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  • Tim

    I’d really prefer a collapsible stock and the thinner polymer handguard. Not too much of a point getting an ACR if the stock is fixed and there aren’t any aftermarket ones.

  • Alex

    Looks like a FN SCAR

  • scurvy

    Tim, unless you live in CA and don’t want to mess around with pinning the stock. But otherwise yeah, you make a good point. That’s probably why ACR’s are radically dropping in price on gun broker. Those who paid $4k for new ones are starting to look like fools now that they’re $1800-1900. I bet they’ll be $1400 by year’s end once Remmy gets the feedback that, well, nobody is buying ACR’s because they’re too damned expensive for what you get.

    If you’re in the market for some high-end .223 that isn’t an AR, I think most people would prefer/buy a FN SCAR 16.

  • jdun1911


    Both versiond has collapsible stock as you can see in the pictures.

  • Lance

    Id love to have one BUT NOT for almost $3000 dollars.

  • Ken

    This should really be called “bushmasters enhanced pricing scheme rifle now shipping”. I like it but um no… I could buy a H&K for that right? Well maybe not… 🙂

  • Timmeehh

    Or buy a RobArms XCR for half the money.

  • Mert

    Look again jdun1911. The basic version does not have a collapsible stock.

  • LurpyGeek

    @Timmeehh – As well as less weight, more barrel lengths, available caliber conversions, etc.

  • jdun1911


    You’re right the basic model does not have a collapsible stock.

  • Deacon

    Is anyone buying these things? You could buy 3 Colt 6290s for that price. Or a used car.

    If Shrubmaster had left it at the price Magpul first announced… maybe I’d buy one.

  • Mu

    At that price, it should come with cup holders.

  • JimboJones

    Crazy at $3,000. I hope all of you hold off like me until these things are sub $1500. Do it for the good of all gun owners.

  • Massoud

    At this point I think 3000 $1.00 lap dances would be a better investment. It beats the lap dance we’ve been getting about this rifle for the past 3 years.

  • d

    basic dropped from 2400 to 1900 in a few months. This will drop a lot too. I got quoted $2471 from a local dealer before tax. Sorta thinking about it

  • Trango

    Yawn. The ACR is like that summer movie you see the trailer for over and over again to the point that once you get to see the movie, it’s lost its appeal. As it stands right now the ACR is an over hyped, over priced, novelty that (to my knowledge) has yet to be truly battle tested.

    And on top of it, the Freedom Group seems to be playing with their firearms companies like monopoly pieces, which has caused some fallout.

    If I’m going to pay big $$$ for an AR it will be a for a Noveske, Knight’s, or LMT. The Modern Warfare 2 junkies can have the ACR.

  • Trango

    Oh, I forgot one more, LWRC. Another solid line if you have the $.

  • steve b

    call me old fashioned, but I prefer the look of the basic. A clumsy oaf like me is just going to break the hinge on the stock anyway!!

  • thebronze


    Bushmaster can kiss my a**!

  • thomas

    i saw one at a gun shop. in my eyes it looks like an aver gloryified peice of plastic.

  • Wow! Lots of negitive thoughts about the ACR here. Some of us at felt the same way until we got our hands on the ACR and tested it against a fully decked out Rock River Arms AR, and a Robinson Arms XCR.
    Someone mentioned the need for battle testing on this rifle. Our team is comprised of USMC Scout Snipers, SWAT members, Police Snipers and Police Academy shooting instructors.
    If you want their opinion on the ACR as tested against the XCR and an AR-15 that has just as much cash wrapped up in it as a full priced basic config. ACR, take a minute to visit the review at

  • Don’t really get the price problem. You can get the gun for $2,500. Everyone is saying you could get the FN SCAR or this gun or that gun for a better price…..great, go get it then. You could also by a fly swatter for $2.00. Bottom line, the ACR has TONS more features than ANY OTHER GUN OUT THERE. How about do some research.