Reloading Pinfire ammunition

I have always been fascinated with the pinfire cartridge design. The concept of having a separate firing pin in each cartridge may have made sense at the time, but seems ludicrous in hindsight.

I was surprised to learn than a French firm, H&R, manufacture pinfire components and reloading kits.

Twelves pieces of 9mm pinfire cases, each usable twice, will set you back 119 EUR ($145)!

[ Many thanks to Mehul for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Greetings from Texas,
    Reloading pin fire ammo, great news! Only being able to use the brass twice, not great news! Price, heart failure!

    • Arthur, I mean’t to email you the post, but forgot. I am pleased you saw it here.

  • Greg

    does anyone know anything about pinfire guns i bought one that is 16 guage on one side the other has riffleing in it the only markings on the is it has a circle with a “v” between the hammers and has alot of engraving on it very nice looking thanks Greg