while you can bolow $500.00

  • Jumpbackmac

    Just got my PMR-30 today. Magazines are really nasty to load. One mag wouldn’t accept more than 25 rounds. Excellent trigger and fun to shoot (if you can get it to feed) not as accurate as you might expect from a “flat shooting” 22. Mine failed to load one out of four. Sometimes it would shoot 7 or 8 then jam. Other times it would jam 8 in a row.

    After a box of ammo I cleaned the gun and oiled it up–seemed to improve for about 10 rounds then started the jam thing again. I didn’t expect it to be totally reliable right out of the box but after 3 boxes of ammo I am just plain tired. I’ll try again tomorrow but if it doesn’t heal up with some use
    I’m taking it back to the dealer I bought it from.

  • Richard Stegall

    I’ve read many personal ‘reviews’ of the PMR 30. It seems to be a ‘love or hate’ thing but why do so many people find the gun to either function or to not function?

  • Jumpbackmac

    Actually I loved the PMR30 at first sight and then again when I held it in my hand. I have other Kel Tec’s, an SU-16A, a P-40, a P-32 and a P-3AT that I carry in my hip pocket. I love them all and I like the company.

    As I have previously stated the PMR30 is fun to shoot when it functions. But no matter what I did it would not load reliably and would jam one out of four. Who needs it?

    I took it back to my dealer and asked him to send it to the factory to see if they could remedy the problems. When he offered to refund my money instead I jumped on it. Would your dealer do that?

    I’ll probably look at the next offering from Kel Tec but the PMR30 is history.

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    217291408 Kel-tec PMR-30 22mag 4.3″ 30rd 9 $500.00 1d 3h +
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    at gun broker today

  • Lee

    Being a military firearm trainer, I have found most of the firearm issue’s are failer of the operator. There is always someone at the firing range complaining about there weapon, how it wont feed, hit the target or it jams = it is because the operator is not using the ammo recommended by the manufacture, aiming improperly, limp wristing! Next time have a professional fire your weapon and see what happens.

    Last week there was a man firing with a laser sight and I never saw a hit on the target, he danced around complaining. You must be one with the weapon grasshopper! Im a big fan of Keltec and own many of there products, and have had no problems with any of them. Jam or misfeed is caused by improper bullets/casings or limp wristing.

    Dont blame the weapon, it was tested before it left the factory!

  • Jumpbackmac

    “Dont blame the weapon, it was tested before it left the factory”

    Lee, don’t make a Very Dumbbb statement without checking it out. Of course you would assume it was tested before it left the factory.

    It seems that Kel-Tec is NOW testing all PMR30’s extensively and only
    about 1 of 5 are being released. Maybe if I had waited I would have gotten a good one and then I would be happy. Still like the concept and might buy another on later after the kinks are worked out.

    “Next time have a professional fire your weapon and see what happens.”

    Lee, I am a professional–not a “military firearm trainer” whatever that is. You may also want to go back to night school and learn to spell. “Being a military firearm trainer, I have found most of the firearm issue’s are failer❇ of the operator.” failer” is spelled FAILURE. “there❇ products,” is spelled THEIR,

    Most people do not mind constructive criticism from an expert but no one really enjoys an amateur smartass. Of course I could be wrong–“failer” may well be a new word that is being used on the military firing range.

  • Michael

    I have to agree with what others have said about the PITA loading the mags and the constant jamming/feed issues. I have a lot of firearms experience, am an NRA instructor, and spent my fair share of time in the military. I am no novice like mentioned by the previous poster, and I can assure you that the issues discussed in this thread are not operator error. There are issues with this firearm and I am convinced most are associated with the actual magazine design and the feed ramp. I have put over 1,000 rounds through mine just hoping the situation will improve. Directly after a good cleaning and lube job I can get it to feed a full mag (well, you cant really load a full mag so more like 20-25 rounds). By the time I am on the second mag I typically cant get through 10 rounds without feeding issues. You will also be LUCKY to load those mags with more than 25 rounds and you have to seat each round PERFECTLY to have any chance of proper cycle and feeding and even then your chances are slim. I have tried several variations of ammo and the problems persist regardless of the round being used.

    As far as I am concerned the PMR-30 is a big disappointment and I will take my Grendel P-30 any day and twice on sunday! I am going to keep working with the PMR-30 but I must say I am currently very disappointed with this firearm.

  • Jumpbackmac

    Great comments Michael. I experienced the same problems as you–just did not have your patience. I still love the feel of that PMR-30.

    I probably would’t have been so disappointed if I did not already have several Kel-Tecs that function flawlessly. I hope they eventually make it work.

  • bob

    My son and I both have an PMR 30 and have had no problems with the feeding issues or the loading issues however, we have always fired the Remington rounds 33 (PR22M1) grain and have found they load 30 rounds much better than the maxi-mag do.

    Have you all tried other rounds?

  • Jumpbackmac

    Hey Bob, thanks for those comments. I don’t really understand how 2 production pistols can be so different but I guess in this case it really is true.

    I can usually make a firearm work if it is going to work but the PMR30 that I owned WOULD NOT WORK! Immediately after cleaning it would cycle 10 or 12 rounds but after cleaning 4 times and firing 300 rounds I could never get more than 12 consecutive rounds.

    I did try two brands of ammo but not the Remington PR22M1. If it is that picky about ammo I don’t need it.

    I am glad to hear that you and your son got the good ones–or maybe you are just better at it than I am or more patient.

    I just cannot tolerate a pistol that misfires or won’t cycle. I guess that is not so critical if you are just plinking at cans but if you ever need that firearm for self defense ONE JAM IS VERY CRITICAL. I found that it was also very difficult to clear after jamming.

  • bob

    Thats what I thought, the manual clearly states on page 4 the pistol functions best with high power ammo, often with bullet weights of 40gr and up. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: CCI Maxi Mag 40g, Winchester Super x 40g and Remington Premier Mag 33g.

    How can you speak of feeding and jaming problems if you dont follow the manual? Thats the problem today no one wants to read and or follow directions!

    Page 4 also states – low power ammo and or light weight bullets may cause failure to feed problems due to the lack of energy to cycle the slide all the way back. The following are currently low power and may not function reliably in the PMR 30 pistol, especially if the grip is not held firmly.
    Winchester Dynapoint 45gr and Winchester Supreme 30gr.

    Patients has nothing to do with it and I carry the PMR30 daily, maybe you should limit your comments.

  • Michael

    People need to understand that there are clearly inconsistencies with this firearm (or possibly the magazines). Just because you are not having problems with it does not mean others don’t know what they are doing or that all serial numbers of this weapon work reliably. People are here trying to get feedback and suggestions from others, and don’t need the condescending attitudes. I have read page 4 multiple times and have also read numerous threads on the pistol. While mine is becoming more reliable over time, I have put over 2,000 rounds through it using a variety of high powered ammo (including all of those on page 4 of the manual) and my issues still persist. After a good cleaning, I can now get through 3-4 magazines before it begins to jam again. The jams occur in two different ways. Sometimes it’s a stovepipe and sometimes the round only feeds half way into the chamber and gets pinched. I do get the best performance with the CCI Max Mag 40gr however it is far from reliable but it is getting better.

    It would be nice if people would stop coming on this forum acting like everyone here is an idiot. With this many people having issues, clearly there are reliability issues.

  • bob

    Good for you Michael, good to hear you did not give up!
    Feedback is what I and others have provided, sorry if you do not like the commets but it is what it is.
    The only person using the idiot word is you as well the condescending attitude. The facts are facts nothing short!

    Comments on a pistol misfeeding and jams by not using the recommended ammo or following directions is no reason to write bad about a pistol, then state yourself as a professional.
    Professionals ask other professionals to look, shoot and adjust the weapon and continue to work with it before talking bad about it.
    I and others never stated disbelief in problems with the pistol, just that we have not had any and inquired what ammo was being used. All manufactures recommended a certain ammo to use in each weapon.

    This is a forum as you stated and not your personal email board.

    My son and I are the third ones writting in with no problems, don’t you think we are concerned? Maybe ours will start misfeeding and have other problems, that is why we read and write in we are gun loving men and care. Cheers! 🙂

  • Jumpbackmac

    Hey Bob, don’t get your panties in a wad!! We are just stating our experiences. The CCI MaxiMag was the first ammo I tried so you see, I did read the manual.

    The fact that you carry this gun daily does not ease my mind. You have not stated how many rounds you and your son have fired. If you only fired a few rounds and are satisfied with the reliability and you feel secure that’s good. Maybe you’ll never need to test it in real life.

    “HOW CAN YOU SPEAK OF FEEDING AND JAMING PROBLEMS IF YOU DONT FOLLOW THE MANUAL? THATS THE PROBLEM TODAY NO ONE WANTS TO READ AND OR FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!” What if the manual stated the weapon would only shoot reliably if held upside down? Would you try to learn to shoot in that fashion just to be able to claim you carry 30 rounds?

    The weapon I carry daily has never jammed or misfired. I just see no reason to try to cure a factory problem by doing as you suggest: “PROFESSIONALS ASK OTHER PROFESSIONALS TO LOOK, SHOOT AND ADJUST THE WEAPON AND CONTINUE TO WORK WITH IT BEFORE TALKING BAD ABOUT IT.”

    Bob, be sure to remember to “hold the grip firmly” if you ever have to fire your weapon in self defense.

  • bob

    over 3000 rounds and fire it at range every wed night
    my grip is firm on my pmr30 and my 1911

    Must be a mag problem, maybe spring? Im sure they will figure it out!

    Cheers! 🙂

  • I am very impressed with the keltec pmr30 22. automatic pistol. When and where can I buy it and how much for the piece?

  • RC

    I want to just try and find one of these.

  • Maximus

    I’d be more inclined to purchase one of these puppies if they made it in .22LR. The LR’s have been around a long time and are reliable, but usually suffer from low capacity magazines. Usually 10 rounds. After all, this is not tactical, but a potentially rock-n-roll plinker.

    It is silly to produce a pistol with the “hope” that somebody somewhere will make ammo for it.

    Still, I will keep my eye on this one. It does have potential.

  • Andrew J. Green

    JAM-A-MATIC. I bought this gun from a guy at the range who just bought it brand new. He was an idiot. He kept letting the Slide slam forward which you should NEVER do. When the Slide slams forward, even while being shot, the Feed Ramp on the mouth of the barrel chamber rams into the face of the bolt and dents the face of the bolt. Everytime a round is fed into the chamber from the magazine, the case rim hangs up on the dent on the bolt face. Altouugh this gun wholesales for $253.00 and retails for $399.00, I bought the gun on the spot from the guy for $600.00. My wife’s Finger Nail Emery Board was used for 10 minutes on the bolt face. I filed the dent down and fired the gun for 200 rounds without 1 jam. Then it started to jam again. After looking at it, the bolt face was filed again and fired for another 200 or so rounds and needed to be filed again. It’s safe to say that the bolt doesn’t have enough Iron in it to make it hard enough to avoid the bolt wear so quickly. I filed the bolt again and sold the gun to a man at the range 2 weeks later for $1250.00. I purchased another gun from another dissatisfied owner and went through the same process. I just sold the gun a few days ago for $1,550.00 to someone who just had to have one. I just bought another one from another unhappy owner and will keep this one until I find another buyer for it.
    The 22 Magnum Winchester Super X 40 Grain JHP hits with 324 foot pounds of energy while the 38 Special, 158 Grain lead round nose hits with 200 foot pounds of energy. If an opponent is hit with the 22 Magnum, the round will not exit. The victim of this round will absorb the entire amount of foot pound energy this round has to offer. The potential of a one shot kill is very possible, just as it is with the .45 auto, mainly, because the human body will catch the round rather than suffer a “pass through” like a .357 Magnum or a .44 Magnum command.
    For the record, I am a Martial Arts instructor for the police departments here in Texas, so the following statement is for educational purposes only. The 40 Gr.JHP Winchester Super X 22 Magnum and the CCI 40 Grain JHP are the only rounds of their kind that WILL penetrate a Bullet Proof Vest at close range (25 feet or closer). It will also shoot through an Oak Tree branch that is 3″ in diameter and will kill a Squirrel on the opposite side.
    This handgun shoots 2″ low at 24′ (8 Yards) and 6″ low at 75′ (25 Yards). The shot groups were around 3″ at 75′ (25 Yards) and under 1″ at 24′ (8 Yards). The recoil is equal to that of a 380 Bersa Automatic and it has a muzzle flash like a Flame Thrower. In low light, the muzzle flash is between 12″ – 15″ in length and 5″ – 6″ in diameter. The sound of the blast is equal to that of a .357 Magnum with a 6″ barrel. It weight around 1/1-2 LBS loaded with the 30 rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber.
    I would highly recommend this gun to anyone who would carry it as a concealed weapon. As long as the owner keeps the Bolt Face filed as I’ve instructed, this gun is a force to be reckoned with. I’ve replaced my Glock 22, 40 S&W with this animal. It’s half the weight of the Glock and carrys almost twice the ammunition. Given the fact that most combat situations are within 3 – 7 yards (9′ – 21′), this gun is accurate enough to shoot your opponent in a firefight without any problem. It conceals very well when light clothing are worn in the Summer, while the Glock has a tendency to Silhouette itself if Short Pants and a tee shirt are the attire for the day or night.


  • Michael

    It’s been availablle since last year. You can find them on or obtain them through any Keltec dealer. I purchased mine brand new on gunbroker for about $700.00.

  • James V Whalen



  • Michael

    There is always an ample supply of new and used ones on

  • Fred

    Own the gun. I have had all the problems mentioned at first. Since I have started loading more carefully, around 20 rounds, no problems. I have been shooting the ballistic tips (33 gr) by Hornady, remington and cci without problems. accuracy has improved. Shoots the heavier shells fine. Lubricated inside of clips with napa silicone spray and pushed the plate up and down some to move the lube around. Love it Fun to shoot. wouldn’t want to be on the other end. it is fast and has a quick trigger, be careful LOL.


  • RO

    So have all the issues been dealt with? Have they addressed the bolt issues? Etc?

  • jerry r

    sorry guys i guess i got the only one that works ! mine eat all types of 22wmr ammo and never jams the magizines take some getting used too but just leave them loaded and they will come around. so sorry to hear about your woes but i love mine

  • oSWALD

    I just got mine delivered in Sept 20th after like a 9 month wait, the gun is a dream, it can have a FTFD problem anytime you load past 15 rounds and are not extremely careful placing and accommodating each round precisely. I might sell it because even though it’s a perfect gun in capacity, size and weight I can not run the risk of a FTFD when carried for personal protection.

  • Tony V

    Does anybody know when production/deliveries will resume at a normal rate?

    I placed my order on 06 March 2011 and was told to expect 4-6 weeks of waiting. No big deal. Now here it is in December, over nine months later and still not even a clue as to when I might actually get it.

    The customer service people at Kel Tec are of no help with no information. This is my first interest in and purchase of a Kel Tec and could very well be my last (that is, if I even ever get it). Kel Tec needs to take a page from Ruger on 1) firearm development/testing/distribution and 2) customer service.

    What use are all of these unique, interesting and fun new items from Kel Tec (PMR, RMR, RFB, KSG) if they will never reach practical production and distribution?

    Thanks in advance for any info/updates

  • Michael

    Okay, I am now cooking with gas. My last post stating my test results around 2000 rounds through the firearm. I am now close or over 4000 rounds and it is operating fairly well. I am feeding 6-7 mags before I encounter a stove pipe or misfeed and sometimes I go through 10 with no problems at all. A few recommendations:

    1) The CCI Maxi Mag 40gr appears to work best (at least in mine). I have used all ammo listed on page 4 of the manual and pumped a minimum of several hundreds of rounds of each through the PMR.

    2) Take the mags, load them as full as possible (you probably won’t get more than 20-25 in a new mag at the start) and let the mags sit for a month or two. You can still use the weapon during this timeframe just make sure you always leave the mags loaded when done. This has made a huge difference for me. Easier to load and less problems feeding. I am now getting a full 30 rounds into all of my mags.
    3) Don’t compare this to a Seven-Five. Both are fun and both have their purpose but they are in two different weight classes.

    4) If you can get your hands on it, use Mil-Tec to condition the barrel, ramp, and all other moving metallic parts. This will make a major difference. I am now using Mil-Tec on all of my firearms. Two applications a year is all it really takes. This is not a replacement to cleaning; this is just to condition the metal to reduce friction and heat.

    5) Remember that this is a 22 magnum semi auto. Very few manufacturers have been able to develop a reliable 22 magnum semi auto pistol. The most reliable is probably the Gren P-30. Kel Tec employed the same individual that designed that weapon to develop the PMR. One of the main issues with a 22 mag is the disparity in ammunition which is why the Kel-Tec manual specifically lists 3 ammo recommendations on page 4.

    6) If you like the firearm then stick with it and you will likely get past the issues. If you don’t like it, then clean the thing up and sell or throw it away. It will take time to get some lot numbers of this firearm to work reliably.

    Now that I have won the battle and have it working “semi-reliably”, I am probably going to get rid of it. It was just a challenge I had to overcome!

  • laars

    Is the Grendal better sorted out as to ftf and fte?

  • I got my pmr30 in march of 2010. I did read the manual and was able to load the mags OK but they did get tough after 25 rounds. It was reliable as in feeding and ejecting with cci 40 gr maxi mags but they were key holeing and the groups were about 5 inches at 30ft. I tried hornady 30gr v-max and they would not feed. I was bummed out about the v-max because I had read an artical about the pmr30 and they were cronographing some 30gr polymer tip bullets like the v-max at a little over 1500fps, and the thought of a hand gun with a 30rd mag of them zippy rounds in it is VERY appealing. I work a lot and I could only shoot it one other time with the same results. Then I read online that kel tec was replacing barrels and I contacted them and I got my old fluted barrel replaced in a few short days! It was a while before I could try it out. I DID read the manual and I was loading the magazines correctly, it makes sense, the rims of the 22 mag shells must not hang up on each other or “failure to feed”. The new barrel did the trick! The groups were tight! And I was so happy to shoot a full 30 round mag of horandy 30gr v-max with no miss feeds, and my off hand group at about 2″ at about 12 yards. I put it on the bench and got about a one inch group with 30rounds! I was able to shoot it one other time with similar results. I haven’t shot a lot of rounds thru it yet, but with the new barrel there have been no reliablility problems at all. I am going to get a few new buffers just in case. I really do hope that this gun keeps on working as well as it now is. A light weight pistol with a good trigger, good sights, a 30 round magazine full of pointy little bullets that go around 1500fps!!! WOW. I actually keep the mag at 25rds to save the spring, but still, one very cool gun.

    • If your one of the unlucky people that bought a PMR-30 then you know how much of a piece of junk they are. I don’t want to hear all the bla bla bla and excuses people are making for these things. Kel-Tec is really turning out to be a joke of a company and it doesn’t matter how good the customer service is if its junk they are selling. I bought a new PMR 30 2 days ago 9-25-2012 and right out of the box this thing is nothing but dangerous! There is no way to tell where the bullets are going to go when they come out of the barrel tumbling! I was shooting at a 2′ square box at 10′ and missing!! When i finally did hit they were keyholes!! I went thru 3 different good brands of shells with the same outcome!! This is suppose to be the updated version??? Come on Kel-tec get it together!! Also the PF9 i bought new wouldn’t chamber a round from the clip, had to order a replacement piece!! I have bought 3 Kel-Tec guns new and 2 of them didn’t work out of the box, 1 of them i repaired and the PMR-30 can’t be repaired cause KEL-TEC has been screwing around with the design of the barrel for 3 years now and its clear they don’t know how to fix it but they keep shipping them!! If you give the PMR-30 a good review then its clear that you like making excuses to make something seem to work. I just hope that if someone uses this for home defense that a loved one is not close by cause who knows where this thing will shoot.

      • Jumpbackmac

        Hey Scott, I totally agree with you. If you look back on this blog you’ll see that I bought one of those pieces of junk in January of 2011.

        I was so excited to own that gun and it was so “pretty”. That is until I had a chance to shoot it.

        It was so bad I took it back and my dealer gave me my money back. Not many gun dealers will refund on a new weapon that you have turned into a used one.

        Anyway I just put it out of my mind and assumed Kel-Tec would discontinue making it. Now I see that a few people are still defending it. Hard to admit you are wrong after buying a “great” gun.

        I see no point in owning a weapon that fails even once in 50 times unless you are collecting and you don’t really care if it works.

        Now I have done it again–I bought a Walthers P-99 that seems to be so highly rated. It functions pretty well, feels great in my hands and is a beautiful weapon. The problem is that it has the worst trigger I have ever owned even in single action mode. I was looking for a weapon that would have a better trigger than my Glock model 22. Didn’t happen.

        I have a cheap (fairly inexpensive) TZ75 that has a much better trigger but I’m a double action first shot fan. I’m really looking for a high capacity double/single .40 cal pistol with a trigger like my Sig 220. Of course it has to be as reliable as the 220. I’ve owned the Sig for 37 years and never, NEVER, NEVER had a failure except a couple of misfires from old ammo. And it shoots anything you poke in it. Still searching………….