Heckler & Koch’s new translucent AR-15 magazines

Next year H&K will be introducing a new translucent polymer AR-15 magazine to the market.

UPDATE: Original link and photos removed. They took photos by REMOV and removed his copyright notice. Thanks to REMOV for sending me the originals and allowing me to blog them.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

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  • SoulTown

    Oh wow, looks like HK finally realized that selling a freaking STEEL mag for $50+ is actually not that great of an idea. Then again, this being HK, they’ll probably sell this one for like $70+, citing their “new proprietary recoil reduction mechanism,” “superior ergonomics,” and “OMGTHISTHINGWORKSINLAVA!!!!!” Oh, and it would probably not fit any non-HK AR lowers because of “German export regulations.” It wouldn’t matter though, because after a call of duty game or two, mission accomplished.

    Of course, people with half a brain would skip the freakshow and simply buy Maglevel PMAG/EMAGs. You know, people who realize that HK USA’s marketing material is so utterly full of crap that it really lies in the area of self parody. Only that for some people on earth, it’s not a self parody, it’s god’s divine truth. (*cough*HKPro*cough*)

    Sorry for the rant, folks. I just hate HK.

  • Sierra

    it’s probably marketed towards the militaries not civilians…

  • WSU_HK

    I like and own a few HK products, but I agree with some of the points that SoulTown makes. These will probably be overpriced and created in limited numbers to anyone outside of the military or law enforcement. Would me interesting to see how they fair against the other polymer magazines out on the market though.

  • UserM4

    I agree, HK generally doesn’t develope products with civilians in mind. If these turn out to be reliable and durable with the added benefit of knowing how much ammo you have left at a glance, there will be a market for them. If a few SWAT teams test them and find them to be gtg and a potential life saver, i’ll bite.

  • jdun1911


    The US military ban the use of HK Steel mag. It was too unreliable and they refused to sell part kits to fix it.

    The best translucent AR-15 magazine are Lancer L5. Those are my personal go to and training magazine. The newer L5A look sexy and made it easier to store on double mag pouch.


  • Hockler

    My thoughts exactly. Just because they are marked Hk, they will demand outrageous prices over comparable products. Hk certainly doesn’t crank out junk, but their brand fanatics make it sound like anything stamped Hk can cure cancer.

  • Johnny C

    Notes to self:

    – HK still hates me because I am a mere mortal civilian.
    – These were specially designed to load ammunition in backwards.

  • Lance

    Not worth it I know they want to give G-36 mags with a 416 but im not a fan of plastic mags. a P-mag is better and is better camoflaged unlike a bright greenish see threw mag. And P-mag or GI mag is ALOT CHEAPER!!!

  • Erik

    Yet another reason why I hate HK.

  • A.g.

    “it’s probably marketed towards the militaries not civilians…”

    Right and that”s the problem ! In some countries, like France, public market are managed by peoples who don’t know anything about material needed on the ground, ignoring user opinion’s. Easy to lure with an glossy advertising and beautiful speach.
    That’s explain why they are overpriced too; those who buy don’t really pay the bill.
    HK play on with reputation won with MP5 and G3 now totaly obsolete.
    Hearing that all ejected rounds from a 9mm USP hitting your face, is not a mechanical problem but a technical specificity show up the kind of mentality of this company. They are more concerned to flood hollywood movie’s with their products instead to have a serious customer service.
    The cocking lever on the G36 is a joke. The idea and the quality material on this piece dont make my confident for those who use it in danegrous area.

  • ComradeCole

    No other firearm company garners as much passionate hate (and love at the same time) as does Heckler and Koch. Which is something that fascinates me. Every time they release or announce a new product, be that gun, accessory, or in this case, a mag the internet erupts in the “I hate HK/Hk Hates me because I suck” argument. There is of course some merit to it, they are not the most civilian friendly company, they are slow to bring things out, and they are extremely overpriced when compared to similar manufactures (FNH, SIG, Steyr, etc.) and they are stuck up when you do have to contact them….but, that being said, they do put out good products. They are a military/LE centric company after all that is why they are in business to cater to those groups. They do not have to put out anything to the civilian shooter, but they do. Which is something I think they are trying to become better at. For the people who love HK it’s great. If you’re not one of them, fine no one is forcing you to buy their stuff.

  • Rusgunnut1

    looks like AK74 ridging.

  • A.g.

    You’re right with the final decision to buy or to not buy the HK products like another brand. But as a taxpayer I’m feeling annoyed to pay materiel overpriced for my LE/military system and to know as professionnal user that this “miraculous” stuf is not so good as claim.
    For example I don’t see what a G36 do well better than any AR, even with piston, do. Their mag are oversized too compare to another, not really cool on duty on vehicule.
    I understand that some Us unit returned to tradionnal rifle and not only because their personnal was more familiar with AR.
    When you add the fact you are consider like a stupid smely tramp when you complaint as private owner with real technical problem it starts to do much.
    And I’m not sure that their firm could survive without despised civilian market and public subvention.

  • SoulTown

    @ ComradeCole

    They don’t have to do business to civilians. And I wouldn’t have cared a single bit. It’s just that they love to screw people while they are doing it. Just look at USC, how they are priced, and what HK USA says about it. $1600 for a dumbed down UMP with 10rd mags and no RAIL? But no, HK USA thinks it’s the best thing ever to happen to the diminutive civies. HK puts out good quality stuff, no doubt, but the wholesale arrogance and the load of feces that comes with their product deserved every bit of hate that’s going around.

    And there is the SL8-6. And there is the HK steel magazine. Same HK arrogance, absolutely none of the “HK quality.”

    P.S. Btw, the biggest reason why I love to hate HK is got to be the HK fanboys.

  • Big Daddy

    If you can see how many rounds you have I bet someone you don’t want to can see it too.

    If you’re under concealment and not cover do you want brass shinning through? Why would you wear cammo and then have a weapon whose ammo is shinning through a clear magazine. Even if it’s translucent there has to be some bleed when the sun or even moonlight hits it. A little shine will give your position away.

    I can say from experience that a black rifle shows up no matter how much cammo you have. It sticks out like a sore thumb unless you break up the outline. Add a clear magazine and you might as well put a big red dot on you.

  • jdun1911

    From my personal experience using Lancer L5 magazine. At first I bought Lancer because of the rubber butt and steel freed lips. Never for a second did I think translucent magazine would help. When I started training I did find translucent magazines does have it advantages.

    Translucent magazine increase operational tempo. When I do a tactical/retention reloads I know in general how many rounds is left. When I pick a magazine up from the ground that was drop via speed reload, I know in general how many round is left.

    Not sure about HK magazine, the L5 there is no brass shinning through the magazine.

  • Matt

    My first thought was “Hey I think Lancer already did this at what is sure to be 1/3 the price”.

  • AJ

    I have Pmags, and Lancers, I actually prefer the Lancer 30rnd. I think it looks better as well,too bad HK is late to the party. Actually I’m almost happy cause I hate HK.

  • Big Daddy

    Has anybody tested the Lancer in terms of looking at someone from a distance to see if there is any signature?

    It might be great for just shooting in a controlled environment but combat, I don’t know???????

  • jdun1911

    No enemies will be looking at the magazine to see much ammo is left in a fight fight. They have better things to do like survival.

    I believe there is around 15 more rounds left once the remanding cartridges disappear into the magwell.

    There is no shining reflection from moon light on brass. It look like that way for the HK magazine as well.

  • G11

    Totally agree on the Magpul mag choice over the HK-also-runs.
    If we look at the products released by HK over the years. One thing is clear. They will build exactly what their customer specifies without fault. Even if some specifications just don’t make much sense. e.g. Mk23 pistol.
    You gotta respect their U.S. marketing group and colorful brochures though.

  • John C

    The problem with HK is that they are a military gun company that has tried to stray in to the civilian category. They think that just cuz they make good machine guns(which they do) they can put their name on an average product and double the price.